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Dark Heart [PDF / Epub] ☉ Dark Heart ❤ Travis Berketa – If you do not want to live peacefully in my city then you will be added to my list of prey and I will hunt you down until you and all your kind are extinct I cannot make it any clearer I am tired of s If you do not want to live peacefully in my city then you will be added to my list of prey and I will hunt you down until you and all your kind are extinct I cannot make it any clearer I am tired of seeing these images I am tired of having to fend for you when you should have heeded the warning signs earlierThis is where it endsThe third book of the Dark Heart series sees the return of the vigilante who is continuing his mission to create a utopian world However with the Underworld gonethe vigilante has set his sights on the packs of youths that instill fear in the community Walking the thin line between sanity and insanity how can a lone wolf overcome the sheer savagery of the rabid beasts.

  • Paperback
  • 107 pages
  • Dark Heart
  • Travis Berketa
  • English
  • 23 February 2016
  • 9781477138335

4 thoughts on “Dark Heart

  1. Barry Watts Barry Watts says:

    OH HOW THIS NEEDED TO BE SAIDDark Heart Beasts in the City is probably the one book that should have been written before its time The vigilante from the Dark Heart Images of a City returns from the brink of death and starts a new mission DESTROYING THE BEASTS IN THE CITY Who are these Beasts? Why it's our children Even though I do not condone the vigilante's ways of dealing with the 'beasts' this books sends a clear message about the way our children are being raised The author puts it out there as blunt as a sledgehammer You need to begin to understand what 'responsibility' is; because every ounce of responsibility you have you try to shove off to someone else You don't raise your children properly; instead you leave that up to police doctors teachers and anyone else that you can fob them off to You don't deal with your children's unlawful acts; instead you make excuses as to why they're breaking the law and pray that they don't do it again You don't bring them up to listen and respect their elders; so they only think about themselves and their own wants Berketa T 2012 Dark Heart Beasts in the City pg 12The vigilante goes out to take back his city from the 'packs' of youths that wander around in their drunken states vandalising property beating up innocents and committing crimes for their own selfish reasons However due to the fact that these brutal adolescents have the 'pack' mentality the vigilante finds it difficult to compete and so he must make his own packTo this end two new characters are introduced A street kid called 'The Kid' who the vigilante rescues from a violent pack and a hunter known as 'The Bodyguard' who rescues the vigilante from a even violent pack These characters help to show some new sides to the Balaclava Killer; one of how he deals with 'friendsallies' and the other is his 'nurturing' side as he tries to show the reader how to bring up their children via The KidThe aspect of the vigilante losing his sanity is further explored with there being three clear personalities emerging; one is the Balaclava Killer the second is RAGE and the third being his conscience YouA fascinating read with many twists and turns and the usual brutality that I've come to expect from the Dark Heart series I just hope that the message that this book is trying to put forward is actually taken on board by parentsAS WITH ALL THE DARK HEART SERIES THIS BOOK CONTAINS EXPLICIT SCENES THAT I WOULD NOT RECOMMEND FOR CHILDREN

  2. Jessica Jessica says:

    I love that the vigilante in back Covering the issues of parenting and youth gone wild Beasts In The City continues off from where the rest of the Dark Heart series left off Brutal and violent though it may be the story is very valid to society todaySome people should take note about THE BEASTS that they can become or have createdWhat a great series Can't wait to see what happens next now that the vigilante's 'pack' as disbanded

  3. Ilonka Bruce Ilonka Bruce says:

    I received this book from Goodreads First ReadsThis is the third book in the Dark Heart series and I think the best of them allIn this book we see the vigilante return to complete some unfinished businessThis book is a classic on its own but please find the time to read the first two in the series as well

  4. Travis Berketa Travis Berketa says:

    As I wrote this book I won't review it but I figured I could use this space to let people know why the book was written Dark Heart Beasts in the City was an idea I had when many many many articles were plastered across our newspapers and television screens about youths alcohol and drugs which ultimately are the catalysts for violence The amount of news items that showed journalists talking to youths about why they drank or took drugs and why they turned to violence was appalling The fact was that many of these youths made out that they were hard done by in one way or another while others simply said they did it for the thrill I took this as an easy excuse to get away with breaking the law My uestion as most people watching probably were asking themselves was Where are the parents?Well it showed some of these parents and for the most part many of them either used the excuse that their children were too far gone to rein in or that the police or schools needed to do something about it The key problem with these parents and children was RESPONSIBILITY I work as a teacher in primary school elementary schools for those from the USA and I have had to deal with my fair share of hard students; but for the most part I have been able to turn them around somewhat I say 'somewhat' because they have been manageable at school but in most instances home life has had them revert to their 'difficult' ways The biggest influence in a child's life is family so family is the one thing that can turn these 'difficult' children around BUT it doesn't seem to be happening and we see and examples of juveniles doing whatever they want to whomever they want without any remorse or respect for anyone elseSo I thought that I'd bring in the Vigilante to deal with the problem When writing this it was difficult especially because of the fact that I had a bloodthirsty Vigilante killing off young people who had lost their way view spoilerThe most difficult one to write was when the Vigilante killed a girl who had joined a gang of drug addicts; holding up 24hr convenience stores and mugging passers by for money so that they could buy drugs The Vigilante even states that that was one of his hardest kills yet hide spoiler

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