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One Direction Dress-up Sticker Book ❰Reading❯ ➼ One Direction Dress-up Sticker Book Author Claire Sipi – In summer 2010 Niall Horan Zayn Malik Liam Payne Harry Styles and Louis Tomlinson auditioned for The X Factor separately and failed to advance to the next round But the judges weren’t willing to giv Dress-up Sticker ePUB ✓ In summer Niall Horan Zayn Malik Liam Payne Harry Styles and Louis Tomlinson One Direction eBook ☆ auditioned for The X Factor separately and failed to advance to the next round But Direction Dress-up Sticker MOBI ô the judges weren’t willing to give up entirely on the five young men They saw talent They saw charisma They saw a future of chart topping hits and sold out concert tours They saw One Direction and now kids can see them in this dress up sticker bookUsing super fun stickers kids can style each band member Dress Harry in cool jeans and a classic jacket See Louis in awesome sneakers and Niall in a comfortable hoodie And kids won’t just be dressing up their favorite members of One Direction Kids learn lots of intriguing facts about the boys from their first appearances on television to their appearance on the top of the charts in multiple countriesSome say One Direction is part of a new British Invasion and with One Direction Dress up Sticker Book they’ll be invading hearts all across the world.

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  1. ☆Dani☆ ☆Dani☆ says:

    I got this book free in Supermac's which is basically an Irish McDonalds except much nicer Like if I was going to rate fast food chips it would go like this from worst to best KFC chips taste like soggy shiteBurger King chips shite but slightly nicer than KFCMcDonalds OKSupermacs NiceChinese Nice but not as nice as chicken balls or noodles or anything else I like when you have a ChineseChipper Really nice but smell nicer than they taste also need salt and vinegar and to specify I'm talking about Irish Italian chipper chips not British chipper chips which are direOn top of having nicer chips Supermacs also has choice It does everything McDonalds does even down to a Big Mac with a different name but it tastes nicer I don't know if McDonalds still does its chicken wraps but they were horrible while the chicken wraps Supermacs do are lovely And their burgers and all are much nicer than McDonalds They also sell fried chicken thighs and legs which taste really good and are definitely not available in McDonalds To be honest I think if McDonalds did fried chicken it'd be crapThe desserts in Supermacs beat McDonalds hands down Their nicest one is a hot muffin with ice cream which I've only had once but was delicious that one time I did have it Supermacs has different kinds of chips too like curry chips and taco chips and garlic and cheese chips which again McDonalds does not have And it has garlic sauce which I love sometimes Literally the only thing McDonalds has that Supermacs doesn't is sweet curry sauce and I'm not one million percent sure that Supermacs doesn't sell that since I've never actually asked for itThe kids toys you get in Supermacs are so much better than the ones in McDonalds Literally sometimes you get a lump of bleeding plastic in McDonalds that's only sometimes good like when they did the Smurfs statues while in Supermacs you get nice glasses and books like this one Honestly I'm not really a One Direction fan since I'm almost nineteen and kind of normal but this book was alright Not brilliant but not crap But that might be because I was a bit bored when I got it so I was kind of willing to read anything and also because I did enjoy the uizI was the uizmasterIt has a lot of facts about One Direction and was an easy read but it wasn't really a dress up book Each member of the group only has one outfit and I guess you could mix and match but each outfit is specifically designed to suit each member so it's a bit weird Not much creativity used but it still kills a couple of minutes I just think it was a bit stupid calling it a dress up book when you couldn't really dress them up Each member of the group should have had at least two outfits and it might have gotten a four star ratingAlso it's not really this book's fault but it's mentioned in the blurb on herethough not on my editionsview spoilerI have three copies by the way hide spoiler

  2. Vicki Vicki says:

    I love One Direction so when my niece came home with this book I was willing to give it a try It just seems so weird with the members being older now to have just read it It has good facts and background about the band but some of the facts are wrong or at least outdated by now

  3. Jaiss Zack Jaiss Zack says:

    i love 1d nd i reuest them to come to ksa nd i want there dolls nd books

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