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  • Hardcover
  • 305 pages
  • The Office of Mercy
  • Ariel Djanikian
  • English
  • 26 April 2015
  • 9780670025862

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  1. Alisha-Dear Constant Reader Alisha-Dear Constant Reader says:

    Normally I don't keep reading books that irritate me but I just kept punishing myself with this gem of a novelI'm always wary of synopsis that promise that fans of awesome book or awesome author with LOVE this novel Apparently fans of The Hunger Games should love The Office of Mercy Well I loved The Hunger Games?? Ergo I loved The Office of Mercy Uh no No I didn'tThe Office of Mercy is a dystopian that tells the story of Natasha a citizen in America Five American Five is a 305 year old post storm settlement that swept 59 billion folks from the face of the earth And by swept I mean bombed the earth back into the Stone Age The Alphas who established the community and the eternal life of the community are stoked about this monumental achievement Oh but wait See some super smart folks got away and lived The Office of Mercy yes there's an office of just about everything including government agriculture and the dumbest exit is charged with sweeping the remaining tribes that near their dome perimeter The thought is that The Office of Mercy is dispatching the outsiders to a better place where they won't suffer Gah eyerollThe premise is intriguing but the execution is a total fail1 The book bugged me immediately At first it was the name of our protagonist; Natasha The author overuses the name to the point of distraction Have you ever met a new mother who finds excuse after excuse to use their baby's name repeatedly because they like the sound of it? Natasha Natasha Natasha I wanted to stab my eyeballs out2 There were info dumps concerning the empathy code that the citizens follow so that they can murder and be super happy The code could have scared the shit out of me but instead it was YA simplistic and about as deep as a puddle Since I'm an adult and this is published by Viking as an adult novel I had to rage a bit3 The terminology in any sci fi can be hard to accept I never accepted the vocabulary choices in this book The elevator is called the elephant there is an office of everything and they don't abbreviate Seriously? When the citizens swear they say By Alpha or some such nonsense It's truly obnoxious4 Natasha is only twenty four so it makes perfect sense that her love interest in the book is creepy older guy and her BOSS Jeffery Jeffery totes has a thing for Natasha and has since she was a little girl and he gave her extra chocolates OOOOOH MY GOD MY MIND Jeffery is so not swoon worthy it hurts I didn't buy their romance AT ALL NONE NO Natasha is such a freaking Mary Sue and then she goes off with Jeffery and I had to scream I didn't think her choices could get worse I didn't but then JEFFERY the creeper5 I haven't read pseudo science this bad since Feed by Mira Grant At one point Natasha is injured and they doctor from the Office of Health tells her that she gave Natasha a few dozen bundles of nuero synapses and 40 billion fresh blood cells Wow That sounds technical and completely legit 6 The book has nothing new to offer us 15% in and I was sure it was a bad rip off of Under the Never Sky which I loved In UTNS the protagonist lives in a dome post storm has interactions with outsiders and has access to a virtual world called The Realms The Office of Mercy has The Pretends Again the name alone is painful7 Where is the scary murder government? Apparently the same folks who built the dome don't keep tabs on their citizens very well because Natasha and friends can go in and out without detection Really? These are the guys that killed everyone but a handful of anti sweep protesters are allowed to hold meetings in the library and nobody is monitoring the exits? Mmm kayIf it's post apocolysedystopian you're looking for just skip this one There are so many good dystopians out there This just isn't one of them

  2. Natalie Natalie says:

    I was excited to see this book at the library as the jacket blurb made it seem like it was right up my alley From the get go however I was pretty disappointed The internal logic is flimsy the writing alternates between overly florid and choppy the main love interest is totally creepy and the world building is haphazard and shallowWe're introduced to America Five and their perfect life There's no hunger no poverty no want of any kind Sexual relationships are discouraged by the founders the Alphas and purely intellectual relationships based on the Ethical Code are encouraged I can only surmise that all these people are sterile since there's no contraception and physical relationships do happen New children are created via genetic engineering and incubated in vats Each generation is named after the Greek alphabet Our heroine is an EpsilonA lot of time is spent describing the Dome and life in it but it's so implausible that I could only shake my head and forge ahead Then we're introduced to the Ethical Code which was also so painfully flimsy that I just had to ignore it Seeing as how it's the basis for the whole plot of the book though I kept having to deal with itNatasha Wiley is our intensely naïve slightly Mary Sue heroine She makes a string of painfully bad decisions aided by the complete inattention of everyone in America Five Her sexual relationship with a member of another generation is made deeply creepy by a revelation later in the bookThere was a little in this book to like and a lot to dislike Fiercely uneven from beginning to end I can't recommend this book to anyone

  3. Annie Annie says:

    I was fortunate to receive an advanced copy of this book The summary hinted at The Hunger Games so I was both excited and skeptical Like THG this is set in a futuristic America And that's where the similarity ends This book is HEAVY From the first pages it will cause your mind to bend in ways you don't expect from fiction It will test your sense of morality Make you uestion right and wrong at every turn of the pageYou'll pass judgement I think that's what the author intends and you'll be so sure you're right only to have your judgements thrown back at you repackaged in such a way that right and wrong don't mean much at all any You'll be left with that curious package long after the book ends You'll wonder what to do with it whether or not you liked it I didn't like this book This book made me uncomfortableIt made me think and ponder and uestionFor that reason I loved this book

  4. Edward Santella Edward Santella says:

    “If they cannot be made good they must be killed” A Federal agent spoke those words to the Sac and Fox Indians during their removal from Illinois More than a hundred years later and half way around the world we ‘destroyed villages in order to save them’Ariel Djanikian moves this meme into a post apocalyptic future in her first novel The Office of Mercy The ‘good guys’ are the technologically advanced people living inside America Five a domed city whose Alphas had unleashed the apocalypse that killed billions Those who must be killed in order to be saved that is saved from suffering are the descendants of the survivors who live much like Indians The killers work in the dome’s Office of Mercy You may think of the OOM as the Department of Defense fighting the War to End All WarsIf you like reading about characters you can identify with they are here in this book If you are looking for ‘good guys’ or ‘bad guys’ you won’t find them Djanikian is too good a story teller to take the easy way out The ending will haunt you

  5. Amber Polo Amber Polo says:

    Here’s a braver new world with somewhat less sex and psycho soma Examining the high price of paradise The Office of Mercy forces the reader to see war and eternal life from another prospective as the truth of America Five unravels Natasha learns at what price sweeps bring peace and that the reality of eternal life is not for all and we see her world as heartless and controlling I'd like to see a book telling the stories of the Alphas I found the ending heavy and yes the book made me uncomfortable as it was meant to

  6. Tez Tez says:

    Had put this on interlibrary loan reserve so long ago that I forgot what this book was about Basically it's about brainwashing and social conditioning leading people to believe they are being ethical and merciful when they're actually being murderousTRIGGER WARNING Genocide re education

  7. All Things Urban Fantasy All Things Urban Fantasy says:

    Review courtesy of All Things Urban Fantasy I’m going to be completely honest here and say what we’re all thinking – a comparison to both George Orwell and Suzanne Collins in the same sentence doesn’t exactly make sense does it? And while I appreciate the publisher’s desire to pull in THE HUNGER GAMES’ audience if you go into THE OFFICE OF MERCY looking for another Katniss you’re going to be disappointed Not because THE OFFICE OF MERCY is in any way inferior to THE HUNGER GAMES but it’s a totally different type of book – in the same way that Collins and Orwell wrote very different works even though they may both have books that take place in dystopian environmentsTHE OFFICE OF MERCY is clearly literary fiction It may have dystopian and science fiction elements but the story is focused on Natasha and her significant internal conflict The “genre” elements are background to the character growth and the stories of the people of America 5 There’s a lot in the way of moral and ethical dilemmas with situations Natasha is put in that are so hard to conceive with our modern day sensibilities but that Djanikian takes and convinces you are totally reasonable There is also a bit of a young adult feel to the book as well despite the fact that Natasha is in her twenties The way the romance plays out the powerful elders and the plot line of self discovery all lend themselves to a young adult vibe This should not however in any way discourage you from reading itDjanikian’s writing is magical THE OFFICE OF MERCY does not feel in any way like a debut novel There’s a clean deliberate feeling to the prose which flows smoothly across the pages She has a very matter of fact way of telling the story giving the impression that each word was carefully considered with the total effect being a book that didn’t seem as long as it was It was so easy to get lost in the pages entranced by the storyTHE OFFICE OF MERCY has action and romance and leaves the reader with lots to think about It was a fascinating exploration into the gray area of humanity and what humans are capable of doing when they view something as lesser No one character is perfectly in the right – there is ambiguity that allows the reader to think for themselves and form opinions THE OFFICE OF MERCY isn’t a light read by any means but it is definitely worth the time you’ll invest in itSexual content Kissing implied sexual situations

  8. Laura Laura says:

    I'm going to give this one my Yeah no rating I started composing pans of it in my head while I was reading it which didn't seem very fair but I'm finding it hard to feel regret on that score It just wasn't very believable in kind of a lot of ways Perhaps the one that irked me the most was view spoilerNatasha's willingness to get with Jeffrey at a point where she KNEW she was planning on betraying him hide spoiler

  9. Sandie Sandie says:

    America Five is perfection Those living within have no wants unsupplied Their bodies are repaired if necessary and their lives are infinite Everyone has a job that supports the compound and lives are communal and structured No child is born until there is three times the resources that are needed to sustain it and children are born in large cohorts that are raised by groups As one ages their job responsibilities and knowledge increases as wellSurely it is the best of all worlds In fact it is so perfect that the inhabitants have created an Office Of Mercy The purpose of the office is to constantly scan the environment outside the compound where danger abounds Those humans who survived the great apocalypse which sent the America Five citizens inside are pitied Their lives are barren and short Surely it is a mercy to end their suffering when they are detected Bands of humans are swept away by weapons that rain down fire on them and destroy themNatasha works in the Office of Mercy She is proud of her ability to successfully scan the Outside and proud to be on the teams that sweep away those who are out there suffering She is still young and rooms with someone Her best friends are her roommate a man from her cohort who also works in the Office of Mercy and her boss JeffreyWhen a situation arises that will reuire Outside in person surveillance Natasha is excited to be chosen as part of the team Most inhabitants of America Five never go outside in their entire lives so it is uite an honor But things are very different than Natasha expects to find She gets lost and finds herself in close contact with a group of outsiders She is shocked to realize she can emphasize with them and that they are like her than not Is the Mercy the blessing she has always be taught or is it genocide that cannot be defended?Ariel Djanikian has written a debut novel that explores the interaction of humanity with technology and what changes might occur as we become and dependent on technology in our daily lives Her vision of the future is one that readers will have a hard time believing could ever be better than the freedom we expect in our daily lives Is freedom to fail important than a leveled out society where all decisions are made for you? This book is recommended for readers of science fiction

  10. Bern Bern says:

    Much much less corny than I would have thought from the premise

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The Office of Mercy☉ [PDF / Epub] ☆ The Office of Mercy By Ariel Djanikian ❤ – Twenty four year old Natasha Wiley lives in America Five — a high tech underground utopian settlement where hunger and money do not exist everyone has a job and all basic needs are met But when her Twenty four year old Natasha Wiley lives in America Five — a high tech underground utopian settlement where hunger and money do not exist everyone has a job and all basic needs are met But when her mentor and colleague Jeffrey selects her to join a special team to venture Outside for the first time Natasha's allegiances to home society and above all to Jeffrey are tested She is forced to make a choice that may put the people she loves most in grave danger and change the world as she knows it.

About the Author: Ariel Djanikian

Ariel Djanikian is a Philly native who's also lived in Ann Arbor MI Madison WI and Irvine CA Her newly adopted city is Chapel Hill NC where she lives with her husband and daughter Her writing can be found in The L Magazine and The Paris Review Daily The Office of Mercy is her first novel.