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The Totally Sweet 90s ❮PDF❯ ⚦ The Totally Sweet 90s ✐ Author Gael Fashingbauer Cooper – Best PDF Epub, The Totally Sweet 90s author Gael Fashingbauer Cooper This is very good and the main topic to read with book details 256 pages isbn 9780399160042 format Paperback and others and has a t Best PDF Epub, The Totally Sweet s author Gael Fashingbauer Cooper This is very good and the main topic to read with book details pages isbn format Paperback and others and has a text language like English.

10 thoughts on “The Totally Sweet 90s

  1. Jody McGrath Jody McGrath says:

    This is like a reminiscence of fads from the 1990s in sort of an encyclopedia format It hits on many of the things that were popular in the 90s especially to kids or teens such as Milli Vanilli Blue's Clues and the McRib I was in High School in the nineties and had my son on '96 so many of the thing mentioned either spoke to me from my HS days or from my son's baby and toddler days It was written as a very fast read and uite humorous in spots If anyone wants to take a trip down memory lane to the 1990s this is a great lighthearted book to help you on your way

  2. Kristen Kristen says:

    A great trip down memory lane Just wish it was longer

  3. Melissa Melissa says:

    I grew up in the 90s and one of the many who probably hung on as long as I could as I became a teenager in the hectic fast changing 21st century A part of me will always live in the 90s and I still enjoy buying movies books and toys for my daughterThis book was a great trip down memory lane and I really enjoyed it It was fun reading about stuff I remember and learning about things I did not know about or were too young to worry about like Ebola The 90s may be deemed as unimportant or unworthy it was a big stepping stone to our modern lifestyle and hey the 90s had really cool stuff as well

  4. Redfox5 Redfox5 says:

    A look back at one of the most awesome decade's I've been alive in ;And although there will be alot of things you remember in here if your a Brit like me there is alot of stuff you won't They should totally make a British version and include the followingFunhouseNoel's House Party For Mr Bloobyimage error

  5. Alexandra Alexandra says:

    what a treat there were things in here that i completely forgot about such as big mouth billy bass i never even knew he had a name he was always just the weird singing fish that my friend had in her living room that i always loved to press the button on doritos 3d i used to LOVE those thingsthis is a must read for any 90's kid at first i was a little wary when i opened it up and didn't see many pictures i got spoiled by a book i read recently called did i do that? that had awesome glossy full color pictures of 90's toys and trends but the witty writing and descriptions than make up for a lack of pictures there are a few they are just in black and white and there aren't that manyi even learned about a few 90's movies and tv shows that i hadn't ever gotten into because i was too young but am definitely planning to check them out i just started watching the windows '95 tutorial video because jennifer aniston and matthew perry were in it i never knew about that and it's so dorky and adorable truly enjoyed reading this one and am happy to have it in my collection

  6. Pat Pat says:

    Do you likeremember the '90s? Are you the type of person who just reads Wikipedia for fun? Then this book is for youPresented in encyclopedia format this book covers popular culture including toys forgotten snacks and other bygone relics from the decade of excessIt really is like someone printed out a bunch of '90s related Wikipedia entries and the tone is just right to make it a fun and breezy readAdded bonus you can grouse to yourself about what diddidn't make the cut into this tome of '90s nostalgia

  7. Jim Jim says:

    Eh the authors stuck almost exclusively to the absolute front most pop culture icons There's a lot of decent topic here but it comes off as just sort of enjoying a thing instead of talking about it The Kindergarten Cop page just had to have weird Arnold uotes with lots of extra a's just couldn't resist Sort of comes off as just crowbarring 90's buzzwords into everything to smack you over the head with the pointAlso they openly insult Hey Dude AND Salute your Shorts AND Saved by the BellThey also say Kris Kross was replaced by Justin BieberThey also bash Mortal Kombat for something they couldn't control way to promote good playground activities as if arcades were classrooms They even called the game digital meth who's being insensitive?Also says the Mortal Kombat movies were forgettable the first one certainly was not And pipes up about how it led to the Grand Theft Auto games where you are allowed to kill prostitutesYou know that old pearl clutching line from people who haven't played the games and don't realize there's no reward or point system for that you're never asked to do it in any way and you can kill everyone the sameThis book could have been covered with a sensible blog post

  8. Amanda Amanda says:

    A fun walk down memory lane

  9. Bookworm Bookworm says:

    A pleasant stroll down memory lane Skip it The Macarena Lisa Frank Slap bracelets If you remember any of those things or have a nostalgia for the 90's this book is for you Perhaps it's because I'm feeling nostalgic or that the title caught my eye after reading 'Ready Player One' which is filled with 80's references but I was curious about this title The book is basically an encyclopedia of various people TV showsmovies toys crazes etc of the 1990's It's listed in alphabetical order and each entry gets about a page that briefly talks about the history At the end of the entry we find out whether the itemconceptshow still exists and a fun fact about them Unfortunately the book is mostly text it really needed pictures ideally in color and the writing is really pedestrian I only kept reading because it was so short The format isn't really the type that lends to continuous reading but the writing isn't impressive either There's not much to say I picked this up on a whim but you can easily find this sort of thing on Buzzfeed or similar sites It's a pleasant way to kill an hour or a few if you have to wait around but I wouldn't rush out to read it

  10. Julia Lange Julia Lange says:

    This book was an amazing blast from the past of an era that holds an extremely special place in my heart Once a 90s child always a 90s child I would be lying if I said I didn't buy this book to own after borrowing it from the library It has a high nostalgia factor and it is a good easy read for any 90s child

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