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  1. Jessica ❁ ➳ Silverbow ➳ ❁ Jessica ❁ ➳ Silverbow ➳ ❁ says:

    Reviewed by Rabid Reads35 starsI want to say upfront that this book rocked my socks off It REALLY did—most potential I’ve seen in a newish UF series in a LONG friggin’ timeDon’t forget thatFortitude Scott is a pushover He lets his coworkers dump their responsibilities on him without uttering a word of protest his roommate isn’t paying his share of the rent and hasn’t for months and when his girlfriend belatedly informs him that they have an “open” relationship he does nothingHe’s also a vampireKind ofBaby vampires are made when Mommy or Daddy vampires create host parents via MASSIVE blood exchanges and afterward have the hosts make a baby the old fashioned way The blood exchange fundamentally changes the host parents DNA so that any offspring have genetically in common with the vampire than the modified humans The baby vampire grows MOSTLY like a normal human child until he or she “transitions” into full vamphood sometime after physical maturityFort is 26 years old and desperate to hold off his transition for as long as he can to the bafflement of his mother and siblingsHe also refuses to acclimatize himself to the supernatural world preferring to live and work amongst humans But when an Italian vampire comes to visit and young girls begin to disappear Fort throws himself head long into the world he’s thus far avoided to try and save themMy issues1 One of my #1 RAGE buttons in books is when Bad Things happen to children Bad Things happen to children in this book VERY Bad Things To little girls I don’t like it2 I don’t NEED all of my MCs to be hardcore kick ass take sass from nobody types Those types do tend to be my favorites BUT I have a healthy appreciation for intelligent out smarting types too And uiet I shall not be moved types AND committed to the cause types Fort is none of theseFort as I stated earlier is a PUSHOVER A passive aggressive PUSHOVERAdmittedly the passive aggression is oftentimes downright hysterical—really guys I can’t remember the last time I lol’d this much while reading a book Maybe First Grave on the Right by Darynda Jones?Anyway the point is that MANY times while reading this book I was disgusted with Fort He was such a damn pansy When his cheating bitch of a girlfriend shows up at his apartment for the first time in three weeks instead of forcing a Talk like he wants to he allows himself to be distracted by her manipulations and taken advantage of Again He recognizes that his roommate has a lot of money for eating out since he’s not paying rent but keeps letting Roommate put him offDid I mention that the retroactive “open” status of Fort’s relationship with his girlfriend came about after he caught Girlfriend and Roommate having sex?Oh yeah That happenedMe——D I S G U S T E DSo this was by no means a perfect bookHOWEVER Fort does finally grow a pair at the very end and the Bad Guy is of course vanuished Don’t get mad—pedophile Bad Guys never live to the see the next book And without those two problems this book is spectacular Anyone who enjoys a good Beta character will absolutely love this book And the transformation is not a transformation—Fort is and will always be a Beta He just won’t sit there and take it whatever “it” is any I can live with thatThere are also a lot a interesting secondaries Suzume Hollis being my favorite of the bunchSuze is a kitsune What’s a kitsune?A kitsune is fox shifter from Japanese folklore They are tricksters that often fall under the same umbrella as Coyote and Loki and like Coyote and Loki kitsune can be categorically vicious Brennan paints a particularly vivid picture of this in Suze who can be alternately cute as a button and absolutely terrifying Mostly she’s just funny The combination of Fort’s sneaky undermining younger sibliing like antics and Suze’s pranking and hilarious observations gets ALL the funny pointsSo ultimately I HIGHLY recommend Generation V by ML Brennan I had to make myself stop reading Iron Night book 2 and write this review so the books wouldn’t run together Not happy about that Going back to reading right about now

  2. Khanh, first of her name, mother of bunnies Khanh, first of her name, mother of bunnies says:

    This book was just pure fun to read The plot is not complicated the characters are not highly complex It does not have aspirations or pretense to be any higher or complicated than it actually is; there are no underlying messages or digs upon the nature of man vs beast just a simple story of a young vampire trying to come to terms with his own morality and grow his very own spine and I enjoyed the hell out of itI love my beta heroes Not the snarky asshole hipster type à la Hold Me Closer Necromancer but the softspoken types Fort short for Fortitude is definitely softspokento the point of being a doormat His siblings Prudence and Chilvalry are full fledged vampires with the looks and power to match Fort is just a tropey little half vampire trying to resist the calls of his baser half hanging on to his humanity and being a vegetarian while gritting his teeth and resisting the feedings that his body so desperately desiresHe is walked all over at work by his rhymes with witch of a boss Jeanine Even pathetically his roommate Larry not only has not paid his share of the rent for the past four months but is sleeping with Fort's on again off again girlfriend Beth After which they both found it useful to uote Sartre at me to explain how unreasonable it was of me to objectHis relationship with Beth is hysterical and serves to highlight how completely spineless Fort is initially I mean just look at what happens after a fightif you can even term it thatBeth had accused me of having repressively traditionalistic gender and sexual beliefs and told me to read Judith Butler I’d ended up so much on the defensive that I actually apologized to her when I dropped her off at her apartment Two days later she’d sent me a sixteen page e mail that outlined her view of what a modern and liberated relationship was supposed to look like which boiled down to her being able to have sex with as many people as she likedTo give credit where it was due it was really well argued and the footnotes were flawlessThere are uite a few digs at academiaIvy Leaguers ;Fort's mother Madeline is in charge of the New England area New York a good deal of Canada She's got politicians and various other powerful characters under her thumb and in her thrall The main plot starts when Madeline invites Luca an Old World vampire into her territory and offers him hospitality while he is within it'Hospitality grants him the same rights that my children enjoy To move freely in my territory To engage with those who live within my borders To seek prey as he wishes'Luca rather abuses that advantage of hospitality meaning he molests a child under his protection and starts preying on other young girls and killing their families Fort has a problem with that but there's not much he can do witout violating his own mother's laws of conduct within her territory As he is reminded again and again by his mother and brother and just about every supernatural creature with whom he comes into contact Fort is altogether too human His brother reminds him that as hard as it is Fort is going to have to let his emotions go Don't feel too much he's going to be around for a long time hundreds and hundreds of years and if he lets everything hurt him as much as it does it will only break him eventuallyAs it has been reiterated in so many vampire novels Fort is trying to hang onto his humanity despite his true nature; no matter what kind of monster he will be one day he is not one yet and he refuses to let an injustice go by unpunished when he can try to do something to stop it And he does try to stop it despite his lack of strength his lack of skills his lack of vampirism periodEnter Suzume his bodyguard She is his polar opposite and by far my favorite character in this book If Fort is lacking a spine she has enough for two or nine Suzume is a kitsune a fox shape shifter Generally fox creatures in legend are mischievous tricksters dangerously capricious and volatile as hell Suzume is no different She enters Fort's life and immediately turns it upside down I could not stop laughing at her first day in Fort's life He has no idea what he's in for when his mother assigned Suz as his bodyguard She can manipulate the mind manipulate emotions induce pure terror when she chooses to She can fight she can shape shift Suzume is just a pure seductive and occasionally furry ball of kick assery With Fort she's got her job cut out for her“What kind of bodyguard doesn’t stop me from getting mugged?” I asked incredulously“The kind who wants to know exactly how much handholding this assignment is going to reuire” she answered“How much is that?”“Apparently the same amount as walking a five year old girl across the street Was assuming the fetal position and trusting that they wouldn’t kick anything critical really your best plan?”She changes his passwords wreaks havoc at his workplace engages in Facebook warfare with his ex creates a scene on a bus where Fort is exposed to an amused crowd as the pushover he really is All joking aside Suzume is seriously dangerous and good at what she does'Keep one thing in mind Fortitude' she hissed low and dangerous 'I'm not some were critter I'm not a woman who can turn into a fox when she feels like it I'm a fox who can become a woman Try to remember that'Her true nature is that of nogitsune It means field fox Fort It means to be without kindness to just be a trickster a nuisance a danger It means not caring about conseuences It means to have to live outside the human citiesBut it also means to value your own survivalThe uestion is will she go against her nature to help Fort or abandon him to his ultimately uixotic venture?This book is not scary It deals with Fort and Suzume's nature and and their uestion of morality and where they're willing to draw the line when it comes to right and wrong It deals with humanity when you are a monster as other books of this nature do There is nothing groundbreaking about it but it is well written and absolutely hilarious at parts There is no pretension the characters are enjoyable and well crafted and an absolute delight to readOh and need I mention the disgruntled elf OBGYN?'I graduated from Harvard' she bit out The battle cry of a thousand Ivy Leaguers with their credibility uestioned

  3. Mogsy (MMOGC) Mogsy (MMOGC) says:

    Update Interview with the author on my blog on Japanese mythology writing underdog characters creating a new breed of vampires and Urban fantasy is uickly becoming one of my favorite genres and I've certainly been reading a lot of it this year The problem with that however is that I've become a lot picky so these days for a UF series to catch my eye its ideas or stories need to be very interesting and it has to offer something a little different That's why when the author of Generation V sent me a reuest for an honest review of her book I very enthusiastically took her up on it The book looked like it fit the bill for something uniue and originalIn that I was definitely not disappointed The book stars Fortitude Scott who's not your typical urban fantasy vampire because he's well technically not even a full vampire yet He's still mostly human a trait which Fort is trying desperately to hold on to in the face of his impending transition Meanwhile his full vampire mother and older siblings look upon him as a constant source of exasperation and embarrassment But then Luca a new vampire shows up in his town and Fort realizes that there are worse monsters than his familySeveral killings and abductions drive Fort to take action Along with the kickass shapeshifting kitsune woman Suzume Hollis they try to find a way to stop this ruthless vampire The problem is Fort doesn't have much of a plan not to mention the distraction that is his mess of a personal life He's broke his girlfriend is cheating on him and he's on the verge of losing his job The good news is all that might not matter when he manages to track down Luca In his mostly human state Fort realizes he is hopelessly outmatched and is probably going to get himself killedHave I ever mentioned how much I love an underdog? Fort is not like other urban fantasy heroes He's not strong he doesn't ooze sophistication or finesse like the rest of his vampire brethren in the genre and he's not particularly fashion minded either In fact he's kind of pathetic albeit in a very adorable sort of way The poor guy gets pushed around everywhere at work by his boss at home by his hipster roommate and in his love life by his girlfriend Beth who manages to convince him that their relationship can benefit from her sleeping around with other people At a point he almost becomes too painful to read about but the nice thing about underdog stories is that they always bounce back But on that laterIn the meantime I just have to say I also loved the kitsune fox shapeshifters in this novel They feature prominently in Japanese folklore and I thought their inclusion here was a nice twist on the usual shapeshifter in a vampire book idea Werewolves are fine and good but it's also so much interesting when an author works ideas based on mythology into their stories Come to think of it this may also be why I adore another one of my favorite UF series the Mercy Thompson books by Patricia Briggs which incorporates Native American myths on Coyote It worked well there and likewise the kitsune also worked very well in Generation VSuzume Hollis the bodyguard charged to keep an eye on Fort is one of the kitsune Her character is very intriguing Although I think her attractiveness might have been overplayed a little she also sets herself apart from a lot of female characters in urban fantasy by being mischievous uirky and sometimes just downright silly like all trickster foxes ought to be Usually I find it's often the male protagonist in an urban fantasy who does all the wisecracking but Suzume can certainly hold her own on that frontSpeaking of which I love ML Brennan's sense of humor I know I've described many an urban fantasy as funny but very rarely do I actually forget myself and laugh out loud while reading something I found myself doing several times during the course of this novel Fort may be a doormat but he definitely has a way with wordsTo balance out all that humor though are also some pretty heavy themes in this book There are some bold new takes on vampires like their nesting habits the fact they aren't immortal and that they actually age even though the process is reeeaal sloooow but it is the manner in which they procreate that takes the cake as one of the most fascinating and yet disturbing ways I've ever read It's pretty neat though And I love it when books make me feel like thatOne thing I think I would have liked to see of is Fort's growth over the course of the novel because as it is he doesn't find his backbone until almost the very end As well there are some aspects of the story or character motives that confused me or that I thought could be better explained or taken further but this also just means a lot of potential for this series I was happy to hear that there will be a book two but not so happy when I discovered that I'll have to wait until early next year for Iron Night This is a great choice for urban fantasy fans looking for something fresh and fun

  4. Tanja (Tanychy) St. Delphi/James Tanja (Tanychy) St. Delphi/James says:

    Too lazy to write a review The main character is 28 years old guy who behaves like 15 years old girl That bothered me the most and the main reason why I didn't enjoy this book is that I couldn't connect with him in any way Still interesting idea and it is funny at the moments I will give it that But not interested in continuing the series Sorry Lynn

  5. Ami Ami says:

    This novel came to me by way of Goodreads Readers Also Enjoyed feature and since my own personal reading challenge in May 2014 was urban fantasy with male protagonist I thought it was perfect choice Plus I liked the cover hahaWell safe to say I'm adding this to series I'll be following Here's the thing I found Fort his full name was Fortitude Scott; with an older brother named Chivalry and older sister named Prudence Yep to be uite a different character than what I usually encountered in this genre Fort wasn't an Alpha character in fact I thought almost throughout Fort was a bit of a doormat His family his boss his girlfriend his roommate practically everyone Fort knew walked all over him But it didn't mean that Fort was a wimp or a coward In fact I found the joy reading how Fort stood up to his mother and very scary older sister when he decided that he would go against a sadistic phaedophile murderer vampire Fort might not be as powerful but darn if he wouldn't die trying And I just loved him for itThere was something humorous to how Fort dealt with the people who looked down to him like he knew his life was crap but at the same time he wanted to stay true to himself He wanted to keep that humanity he was a vegetarian vampire inside him and Fort was always worry that he would lose it when he fully transformed into a vampire Although I personally thought there would be something to his being what with the clue of Madeleine Fort's mother created him differentlyOf course since Fort was lacking that vampire skill which probably would kill him Madeleine assigned a bodyguard to protect her son Here came Suzume a kitsune that was a FOX that could turn into a human as Suzume told Fort who simply kicked ass I loved her too Suzume was AWESOME She turned Fort's world upside down and I assure you there wasn't any BORING time with this girl I loved how this book still added something to the vampire myth the whole vampire children creation I thought Fort's family dynamic was intriguing I even believed there was something to Prudence despite her horrible attitude to Fort I enjoyed this first book a lot and I definitely would check out the next book Personal Urban Fantasy With Male Protagonist Challenge May 2014 story #4

  6. Mandapanda Mandapanda says:

    I would not have thought I would be interested in another vampire series but this one is great Very different take on the trope I love the Sword of Damocles hanging over Ford's head as he fearfully awaits his transition to full vampire His friend and love interest Suze is excellent His family is scary and complex and the mysteries are engaging I love the humanity and sense of everyday life in Ford's version of vampire I think that's what makes these books so successful I'm already up to book 3 and have been enjoying reading so much that I couldn't be bothered stopping to write a review Recommended

  7. Julie Julie says:

    Posted at Yummy Men Kick Ass Chicks Generation V is the first book in ML Brennan’s American Vampire series and it’s a book that any and all urban fantasy fans have to read It is stellarI know you are seeing the word ‘vampire’ in the title of the series and are probably rolling your eyes a bit Afterall hasn’t everything vampire related been done before? Let me tell you that I have never read any vampires like the ones in this book before And where vampire babies come from? Think about the oddest thing imaginable and you’d still be wrong ML’s imagination is amazing and how she is able to translate it onto the page is brilliantThe American Vampire series follows Fort short of Fortitude who is a vampire in waiting In ML’s world humans born to vampires transition when they are adults Fort is completely happy being human and has no interest in becoming a full vampire Looking at his family vampires are unfeeling and mean and Fort does not want to become like them There is also a whole story behind why he doesn’t want to become a vampire but I won’t get into it here I will leave it for when you read this book – and you will read itI adored Fort Absolutely adored him He is awkward and insecure and totally lovable I am actually very curious to see how he becomes once he fully transitions because something tells me he’s not going to become like his mother Madeleine or like his siblings Prudence or Chivalry That’s what he fears Vampires in this book aren’t immortal but they are long living They are stronger and faster than humans and their empathy towards humans is pretty much non existent He is attempting to slow down his transition for as long as possible and how he tries is kind of cute He is totally a hero you want to root for And you also want to hug him and tell him everything is going to be okayMadeleine is mostly creepy for a mom She is heartless yet not You want to hate her but can’t She is wonderfully written And Prudence shudder She is either a huge mystery or really that cold I guess we’ll find out in future books Chivalry I really liked You think he’s going to be cold like his mother and sister but there is so much to him than initially meets the eye And his wife Bhumika seems weak on the surface but she is one of the strongest characters in this book Such a sad and well told story there Each and every character in this book has such a rich story Each and every character is remarkable but there are two that are just a bit so and that’s Fort and SuzumeSuzume is freaking brilliant She’s a kitsune so she shifts into a fox She is smart and a bit selfish and clever and hilarious And being a kitsune she is essentially a trickster Her and Fort’s dynamic is amazing I can’t call it sexual chemistry as there is no full on romance in this book but their time together on the page is incredible Their scenes are some of the most memorable of the book I can’t wait for you guys to meet herThe main bad guy in Generation V is Luca Luca is a vampire trying to father vampire babies and he is one sick fck I’m sorry but there really is no other way of wording it He is just sick and you hate him pretty much immediately Then you loath him Then you wish he was dead Finally you think if he were dead that you would want him to come back to life just so you can kill him again And you feel all of this yet he’s not even in the book much It’s what he’s doing and how careless he is over the conseuences that makes him such a formidable villain Then there is Phillip You think you’ve read disgusting characters before? This guy is just gross He is Luca’s child so I suppose it’s not surprising that he’s just to nasty but really ewGeneration V is about Fort and his life but it’s also about young girls going missing and Fort trying to save themwith very little odds of success The story is gruesome and it really isn’t pretty so don’t expect fluff It is true urban fantasy at its finestThe book ends on a slight cliffhanger Fort’s father was a cop and Matt was his partner Matt is involved in the “oh what will happen next?” that occurs near the very end of the book The very end of the book is perfect I re read it three times And just thinking about it as I write this I want to go and read it again ML ended the book just as it should end No other way would have worked betterAs you can tell I adored Generation V The story is amazing the pacing is perfect and the characters are superb I picked this book up on a whim and boy am I glad I did It is easily one of my favorite reads of the year and will definitely be making my Favorite Reads of 2013 list If you enjoy urban fantasy I urge you to read this book You will not regret it5plus stars

  8. Nathan Nathan says:

    Fantasy Review BarnFortitude Scott is a baby vampire who doesn’t want to be one He pretends to be human as much as possible despite knowing that his mother is the alpha predator of New England keeping all other supernatural in line and wielding plenty of influence over the mortal one as well Poor Fortitude works at a coffee shop and tries to make rent; not at all helped by a deadbeat roommate skipping on rent and taking advantage of a uniue relationship Fort’s girlfriend decided they should be in He sees his powerful family rarely but when the call comes he goesThis is not your typical vampire story We do not see one NOT ONE vampire hunter tracking down this shady hidden society Fort’s mother is a frail looking old lady so immortality is out And while there is no lack of stunning beautiful people and things that can pass as them we don’t have universal flawless complexions; Fortitude himself is slightly gangly and awkward and his sister Prudence is a striking middle aged looking women And if you were thinking this was going to be one of those other kinds of vampire tales? Well sorry nothing I saw was sparklingThis was a story where the supernatural was hidden but the supernatural being hidden wasn’t the focus of the story And to be honest I can’t think of another story like it When Fortitude takes interest in a visiting vampire’s habits and specifically his conscience is horrified by the man’s actions that’s when the story gets a move on After being saved from a mugging by fox that can turn human kitsune are awesome he realizes that being the low man in the supernatural totem pole will make stopping this monster hardThis is a book with a tight plot and great pacing but it truly is a character book as in thriving due to characters not an in depth character study Fortitude is a great narrator with self deprecating humor and always giving just enough info at the right moment He is something of an average guy as well unable to rely on super vampire powers to act as a plot resolver Bodyguard slash tormenter Suzume the main kitsune was wonderful; saving Fort when needed and playing practical jokes when the time allowed She was much of a typical kick ass Urban Fantasy heroine and of course she is going to be a metaphorical fox as well as a supernatural one but if she doesn’t make a reader laugh then said reader is dead inside And even she avoids perfection it is made clear again and again that the elder vampires are above all Generation V works in several ways The back ground plot could work as a police procedural with supernatural elements and amateurs instead of cops and TV has proven that is a winning formula The humor I must repeat is top notch I got than a smile out of much of this book often I was just laughing It was also the set up for something larger Fortitude’s family dynamics should prove entertaining for uite some time His mother heads something larger than any criminal empire in fiction yet shows as a frail old lady Brother Chivalry seems likable but is also firmly in his mother’s control And Prudence Oh my I couldn’t help but love that bloodthirsty monster4 Stars I enjoyed this book so much I moved right into the next one PS I have repeated this all over the blogosphere but this truly is a horrible cover I really thought this was a tie in to one of the supernatural teen TV shows that air before Big Bang Theory reruns over here They should have went with a fox

  9. Mia Mia says:

    I met ML Brennan at New York Comic Con last year and occasionally interact with her on twitter I am delighted to say that GENERATION V is as feisty and charming as its authorVampires Probably one of the most overused monsters in literature Everything's been done right? Brennan disproves this by adding new and interesting facets to vampire lore Apparently there is to vampires than sparkles Twilight and Brad PittFortitude Scott is an underachieving self pitying vampire to be doormat with a wardrobe to match His life is a litany of the sad and pathetic crappy job with a shitty boss cheating girlfriend freeloading oversexed slob of a roommate junkyard uality car He was born human but will inevitably transition to full vampirehood Yet Fort stubbornly wishes to delay the inevitable Why? He was raised by humans and shares little in common with his aristocratic sophisticated amoral blood relatives pun intendedFort's family is Dysfunctional yes with a capital D Their relationship with one another is tenuous at best polite and propelled by tradition but fraught with underlying tensions unexpressed emotions and disguised interestsThe exchanges between the characters are filled with good humor and uick spontaneous wit There is an effortless uality to it a smooth flow the way I'd likely converse with friends I was in desperate need of amusement and this book than obliged This is unuestionably an urban fantasy offering contemporary dialogue and setting highly relatable attitude in spades Was assuming the fetal position and trusting that they wouldn't kick anything critical really your best plan?I also rather enjoyed Ms Brennan's descriptions of the drive through New England's roads invoking both good and not so good experiencesBeing an urban fantasy tale I expected the appearance of creatures of urban legend but I confess that the ones that made an actual appearance were not those I'd have predicted another testament to Brennan's original spin I invite you to contemplate the collection of creatures referred to here if you let me use your witch I'll take the judgmental bloodsucker away and you can get back to suiring elf juice in vajayjays Oh did I mention this line is spoken by a kitsune a type of shapeshifter? Certainly a collection of creatures few would likely assemble together not to mention anywhere near a human female's vaginaThe best part about GENERATION V is the character Suzume the kitsune who can transform from a fox to a foxy human female She is a complex character in a way that only females can be While she is definitely stuff of fantasy with a touch of anime allure hot she nonetheless retains a playful innocence demonstrates poise under pressure and is highly intelligent all preventing her from merely being decorative While Suzume is not the central character she is no sidekick subordinate or mere love interest stealing the limelight from Fort than a few timesI have few uibbles about this book The antagonist is a bit two dimensional not fully fleshed out and without a level of ambiguity that would create a greater nemesis Fort is sometimes outshined by Suzume but it's not much of an objection since Suzume is thoroughly engaging and Fort comes into his own towards the end with a promise of GENERATION V is also not without moments of earnestness While the Scott family dynamic is a source of amusement it is also a demonstration of various types of interpersonal relationships Whether vampire or human there is a spirit that resides within a spirit capable of exceeding itself and deceiving itself While there are real villains in this story there are some who may seem villainous at first glance but are actually neither hero nor villain just individuals coping with their uniue circumstances in the best way they could All creatures are imbued with inherent characteristics a particular nature which to some extent cannot be denied But neither is it absolutely intractable with a little bit of fortitudeWhile the particular conflict in this book has been resolved there are hints of other controversies particularly Fort's true nature and background and the growth of his relationship with Suzume whatever direction that may take I'm excited about the various directions this series as a whole can take This has been such a satisfying enjoyable read that there is no uestion I would keep readingOh Ms Brennan? I suppose it's only fair that I give you notice I'm totally stealing 'Buddha's balls'

  10. Monica Monica says:

    This novel is much better than your typical urban fantasy Though the story does fit the genre well it is far entertaining than other novels I have read with the same structure Brennan is really great at creating uniue characters with memorable uirks The interactions between her characters are also well written and the plot filled with enough mystery to keep the reader turning the pages

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Generation V ❰PDF / Epub❯ ✅ Generation V Author M.L. Brennan – Reality Bites Fortitude Scott’s life is a mess A degree in film theory has left him with zero marketable skills his job revolves around pouring coffee his roommate hasn’t paid rent in four months Reality Bites Fortitude Scott’s life is a mess A degree in film theory has left him with zero marketable skills his job revolves around pouring coffee his roommate hasn’t paid rent in four months and he’s also a vampire Well sort of He’s still mostly human But when a new vampire comes into his family’s territory and young girls start going missing Fort can’t ignore his heritage any His mother and his older stronger siblings think he’s crazy for wanting to get involved So it’s up to Fort to take action with the assistance of Suzume Hollis a dangerous and sexy shape shifter Fort is determined to find a way to outsmart the deadly vamp even if he isn’t uite sure how But without having matured into full vampirehood and with Suzume ready to split if things get too risky Fort’s rescue mission might just kill him.

  • Mass Market Paperback
  • 312 pages
  • Generation V
  • M.L. Brennan
  • English
  • 09 June 2014
  • 9780451418401

About the Author: M.L. Brennan

ML Brennan is the author of the Generation V series GENERATION V IRON NIGHT TAINTED BLOOD and DARK ASCENSION all published by Roc Brennan holds an MFA in writing and is employed as an adjunct professor at several New England collegesFor Brennan's thoughts on writing publishing and the world in general please check out her official webpage at.