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  • 07 June 2016

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  1. Kendra Kendra says:

    For full review including excerpt and dialogue highlight please visit Reader's Edyn at I am struggling just a bit to write this review The story wasn’t bad but it wasn’t as great as all of the other 1 Night Stand books I have read so far I am not uite sure what it was about the characters that I didn’t like that much but I will figure it out as I write this That is generally how the reviews play out for me; especially those that I have difficulty explaining when I first begin to write The best thing to do is start by explaining the storyAriel is an angel and watches over children Children can see her but adults cannot She has been doing this “job” for centuries and over time has become curious about the opposite sex She is at the point in her life where she longs for something A connection to someone else Someone to share her life with So she decides to hook up with someone for one night just to experience all that she has wondered about for so long She talks to Cupid and comes up with Madame Eve’s information Before you know it a match has been made and a 1 Night Stand planned Against her sister’s advice she continues with this plan despite the risking everything If she is found out she will be cast out foreverEdison is everything that Ariel despises He is a demon for starters and he is on a mission; to grab another soul Lately he has been freuenting dating services such as 1 Night Stand finding a soul to capture and moving on to the next service But those other services were not 1 Night Stand and he is about to meet an unexpected match in Ariel And Edison has a bit of a problem as well If anyone finds out he is with an angel he will become a laughing stock But something about Ariel draws him in and he immediately goads her into staying the night with him but not for sex unless Edison has anything to say about it Ariel is of course offended to be in the presence of a demon but after Edison pushes the right buttons she finds herself staying with him even though she tells herself to leave several times He is crude disgusting completely gorgeous and Ariel desires him – but she will die before she admits that to him After watching the “adult entertainment” channel with Edison Ariel starts to get some ideas of her own looks like Madame Eve knew what she was doing once again but then she always does I think that my problem with this story is that the characters do not stay true to who they are presented as Ariel as flat out against Edison which wasn’t hard to believe But then she completely turns around and is ready to run away with him And Edison is straight bad ass but instead of getting down and dirty with Ariel he flips and treats her tenderly like he says she deserves I don’t know I guess they characters just didn’t seem consistent Good girl and bad ass And while that combination generally works well they characters also have to maintain some sort of sense of self or else they get lost in all of the sex and I think that is what happened with this story The end is abrubt and realistically makes no sense I do not want to give anything away but their “plan” for afterward seems rushed and ill planned And again doesn’t seem to fit with the characters The sex was hot and the basis of the story was steamy I just felt like it didn’t uite work the way I had expected it to I would say that if you are looking for a way to pass the time without getting overly invested in the characters then this story is still a good pick And yes this is a novella so overly invested is not really a big concern but I still like the thoughtsactions of the characters to make sense People who enjoy the 1 Night Stand series and Ms Stewart will than likely find the read enjoyable But if you are a little particular then you might agree with me Either way the story is still steamy and entertaining I just wish it had met my expectations to a higher level eBook copy provided by authortour company in exchange for an honest review

  2. Marlene Marlene says:

    Originally published at Reading RealityAn angel who wants than she has She doesn't want to just watch humans fall in love and consummate that love she wants to experience those feelings for herself Any resemblance between the angel Ariel's desire to explore human emotions and sensations and the mermaid Ariel from The Little Mermaid and her desire to experience the human world may not be accidentalThey both wanted than they had And their perfect match to experience that turns out to be their opposite In the mermaid's case it was a human In the angel's case it's a demon Who else would understand the supernal world she springs from the pressures that she serves under?And is it any wonder that the demon's name is Edison? A name that we humans associate with discovery? Or that they are brought together by Madame Eve? Eve who tempted Adam to eat from the Tree of Knowledge?Because what Ariel wants is knowledge She wants to know and experience than she has than she is Who better to teach her about desire than a demon? No other angel is remotely tempted to defy heaven even in secretBut Edison also wants He thinks he's booked his 1Night Stand to harvest another soul for his master He's used dating services before for just such a harvest But it's all getting humdrumInstead Ariel finds a demon who has a bit of sweet mixed in with a whole lot of naughty And Edison discovers an angel who is hiding a surprising amount of naughty under her haloCan they stop fighting what they feel long enough to see if this insane match might work?Escape Rating B Angel meets demon is probably the ultimate in opposites attracting Ariel and Edison are on opposite sides in the definition of the war to end all wars Her boss saves souls and his boss damns them But they're just foot soldiers and they have been for centuries And like soldiers everywhere they have an awful lot in commonMadame Eve has some seriously cool superpowers whoever she is to make this workBut Ariel's personality is pretty clear from the beginning She likes her job she watches over children but she wants something out of her life She has a rebellious spirit that doesn't uite fit We don't get uite as clear a picture of Edison and why he's willing to rebelThe scenes where they begin their relationship are hilariously funny as well as hot Edison is a foul mouthed well demon It's expected He's also handsome as sin Again expected But his attraction to Ariel's innocence is a surprise Maybe of a surprise than her attraction to him Good girls always fall for bad boys at least in fictionStill this is one pair of opposites that you want to see ride happily off into the sunset But I wonder what happens after that?

  3. Lindsey Lindsey says:

    Have you ever read the blurb for a book expected something to dark and wicked and when you finally read it—it didn’t deliever? This book did that for me The description doesn’t really give out all that this story is about I was looking forward to a down and dirty demon no holds bar ready to steal a soul for Satan and if he couldn’t then he would just steal her for himself It turned from promising to sweet in no time at all I was most excited for this story out of all the ones I had for review I love when angels go bad It is a dirty little secret of mine and I was expecting raw The characters as a whole were well written Sheila knows how to write The characters were fully developed three dimensional and I could feel their emotions That was it though—they had so much emotion I was crying inside for the demon that just didn’t care I think my tastes were far too dark for this story I think this would work for readers that enjoy two characters one very Alpha the other fighting for something she ‘thinks’ she wants and them coming together in a passionate affair The story as a whole works in its own way I know this book has a target audience I was not that target audience But I recommend readers of the 1Night Stand Series give this a chance

  4. Melissa Melissa says:

    The Naughty Angel By Shiela StewartWhat happens when an angel decides to have a passionate night with a man? Will she risk losing her wings for a night of sex?The Naughty Angel is the story of two mismatched people who are put together by Madame Eve for one night of passion Ariel is an angel who wants to feel the desire she sees when she watches the humans together Edison is a demon who wants to possess his date But what they find is a very steamy night of sex and possibly a commitmentThe Naughty Angel is an interesting story with a uniue twist Shiela Stewart brings together two people who are opposites in every way but are perfect for each other While it seems that Madame Eve has made a mistake matching an angel and a demon it turns out again to be a perfect match I really enjoyed the match up of an angel and demon showing that they have in common than anyone would think The sex in The Naughty Angel is romantic and steamy without being smutty It is nice to see that love might just be able to conure hate The ending leaves you wanting to know and certainly The Naughty Angel is a perfect story for a series I would love to read about Ariel Edison and the other characters who show up

  5. ReadingDiva Book Reviews ReadingDiva Book Reviews says:

    Originally posted SinfulReadsREVIEW The Naughty Angel is a sinful and sexy book The need of an angel becomes the undoing of a demon The characters are sexy and sinful the story is steamy and dangerous I enjoyed the playful and spunky attitude of Ariel and the sinful and unrepentant personality of Edison Once Ariel has her first taste of the sinful demon she isn’t going to let go I like how these two characters are able to risk everything for the sake of pleasure Totally hot

  6. Deelylah Mullin Deelylah Mullin says:

    Full review to come 92412 at twimom227com

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The Naughty Angel☃ The Naughty Angel PDF / Epub ✑ Author Shiela Stewart – Even the good turn bad sometimesA life of servitude to God has left Ariel Raine feeling worn out Being an Angel isn’t always what it’s cracked up to be Day in and day out of the same routine tends Even the good turn bad sometimesA life of servitude to God has left Ariel Raine feeling worn out Being an Angel isn’t always what it’s cracked up to be Day in and day out of the same routine tends to get tedious Wanting some spice in her life she sets her mind on discovering the allure of a sexual encounter With the help of Madam Eve and her Night Stand dating services Ariel is The Naughty PDF or about to have her world rockedOnly problem isher match is a demonEdison Grey has relied on dating services to claim minions for not only him but for his master Satan as well Night Stand just happens to be this week’s preference No use wasting a good service Edison decides to have a little fun while he’s at itStripping an angel of her purity is an added bonusWhat happens between Ariel and Edison is a surprise to both Even with the threat of punishment looming over top of them.

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Shiela Stewart is a paranormal suspense author with a writing history that stems back to her youth Always a dreamer wondering if her stories would ever reach an audience she was finally published in and hasn't stopped since It is rare to find a stand alone book as she prefers series stories Her longest running series to date is her Darkness series which is a vampire romanceHer joy for s.