Trial of the Clone ePUB ´ Trial of eBook É

  • Paperback
  • 282 pages
  • Trial of the Clone
  • Zach Weinersmith
  • English
  • 12 September 2016
  • 9780982853726

10 thoughts on “Trial of the Clone

  1. Kristin Kristin says:

    A nice throwback to the Choose Your Own Adventure style stories Trial of the Clone is conceptually well done though there are plenty of elements that the book probably could have done without Throughout the book the reader picks up stats and items in the true RPG style It's kind of interesting to see the impact of decisions but realistically this type of stat based system is pretty difficult to keep track of and maintain when casually reading especially if the reader isn't a person exposed to RPG playing in general A fun little book for a pretty specific audience

  2. Grayson Grayson says:

    This is the best book ever writtenWell okay it's the best interactive adventure book ever writtenThen again most interactive adventure books are aimed at 8 year olds and don't have any dick jokes in themHmBUY THIS BOOK GIVE ZACH WEINERSMITH ALL YOUR MONEYHe didn't pay me to say that I just really really liked the book Good job Weiner

  3. Momchil Momchil says:

    I found the gameplay not very well balanced 3 stars but the humor is superb solid 5 stars Reading it before going to sleep was a bad idea cause I would end up chuckling in my bed for ten minutes after stopping

  4. Chris Chester Chris Chester says:

    An amusing new version of the Choose Your Own Adventure tm books from when you were a kid It's surprisingly hard to actually win legitimately

  5. John M John M says:

    this is the first book i have had with replay value i am so excited to go through again

  6. Marcus Morrisey Marcus Morrisey says:

    Laugh out loud funny I strongly recommend the app version by Tin Man Games

  7. Brittany Brittany says:

    A fun read The narration by Wil Wheaton in the e version is definitely a highlight

  8. Peter Derk Peter Derk says:

    This is fun as hell Think about a Choose Your Own Adventure crossed with an easy to follow DD sorta thing Oh and the morality nonsense of CYOA like when it tries to convince kids to not do steroids all that crap is gone I made it into ACT III where I was killed by monkeys with swords I was at a disadvantage because I'd learned the Monkey Fighting Style which was useless against monkeys I also chose to live in a ghetto made of pornography and to kill a lot of people in very cowardly ways One of those two things is very close to my reality I'm not saying which The big plus is that the book is actually a lot of fun to read It's funny and the scenes are uick and give a chuckle The big minus is that you'll never read the damn thing not really because what are you gonna do just go straight through like some kinda animal?

  9. Gavin Gavin says:

    Fun Satire of Star Wars and classic scifi with your character's greed and passive aggression matched only by hisher incompetence Bellylaughed a lot which is unusual for me with books Sometimes the gags fall back on scat when it gets tired of mocking religion but I mean that in the best possible way

  10. Owen Owen says:

    Not a bad book but it never really grabbed me Similar humor to Saturday Morning Breakfast Cereal But this is definitely one of his early attempts at writing prose His later book Augie and the Green Knight is much better

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Trial of the Clone❮KINDLE❯ ➚ Trial of the Clone ❦ Author Zach Weinersmith – Trial of the Clone is a choosable pathway gamebook that allows the reader to make choices interact with the world and otherwise navigate through over 500 scenes and thousands of potential pathways Rea Trial of the Clone is a choosable pathway gamebook that allows the reader to make choices interact with the world and otherwise navigate through over scenes and thousands of potential pathways Readers can choose to simply read through the story or interact fully with the book's game by keeping track of statistics items and battles Readers are incentivized to reread the book many times Trial of eBook É to explore other pathways or to catch some of the many secrets the author has hidden throughout the bookThe reader plays as a clone who sets out to find his place in the world solving challenging puzzles and fighting monsters along the way Weinersmith's writing is characteristically irreverent and satirical painting a dystopian future world filled with comical colorful characters and clever surprises.