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Malice ❰Ebook❯ ➩ Malice Author Griffin Hayes – Natus-physiotherapy.co.uk Welcome to Millingham MA pop 5000 4997 4993The sheriff has convinced himself and others that the recent rash of deaths in the town are just suicides Lysander Shore knows different He knows the townsfo Welcome to Millingham MA pop The sheriff has convinced himself and others that the recent rash of deaths in the town are just suicides Lysander Shore knows different He knows the townsfolk are being hunted He knows they face an evil as old as the town itself He knows it's something that can't be killed can't be reasoned withAnd he knows that the evil knows about him too It's waited centuries for Lysander to come home Now it wants to make him pay.

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  1. Griffin Hayes Griffin Hayes says:

    To date Malice has generated by far the most emails from readers Many are glowing letters from people who thoroughly enjoyed the book Others come from readers who pray I'll be struck down by a speeding church van uite honestly I read and appreciate all the feedback I get from both sides After all in the end it's for you that I sit down everyday to peer into the shadows and report back on the dark and clammy things I find lurking within But rest assured I take all of this very seriously and when I begin to see patterns in the kinds of comments readers make I also take very careful note On July 17 2012 I released a newly edited version of Malice I originally wrote the book to be frightening and creepy which I'm told it is but it wasn't intended to be a blood suirting gore fest I kept that in mind during this last edit and nicked out any bucket of blood that wasn't absolutely necessary I also added 5000 words and at least two new scenes Malice is now stronger creepier and a far smoother reading experience As for me I'll keep writing and dodging any speeding church vans heading my way Griffin Hayes July 22 2012

  2. Tana Tana says:

    Malice is the first book I've read by Griffin Hayes and I will say I am glad I came across it The cover is what first attracted me to the book I am a fan of paranormal books and thought I better read the description on this one to see if it was something I should readGriffin's writing is fantastic it is one of those book that kept my attention so I couldn't put the book down till I reached the endIt is a murder mystery and a bit of romance but it is a murdersucidecreepy witchesparanormal thriller type of bookThere are many dark secrets dark shawdows someone is murdering people and there is a connection to the past Can Lysander figure this all out without getting killed If you like ya paranormal books this is a must

  3. Jason Jason says:

    I've been on a roll lately with my reading One great book after another has passed through my hands all year both independent and professional fields of publishing too When I decide to do my top ten reads of the year in month or so it's going to be one of the most difficult lists I've ever had to make since I started recording these thingsOne book that might make that list is Malice by Griffin Hayes I felt a familiarity with the prose and characters almost right away It reminded me of the late summer nights I used to stay up and read the darkness away when I was a lonely teenager Back then I would read books from the likes of Dean Koontz John Saul and Stephen King Malice reminds me of themLysander is the new kid in town Right away he makes than a few enemies but he also makes some friends Which is a good thing because he's going to need their help Something is after Lysander something that is killing other people in town and making it look like suicide I don't want to go into too much plot for fear of ruining things But let's just say that there are a few twists and turns and a lot of action along the way that will keep you guessing The two main characters interested me a lot too Both Lysander and Samantha were both the reason I was reminded of those other authors Watching them develop and get out of the perilous dangers hunting them was a lot of fun As this is a YA novel I think that Hayes will have similar sixteen year old readers identifying with always being the odd one the outcast

  4. Annette M Guerriero Nishimoto Annette M Guerriero Nishimoto says:

    Today's review is on Malice by Griffin HayesMalice is the first piece that I have read by Hayes Though different from my normal venue of paranormal books it just called out to me Thankfully I was not let down I was in fact plastered to the pages of this shocking suspenseful novelLysander Shore is an outcast Being a Goth and starting at a new school doesn't make it any easier either There is however a few shining stars One is the welcoming he receives from Samantha and Derek There are strange things happening in Millingham though and Lysander is smack in the middle of itYears earlier the McMurphy family was murdered supposedly by one of their own James Andre Patrick McMurphy who then killed himself with a gunshot to his head Years after that the town's very own Sheriff's wife; and Samantha's mother was found dead in her bathroom tub a victim of suicide Her eyes missing her wrists slit to the bone Now the body of Peter Hume has been found He too is missing his eyes and his wrists are slit to the bone All signs lead to a serial killer but who?Through regressive therapy Lysander finds that he has played a central role in what has been happening In the earliest of Lysanders past lives he was Parris Locke Instead of following his heart he followed his power hungry head He ends up as Millingham’s head selectman faced with the towns unease about a young woman Rebecca Goodman She is accused of being a witch Though he feels she is innocent he does not stop the rest of the town council from continuing the torture and burning of Rebecca Those on the council have been reincarnated also through the years Now they are none other than those still living in the small town Sheriff Crow Glenn Shore Deputy Morgan Pearl Shore and Peter Hume Rebecca Goodman being the Baptist Minister set out for revenge against those who murdered herOnce Lysander and Samantha know that it is the Minister doing the killing they set out to make things right They cannot do it alone however and others they love will die in the process It's only at the very end when Lysander's baby sister Jessica breathes her first breath is there a breath of hopeMalice will have you biting your black nail polish right off of your nails Shock suspense and even a little love thrown in make for a great dramatic read I'm sad that the ride this book took me on is over This is one of those really good ones that will stay with me for some time You MUST OWN this book Do NOT walk RUN to your local book store and BUY IT You won't be disappointed5 of 5 stars

  5. Yawatta Hosby Yawatta Hosby says:

    This 3 part 36 chapter novel spooked me from literally the first sentence–”The stranger grinned and his sunken cheeks made his face look like a skull”–to the very end It was creepy like a movie you’d find on the Chiller channel With chills running down my spine every so often I stopped reading to look around my room definitely over my shoulder There’s a painting of five ballerinas that I kept staring at to make sure their eyes didn’t move That’s how great the author is in being very descriptive and creating a frightening vibeI loved that it was a mystery Lysander tried to figure out why he’s seeing unusual things Samantha aka Sam doubted her mom commited suicide and Deputy Alex realized something went on than meets the eye Even though Lysander was the main character readers get a chance to understand everyone else as well through their third person point of view narratives I liked that I knew the reveal of a solved clue before certain people in the story realized what was going onThe most frightening scenes for me were when Lysander enters Millingham and the sign says ‘STAY AWAY’ whenever it described the character’s suicide in detail and whenever it mentioned Peter Hume and Reverend Small I could picture them looking so deathly and menacing I loved the sarcastic sense of humor especially in the library scene I enjoyed Lysander Sam and Derek’s friendship I liked Derek so with the house party scene I was like ‘NO” The story brought me back to my high school days with the classroom and hallway scenes and with teens being frustrated with their parents but not communicating it in an effective wayWhen everyone was finally on the same page in believing Lysander my heart raced I hated Deputy Alex but he redeemed himself at the end Griffin Hayes was brilliant in keeping me in suspense until the last second; I loved learning about the witch the people in the past who tortured her and the reveal of who each person represented from their past lives the characters who were dying Moral Don’t mess with a witch LOLI RECOMMEND this book to read

  6. Grammar*Kitten Grammar*Kitten says:

    Griffin Hayes truly is a master of the macabre; this is the second of his novels that I have read and once again I have been delighted with what I have foundI find it uite hard to believe that a lot of people seem to be classing this as a ‘young adult’ book considering its content; despite the fact that the two protagonists are teenagers this novel hardly falls into that genre This is no coming of age tale with good ideas but sub standard writing aimed at giggly pre pubescent girls with a fascination for sparkly vampires This book is bold in its descriptions graphic violent and gory The storyline itself is an original play on the past lifevisions of the past scenario and the theme of ‘age old evil’ is handled really well Hayes’ writing flows across the page with an effortless grace; uietly I am appalled that people are associating with the silted under formed stylistics all too commonly found featuring prominently in the young adult genreThis is a book for grown ups Adults People with a love of gore violence and horror I’m uite disappointed to read in Hayes’ own post that he edited out some of the non essential violence and gore – to me of this could only have been a bonus However the element of animal crueltymutilation within this book distressed me even than the plight of the characters; that is not to say that the characters left me apathetic in any way I’m just a sucker for fluffy four legged friendsAction packed from the start the plot moves along at a hectic pace In parts the tension is almost unbearable to the point it had me physically reacting and by the time I was reaching the final few pages I couldn’t tear myself away as I was sure in that way you’re sure when you’re running out of pages and nothing is coming together that there would be an explosive climatic ending I was not disappointed when the ending came – but it wasn’t what I expected at allA brilliant read would recommend it to all horror and thriller fans anywhere

  7. Bec (BecR34reads) Bec (BecR34reads) says:

    what an amazing book I saw this on and went out an bought a tablet just so I could read the book on kindle and boy am I glad I didFrom chapter one I was completely absorbed by this fast supernatural thriller I wanted gore and I certainly got it Normally I take a week to read a book but I finished this in 2 days I couldn't tear myself away for even one second I highly reccommend you read this

  8. Theresa Abney Theresa Abney says:

    After struggling through Great Expectations it was a bit of a relief to read something I could just plow through I read this book over the course of a few hoursNo real complaints other than that the protagonist's name was Lysander Renesmee is still the worst name in the history of literature but you probably shouldn't pen a character called Lysander unless you are William Shakespeare

  9. Evelyn Navarro Evelyn Navarro says:

    I tried not to be mean with this book but it was so bad that make so happy when I finished because then I won't have to read itOk take me so long to finish thisI think Griffin Hayes tried to imitate Stephen King and that is not niceIs like a bad history with unnecessary love scenes and weird characters Not to mention the bad writing

  10. Pat Pat says:

    This book was AMAZING It's gruesome and eerie But if you like those two words you'll love this book too

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