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Wolf's Rain Volume 2 ➾ Wolf's Rain Volume 2 Download ➹ Author BONES – Natus-physiotherapy.co.uk In einer post apokalyptischen Zukunft gelten Wölfe als ausgestorbene Spezies die einst mythische Kräfte besaß Doch einige von ihnen haben überlebt und wandeln in Menschengestalt unerkannt durch di In einer post apokalyptischen Zukunft gelten Wölfe als ausgestorbene Spezies die einst mythische Kräfte besaß Doch einige von ihnen haben überlebt und wandeln in Menschengestalt unerkannt durch die Städte So auch Kiba der dem Duft der geheimnisvollen Mondblume nach Cold City gefolgt ist Mit drei sehr unterschiedlichen Gefährten macht er sich auf die Suche nach Rakuen dem Paradies der Wölfe.

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  1. Alice & Alice & says:

    75 ⭐️ 😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭 I remember watching the anime AND HOLY SHIT THE FEEEEELLLSSS

  2. Venesa Venesa says:

    It's a retelling of the anime only meant to be read if you've watched the anime It's also got an alternative ending which is better honestly than the anime but you know the anime's ending is so tragic that it stays with you forever so I really liked it although I was sobbing from it at 3am Still love the manga tho and I had to own it ♥

  3. Charles Charles says:

    Stuff I Read – Wolf’s Rain Vol 2A manga series that is over in two volumes? That is almost unheard of I mean I know that I just praised Cat Paradise a while back for not drawing the story out needlessly but two volumes is definitely not enough time for the story that Wolf’s Rain tries to tell The story is engaging to a point and some of the character work solid but part of me feels that this was geared towards people who wanted a much condensed version of the anime and not people coming to the idea and characters for the first time Things move very fast as in the first volume and things are not so much explained and fleshed out as they are glossed over Key parts of the story just sort of happen and character reactions and motivations are rather ignored What I am left with at the end of the volume is a great deal of confusion To put a silver lining on it though the art is good and the premise still engaging enough that it is not a complete failureThe action begins with the wolvers having found the flower and almost immediately being set upon by a group of wolves who all go crazy Everyone is attacking everyone and then there are guns and everyone is dying and there are a few good moments mixed into all that but I had no idea what was going on Part of this reminds me of bad stories and novel attempts or DD campaigns where the player or reader has no clue what the hell is happening but it is obviously supposed to be important so you just keep going hoping that at some point it is going to get explained Because after that this weird guy from the first volume shows up and kidnaps the flower and you don’t really know what happened to one of the wolves and a dog turns out to be a wolf and she is evil or something and again not much time is spent on any of itThe focus then shifts to a scientist who takes up uite a bit of this second volume as she tries to help the wolves There is some stuff about some sort of ancient fairy tale as well and we learn that the weird guy is half wolf and thinks only he can bring about paradise And the humans are against that somehow and are trying to kill every wolf and have been for a while even though there was no evidence of that before And then the wolves follow the weird guy to his ritual site and confront him And there is some other woman there that is linked to the weird guy and then there’s a fight and the wolves get away only to be cornered by the bad guys and everyone dies or maybe not maybe there is paradise but you don’t know and nothing is explainedSo again it is a case where there is a whole lot that is introduced in this story over two volumes And the end just isn’t a conclusion It feels like I just met these characters and here they are doing things that I don’t understand I mean with the anime there where hours and hours to get to know the characters With the manga I have maybe an hour I mean it just doesn’t seem like enough because so many of the actions of the characters seem to have meaning or significance that I just don’t get I mean I like the characters are all and it seems a fairly good story but it just moves way to fast with no time to linger on anything Everything is a blur and I guess this was probably something that was meant to supplement the anime somehow In any event it is plagued by its length and that just isn’t a good thing At the end of the series I think it had a lot of potential but didn’t deliver on what it promised It never gets to reveal what it meant and what was going on And because of that I give it a 57510

  4. Coco Coco says:

    I love how this played out in the manga better than in the anime I wish there was a follow up story about the little brothers in the end

  5. Abby Evangelisto Abby Evangelisto says:

    I adore Wolf's Rain It's one of the best anime ever written The manga however is another story Literally You literally cannot adapt a 30 episode anime into a two volume manga It’s not possible and they never should have tried The art is shoddy It’s ugly and the wolves look like furry logs with furry stick legs It’s a disrespect to the BONES team’s beautiful animation They took maybe a couple of the main scenes in the anime but not even the important ones and redrew them It’s basically a storyboard of a couple of scenes thrown together into a book and called a manga adaptation The ending is nothing like the anime in fact there's not really an ending Who are the peoplewolves at the end? We've never seen them before and they're not even given names Meanwhile the other characters have disappeared without a trace and with no ending to their own arcs Wolf’s Rain was a masterpiece This? It’s a travesty

  6. Sam Wescott Sam Wescott says:

    Whoo boy Chaotic and heavily dealing in tropes that I don't like insta romance magic girl child etc but I picked this up because my partner LOVED these books as a kid and I wanted to check it out I can totally see how nostalgia would make the chaos grand and add nobility and sweeping stakes to the story I do think I would have liked it as a kid I think we'll probably watch the movie together and that'll complete my relationship with the series I'm curious if the plot makes sense on screen I feel like I lost a lot of the action in the comic and a different visual format might help

  7. Sarah Elizabeth Sarah Elizabeth says:

    I really wanted to like it Actually I really wanted to love it The anime is one of the best I've ever watched But the series is too short Two volumes does not do it justice There were SO many plot lines that were left unresolved and I'm still not sure I understand the ending even though I read it about 20 times Pretty disappointed with this volume actually Like it felt like there should be like 10 years extra in there somewhere and the story really only takes place over what appears to be two days if that No good

  8. Withme Withme says:

    Honestly I prefer the manga adaption over the anime which I've always felt was needlessly stretched out with too many episodes The abstract and open ended nature of the comic adds mystery and the art is gorgeous

  9. Punkie Punkie says:

    The Wolf's Rain anime is perhaps one of the most beautiful and emotional pieces of animation ever created don't let this condensed manga series deter you from watching it

  10. Kay Kay says:

    In a nutshell I didn't get itI had started to watch the anime Wolf's Rain in ninth or tenth grade because I was still obsessed with wolves back then granted I'm obsessed with wolves now but that is not the point This was long before I had access to a PS3 or Roku so I had to use my tiny school provided laptop to watch it Unfortunately the site I used to watch the episodes didn't agree with my computer and eventually the videos just stopped loading that or it would freeze in the middle of the episode and take several minutes to load My impatience got the better of me so I just stopped watching the series After some time had passed I had discovered that there was a manga based on Wolf's Rain Volume 2 picked up roughly where I had left off in the show so I got it thinking I could just read it and finish the story I mean they're the same thing right? The manga should be able to fill in all the gaps I was unable to fill as a result of technological difficulties right? Books are better right? You would think so but in this case all three answers are noThis manga left me with uestions than answers The characters and their motivations were very superficial important events were glossed over and very little about the plot was explained The ending in particular left me scratching my head especially seeing as how it wasn't that much of an ending In fact the story didn't end so much as it just stopped It seemed like there was to the story but no the authors just decided to stop there It makes me uestion whether or not they knew what they were doing Hard to believe two people worked on the storyAs far as the art goes I personally thought it was pretty good Many of the character designs intrigued me especially that of the main antagonist Darcia who was the coolest looking character in the manga if you ask me In fact out of everyone the only character design I did not like was Cheza More specifically I hated her outfit What was that supposed to be exactly? A swimsuit? Why can't she wear normal clothes like everyone else? Is it really that difficult?In summary the Wolf's Rain manga including Volume 1 just came off as a rushed mess While the art was acceptable the story and character motivations made little sense leaving readers dumbfounded and asking themselves What the hell did I just read? If you want to experience Wolf's Rain then just watch the anime preferably not on the site I visited in conjunction with a half baked laptop provided by the Lee County School Board You'll likely get a lot out of that than you'll get out of either of these volumes

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