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  1. Dnicebear Dnicebear says:

    I got to hear Ms Miller in person before I read her book That the woman speaks passionately of both tilth and chi warms me and all my microbesI remember once being on a church committee for health and envisioning bringing a farmer to speak to us The doctor on the committee was livid what would any farmer know about health? We go with Ms Miller to a kind of no man's land where that doctor on the committee and no doctor has gone in recent times to a place between two fields of inuiry I think some farmers know that place well but doctors? This doctor visits sustainable farmers and farms as well as other doctors and researchers to focus on health When Ms Miller converses with one who studies factors that influence food preference especially in children we hear this lesson'you can't just focus on the kids The unit is really the family and the community' After our conversation I thought about Julie Mennella's final message Producing healthy eaters is a job for an entire family an entire community What she proposed was much involved than the USDA's 'Five a day' or 'Fruits and Veggies matters' campaigns which simply urge parents to put produce on their children's plates The multifaceted community approach needed for healthy eating is much like approaches the farmers we visit with Ms Miller have instituted on their farms thinking of their farms as a systems less testing and inputs of any kind and honoring the microbial life of the soil I'm excited about the calves able to grow up with their mothers instead of being weaned and bottle fed and all the other ways farmers are listening to what nature reuires of them in their specific places and finding what nature helps them to do Yes Soil IS the placenta of life and health

  2. Niya Niya says:

    For anyone with an interest in holistic health the book is a must read especially if you're general outlook on life is a Cartesian divide and conuer approach The text is a well researched powerful reminder that much as we would like to consider things as discrete and removed from the world the truth is not that simple Life is relative and as such health is relative as well whether is be cancer allergies or wrinkles each benefits from looking at the problem within it's environment and considering all of the factors instead of just the immediate problem The concept of medical ecologists that Miller raises is a powerful one but one that will only happen if consumer demand it and I think it's time we do so

  3. William Torgerson William Torgerson says:

    I've been interested in sustainability and nutrition for several years and it's this book that finally got me over the hump to planting my first garden I learned about the idea of a biodynamic farm where all parts depend on one another It was especially interesting how Daphne connected the process of how soil is healthy to ways in which the body can achieve health Glad to be referred to localharvestorgThe structure of this book worked well in that there would be a section about farm life and then a section that followed in which the lessons of the farm were applied to the health of the human bodyGoing to see what a mindfulness program is A wow stat that reminds me of what I learned in the documentary film Food INC There are two major egg hatcheries in the United States today while there were over 13000 hatcheries in the 1930sA new idea to me cancer as a chronic condition to be kept in check rather than something to be cut out or poisoned I'd like to ask Daphne in what sort of cases she favors surgery Breast cancer comes to mind right away Interesting theories that I want to take a harder look at Tampa's Moffitt Cancer Center is specifically mentioned Here's a sentence I'd like to think about how to apply to undergraduate education So in 2007 when he was offered the job of revamping the radiology department at Moffitt he accepted on the condition that he could dedicate a portion of his workweek to building and directing a mathematical oncology collaboratorium which would take a multidisciplinary approach to understanding and treating cancerI tried to think about how an interdisciplinary undergraduate major could be designed The first thing that comes to mind reading the above is that it could be problemsolution oriented These programs exist My reading of this book will prompt me to investigate further

  4. Wil Wil says:

    I just finished this book and my heart is racing with excitement because I know that it will influence me for the rest of my life I've been doubting my career path because I'm applying to medical school but I'm also incredibly passionate about sustainable agriculture and deep ecology This book was the perfect fusion of these interests and gave me an unprecedented hope that there are like minded doctors in the world who are pushing for healthcare to rise above the reductionism that plagues modern medicineThough this book resonated with me personally I think other people might enjoy it too It is a exploration of what sustainable agricultural practices can teach us about sustainable health practices Its amazing how similar conventional medicine is to conventional agriculture and Dr Miller highlights these similarities However most of the book delves into her experiences at family farms and community gardens around the United States and she sees that many of these places hold the key to a holistic approach to health Dr Miller shows us how thinking like a family farmer can help us understand our body and our own health predicamentsAwesome Awesome book

  5. Debbi Debbi says:

    Miller does an excellent job making connections between healthy holistic farming and ranching practices and personal health She has a very accessible style She is of a guide or partner exploring a very interesting subject than an MD who claims to have all the answers She is neither a whistle blower or a know it all I enjoyed the way she approached each chapter She visited a farm stayed a while let the reader get to know the farmers and ranchers and then made connections with researchers and her own clients Topics include rejuvenation stress management cancer and beauty My favorite chapter was La Famillia Verde Urban Farms Community medicine one plot at a timeThe characters she interacts with are wonderful and she gives an encouraging overview of the many ways small gardens can offer solutions to our food and medical issues This is a great book I highly recommend it

  6. Jamil Jamil says:

    Another book with a lot of potential and a strong message but one that falls well short of the mark In essence a primer on holistic health and farming The message is eatconsume local goods from small scale farmsbusinesses and don’t over rely on typical western medicine Ie pills Mostly anecdotal and really preachy without too much data to support her claims despite a long bibliography perhaps there are not enough studies? The book could have been shorter and to the point but the message overall is a good one try to use natural and local goods and services for what you eat and use as medicine or personal care

  7. Susan Peterson Susan Peterson says:

    I give Miller's goals five stars I give her attempt to relay some crucial insights about health medicine and the natural world four stars I give her writing three stars And I give her ability to keep her writing focused on her goal two The ideas she is trying to flesh out here are important I wish the book had done them justice

  8. Alison Alison says:

    Gives you a case of the Aha'sBeing plant based I went into this book skeptical because I knew it supported animal agriculture even if on a humane level But I found the bigger picture and information extremely valuable

  9. Karen Karen says:

    This is a very interesting look at how we should be approaching health treating the whole being not just the disease and how the foods we consume and the environment we live in impacts our health Well worth a read

  10. Tina Tina says:

    Wow Now to find a physician who practices medical ecology to begin the true path to wellness Everything written in this work makes good simple sense And yes we focus too much on anti aging not on beauty which is unproductive ridiculous and a waste of time We need to think about our connectivity to nature in order to be physically mentally and spiritually whole

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Farmacology ❮Reading❯ ➸ Farmacology Author Daphne Miller – What can good farming teach us about nurturing ourselvesFamily physician Daphne Miller long suspected that farming and medicine were intimately linked Increasingly disillusioned by mainstream medicine What can good farming teach us about nurturing ourselvesFamily physician Daphne Miller long suspected that farming and medicine were intimately linked Increasingly disillusioned by mainstream medicine's mechanistic approach to healing and fascinated by the farming revolution that is changing the way we think about our relationship to the earth Miller left her medical office and traveled to seven innovative family farms around the country on a uest to discover the hidden connections between how we care for our bodies and how we grow our food Farmacology the remarkable book that emerged from her travels offers us a compelling new vision for sustainable health and healing—and a wealth of farm to body lessons with immense value in our daily livesMiller begins her journey with a pilgrimage to the Kentucky homestead of renowned author and farming visionary Wendell Berry Over the course of the following year she travels to a biodynamic farm in Washington state a ranch in the Ozarks two chicken farms in Arkansas a winery in California a community garden in the Bronx and finally an aromatic herb farm back in Washington While learning from forward thinking farmers Miller explores such compelling uestions as What can rejuvenating depleted soil teach us about rejuvenating ourselves How can a grazing system on a ranch offer valuable insights into raising resilient children What can two laying hen farms teach us about stress management How do vineyard pest management strategies reveal a radically new approach to cancer care What are the unexpected ways that urban agriculture can transform the health of a community How can an aromatic herb farm unlock the secret to sustainable beautyThroughout Miller seeks out the perspectives of noted biomedical scientists and artfully weaves in their insights and research along with stories from her own medical practice The result is a profound new approach to healing combined with practical advice for how to treat disease and maintain wellness.

  • Hardcover
  • 304 pages
  • Farmacology
  • Daphne Miller
  • English
  • 17 November 2015
  • 9780062103147

About the Author: Daphne Miller

Ever since a high school biology teacher informed me that clover produces a hormone similar to human estrogen I have been fascinated by how our external ecosystem is linked to our internal one I am a practicing family physician author and Associate Clinical Professor at the University of California San Francisco and mother of two nature lovers I'm also a contributing columnist to the Washingto.