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  1. Sherri Sherri says:

    I have been a huge fan of Susan McBride ever since I read the Cougar Club so I was excited to read her newest novel The Truth About Love Lightning I have to say I think this is her best book yet You are drawn into the story from the very beginning and it keeps you enthralled through the last page The characters are all likeable except for Gretchen's mom Annika and I don't think ANYONE liked her including her own family and you feel a deep connection with them all If you enjoy a good story with a bit of magic thrown in for good measure then this is the book for you

  2. Emmie Emmie says:

    This book reminded me of Sarah Addison Allen A magical tale that carries you away with a smile on your face I was pleasantly surprised I would love to read books by this author

  3. Elizabeth of Silver& Elizabeth of Silver& says:

    Did the storm really bring Sam along with itthe Sam who disappeared 40 years ago? As much as Gretchen wanted it to be Sam she was worried that his return may mean that her secrether lie would be exposedRegardless it couldn't be anyone but Sam especially since it was well known that his ancestors were famous for storms lightning and unusual things happening when lightning struck Could it really have happened again no matter how strangerain lightening and walnuts? Strange things do and have happened at the farmhouse where Sam grew up and where Gretchen and her sisters now lived Strange things such as ghosts knocking on the front door and now the farmhouse being the only place that had electricity when the entire town had none because of the storm that blew through town the day before with Sam on its coattailsThe Truth About Love Lightening is a book that has lovable appealing characters with interesting backgrounds The characters are the basis the wonder and the root of what made Ms McBride's book a marvelous readMs McBride always pleases her readers with a mixture of splendid characters great story lines and a little bit of mystery Waiting for the answer about Sam and also the answer about Gretchen's secretlie was cleverly and expertly carried out with flashbacks and details of the current lives of the characters The unhurried way Ms McBride melts the reader into the suspense of Sam and his family's past and also into each character's feelings and believability makes you turn the pages not in an unhurried pace but at a hurried curious paceI really enjoyed the book because of Ms McBride's smooth splendid writing style She glides seamlessly from one period of time to the other and gives you just enough information that you keeps you involved Don't miss this marvelous read by Susan McBride which also teaches us about love and the wisdom of living our lives where we are now being happy with what we have now and not living in the past 55This book was given to me free of charge and without compensation by the publisher and author in exchange for an honest review

  4. CoffeeTimeRomance andMore CoffeeTimeRomance andMore says:

    Gretchen Brink has spent her life telling little white lies Sometimes that is better than telling those you love a truth that would hurt them deeply Until the day a freak tornado rips through Gretchen’s farm and deposits a man with no memory on her doorstep As if that is not strange enough Gretchen’s daughter chooses that moment to return home because she is pregnant Now Gretchen’s past is creeping up bit by bit Gretchen’s daughter Abby believes the stranger is her long lost father Sam A father she never knew because he disappeared while on a mission trip in Africa before her birth As impossible as this might seem it would not be the first time something mystical happened on a farm known for being inexplicably tied to Sam’s ancestors The Gretchen learns about the stranger the she begins to think that Abby might be right Everything about him is familiar and comforting He is exactly what Abby needs at this crossroads in her life But if this man is truly Sam the day he gets his memory back is the day he will expose every one of Gretchen’s secrets This intriguing story is set against a backdrop of Native American lore and mysticism Readers will enjoy the fluid timeline as they sink deeply into the past and present of Ms McBride’s characters Perhaps the only disappointing thing about this uniue book is the unresolved nature of the ending Still it is definitely worth picking up for the promise of an enjoyable afternoon See at

  5. Paula Paula says:

    I have been a long time fan of Susan McBride's work but The Truth About Love and Lightning would have to be hands down her best work to date This is the story or Gretchen her younger twin sisters her daughter Abby her childhood friend Sam and a 40 year old secret that could destroy them all Gretchen's life is peacefully moving along until a storm rips through her farm leaving behind a mysterious man who may or may not be her friend Sam who has been presumed dead for 40 years and an unexpected visit from her daughter Abby who is seeking the solace of home to help her figure out her own troubles threatens to out her 40 year old secretlie The story seamlessly moves through time periods never losing you and the backstory of Sam's Native American ancestor Hank Littlefoot lends an air of magic and mysticism to the story that makes it powerful I wasn't able to put this one down once I started reading it I highly recommend picking up The Truth About Love and Lightning you will not regret it

  6. Sharon Chance Sharon Chance says:

    Susan McBride brings her trademark style of enchanting writing to this intriguing story that is full of fun wonderment sparkle and love The characters of this tales are simply amazing and personable – I especially enjoyed Gretchen’s twin sisters Trudy and Bennie Blind since birth they use their senses both tactical and common and their wry sense of humor to bring a certain amount of levity to the entire story McBride also takes readers back into the lives of Sam’s family tracing back the magic and gifts that make the men of the Winston family so fascinating And Gretchen and Abby’s relationship as mother and daughter is so endearing and special“The Truth About Love and Lightning” is a novel that will leave readers with a feel good sense of well being afterwards and is certain to be a novel that can be returned to again and again for a lifetime of enjoyment

  7. Toni Toni says:

    Recommended for readers who enjoy the magical realism of Alice Hoffman or Sarah Addison Allen Of course you must possibly have to suspend reality but you expect to or even relish that in this style of book Susan McBride makes these characters and possibility come alive My only complaint is that ending seems a little rushed but when I pondered it I realized that there was nothing else to truly add so I suppose the author made the right choice after all A sweet feel good heartwarming tale Sometimes just what you need on a gray wintry day

  8. boekverslaafde boekverslaafde says:

    The Truth About Love and Lightning by Susan McBride was an exceptional read When Susan wrote about her characters she blew a life into them that is truly hard to do in print The CharactersGretchen Brink borne to a mother who speaks the cold blunt truth Abby is Gretchen's 39 year old daughter Sam Winston a young man who was Gretchen's best friend since they were 6 7 and believed to be Abby's father Bennie and Trudy who are Gretchen's blind twin sisters The book flips between present day and flashbacks into the past These flashbacks begin in the 1930s and tell a story of Sam's ancestors beginning with Henry 'Hank' Littlefoot Sam's great grandfather a full blooded Otoe Missouria shaman Sam's shaman ancestors have all had the gift of controlling the weatherThe first couple chapters cover the characters getting to know who they are what drives them and gives you a small peek at lies that have been told Once we have a general idea of who the characters are the REAL story starts It begins with a tornado ripping through the walnut grove they live in It is here that we learn the walnut grove hasn't produced any walnuts since Sam's disappearance in Africa We learn that Sam disappeared from an Africa humanitarian aid camp and is presumed dead When the storm passes they discover the yard has a few limbs strewn around and the 100 year old oak tree has come crashing down but surprisingly their house is intactWhen walking through the yard to check out the damage Gretchen discovers a man unconscious in the grove If that's not surprise enough there are walnuts all over the ground and the trees have new buds on them The grove is as alive as it ever wasThe story progresses with the flashbacks and the characters current lives colliding to create a hopeful theory that the man found in the grove is Sam even though he has no knowledge of who he really isAbby comes back to the grove pregnant and looking for clarity Gretchen has never stopped looking at the past wondering what could have been if she'd just asked Sam to stay And the man in the grove? Well he'd be happy remembering ANYTHING at this pointWhile searching for signs and memories of the man's past Gretchen realizes if he is Sam he could break Abby's heart with the truthIf he isn't Sam it would break Abby's heartWhen it really comes down to it what is important? The truth or what you want to be the truth? There really isn't a easy answer to that uestion but the characters of this story have the perfect answerSusan wrote an incredibly captivating story throwing you directly into the world where you can feel every raindrop see every sunbeam feel every gust of wind and love every characterDefinitely a great read

  9. Chelsey Wolford Chelsey Wolford says:

    The opening chapter of this book describes a twister that has hit a small town and the damage that it brings with it Talk about a way to grab and reader and pull them in Gretchen Brink’s small but prospering farm is affected by the twister that hits and is also affected by the mysterious man that it drops off as well Readers find out very early on that Gretchen is harboring a secret; a secret that involves herself and Sam Winston Could this man be the same Sam Winston that she knew many moons ago? Will her secretlie be revealed? Will this storm bring a rainbow for Gretchen and her sisters and daughter?I have already mentioned how awesome the opening chapters are and how the destruction that the storm caused is easily relatable for anyone who has ever faced sorrow and damage to their own lives Gretchen’s life seems pretty normal when we are first introduced to her but we learn very uickly that things are not always as they seem Each of the characters seem so normal from the start but shortly after the first few opening paragraphs we begin to get a little background about each one of them and I must say that they are all so intriguing So is the little town in which this story is set Strange things start happening like a ghost knocking at the door and the whole town being without power except the farmhouse where Gretchen lives This is the first novel I have read by McBride but I can tell that she likes an air of mystery and loves to keep her readers guessingThe suspense and mystery of the character Sam in this story is what hooked me in the most I also loved the characters of Gretchen and Abby Gretchen and Sam’s daughter The fact that Sam had been missing for forty years and now Gretchen thinks this mysterious man might be him sent chills up my spine Immediately of course I wanted to know what secret Gretchen was hiding and what lie she supposedly told so many years ago It is easy to guess once you reach a certain part in the novel but still holds a certain suspense The writing is so smooth that even though I felt it became predictable at one point I still could not stop reading McBride made me feel as if I owed something to these characters and their storiesA HUGE thank you to the publishers at William Morrow Paperbacks for providing me with a copy of this book in exchange for my honest review

  10. Meg Meg says:

    With a special focus on Native American lore family dynamics and mystery Susan McBride’s The Truth About Love and Lightning finds us wading through the waters of the past with a few principle characters Gretchen a single mother who has never gotten over the shock of losing her best friend Sam; Abigail Gretchen’s grown daughter who grows up believing Sam is her dad; and Sam himself the youngest of a Native American family of farmers with a long history in Walnut Ridge MissouriAll in all I tore through this book in the weeks leading up to Christmas — a notoriously busy time in which I often had to set the book aside for other tasks Something kept bringing me back to McBride’s plot though — a sense of intrigue that found me desperate to answer a few key uestions could this mysterious man blown in by a tornado actually be Sam Winston? Where had he been all this time? Is he actually Abby’s father?Though the build up to those resolutions felt a little bigger than the resolutions themselves I really enjoyed this story — and wished we could have gotten to better know Gretchen’s two blind sisters Trudy and Bennie I loved the sisters’ preternatural abilities to see or hear things others couldn’t giving them an otherworldly uality and wished we could have seen their interior livesFlipping between the past and present The Truth About Love and Lightning does a fine job of blending folklore with the lessons of the present As much as the story centers on Sam and Gretchen especially in their youth it’s also the tale of the Winston family — and the land on which they’ve made a home for decades It was fascinating how the farm comes to be in Gretchen’s possession and I could definitely perfectly picture the setting — a testament to McBride’s storytellingThough the story left me with uestions than answers I really enjoyed it Fans of Sarah Addison Allen’s brand of magical realism stories of first love novels centered on folklore and those looking for a uick entertaining read with a healthy dash of mystery will find plenty to enjoy in The Truth About Love and Lightning

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The Truth About Love and Lightning ❮Reading❯ ➺ The Truth About Love and Lightning Author Susan McBride – The Truth About Love and Lighting is a deliciously emotional story of family forgiveness love and magic from Susan McBrideA lie that Gretchen Brink told 40 years ago comes back to haunt her when a tor The Truth About Love and Lighting is About Love Kindle Ô a deliciously emotional story of family forgiveness love and magic from Susan McBrideA lie that Gretchen Brink told years ago comes back to haunt her when a tornado brings together Sam a mysterious man who can’t remember anything and Abby her newly pregnant daughter who is convinced Sam is her long lost father The Truth eBook â Though decades old when Gretchen’s secrets are revealed the ramifications will affect them all in ways they never could have imaginedA mesmerizing study of family and love.

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  • 13 June 2014
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Susan McBride is the USA Today Bestselling About Love Kindle Ô author of Blue Blood and five award winning Debutante Dropout Mysteries from HarperCollins including The Good Girl's Guide To Murder The Lone Star Lonely Hearts Club Night Of The Living Deb Too Pretty To Die and Say Yes to the Death Susan has a second bestselling series with HCAvon the River Road Mysteries that The Truth eBook â include To Helen Back Mad as.