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Reconstructing Amelia ➹ [Download] ➵ Reconstructing Amelia By Kimberly McCreight ➼ – In Reconstructing Amelia the stunning debut novel from Kimberly McCreight Kate's in the middle of the biggest meeting of her career when she gets the telephone call from Grace Hall her daughter’s ex In Reconstructing Amelia the stunning debut novel from Kimberly McCreight Kate's in the middle of the biggest meeting of her career when she gets the telephone call from Grace Hall her daughter’s exclusive private school in Park Slope Brooklyn Amelia has been suspended effective immediately and Kate must come get her daughter—now But Kate’s stress over leaving work uickly turns to panic when she arrives at the school and finds it surrounded by police officers fire trucks and an ambulance By then it’s already too late for Amelia And for KateAn academic overachiever despondent over getting caught cheating has jumped to her death At least that’s the story Grace Hall tells Kate And clouded as she is by her guilt and grief it is the one she forces herself to believe Until she gets an anonymous text She didn’t jump Reconstructing Amelia is about secret first loves old friendships and an all girls club steeped in tradition But most of all it’s the story of how far a mother will go to vindicate the memory of a daughter whose life she couldn’t saveFans of Gillian Flynn's Gone Girl will find Reconstructing Amelia just as gripping and surprising.

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  1. Jenn (One of Many, We are Legion) Jenn (One of Many, We are Legion) says:

    This book This Fucking Book You see all those other reviews talking about how it was unputdownable and how they never believed something so cliche before this book? You know how you’re rolling your eyes right now at those comments? Stop it They are all true This book handily usurped Gone Girl as the best book I have read in the past year Make no mistake however this book is absolutely heartwrenching in so many ways I cannot describe absent spoilersThis book is many things which makes it incredibly difficult to genre classify It is a poignant story about a single mother and successful career woman Kate doing the best she can to raise daughter but following Amelia’s death she cannot escape her own regrets and guilt over what happened feeling like had she been a better parent she could have prevented itIt is also a beautiful coming of age tale for 15 year old Amelia as well as several of the tertiary teenage characters and explores first love and heartbreak and the bonds of friendship anbd loyalty in a delicate and beautiful yet highly realistic way Perhaps most important this is a book about secrets Secrets abound in this book Everyone has a secret and by the end you will know their secrets too Portions of the book have a very Gossip Girl feel and I mean that in the best way possible The reader is provided juicy tidbits of gossip as the story unfolds and these developments are made in such a way that you can’t help but want to hear because it gives true insight into the world Amelia lived in and the person she was The pacing was absolutely excellentThe story vacillates between events unfolding in the present and events that occurred in the past Each chapter is narrated by either Kate or Amelia except those in an epistolary format constructed through texts and facebook and blog posts I found this a brilliant formatting choice as the story unfolded for the reader practically simultaneously as it did for Kate Oh god the characters in this book So real so multi faceted So relatable Even the ”cliched” characters had dimensions and layers I don’t have kids but I truly felt for Kate My heart broke for her Perhaps it is because for a portion of my life I was raised every day by a single mom working a full time job who often had to leave me with babysitters until early evening I can understand that a mother may feel guilty about that even if many people her children included do not believe that she should Likewise I strongly identified with Amelia who fully understood why her mom was so absentee This book really drilled home the point that the uality of the time they spent together mattered so much than the uantity The emotions in this book Oh they run the gamut jealousy betrayal hatred admiration and love There is so much love in this book The love Kate and Amelia feel for each other oozes off the pages I won’t say much about the nuanced emotions and relationships present in the book lest I spoilAlso it appears that high school girls are still bitches I graduated before household internet was mainstream; before AOL’s seemingly self replicating floppies provided millions of households with free coasters High school tormenting was much covert in those days rumors spread through whispers and giggles in the hallway and you just hoped that the rumors died before proliferating throughout the school This book makes deft use of the ways in which the digital age have changed the rumor mill and thus changed the ways in which high schoolers can torment each other in perpetuity Nothing dies on the internet The digital footprint is always there Makes it much harder to forget and move onto the next rumorUltimately I cannot recommend this book enough I was only about 80 or 100 pages in last night when I curled up in bed with my Nook as I do every night planning to read a couple chapters as I fell asleep Next thing I knew I was 150 pages in it was pretty late but I could read “just one chapter” Then 200then 300by the time I finished it was far later than I should ever be awake during the week but I regret not one moment of it

  2. M M says:

    Here are my pervasive thoughts as I read this book1 Gillian Flynn you should be offended within every inch of your life2 I can see how a puppet show could be entertaining but not when all you see is the marionette pulling the strings and3 I am coining a new term Offensive Apologetics to encapsulate much but by no means all of what is wrong with this bookTo address 1 Ms Flynn penned a successful hit entitled Gone Girl which while gimmicky and over the top was engaging and well crafted For reasons that I cannot begin to fathom Reconstructing Amelia or deconstructing or at least that is what I will be doing has been compared with that book and I am personally horrified considering how much work clearly went into Gone Girl and well2 and also 3 because they go very much hand in hand to be touched upon as I outline the staggeringly and embarrassingly unlikely plotWhen I first opened this book having not read the binding but ordered it from the library because stupid me it was rated highly on GR you people have GOT to stop letting me down I thought Oh I'm gonna like this It opened with a dishy catty blog post ala Gossip Girl I could almost hear Kirsten Bell that doled out all kinds of scoop on a bunch of rich bored high schoolers as a high school teacher I am a shameless sucker for this stuff Well sadly those intermittent blog posts were actually not only the best but in fact the only good writing in this whole novel Told in alternating view points and media text mom daughter random emails we are told and this is a big issue that I will get to soon that Amelia a beautifulsmartpopularhonorsstudentwitheverythinggoingforher has not only been accused of cheating but Amelia would never She is too this that the otherbut once her smartprettysuceessfulofcoursepartnerinalawfirmbutstilldevotedmom comes rushing to her side despite having been in a Very Important Meeting Kate the mom discovers that her daughter not only surprised her mom by cheating but also by then flinging herself off the roof and killing herselfIf this all sounds rather far fetched don't worry Kate thinks so too and she KNOWS her daughter I mean yes she is always working and never home but SHE MAKES TIME such as Friday night dinners out and Saturday brunch in and Sunday movies We are in fact told over and over how swell Kate is and how amazing Amelia is yet funnily enough the entire novel is then dedicated to MUCHOS drama that Amelia was in over her pretty smart popular head in with Mom who Amelia LOVES don't get me wrong having no clue The other interesting thing is that prettysmartpopular Amelia who is OBSESSED with reading the densest classics EVER speaks like a total moron and is a martyr to her unredeemingly obnoxious selfish best friend who while walking all over Amelia inspires pretty much nothing but guilt from the smart pretty popular girl for not being ENOUGH of a friendAnyway Over the top dedicated despite her job Kate is shocked by the suicide and I guess that makes sense since well getting caught for cheating can evoke all kinds of responses but flinging your fifteen year old self off a roof is a rather creative one nice job there McCreight and then all the shocked when she receives a text that get this Amelia didn't jump NO But wait that highly unlikely and ill conceived plot actually pales in comparison to the crazy twists the book then takesWe go back in time through Amelia's simpering and moronic prose and we discover the followingHer rude and obnoxious and self centered BFF who has been scripted by someone who either never met a teenager or only met ones via sitcoms for the girl speaks only in like super annoying acronyms which is SO like WTF and never ONCE did I like LOL or feel like this was like SO IT but rather um offensive to teens everywhere has fallen totally in love with Ian who because the author decided to make British does not say ONE SINGLE SENTENCE without 'bloody' 'mate' 'knickers' or some other means to prove to me that yes yes he really IS bloody British However Ian proves to be a rather confusing and unnecessary and ultimately annoying characterAmelia despite being a nerd and frankly charmless has been tapped by the Magpies a vicious group of nasty girls who are apparently totally secret yet have their pics online have huge raging parties and several other holes in the story that are too numerous to mention Despite Amelia being in her nerdiness way too cool or smart to want in on the nastiness and despite having sworn to obnoxious BFF who would like kill Amelia if she joined without her or herself since we later and at a convenient time learn back door like that BFF has a nasty habit of cutting herself yea so despite all that she decides she does want in and though we are told every annoying detail of every character and their thoughts in painstakingly detailed told not shown fashion we actually are not at all privy to when it is exactly Amelia decides you know she's gay and also decides to fall in love with the conveniently ambiguously named Dylan so as to mask this from her mom's reconstructing clever move therewho has even less charm than the BFF and basically just moons around all day being dumb and is actually really mean to Amelia but we just go with it I guess because Dylan is so awesome ??? and also beautiful ah okAnyway we learn that Amelia also has picked up a cyber stalker named Ben who despite being rather creepy and weird has also managed to make Amelia rather happy even though he strikes me as rather curt and strangeWe also learn that Kate has some big secret as to who Amelia's father is and that Amelia is being harassed because of itYou know what? There are like a million folds in this story but I feel like I don't even have the heart to type them all out Let's just say that the formula seems to be Gossip Girl plus every far fetched law feuled overly exaggerated soap opera plot possible where grown ups act like children and children sometimes act like grown ups or like villains and the story just becomes a mockery of itself the deeper it goesBut my main gripe really was the writing It got to the point where so much backstory was referenced that I kept checking to see if this was a seuel and I was just being fed information that really I was supposed to already know The characters were acting out the roles picked out for them and not very well I might add and the nagging apologetic voice of the author was loud and distracting the Entire Time Kate is this But also this But please don't think she's that she's not no not ever And on and on and on It was as if the characters couldn't be trusted to just BEGillian Flynn teenagers Brits and I forgot IT guys who are always high apparently and speak exclusively in surfing lingo be offended And writers and readers and puppet masters who manage somehow to let the puppets tell the story and for the strings to remain as they should be invisible

  3. Emily May Emily May says:

    “The eyes of others our prisons; their thoughts our cages” Virginia WoolfThis book made me cry And I really wasn't expecting thatI think the comparisons between Reconstructing Amelia and Gone Girl have done this book a disservice I know that every mysterythriller with some unconventional female antics is now compared to Gone Girl inevitable really in a world so focused on the marketing and selling aspect But Gone Girl and the books that deserve to be grouped with it left me shocked and intrigued at the dark psychological exploration of what people are capable of I finish them thinking they are clever twisted and totally disturbing They do not make me cry They do not break my heart like this book didI can see why the marketing department at HarperCollins read Reconstructing Amelia and saw an opportunity to market it as the dark twisty thriller of the Gone Girl variety It is about the secrets we all keep and hide from those closest to us It's about discovering that the people we love most aren't all we believed them to be And it looks closely at some of the most evil depressed and fucked up creatures in the world teenage girlsBUT There is one reason this book is so good and it's not some huge mind boggling never saw that coming twist it's the relationship between Kate and Amelia Kate is a lawyer from a serious family that never showed her any affection After discovering her ability to fall for andor sleep with all the wrong guys she became pregnant with Amelia Though her mother wanted her to have an abortion Kate finally saw an opportunity to shower another human being with all the love and affection that lay unused inside herDespite having to work the long hours of a lawyer Kate adored her daughter and dedicated every spare minute to her She was open with her encouraged Amelia to talk to her about anything and loved her so unconditionally And the reader knows that I could feel Kate's love for Amelia I mourned Amelia too because Kate did How do you deal with the death of your child? How do you deal with the death of the person your entire life revolved around?And than that Kate cannot come to terms with Amelia's supposed suicide It's hard enough that her daughter is dead but she has to also accept that Amelia did it to herself Because Kate wasn't there enough? She didn't see the signs? She wasn't a good enough mother? So when an anonymous text informs Kate that Amelia didn't jump she desperately grasps at this possibility Finding new information that reopens the case Kate sparks an investigation deep into the world of private school teenage girls and all the dark horrors that lie inside their minds Told in alternating perspectives of Kate in the present and Amelia in the weeks leading up to her death the mystery unravels to reveal ever mysteriesIt shouldn't be grouped with Gone Girl though because it is not that kind of book It's about a mother a daughter the love between them and the mistakes we all make teenagers and adults alikeBlog | Facebook | Twitter | Instagram | Tumblr

  4. pdbkwm pdbkwm says:

    I wanted to like this but the writing is really bad Really bad Really really really bad Plus some of the plot points simply made no sense There are certain things you can suspend your disbelief to and that’s fine and normal when it comes to any form of fiction as long as it makes sense in their world the author created but there is a limit There’s no way a detective would bring the mother of a victim along with him to interview witnesses and get statements It No just noUnless he wasn’t really a detective and was only hired to act like one so Kate could find the truth If this was the case then I’m fine with it However that doesn’t happen He’s just a cop who is investigating the suspicious death of a girl and decides that it would be fun to let the dead girl’s mom take lead in the investigationYeathat would never happen NeverAlso the adults sounded and acted like teenagers Once you get to the end you’ll understand what I mean The whole thing was just ridiculousGreat potential here but it’s wasted by bad writing a plot that falls short and characters that are just too stupid and not believableI’m seriously disappointed because I really wanted to like this book and it just fell flat I could probably write about how the relationship between Kate and Amelia was mostly showing not telling and despite making it seem like the two were super close they felt really distant from one another Or I could write about how the whole Ben subplot was creepy and awkward Or I could even talk about the Magpies whose secret circle isn’t really all that secret Or even about how everyone magically reveals their secrets within the last few pages wrapping up all of the loose ends in a convenient little bowBut I won’t Because the main problem with this novel isn’t really the plot or the lack of brains the characters seem to have it’s the writing I almost feel like with a better author the stupid plot points maybe would have become plot perks or something Instead the book is just lackluster and boring And a novel with this much potential and this kind of plot shouldn’t be boringOverall I know there are a lot of people who loved this Loved it to the point that it’s going to be a movie starring Nicole Kidman But I didn’t like it It was boring It was unbelievable And I just didn’t enjoy reading this This is McCreight’s debut novel and she did have great ideas so I’ll probably pick up her next book to see what she’ll come up with next But yea this book was bad

  5. Sammee Sammee says:

    In a nutshell this book is what I said it would be a Lifetime movie meets Gossip Girl mixed with The Skulls a dash of LawOrder SVU for an attempt at good measure If that is your sort of thing then enjoy but if you are looking for imagination colorful writing complex characters a story that doesn't have plot holes then I suggest you pass on this book EW review gave this an 'A' calling it this year's Gone Girl — you remember Gillian Flynn's best selling nail biter of 2012 WRONG That book was genius twisted and haunted you long after that last page It's laughable to put these two books side by side Reconstructing Amelia I could go on but it's not even worth it WACKNESS

  6. Carol Carol says:

    O M G I'm so glad that I was a teenage girl way before the arrival of the internet These girlies take bullying to a whole new level

  7. Korey Korey says:

    Good lord this book is awful It reads like a novelization of a particularly insipid Lifetime movie I can't even fathom how this dreck got published This book is a disaster in all respects The characters are paper thin and uniformly obnoxious They are each imbued with exactly one personality trait that is hammered into the ground mom works Daughter reads boy crazy best friend The characters have no interior lives None of these characters feel like people They are some of the most underdeveloped characters I have ever read to call them cardboard would be an insult to cardboard This author's prose is also terrible She has no flare with language at all She eschews descriptive language of any kind and her writing style sentence structure and vocabulary are grossly simplistic A brain damaged seven year old could turn a better phrase than this author Her dialogue is similarly tin eared The plot is alternately super predictable and laughably contrived There is no dramatic tension only a maddening desire for the book to end I am no book snob I don't need literary greatness I would have been plenty happy with this book if it was merely entertaining Instead it is only highly irritating

  8. Lisa Lisa says:

    A glowing review in Entertainment Weekly suggested this book is the must read thriller of 2013 the next Gone Girl Based on that review and bored by the last book I finished I was eager to read this one But the glowing review left me disappointed Don't get me wrong this is a fun engaging thriller that kept me reading I finished it in about a day and a half But I would hardly rave about it Kate a single mother in her late 30s is a junior partner in a large NY law firm logging in the hours and missing her teenaged daughter Amelia Her world is shattered when Amelia throws herself off the roof of her school after Amelia is caught plagiarizing a paper Or did Amelia kill herself? Kate has her doubts which multiply after she receives a mysterious anonymous text Told in the present from Kate's perspective interspersed with the past from Amelia's perspective in the weeks leading up to her death as well as through texts and Facebook status updates the book kept me reading Some of the twists were predictable and others were not and I was entertained throughout

  9. Kristin (KC) - Traveling Sister Kristin (KC) - Traveling Sister says:

    35 Stars• Gripping and mysterious build up • Intriguing plot• Wonderfully composed characters • Decent conclusion but wasn't as blown away as I'd hopedWould recommend

  10. Ines Ines says:

    I am very confused and i do not know how to review this book surely it was a reading that I devoured in a few days and that really it hooked me a lotAt the same time it all seemed to me too much exaggerated and in some cases even grotesueI immediately say that Amelia seemed to me sorry I know she was 15 years old a poor fool for how she is described by the authorIt was not a character that involved me emotionally and I certainly had no desire to cheer for her and no way to be worried about her becomingThe setting in the private and expensive high school was embarrassing I don’t know maybe i am european and i can not understand certain dynamics of sororities or school groups they never existed in our high school system really it leaves me amazed by this concentration of collective depravation of these young people there will be millions of them here tooi know I don’t doubt but the story as it was told was just a neverending loss of credibility Good and adeuate mistery and suspence but too artificial and not well built in the narrationThe uestion of partners illegitimate children betrayals are the most tacky aspect of all Let’s face it it held little on everything elseToo bad because the initial idea presented in the book was not bad at allSono molto confusa e non so bene come recensire uesto libro sicuramente è stata una lettura che ho divorato in pochi giorni e che mi ha veramente preso moltoallo stesso tempo però mi sembrava tutto veramente troppo esagerato e in alcuni casi persino grottescoDico subito che Amelia mi è sembrata da subitoscusatemi lo so aveva 15 anni una povera fessa per come viene descritta dall' autrice Per me non è stato certo un personaggio che mi abbia coinvolto emotivamente e non ho certo avuto desiderio di tifare per lei figuriamoci preoccupazione per il suo divenireL' ambientazione nella High school privata di alto livello era imbarazzante non so forse noi siamo europei e certe dinamiche di fraternità o gruppi scolastici non riusciamo a capirli essendo estranei al nostro mondo scolastico veramente mi lascia basita uesto concentrato di depravazione collettiva di uesti giovani ce ne saranno a milioni anche ui non metto in dubbio ma la storia man mano che veniva raccontata perdeva colpi di credibilità a non finireSicuramente suspence adeguata ma troppo artificiosa e non ben congeniata La uestione dei partner figli tradimenti etcc è l'aspetto piu' pacchiano di tutto diciamolo reggeva poco su tutto il resto Peccato perchè l'idea iniziale presentata nel libro non era male per niente

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