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The Light Fantastic [Download] ➻ The Light Fantastic Author Terry Pratchett – The second Discworld novel When the very fabric of time and space are about to be put through the wringer in this instance by the imminent arrival of a very large and determinedly oncoming meteorite c The second Discworld novel When the very fabric of time and space are about to be put through the wringer in this instance by the imminent arrival of a very large and determinedly oncoming meteorite circumstances reuire a very particular type of hero Sadly what the situation does not need is a singularly inept wizard still recovering from the trauma of falling off The Light MOBI :Ê the edge of the world Eually it does not need one well meaning tourist and his luggage which has a mind of its own Which is a shame because that's all there is.

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  1. Mario the lone bookwolf (semi reviewing hiatus ) Mario the lone bookwolf (semi reviewing hiatus ) says:

    Some timid rare Sci Fi buds spring in the unofficially second half of the tour de force introduction into the settings of the Discworld including multi dimensions human sacrifice possession lynch mobs and the apocalypseI do tend to ask myself how it would have been if Pratchett would have dealt with sci fi concepts instead of focusing on fantasy and society and the whole multi dimension idea gives a tiny glimpse at what could have been I´ll keep waiting for an author who might combine the stellar writing with cosmic ideas to form galactic novels of universal dimensions but realist that I am I fear it might not be in my lifetime if ever Pratchett was an ingenious exceptional phenomenon and possibly groups of writers could collaboratively create something close to it with the help of the audience and proofreaders participating in the process but one womanman alone? Forget it There have been many variations of the unwilling tentative comedic hero but someone like Rincewind has to be topped as Pratchett is able to awake sympathy for a disagreeable incompetent and manipulative wanna be fringe pop wizard One can´t get enough of seeing which terrible earthshaking problem he might cause next without even recognizingMagic can go so many ways and Pratchett doesn´t just make fun of the stereotypes he gives some new fresh ideas to the mix I can´t mention without spoilering and I am too lazy to copy and paste the view spoiler hide spoiler

  2. Lyn Lyn says:

    Reading Sir Terry Pratchett’s Discworld series makes me smile Because of his writing I invented the Smile O meter which measures smiles per book Pratchett always scores highThree years after Terry Pratchett published The Color of Magic the first Discworld book he published the second The Light Fantastic having decided convincingly that this was a worthwhile projectThough the action in The Light Fantastic takes over immediately following the events in the first book Rincewind has fallen off of the edge of the world this novel seems to gather momentum from a good but somewhat shaky start and proceed with a comic authority While The Colour of Magic could have been a funny stand alone Pratchett’s entry with The Light Fantastic seems to usher in a certainty that the Discworld as a multiverse as a literary institution has begun and with no end in sightActually I suppose he could have written a third making the obligatory trilogy and then moving on to something else but Pratchett wraps up his story tidily and leaves the fertile soil of Discworld as a fun idea from which books can be written There are over 50 works in publication and the series is a phenomenon with over 80 million novels sold and in 37 languages Pratchett himself was knighted in 2009So what is all the fuss about? Our heroes Rincewind and Twoflower go on an adventure to save the world or try to or accidentally end up in all the right places or something The real hero of the novel and of the series is Pratchett himself It is his narration that amuses cajoles and encourages laughter and that keeps the reader’s attention Playfully and with wry English humor Pratchett weaves a fun fantasy story with references to Biblical classical and mythical themes as well as modern subjects like Conan the BarbarianIt is simply a lot of fun And produces smiles

  3. Adrian Adrian says:

    Review to follow tomorrow but tell me why have I waited so long to re read the Discworld books 😢😳And the honest answer is well for a while I didn't have a copy of any Discworld novel due to the fact that as I think I've mentioned before oh no am I getting so old I'm repeating myself ? I lost so so so many books in one of my house moves Discworld novels amongst them And then somehow I forgot just how good the books wereSo The Light Fantastic picks up where The Colour of Magic left off and we find Rincwind Twoflower and the Luggage in a precarious as normal situation In my view this is better than Colour of Magic in that it is less a series of uite disjointed stories and a whole novel We meet various other characters that helphinderattackwelcome our intrepid trio as well as separating them and ultimately bringing it all back together for an amazing finale A great book that showcases the amazing talent that Terry Pratchett had A than solid 5 star read and already a favourite of 2019

  4. Bradley Bradley says:

    Re read with buddiesI'm still very much enjoying these early Pratchett books especially in mind that I'll be seeing a lot of these folks in the near future And even if I'll mainly be focused on folks I haven't seen yet anyway I'm still enjoying what may as well be an overview primer of the whole Discworld universeThat being said I think Rincewind is given a bad rap in the series I love the hell out of him He's the ultimate bumbling idiot under the geas of a penultimate Eighth Spell the casting of which will make or destroy the universe or something and the making and breaking is ultimately left up only to himAnd he's a wizard with a hat that says wizzard on it You know to make sure people understand that he's actually one of their kind I particularly loved the bits with the floating rocks and the computers of the universe and the dungeon universes and of course Cohen the BarbarianIt's funny it's BIG and we even get to see the tourism industry take off in a really big way even going so far as to have the very first tourist play a big part in a very special birth Awwwww So sweet Plotwise I think it's well up to the standards of the rest of the series and while Rincewind falls away in people's favor cry He'll always have a very special place in my heartAnd by the way that sword is definitely smarter than him Oh well Great fun Even better the second time

  5. Helen 2.0 Helen 2.0 says:

    I adore Terry Pratchett I don't know how to elaborate on that so I'll just share some of my favorite moments in Light FantasticSnarky social commentary She is there down below the mines and sea ooze and fake fossil bones put there by a Creator with nothing better to do than upset archaeologists and give them silly ideas Not for the first time she reflected that there were many drawbacks to being a swordswoman not the least of which was that men didn't take you seriously until you'd actually killed them by which time it didn't really matter anyway But she was too big to be a thief too honest to be an assassin too intelligent to be a wife and too proud to enter the only other female profession generally available General humor Someone who spent his life living rough under the sky knew the value of a good thick book which ought to outlast at least a season of cooking fires if you were careful how you tore the pages out Magic So that's what it felt like No wonder wizards didn't have much truck with sex She's not bad said Twoflower She's going to marry a friend of oursDoes he know? Most people on the Disc were currently in a state of mind normally achievable only by a lifetime of dedicated meditation or about thirty seconds of illegal herbage The lamest pun ever Rincewind all the shops have been smashed open there was a whole bunch of people across the street helping themselves to musical instruments can you believe that?Yeah said Rincewind Luters I expect The Luggage remains my favorite The Luggage said nothingLook he's not my responsibility said Rincewind Let's be absolutely clear about thatThe Luggage said nothing but louder this time Um said Twoflower Yes That's about enough I think Put him down pleaseThe Luggage gave a creak of betrayal at the sound of its master's voice I might briefly have shipped Rincewind and Twoflower in this moment Rincewind about Twoflower He just looks at things but nothing he looks at is ever the same again Including me I expect

  6. Phrynne Phrynne says:

    Put two of my favourite Discworld charactersthe Luggage and Death into the same book and I am obviously going to be happy This was a reread of this book which I read the first time many years ago Pratchett obviously improved his writing as the series progressed and his books became sophisticated but these early works are still a delight I love the humour the characters the story and the sheer imagination of the manThe world is poorer without him but thank goodness he left us so many books to enjoy

  7. Calista Calista says:

    Death made a great appearance in this story Small but spot on This is absurdism at its bestI enjoy The Color of Magic but it was a slow read It didn't hook me completely into the series but I did know that I wanted of this I thought this story was fantastic I know it's only the 2nd one but this story was great It's so funny and punnyWe see Rincewind hanging over the rim of the discworld I mean this whole story is so great Then we find out that the great turtle is heading toward a red star in space and it freaks the people of discworld right out Rincewind is chased all over the place He has one of the great 8 spells lodged in his head and it's needed to deal with this red star threat This book was what I had been wanting from this series and I get why it's so popular now Pieces like the retail shop that materializes here and there remind me of the Hitchhiker's guide Terry is an amazing wit and author and now I can't wait to read of this series I thought the ending was simply beautiful I also love the way Terry makes fun of the eggheads and the wise wizard archetypes but yet they are still important This is stellar storytelling I'm a huge fan

  8. Jamie Jamie says:

    I'm pretty sure people have told me about Pratchett and his Diskworld series before usually working in the phrase He's the Douglas Adams of fantasy into the description But the problem was that I always felt that I had had enough of Adams after the third Hithiker's Guide to the Galaxy book and whenever I scanned Pratchett's section in the bookstore I was immediately put off by not knowing where to start reading among the approximately five hundred thousand Diskworld books I'm glad I finally took the time to find out that these two books The Colour of Magic and The Light Fantastic jointly comprise the first tale in the series and that they were definitely worth readingThe Diskworld books are essentially satire of the high fantasy genre or at least that's the foundation upon which everything else is built This pair of books follows the misadventures of Rincewind a utterly inept and thoroughly cowardly wizard and Twoflowers a clueless traveler who happens to be in possession of both endless optimism and a magical suitcase that's always wandering off and messily devouring people who get in its way Things go from bad to worse for the two as divine powers both deliver them into and yank them out of all kinds of fantastic perilsAs someone who grew up reading plenty of this kind of thing and playing a lot of Dungeons Dragons I'm familiar enough with the genre and trappings that Pratchett lampoons Yes there's the Conan parody there's the Dragonriders of Pern tribute there's the in joke about Leiber's Fafhrd and Gray Mouser But that's easy The thing that made me almost immediately fall in love with these books is the author's dry wit and his ability to derive humor not only from the absurdity of the story and believe me it gets plenty absurd but also from just good old fashioned turns of phrase wry commentary and jokes The guy just has an amazing ability to stuff five or six jokes into a single sentence most of them making masterful use of that trusty standby of British humor irony It's really smart and really funny and the fact that it builds on the inherent silliness of the high fantasy genre is just icingI should also note how imaginative Pratchett is which is a useful uality given his subject matter He bounces his heroes from one generally horrible and dangerous situation to another at a frantic pace and his ability to come up with new material and new situations amazes me And while many of them are obvious parodies of fantasy staples just as many seem to be wholly new creations As one small and obligatory example the Diskworld itself is a flat coin of a world that rides atop four enormous elephants who themselves ride on the back of a colossal turtle with two continent sized flippers that it uses to swim slowly through the cold reaches of spaceBut at the same time if I have one complaint about these first two books it's that they're almost maniacal in their plotting While it's nice to see Pratchett's considerable imagination and humor on display as we go from situation to situation the first book reads like an extended doodle with little plot and a whole gods playing games with mortals subtext that's entirely dropped in the next book There's also one Conan the Barbarian parody that's abruptly dropped in favor of another Conan the Barbarian parody who Pratchett apparently liked better It's not until the latter part of the second book does an overall plot come into play but honestly I was enjoying myself so much I really didn't mind Expect to see lots Discworld books reviewed here in the future

  9. Jen/The Tolkien Gal/ジェニファー Jen/The Tolkien Gal/ジェニファー says:

    You still love Terry Pratchett after all these years?Always Gandalf Return of the JediJokes aside my teen years were marked by edginess heavy metal nihilism and Terry Pratchett I think the latter was never a phase; he is an author that will always be in my heart and in my head providing bellyache inducing laughs whenever Death has an identity crisis which is always or when Nanny Ogg is trying to explain to her seemingly infinite children who their real fathers areand lying through her teethEven though Rincewind and Twoflower aren't my favourites they still hold a special place in my heart because they were in the first Pratchett books I read courtesy of Jen's mini review

  10. Evelyn (devours and digests words) Evelyn (devours and digests words) says:

    Inside every sane person there's a madman struggling to get out That's what I've always thought No one goes mad uicker than a totally sane person The second installment in the Discworld series is a bigger funnier delight One heck of a Laugh Out Loud readSomething I consider very special in Sir Terry Pratchett's works is that many authors can pull off a joke every once in a while in their stories but Mr Pratchett managed to keep the whole thing comical while at the time satirical Not once did I not grin or snort out loudIn The Colour of Magic Rincewind was last seen read? falling off the rim of the world Well he landed safely on his arse Thank goodness or he couldn't be much use if he's deadThings are turning uite grim now Great A'Tuin the turtle is wading its giant flippers toward a 'red star' The closer it is I feel very sorry for calling the World Turtle an 'it' but in my defense 'it's' sex is still undetermined afterall to the star the weaker and unbalanced the magic is back in DiscworldThe only way to prevent the apocalypse is to recite all 8 spells from a magic book called Octavo However one last spell is missing Where could it be? It also didn't help Rincewind's situation and mood when he found out that there's a certain prophecy about himI'm not a big reader when it comes to books with apocalypse in it looming just around the corner Too bleak I say But this was a purely fun ride that follows with Rincewind's unfortunate adventuresThe worldbuilding is still just as bizarre as the last book Except now it has a fairytale feel to it There's even a scene where Rincewind and Twoflower took refuge in a gingerbread house Sounds familiar? cough Hansel and Gretel coughCharacterizations humans fantastical creatures and things alike I have a very special place in my heart for nearly all the people and creatures in the book Of course I have certain favourites myself but I couldn't resist liking nearly everything and everyone It sounds so corny of me I know But damn it I can't help myself not when they're all so fleshed out well Definitely not when they each have their own uniue uirky personalityRincewind shows even of his cynicism and it didn't exactly help his ill bedside manners being partnered with the impossibly insufferably optimistic TwoflowerI expect everything will turn out uite all right in the end said TwoflowerRincewind looked at him Remarks like that always threw him offDo you really believe that? I mean he said Really?Well things generally do work out satisfactorily when you come to think about itIf you think the total disruption of my life in the last year is satisfactory then you might be right I've lost count of the times I've nearly been killed Twenty seven said Twoflower What? He held a great disdain within him toward people and situations in life He's not just cynical I like to think of him as pessimistic too He also has a knack of running in the opposite directions from things he's terrified of instead of plunging straight into the fire and save the day Some people would say that he's uite the coward I would say that he's uite the survivalist'He always held that panic was the best means of survival; back in the olden days his theory went people faced with hungry saber toothed tigers could be divided very simply into those who panicked and those who stood there saying What a magnificent brute and Here pussy Rincewind's snappy moods impatience and crankiness have really grown on me Irregardless of how distasteful his actions may be at timesI have to tip my hat on behalf of Twoflower the first tourist of Ankh Morpork may be the only one who can understand and tolerate Rincewind While he is pessimistic Twoflower is optimistic Rincewind's cowardly but Twoflowers's noble and is willing to sacrifice himself to save others Rincewind is uick to rage but Twoflower's best merits are his patience and his forgiving natureAgainst the whole of human experience Twoflower believed that if only people would talk to each other have a few drinks exchange pictures of their grandchildren maybe take in a show or something then everything could be sorted out He also believed that people were basically good but sometimes had their bad daysHow can I not resist someone like him? I can't He's so good hearted it either made you despise how he's so insufferably annoying at that or you find him irresistible It is the latter for meThen there's The Luggage it's name suggest what it is A luggage that carries laundries for its master Except it's no ordinary luggage For one thing it has hundreds of tiny little legs to take it anywhere It's lid serves as a mouth and when it wants to look menancing it snaps the lid up and down Don't get too close it's a luggage that bites and snaps and eats people upWith the Luggage in your possession you can be in no harm as long asa you're not trying to harm it's master and his friendsb you don't kick its wooden sides and be a big bullyc you don't try to force open its lid apart to see what treasure is inside there are usually noneSo aside from looking menancing what else does it do? You'd be awed that not only The Luggage is useful in carrying loads it is also very loyal uick in thinking and even uicker so in taking actions with those hundreds of little legs? No doubt to save those in distress Don't ask me how a luggage can think I have no idea Point is the Luggage can be real scary to the point that even barbarians soil their trousers You should be scaredThen there are the minor people creatures and things alike such as a group of incompetent swordsmen led by a woman talking trees a goblin an imp who paints a barbarian DEATH and his comrades stone trolls a cursed shopkeeper a mob of crazy superstitious people with pitchforks and so on and so forth I expected to get clogged up with all these many minor characters coming and going But not so surprisingly I didn't feel confused or got side tracked by them Each one of them has personalities and they're not forgettable Not when they do or say something incredibly incredible funny or stupid Pratchett can write about the smallest pebble on a ground of dirt and still make it interesting and full of personaAs a final conclusion I can't say much except that well this book was just fucking fantastic and it won my heart and soul completely That about sums up my thoughts Besides it's almost impossible to pick apart or find anything wrong in something that can switch on your 'HAHA' button each seconds The jokes are distracting Doctor's Prescription and Warning This is the medicine for when you feel blue or angryNo it's not supposed to be some pillsIt's this bookHowever read with care for each sentences and every passages are induced with high dosages of humour Limit your level of intake in case you overdosed on the words and choke on your spit bellowing with laughter

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