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Mort ❰Read❯ ➵ Mort Author Terry Pratchett – The fourth Discworld novel Although the scythe isn't pre eminent among the weapons of war anyone who has been on the wrong end of say a peasants' revolt will know that in skilled hands it is fearsome The fourth Discworld novel Although the scythe isn't pre eminent among the weapons of war anyone who has been on the wrong end of say a peasants' revolt will know that in skilled hands it is fearsome For Mort however it is about to become one of the tools of his trade From henceforth Death is no longer going to be the end merely the means to an end He has received an offer he can't refuse As Death's apprentice he'll have free board use of the company horse and being dead isn't compulsory It's the dream job until he discovers that it can be a killer on his love life.

About the Author: Terry Pratchett

Born Terence David John Pratchett Sir Terry Pratchett sold his first story when he was thirteen which earned him enough money to buy a second hand typewriter His first novel a humorous fantasy entitled The Carpet People appeared in from the publisher Colin Smythe Terry worked for many years as a journalist and press officer writing in his spare time and publishing a number of novels i.

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  1. Lyn Lyn says:

    Literarily speaking Sir Terry Pratchett is one of my best friendsIt’s as though I met Terry Pratchett at a party and we hit it off immediately You like Monty Python I LOVE Monty Python Seinfeld WHAT I’ve seen them all “Art Vandelay nice to meet you” No way What about The Big Lebowski “How’s the smut business Jackie” To which he replied “I wouldn’t know Dude”HaAnd so it was with me when I read my first Discworld novel in this case Mort #4 on the list Discworld is Terry Pratchett’s hilarious fantasy universe which is medieval flat balanced on the back’s of four great elephants and all riding on the back of a great cosmic turtle Each of the stories all share the same universal laws and truths have numerous recurring characters and all spring up Athena like from the head of great Zeus PratchettMort is an inuisitive gangly lad all elbows and knees who becomes the apprentice to Death Written a few years after On a Pale Horse the similarity to Piers Anthony’s work is recognizable but that is where the familiarity endsMort is told with wit and sterling British humor Two parts Douglas Adams and One part Monty Python but all fun 2015 Sir Terry died a few days ago and we are all the lesser at having lost him but better at having known him at all I am fortunate that I have so many of his books to read and enjoy2018 I've read all the Discworld books now and love these even now

  2. Mario the lone bookwolf (semi reviewing hiatus ) Mario the lone bookwolf (semi reviewing hiatus ) says:

    It might be even harder to learn from DEATH than by death but not that finalWhat a setting hard to say something without spoilering it but the perfect orchestration and personalities of the 3 main protagonists make the humor and dynamic possible and I would like to know how long it took Pratchett to finetune the inner balance to establish the story twists Death what would make sense than to laugh about and together with the inevitable skinny buddy but don´t dare to try to manipulate him and his work oh no Not just because asking for trouble with an interdimensional almighty entity is a bit of a stupid idea and destined to end badly but because of the stability of the universe and reality congestion overpopulation or underutilization of earth dungeon dimensions heaven or hell and stuff related to his workBut he has one fatal flaw view spoilerHe is not the aloof cold entity he should be he is a dysfunctional killer with the problem of interest and empathy for his clients Not just for humans in general he studies like a scientist playing with lab rats but worst for his adoptive daughter Ysabel his apprentice Mort He even has normal hobbies next to sorting skulls pickling souls reincarnating whatever that make him seem human hide spoiler

  3. Bradley Bradley says:

    Being one of the first and the latest of all the Pratchett reads I'm really surprised just how much I loved this one I'm upping the star count to a full five just because I think I liked Mort the character even better this time aroundDEATH on DISCWORLD Seriously there's nothing uite like it Him The personification He meddles so much with humanity tries to get drunk and hires an apprentice Not all in that order Death is the mewling cat at the party of life The story is a bit interesting I must say than the ones immediately preceding it and of all the books I think it captures the essential spirit of all the ones to come after High praise no I hope so Very funny stuff

  4. Adrian Adrian says:

    This book was so good that if I knew the way to Sheepridge I’d be heading there next Hogswatch Eve hoping to be chosen as DEATH’s next apprentice 😳So how does one critiue a Terry Pratchett Sir book to someone who has never read one or in these reviews should we just be brief succinct and to the point It was funny and good and I enjoyed it 5 starsNo that doesn't do it justice even if I have given it 5 stars This book is laugh out loud want to read the funny bit to someone anyone funny it is witty very witty cleverly witty it is deceptively simple but wonderfully complex an enigma a dichotomyOh ok it is bloody good and outrageously funny just read itPS I think of the books so far ok only 4 but I have years ago read and remember them a little anyway of the books I have read so far DEATH has got to be my favourite hmm or is it RIncewind oh God or Granny Weatherwax Oh bother 😂

  5. Matthias Matthias says:

    This isn't an easy review to write This has been my first encounter with the Discworld universe and the many writings of Terry Pratchett and voicing my opinion on it makes me feel like a blundering fool stumbling into a world that was meant for his younger and perhaps wiser self a world of which he has only caught a glimpse Let's start with kicking in an open door 'Boy' uh sorry 'Mort' is a very funny novel Death being a wonderfully serious topic becomes a great source of laughter and smiles in the hands of Sir Pratchett The book contains the kind of humour that shows the common sense of absurdity and showcases the author's very refreshing look on things I think for readers young and old this different and highly original perspective is something to be appreciated and praised Comments that follow below are in no way intended to put but's and maybe it would have been better's alongside this praise An author who is able to describe a voice by the amount of time it could keep milk fresh is above all that He knew what he was doing and he did it extremely wellThat said I don't think I'll be returning to the Discworld universe very soon It felt as much too light a read I intentionally picked the Discworld novel with the Death theme not because I'm a dark character but because I was half expecting some philosophical wisdoms holed up here and there I guess there were some but not as much as I had expected There's not half a page that takes itself seriously sometimes to such an extent that I was wondering why I should continue reading it The plot is there but it's rather thin so the jokes are what really drives this novel forward It's strange really I'm all for jokes but I expect a bit flesh in a book I'd compare it to going to see a stand up comedian specialized in one liners First of all you need a bit of warming up as a member of the audience let go of a certain air of seriousness set your mind ready for a laughing spree and go with the flow I had the same need when reading this The lightness of the book initially annoyed me and it took me a couple of pages to just enjoy the humour of it Which I did But like with a stand up comedy an hour or two is enough I had the same with this book resulting in short bouts of reading pleasure sandwiched between mild annoyance and mild boredom Apparently there's only so much I can take when it comes to footnotes representing a stream of consciousness plummeting into the absurd however pleasurable that plunge can be I'd definitely recommend giving the Discworld Universe a try if you haven't already but do it sooner rather than later I think a young reader's mind will appreciate it much even though there's something in there for all ages which I'll try to show in closing with my favorite uotes of the book Rather than drown in uncertainty it was best to surf right on top of it There should be a word for the microscopic spark of hope that you dare not entertain in case the mere act of acknowledging it will cause it to vanish like trying to look at a photon You can only sidle up to it looking past it walking past it waiting for it to get big enough to face the world These uotes don't accurately show the humour of the book mind you Death may have no feelings no sense of justice and a rather grim visage but he's bound to make you laugh

  6. Trish Trish says:

    Introducing DEATHAw ain't that smile warming your heart Or is that the adrenaline rush because you too just want to get away from him Severely misunderstood guy that fellowHe's a beekeeper a gardener cat lover admittedly not very good with colours but his shades of black are very original And he's active too Never lazy our protagonist always riding around on his faithful mount BinkyIn case anyone was wondering the scythe is for us normal mortals whereas royalty gets the deluxe deal and therefore the sword you see him carrying in the picture above So what is this old chap up to Well he's always looking out for the little guy in this case it's a very tall and skinny boy For in this 4th Discworld novel that is the first to feature Death as a main character Death takes on the afore mentioned young lad as an apprentice Mort the lad in uestion is an outsider since he always wants to help his family farmers but is very clumsy and good intentions only get you so far After agreeing to the apprenticeship Mort travels with Death to his domain and meets his servant Albert as well as his daughter Ysabell don't ask After a while he even gets sent to do 3 jobs on his own Aaaaand you guessed it that is where the trouble starts Especially since Death decides to take a holiday shortly after to do some fishing dancing gambling drinking and even tries a new profession lol A number of inhabitants are being met in various corners of the Discworld there is even view spoilera cameo by Rincewind hide spoiler

  7. Luffy Luffy says:

    The ending surprised me and it was the one that I really wanted to happen What can I say about Discworld that has never been said before Nothing but I need to tell you to read MortMort is a cataclysmic story of epic proportions I thought Deaththe Discworld character was going to bite dust you know I really don't love every single book in the series In fact I started and gave up reading Mort a couple of years agoSo why do you need to read Mort Well it teaches you how to thread a story of your own Also it's surprising and imaginative to boot The Discworld books are polarizing It won't hurt if you started your adventure with Mort Terry Pratchett was an uneven genius

  8. Charlotte May Charlotte May says:

    There is no justice There is only me Well this was flipping greatMy first step into Terry Pratchett's Discworld I know rightThis one tells the story of a young man called Mort who becomes Death's apprentice along with all of the tasks and responsibilities that come with it This world is so vivid and imaginative I was completely transported into this weird and wonderful universe with all its characters including wizards princesses Death's daughter and of course Mort and Death himself Naturally Mort is clumsy and mistake prone he spends a good portion of the story attempting to fix his mistake of saving the life of a princess who was supposed to die therefore knocking all reality out of sync The story itself is simple to follow what makes this book so incredible is the fantastic descriptions of the way this universe works and the different realities and places and people which are so complex it's absolutely astounding It seemed never ending I didn't want to leave this world and I will definitely be returning soon

  9. Eon ♒Windrunner♒ Eon ♒Windrunner♒ says:

    Death is looking for an apprentice to eventually replace him and decides on a young man called Mort During the course of his training Mort takes a fancy to a young lady Unfortunately the young lady’s time is up So that’s that Or is it You see Mort is not so good at following rulesThis is the only Terry Pratchett book I have read so far and it was delightfully whimsical Sign me up for pleaseYOU ARE HERE SEEKING EMPLOYMENTLight dawned on Mort “You are looking for an apprentice” he saidThe eyesockets turned towards him their actinic pinpoints flaringOF COURSEDeath waved a bony hand There was a wash of purple light a sort of visible “pop” and Lezek unfroze Above his head the clockwork automatons got on with the job of proclaiming midnight as Time was allowed to come creeping backLezek blinked “Didn’t see you there for a minute” he said “Sorry—mind must have been elsewhere”I WAS OFFERING YOUR BOY A POSITION Said Death I TRUST THAT MEETS WITH YOUR APPROVAL “What was your job again” said Lezek talking to a black robed skeleton without showing even a flicker of surpriseI USHER SOULS INTO THE NEXT WORLD Said Death “Ah” said Lezek “of course sorry should have guessed from the clothes Very necessary work very steady Established business”I HAVE BEEN GOING FOR SOME TIME YES said Death “Good Good Never really thought of it as a job for Mort you know but it’s good work good work always very reliable What’s your name”DEATH “Dad—” said Mort urgently “Can’t say I recognize the firm” said Lezek “Where are you based exactly”FROM THE UTTERMOST DEPTHS OF THE SEA TO THE HEIGHTS WHERE EVEN THE EAGLE MAY NOT GO said Death “That’s fair enough” nodded Lezek “Well I—” “Dad—” said Mort pulling at his father’s coatDeath laid a hand on Mort’s shoulderWHAT YOUR FATHER SEES AND HEARS IS NOT WHAT YOU SEE AND HEAR he said DO NOT WORRY HIM DO YOU THINK HE WOULD WANT TO SEE ME—IN THE FLESH AS IT WERE “But you’re Death” said Mort “You go around killing people”I KILL said Death obviously offended CERTAINLY NOT PEOPLE GET KILLED BUT THAT’S THEIR BUSINESS I JUST TAKE OVER FROM THEN ON AFTER ALL IT’D BE A BLOODY STUPID WORLD IF PEOPLE GOT KILLED WITHOUT DYING WOULDN’T IT “Well yes—” said Mort doubtfullyMort had never heard the word “intrigued” It was not in regular use in the family vocabulary But a spark in his soul told him that here was something weird and fascinating and not entirely horrible and that if he let this moment go he’d spend the rest of his life regretting it And he remembered the humiliations of the day and the long walk back home “Er” he began “I don’t have to die to get the job do I”BEING DEAD IS NOT COMPULSORY “Andthe bones”NOT IF YOU DON’T WANT TOMort breathed out again It had been starting to prey on his mind “If Father says it’s all right” he saidThey looked at Lezek who was scratching his beard “How do you feel about this Mort” he said with the brittle brightness of a fever victim “It’s not everyone’s idea of an occupation It’s not what I had in mind I admit But they do say that undertaking is an honored profession It’s your choice” “Undertaking” said Mort Death nodded and raised his finger to his lips in a conspiratorial gesture “It’s interesting” said Mort slowly “I think I’d like to try it” “Where did you say your business was” said Lezek “Is it far”NO FURTHER THAN THE THICKNESS OF A SHADOW Said Death WHERE THE FIRST PRIMAL CELL WAS THERE WAS I ALSO WHERE MAN IS THERE AM I WHEN THE LAST LIFE CRAWLS UNDER FREEZING STARS THERE WILL I BE “Ah” said Lezek “you get about a bit then” He looked puzzled like a man struggling to remember something important and then obviously gave up

  10. Ahmad Sharabiani Ahmad Sharabiani says:

    Mort Discworld #4; Death #1 Terry PratchettMort is a fantasy novel by British writer Terry Pratchett Published in 1987 it is the fourth Discworld novel and the first to focus on the character Death who only appeared as a side character in the previous novels The title is the name of its main character and also a play on words in French mort means death The French language edition is titled Mortimer As a teenager Mort has a personality and temperament that makes him unsuited to the family farming business Mort's father Lezek takes him to a local hiring fair in the hope that Mort will land an apprenticeship; not only would this provide a job for his son but it would also make his son's propensity for thinking into someone else's problem Just before the last stroke of midnight Death arrives and takes Mort on as an apprentice though his father thinks he has been apprenticed to an undertaker Death takes Mort to his domain where he meets Death's elderly manservant Albert and his adopted daughter Ysabell Mort later accompanies Death as he travels to collect the soul of a king who is due to be assassinated by the scheming Duke of Sto Helit After Mort unsuccessfully tries to prevent the assassination Death warns him that all deaths are predetermined and that he cannot interfere with fate تاریخ نخستین خوانش چهاردهم ماه می سال 2016 میلادیعنوان مجموعه جهان صفحه کتاب 04 مورت؛ نویسنده تری پرتچت پراچت؛ مترجم محمد حسینی مقدم؛ تهران، ویدا، 1394؛ در 281 ص؛ شابک 9786002911261؛ موضوع داستانهای نویسندگان انگلیسی قرن 20 ما شربیانی

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