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Garden of Evil [KINDLE] ❄ Garden of Evil ❦ Graham Masterton – Jim Rook gets the shock of his life when he returns for a new semester to find something than unpleasant in his classroom Jim Rook remedial English teacher and psychic knows it’s going to be a bad d Jim Rook gets the shock of his life when he returns for a new semester to find something than unpleasant in his classroom Jim Rook remedial English teacher and psychic knows it’s going to be a bad day He nearly runs over someone dressed entirely in black – but why did they walk right in the middle of the college driveway And who just walks off into Garden of eBook ✓ the fog after nearly being run over But when a splash of blood appears on a uestionnaire Jim realizes that his day isn’t going to be merely bad it’s going to be the day from hell Perhaps uite literally.

10 thoughts on “Garden of Evil

  1. Indy Fernandez Indy Fernandez says:

    Graham Masterton is one of my favourite authors who captures my interest by creating chilling situations which are so far removed from everyday life I am captivated from start to finish Garden of Evil is no exception

  2. Fred Klein Fred Klein says:

    JIM ROOK MEETS PARADISE LOSTIf you are familiar with the Jim Rook novels you basically know what to expect except that there is far reaching destruction in this one than in the previous ones along the lines of Masterton's supernatural disaster novels like BLIND PANIC and MANITOU BLOOD In this one Rook's special education students are obsessed with their personal concepts of Paradise influenced by a weird and sinister student As usual in Rook novels strange deaths occur people painted white and nailed to ceilings or upside down surrounded by eight white cats with lots of 911 calls and Rook investigates using his own extra sensory abilities This is a uick read perhaps a bit heavy on the biblical stuff and with a rape scene that I thought was unnecessary and the forgiving attitude of the victim was definitely not appropriate

  3. Sara Sara says:

    I love the Jim Rook series but this book felt rushed and I didn't enjoy it as much as the other books

  4. Plum-crazy Plum-crazy says:

    This arrived through my letterbox yesterday afternoon I've pretty much not put it down since can't resist a Masterton that I haven't read before Garden of Evil as the title might suggest involves the eternal battle between good evil with the world as we know it at risk It follows the same formula as other Rook novels but that's not a bad thing as I goton the whole just what I expected Now I don't expect to believe that the events portrayed in this series could ever happen in real life but that's what makes them so readable to my mind plus the fact that there's always some folklore or mythology mentioned that has me running to Google to see if it's true legend or a figment of Masterton's wonderful imagination in this case I headed to my Dictionary of AngelsAs ever I enjoyed this read but one or two things stop it being one of the better ones of the series for me For a start I could have done without the rather unconvincing zombie chase there's a rape scene I felt was unwarranted I feel these are occurring in Masterton's work Similarly the slayings here were how shall I put it? of the outlandish brutal sort that I've come to associate with the Katie Maguire crime series rather than the Rookish ones which while still deliciously gory usually have mysticism behind them Overall a good read but not a great one The ending however has me wondering whether we'll hear from Rook again I do hope so ouote to Remember there can never be such a thing as a Paradise for all because one person's Paradise always turns out to be another person's Hell

  5. Boneist Boneist says:

    This was ok I think I'd have liked it better if I'd read it as opposed to listened to the audiobook because I could have skimmed over the bits of uestionable writing such as why did we need to know precise information about completely irrelevant stuff like the colour of Jim's chinos And why are the students usually referred to by their full name?I'd give this 2 and a bit stars but the narration was so bad in places when it came to the accents used for the voices of the different characters not helped I'm sure but the terrible speech writing it was hilarious

  6. Wyktor Paul Wyktor Paul says:

    Usually his books scare the bejesus outta me but this one didn't which was rather disappointing

  7. Eric Eric says:

    This is my first Jim Rook novel and I must say I didn't like it at all Rook isn't a very compelling or likable protagonist and the villains are cardboard cutout cliches Even worse Rook and other characters do some really stupid unbelievable things and that just made me dislike this book even

  8. Vincent Diamond Vincent Diamond says:

    DNFThe lack of emotional nuance for the main character made me put this down He finds a girl and eight cats nailed to a ceiling and has no reaction? Really?Not a character I want to spend 250 pages with

  9. Bax Bax says:

    i finished a terrible book never again

  10. Chip Chip says:

    Not going to lie my least favorite of the series For those who read this first not a good example of the entire seriesMy two cents at least

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