Robert B Parkers Ironhorse Virgil Cole and Everett Hitch

Robert B Parkers Ironhorse Virgil Cole and Everett Hitch #5 [EPUB] ✼ Robert B Parkers Ironhorse Virgil Cole and Everett Hitch #5 By Robert Knott – For years Virgil Cole and Everett Hitch have ridden roughshod over rabble rousers and gun hands in troubled towns like Appaloosa Resolution and Brimstone  Now newly appointed as Territorial Marshalls For years Virgil Cole and Everett Parkers Ironhorse Epub Ü Hitch have ridden roughshod over rabble rousers and gun hands in troubled towns like Appaloosa Resolution and Brimstone  Now newly appointed as Territorial Marshalls they find themselves traveling by train through the Indian Territories  Their first marshaling duty starts out as a simple mission to escort Mexican prisoners to the border but when the Governor of Texas his wife and daughters climb aboard with their bodyguards and in tow their journey suddenly becomes a lot Robert B ePUB í complicated The problem is Bloody Bob Brandice  He and Virgil have had it out before an encounter that left Brandice face down in the street with two slugs lodged in him  Now twelve years later on a night train struggling uphill in a thunderstorm Brandice is back – and he’s not alone  Cole and Hitch find themselves in the midst of a heist with a horde of very bad men two beautiful young hostages and a man with a vendetta he’s determined to B Parkers Ironhorse Kindle Ö carry out.

  • Hardcover
  • 374 pages
  • Robert B Parkers Ironhorse Virgil Cole and Everett Hitch #5
  • Robert Knott
  • English
  • 06 September 2016
  • 9780399158117

About the Author: Robert Knott

Chosen by the Estate of author Parkers Ironhorse Epub Ü Robert B Parker to carry on the Cole and Hitch series of western novels Robert Knott is an actor writer and producer His list of stage television and film credits include the feature film Appaloosa based on the Robert B Parker novel which he adapted and produced with actor and producer Ed Harris Also among his credits is the television mini series The Stand.

10 thoughts on “Robert B Parkers Ironhorse Virgil Cole and Everett Hitch #5

  1. Lee Goldberg Lee Goldberg says:

    Robert Knott's IRONHORSE is not as good as Robert B Parker's first two Virgil Cole novels but it's better than his last one which was truly awful on just about every level Knott doesn't have Parker's characters down at all Cole makes many uncharacteristic dull expository speeches in this book and there's uite a bit of repetition with the characters telling one another what we already know a rookie mistake for newbie authors and he doesn't capture Parker's lean style But taken on its own merits IRONHORSE is an enjoyable western none the less with a fast moving twisty plot and some strong action Bottom line it doesn't come close to Ace Atkins' brilliant Spenser novel which perfectly captured Parker's voice nor was it as bad as Michael Brandman's execrable Jesse Stone books

  2. sam sam says:

    Do NOT read this book Please Ask any Hemingway imitator just cause the sentences are basic doesn't mean they are easy to write Sometimes another writer can pick up the torch Ace Atkins did very well by another Parker series Mr Parker himself with Raymond Chandler but that is not the case here Since the author was involved with making the movie of the first book of the series I assume he loves the series as much as I do but he can't do Parker patter justice As Everitt Hitch is one of my literary crushes I beg the estate of the late great MrParker to cease and desist

  3. Eric Eric says:

    While it was really nice to revisit two of my favorite gunslinging lawmen Virgil Cole and Everett Hitch the writing while passable was just not the same as when the late Robert B Parker wrote the pair Although this was in fairness completely to be expected it was still mildly disappointingRobert Knott the author that continues the series with this entry is actually familiar to the characters having written the screenplay to the film adaptation of Appaloosa the first book in Parker's series Knott's experience as a screenwriter is apparent from the direction the series takes The action is intensified and hits hard right from the beginning with the book opening with a train heist gone wrong wrong for the robbers that is because Virgil Cole and Everett Hitch happened to be on the train at that timeI won't say about the plot for fear of spoilers but will say this is definitely worth reading for fans of westerns but only after reading the preceding four volumes written by the characters' creator first

  4. Pop Pop says:

    About as good as I could expect for an author other than the great Parker to capture the essence of Cole Hitch Virgil talked a lot than he usually does not really like him Everett uestioned Virgil lots than I normally would expect him too The new characters in the book merit 5 stars though Some visits by old adversaries All in all a good shoot em up Look forward to the next seuelI listened to the audiobook this time around 2019 Don’t remember reading this It was read by Titus Welliver the actor who plays Harry Bosch in Amazion’s Prime Video series from the books authored by Michael Connelly Took awhile getting use to him but a good reading nevertheless

  5. Mike (the Paladin) Mike (the Paladin) says:

    Hummmseems I should have read the fine print earlier I've stated that I was disappointed because Mr Parker only wrote 6 of these Turns out he4 only wrote 4 This and the next are written by Robert Knott the man who wrote the screen play for AppaloosaSo like other writers Robert B Parker has become a franchise I supposeThat's the sulfur now for the molasses Mr Knott does a very creditable job of following up the adventures of Virgil and Everett I enjoyed the bookNow I'll say here there were a few false notes a couple of times the voices didn't ring as true as they might have Everett and Virgil are typical western characters They are generally some taciturn and what humor there is is very very dryarid In one case in an exchange where Everett is drawing Virgil out something that has become a bit of a theme I thought he drew it out too long for the charactersSo you can see any objections I have are minor ones I liked this think Mr Knott did a good job plan to get the next and if it's this good I hope he stays with the seriesThe action here as you can tell revolves around the rails in the old west Virgil and Everett are wearing badges again and an old foe shows back up Handled well lots of action well writtenI like it I recommend it Enjoy

  6. Carol Beggy Carol Beggy says:

    I was lucky enough to receive a copy of this book as a gift I was a fan of Robert Parker and am now a fan of Robert Knott Knott gives Parker's characters a real sense of place and mission while keeping the dialogue very much in Parker's style For those readers who are fans of Western genre tales of trains or late 19th century turn of the last century history you'll love this book And Knott is like Larry McMurtry in that he enlivens Parker's character with such a sense of place that even those who don't normally gravitate to this type of book will find this an enjoyable read It will make a great gift and make you think of what Knott might do with this story on the big or little? screen Knott and Ed Harris were the team behind making Robert B Parker's Appaloosa into a movie

  7. Maggie Maggie says:

    Excellent story and reproduction of Virgil and Hitch Caught the pace and tone perfectly Of the 3 authors who have tried to capture Parkers characters Mr Knott has done the best work Mr Knott is to be commended Looking forward to Virgil and Hitch stories

  8. Grey853 Grey853 says:

    Robert Knott is not Robert B Parker but he did put in some effort It's a very long book close to 400 pages but there's a lot of padding to tell what really turns out to be a very simple story Cole and Hitch come across as 2 dimensional gunslingers so I was a bit disappointed

  9. Lisa Johnson Lisa Johnson says:

    Title The IronhorseAuthor Robert KnottPages 384Year 2013Publisher Putnam Adult When I first saw the picture of the cover and read the title I thought that this would be another western novel to read After getting about halfway through to book I started to see a pattern emerging that wasn’t encouraging No one is ignorant of the fact that the Old West was not pristine or an easy time period in which people lived We have all seen some westerns that show everything and others that kids could view One thing people from all over the world enjoy is a good story Whether the story teaches something or not in the heart of mankind is a strong desire for stories As with each individual tastes are vast and different so too are the genre authors characters etc Since westerns have always been a favorite genre of mine because of my Nana’s influence I thought I would try a new author I have a great collection of Louis L’Amour novels He was a writer who wasn’t locked into any mold of writing; he could tell a great tale that captivated generations of people I had hoped that this novel would tell a good story I expected some mention of the less desired professions as well I was not surprised to find foul language but what was very surprising was the amount of it as if no other words in the English language existed As is the habit of some authors they take the twenty first century slangfoul words and put it in a different era that doesn’t seem to be truthful to the genre or period of history When I went back to read other reviews on about the book I ran across others that were disappointed for various other reasons than the language Have we become so immune to hearing speaking or reading these words that we no longer challenge authors to write a story without this element? It seems such a waste of talent and a good tale to ruin it all with the overuse of nasty words Sometimes I wonder if we are so uneducated as to think words spoken today meant the same as in the past Are we? I don’t believe readers are at all I think authors can be forgetful of the influence they have over people who read what they take time to share It is my hope that people will not read novels like this which I had to discard because of the amount of foul language Authors please share your stories with people but try to change the use of foul language to clean words that help build the tale not detract from it There are people who love reading a good novel who will be repeat readers if you do regardless of anything else you might be told My rating is 1 starNote The opinions shared in this review are solely my responsibility Other reviews can be read at Also follow me on Twitter lcjohnson1988 FaceBook at

  10. Rob Wood Rob Wood says:

    Having been a fan of the movie Appaloosa and thus its screenplay I have been anxiously waiting for this book I must say I was not disappointedIt's as if the flinty natured Virgil Cole turned in for the evening at the close of Appaloosa arose the following morning to leap off the pages of IronHorse as recounted in Everett Hitch’s familiar voice Knott seamlessly transcends the depth of Parker's original cast into the new adventure while ushering in an ensemble of fresh captivating and flavorful new players As I read my imagination painted visuals of Burton Berkley Sam Jimmy John Halfmoon Junction Sleepwalkin Cindy's and of course Bloody Bob in a movie seuel IronHorse kidnapped my attention from the first page and left me wanting Robert B Parker would be proud and fans will want Well done RW

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