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Ballroom to Bride and Groom [Download] ➸ Ballroom to Bride and Groom By Kate Hardy – TV presenter Polly Anna Adams has spent a lifetime living up to her name Suddenly single Polly hides behind her cheery facade and enters a celebrity dance competition Her partner None other than gorge Bride and MOBI ó TV presenter Polly Anna Adams has spent a lifetime living up to her name Suddenly single Polly hides behind her cheery facade and enters a celebrity dance Ballroom to MOBI :Ê competition Her partner None other than gorgeous but wary professional dancer Liam FlynnLiam has learned the hard way to keep his heart on lockdown but Polly's joie de to Bride and PDF/EPUB À vivre puts a spring back in his polished step As the competition heats up so does their unstoppable attraction If only they could convince themselves their hot tango passion is just for the cameras.

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  1. Jess Jess says:

    This was nice Kate Hardy is a good category author for me and I am almost always going to come away with a positive reading experience I only regret that my library does not have many of her books that I haven't read because in this month of uarantined reading slump I could use some nice

  2. Nas Dean Nas Dean says:

    BALLROOM TO BRIDE AND GROOM by author Kate Hardy is Harleuin Romance and Mills Boon Cherish release for February 2013Polly Anna Adams was officially 'resting' as in out of a job Her fiancé told her there was no 'kaboom' in their relationship just days before they were supposed to get married And then left her to pick up the pieces Cancel all the wedding arrangements Then her agent walked in and made her go to the audition of a TV celebrity dancing show Her dancing instructor was Liam Flynn And meeting Liam Polly felt the 'kaboom' but did Liam also felt that? He was trying to get his career off the ground after some set back Would Liam let what he felt distract him from his career goal?BALLROOM TO BRIDE AND GROOM takes a reader through the various dancing ways and I loved reading it The chemistry between Polly and Flynn was scorching hot while dancing and off the cameras Author Kate Hardy brought to life a gorgeous hero hurt by past hurts and a strong spritely heroine who also had baggage in her past Then how she brings these two characters to their happy ever after is just fabulous to readHighly recommended for all lovers of romance45 out of 5 stars

  3. Desere Desere says:

    I'm personally not one to watch reality shows I much rather prefer to keep my nose on the inside of a good book But when I read the back cover copy of this book and noticed it's about celebrity dancing I figured I might need to take a peak at the real thing before reading the bookSo I took a little peek at the shows first before I read this book and what I found was that I really love the heat and passion that goes into the dancing and just how addictive the on screen emotions between the dancers can beI was a bit concerned that I would not find the same heat and passion in the book as the on screen is of course realistic and in a book if the author does not convey that same realism the read falls flat Kate Hardy however gave me every single bit of heat passion and flare I wanted and the added bonus of romance blossoming between the main characters Polly and Liam was perfectionPolly was a very delightful character and her always smiling her way through everything got me thinking that smiling is definitely the best way to handle most upsets in life Smile and your enemies will never know what you are really up to however when Polly is alone and the smile is no longer needed it also showed me that dealing with everything by smiling and never letting yourself really show another emotion in the presence of others will eventually take their toll and let the whole world think you are a easy come what may person and if they hurt you it won't matter as you smile everything away Liam was awesome I very much admired this character for his courage to get back up and out there again to prove a point and become what no one ever thought he would be Through this character the author showed that all it takes is determination and hard work and in the end it will pay offI'm taking a message of life hits us hard sometimes but if we keep pushing to claw your way back up to the top you might just meet others along the way that will show you the direction you are actually meant to be going A very awesome cuddle up with your best bear romance read 55 star review The dance heat is on But will it last behind the on screen facade?

  4. Mudpie Mudpie says:

    Wow all that dancing made me want to learn ballroom dancing tooBoth Polly and Liam had to overcome past tragedies and were picking up the pieces and trying to rebuild their respective careers The dance show idea is very current though I have never watched any of such celebrities dance competitionsI enjoyed this story very much especially Vienna Sigh One part made me teary toopoor little Polly Anna with screwed up parentsI would have given this 4 if not for the cruelly abrupt ending Some things were still not settled I want

  5. Danu the GODS of Writing Danu the GODS of Writing says:

    Smile and the world smiles with you Polly Anna Adams loves her job as a children’s TV presenter Until her fiancé the show’s producer cancels their wedding and brings his new girlfriend onto the production team Polly can’t bear the thought of working with her replacement so walks out of her job—even though a recession means she’s unlikely to find another one soonA door opens when her agent clinches her a spot on Ballroom Glitz think Dancing with the starsStrictly come dancing partnering gorgeous ex ballroom champion Liam Flyn Polly fears her natural clumsiness will be her downfall but convinced the show is a stepping stone to another presenting role she’s is determined to think positive try her hardest — and smile her way throughLiam is eually desperate for her to succeed A year ago he lost his marriage his career his home and his dreams when he was badly injured in a car accident Experts predicted he’d never dance again but he’s fought to prove them wrong His new dream – to land a job as a choreographer on Broadway – is almost within reach but first he needs to prove himself by taking his celebrity partner all the way to the final of Ballroom Glitz Cue external conflict when Polly’s lack of co ordination and clear inability to pick out a rhythm seem certain to jeopardise his plansBoth Liam and Polly share the same internal conflict – fear of betrayal and abandonment coupled with a marked reluctance to trustDue to his ex wifeprofessional dance partner leaving him for another man shortly after the accident Liam has decided he’s better off on his own and needs to hold himself apart emotionally When he finds himself strongly attracted to seemingly capricious Polly he hides his normally kind supportive nature behind a façade of cool professionalismBut Polly has a strong backbone under all the sweetness and light and won’t allow him to treat her so brusuely A clash ensues resulting Liam apologising to her and seeing her in a different lightLiam uickly realises that Polly’s super bright smile hides low self esteem and is a brave attempt to fake it until she makes it –in all areas of her life She sees herself as far too girl next door and clumsy to be a glittering ballroom princess and this affects her ability to grasp the steps and techniues Liam needs her to learnHe fixes that by taking their practice session to a private candle lit ballroom in Vienna where he presents her with a beautiful frothy dress then whirls her round and round the dance floor in a floaty Viennese waltz kissing her as they spin The steps come effortlessly and for the first time ever Polly feels like the fairy ballerina she always wanted to be as a childThey kiss all the way back to the hotel and Polly wanting him than she’d ever wanted anyone in her life can’t resist his invitation to share his bed But by the next morning Polly has managed to convince herself that once Liam goes to new York there’s no way she’ll fit into his life To protect herself from the inevitable heartbreak she makes the decision to push him away now before things get too complicated Liam’s disappointment at her reaction leads him to retreat into cool detachment and re affirm his vow to hold himself apartThe second half of the book sees them attempting to focus on their career plans—plans that will end with them living thousands of miles apartAlthough both Liam and Polly have apparently identical emotional issues they deal with them in opposite ways and it’s these differences that enable them to gradually change each otherLiam believes he’s the only person he can rely on and he can’t trust anyone else Although this belief gradually changes during the course of the story he retains a strong sense of self belief which enables him to teach Polly to have faith in herself and transform from clumsy tomboy to ‘gorgeous kittenish flirt’Due to a traumatic incident in her teenage years Polly has learned to look on the bright side hide her true feelings and ignore the difficult stuff Embedded in this flaw is a great strength – her warm optimistic nature And it’s this which causes Liam to eventually see that keeping himself separate and pushing people away won’t bring him happinessI found the pacing of this story extremely smooth – due to Kate’s short punchy sentences and very linear character thoughts Each and every action was beautifully motivated leaving the reader in no doubt at any time as to why the characters were behaving as they wereMy only uibble is some of the scenes seemed a touch repetitive practice sessions dancing on the show facing the judges basic dance tuition but considering the setting of the story it would have been very difficult to avoid thisOverall this is a beautiful romantic story filled with tender emotion sparkling and sometimes very novel dance scenes and an ending that will make you cry Athena

  6. Beth Cutwright Beth Cutwright says:

    My mother loaned me this short romance novel and it was a very enjoyable read It was not a sexually explicit read although there is mention of such activity Both Polly Anna and Liam are well defined characters each suffering from a world of hurt at the hands of their previous love interests and each has a lot to overcome before they can allow themselves to fall in love again But the human spirit is strong and getting that second chance is what we all seek when hurt The story definitely centers around the two of themother characters contribute to a phone call conversation or to the judging team of Ballroom Glitz Polly Anna must come face to face with her biggest fearshame in life and finds it to be a freeing experience with the help of her dance coach If you like clean romance stories this is a sweet and fun read

  7. Barbara Barbara says:

    I enjoyed this story a lot Liam the hero is one of those dashing romantic characters you just know can't exist in real life but damn don't you want him too The ballroom dancing story was also interesting probably because it was new and different And it's clear Kate Hardy has done her research when it comes to ballroom dancing My only nitpick is that I would have enjoyed Liam's backstory fleshed out a teensy bit However Polly's story is strong and clearly the main focus She's feisty and likeable I recommend it

  8. Annie Burrows Annie Burrows says:

    It wasn't just because I'm a fan of ballroom dance reality shows that I loved this book it was absolutely packed with emotion At one or two points I even had to dry my eyes with my pyjama sleeve

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