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  1. Felicia (Ferishia) Felicia (Ferishia) says:

    Ok I'm compelled to say something about this shifter story about a BIG AZZ FREAKIN' SPIDER??? I have a MAJOR spider phobia I cannot even look at a PICTURE of a spider But I thought I'd be ok reading this Ok the WHOLE time they were smexing all I keep thinking was Haben is a BIG AZZ FREAKIN' SPIDER??? When Haben the BIG AZZ FREAKIN' SPIDER??? was hurt and the other shifter brought him shifted as the BIG AZZ FREAKIN' SPIDER??? and put him on Lou's bed and told Lou that Haben the BIG AZZ FREAKIN' SPIDER??? needed him and Lou ran? Yah That's me And when Damon picks up Haben as the BIG AZZ FREAKIN' SPIDER??? and put him on his shoulder I shuddered all over shudders Bleech I wanted to look up the kind of Tarantula Haben was but I was too scared I'd have nightmares It really wasn't a bad story justyeah I cannot do BIG AZZ FREAKIN' SPIDERS

  2. Kerry sullivan Kerry sullivan says:

    I love this series and this one certainly lives up to the high bar the rest of the books have set My only issue with this one was the fact he was a blooming great spider I hate spiders but the story was so good I could forgive the 8 legged bugger I have to say the author was a bit mean with this one though because we got to learn about 3 yes 3 other mates and one of them was Konta's I really hope she writes uickly because I really don't like to wait

  3. Katherine Katherine says:

    Not just lions and tigers spiders tooDifferent as this has a family as well as an older and settled shifter plus that shifter is a spider Lou is coming to grips with the fact that shifters are real Though he has been told as much by his deceased lover he didn't really believe it until his adopted sun turned into a lion in front of him Now his son's birth mother is trying to come after him and Lou is trying to work out life with shifters and protecting his son Into all of this comes Haben a tarantula shifter that comes to help as a favour and realizes that Lou is his mate It is a tumultuous time for Lou with lots of decisions to make about his life and family moving forwardHaving the variety of shifters in this series is fascinating but so is the need for each shifter to have their mate accept both their human and animal sides Lou has difficulty which is admittedly understandable because most people freak out when they see an enormous spider I enjoyed that it caught both emotions; fear of this huge spider that a man couldn't possibly have become but also guilt for betraying a lover It felt realistic that Lou didn't simply accept it all easily and made for some trying times to work things out in the relationshipGood book very enjoyable

  4. Jab Forbes Jab Forbes says:

    Fine additionSo I'll admit I took a break while reading this book to catch up on others that I'm reading before finishingIt took some effort to regain my interest but once I pushed past that lump I found I was really invested Both Lou Haben were lovely and their pairing felt nicely developedAs always I do wish the book had been been edited and given some better structure Everything felt rushed but that's something I've come to expect and ultimately accept about this authors work

  5. Nessa Nessa says:

    This was very entertaining and I found that the idea of a shifter tarantula was extremely intriguing I laughed at the mention of a shifter mosuito in the story Wow that would actually be a bit scary to me flying vampire pretty much but luckily that was absent in this book I love the author's style of writing and the story was fun intense and creative

  6. Crystal Crystal says:

    I found this novel very enjoyable however the romance seemed fast paced

  7. Renee Renee says:

    Tarantula Haben and Human Lou Father to lion shifter Damon

  8. Maya Maya says:

    Spider Sense by Charlie RichardsKontra’s Menagerie Book 53 StarsReviewed for wwwheartsonfirereviewscomCharlie Richards has a knack for staying away from the run of the mill shifter’s that we always read about bringing us interesting new shifters There has been a warthog a buffalo and in her latest installment a tarantula shifterHaben has been searching his entire life for his mate refusing to settle for anything or anyone less When an old lover and good friend Wes calls him to help out on a custody case of a newly shifted lion cub he doesn’t hesitate to help Little does he know he will finally find the one man meant just for himLou’s life partner died several years ago and he has focused his life on raising Lou’s son Damon Damon’s father had told Lou about shifters but since he had never seen one he didn’t believe it was true not until the twelve year old boy who means everything to him changes into a lion cub in front of him He is suddenly thrown into a world he never knew existed and to make matters worse Damon’s mother suddenly wants him back She hasn’t had anything to do with Damon since the day he was born giving up all rights to him because she didn’t think he was a shifterLou is an ordinary middle aged man with body that is going soft he doesn’t think that a gorgeous man like Haben could ever be satisfied with him Lou feels an unprecedented attraction to Haben but has difficulty with the idea of a ‘mate’ When he sees Haben shift into his tarantula form for the first time he does not handle it well He does come to the realization that he has never felt this strongly about another person in such a short period of time before He knows that Haben is nomadic and doesn’t want his heart broken when Haben leaves What he doesn’t understand is now that Haben has found his mate there is no place he’d rather be He plans to spend the rest of their lives showing Lou just how desirable and sexy he finds himThe mystery of why Damon’s mother suddenly wants him is revealed early in the book but there is some action in the story as she tries anything to get her hands on the boy There are some inconsistentcies and unresolved plot lines that left me feeling like the book ended too soon but we do have the introduction to some new matesOverall I enjoyed this story and find it to be a good addition to the Kontra’s Menagerie series

  9. Deirdre Deirdre says:

    35 stars Interesting RevelationsI previously stopped reading the Kontra series years ago because of this story I HATE S##DERS HATE HATE HATE them I kept hearing that even S##der Haters found Haben a sympathetic character Well I didn't especially after all the descriptions of his features and activities will in animal form The story of Haben his Human mate and his mate's adopted Lion shifter son was interesting But important was the news about Kontra's mate What happened? This story was different since it involved preteen half shifter who'd lost his Human biological dad leaving him with his adopted Human father His Lion shifter mother had relinuished all custody so Lou Reynolds his son Damon thought they had nothing to worry about Until an early shift put Damon onto his power hungry mother's radar Consulting his elderly lawyer friend with his concerns lead to a call for help to one of Kontra's Menagerie Haben Bello a Goliath Birdeater Tarantula YIKESTerence the Lion shifter accompanied Haben to Salina Kansas per Kontra's new directive that the motorcycle gang members travel in pairs after the terrible results experienced by Gallo in CATLIN'S APPALOOSA It was hard for Haben to see his good friend of many years getting so old physically but his mind remained sharp He was very happy when he was able to bring two mate's together Though Lou was not not as familiar with shifters until his son did so despite his deceased partner telling him that they existed Damon was excited to meet other shiftersIn his animal form Haben accompanied Terence to the area Lion compound while Terence served a Restraining order to Damon's Lioness mother Haben went on a reconnaissance mission He learned a lot and almost made it back out of enemy territory unharmed A Lion is a huge creature to go up against Terence took the bloody Haben in animal form to Lou's house The sight of the huge bloody Arachnid on his bed froze Lou and me I was even scared and disgusted than LouDamon being kidnapped led to a lot of excitement including Kontra the guys descending on Kansas A huge black Lion coming to Terence's assistance and a boy who finally saw shifters at their best worse He was glad to be with the best

  10. Sophia Sophia says:

    Oh I completely enjoyed this latest installment in the series with several great moments When I had Haden's internal dialogue when he was still hopeful about finding his mate after two centuries of looking along with Kontra and Payson's mini disclosures about their mates Then there was that mysterious thing between Terrence and the Black Lion near the end I think my favorite moment was when Lou freaked when he saw Haden's tarantula which was part sad because it hurt Haden and part funny because poor Lou was frightened of spiders and coming to really accept things about the shifter world at the same timeThe story had a good strong premise in that Haden has come back to his old stomping grounds to help a cherished friend with a situation This brings him into contact with his mate who is the human guardian of a young lion shifter The young lion's mother now wants him back after years of ignoring his existence when she discovers that he will be a strong lion Haden's in over his mandibles but fortunately Kontra and the rest of the gang come to helpThe plot was a good one and I truly enjoyed it I do wish there would have been a little teased out in the end I was curious after the boy is kidnapped by his mother through another's work what he really thought of her She was a piece of work and I wanted her son to be able to have a moment of confrontation with her for her cold heartedness I'm really hoping there will be explanations forthcoming about what was revealed regarding Terrence and the lion along with Kontra and Payson's pastsLoved the heartwarming family theme this one had

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Spider Sense (Kontras Menagerie #5) ❰Reading❯ ➶ Spider Sense (Kontras Menagerie #5) Author Charlie Richards – Natus-physiotherapy.co.uk On the road Sometimes the 8 legged freaks are the good guys Haben Bello heads for Kansas to help his old friend Wes The human attorney deals with child custody in shifter human cases protecting shifte On the road Sometimes the legged freaks are the good guys Haben Bello heads for Kansas to help his old friend Wes The human attorney deals with child custody in shifter human cases protecting shifter secrets Wes needs help uncovering the true motives behind a young boy’s mother who suddenly wants custody after she’d given up all rights to him twelve years before When Haben meets the boy’s human foster father Lou Reynolds he realizes the man is his mate Lou is still coming to grips with the fact that shifters exist It’s one thing for his son to be able to turn into a lion but a spider Lou may be able to accept Haben the man but can he learn how to accept Haben the tarantula And what about when Haben’s job in town is done and he decides to move on Lou has a son and can’t just up and leave to join Haben on his nomadic travels Can Lou trust Haben’s insistence that he’s willing to turn his life upside down adopt a lion shifter cub and settle down after nearly one hundred years of freedom.