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The Ladybird Book of Garden Birds It Is Probably True To Say That Everyone Is Interested In Birds At Some Time This Book Is Planned To Help Those Children And Adults Who Have Noticed Birds In Or Near Their Garden And Have Wished To Identify Them PositivelyThe Superb Colour Illustrations By John Leigh Pemberton Will Make Identification Easy, And The Clear Interesting And Reliable Text Will Certainly Stimulate Many People To Take An Even Greater Interest In The Fascinating Subject Of Bird Life

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    Another beaut from John Leigh Pemberton The song thrush illustration gives me a feeling of deep happiness I could just walk through that green gate with my winter coat and hat and gloves on for a frosty walk and a game of snowballs

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    Published many years ago but if you can source a copy of this wonderful book it s an absolute gem.Really got me interested in birdwatching when I was a child and also was of interest to my children and grandchildren Recommended.

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    1967 edition As always with Ladybird books, this is immaculately proofread I ve read plenty of bird and animal books, and I m fairly grown up, yet I still learned a few new words in the first few pages It seems childrens books were very mucheducational in the 60s than they are these days The artwork paintings are very Ladybird ish and a little dated, but perfectly pleasant The writing is clear, informative, interesting and pacy Really quite perfect 5 5

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    This was my first bird book and I still treasure it, not least because my favourite bird is on the front cover the bullfinch Beautifully illustrated with a page for each species, giving information on many of the birds you re likely to see through your window.

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    A concise and informative little guide to British garden birds with lovely illustrations.

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