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    Arg waves sword and tweaks fake beard Before I begin, let me warn yethere s both sweetness and darkness in this epic treat by Rosemary O Malley Declarations of love are made and licentious acts are made even of the minor M F variety tis brief There be mentions of child abuse and scenes of rape torture abuse, so if ye be soft of stomach, please exit via the plank Tis not the story for ye Yawr har har Rosemary O Malley s debut novel tis an epic historical pirate tale that travels through and land on a quest for revenge The sweet sea of love, the crashing tide of learning the depth s of oneself and murky waters of angst are all traveled with a fine tuned hand in this humble temporary pirate s opinion A fine tale with blood, guts, piss, vinegar, seduction, hurt, comfort, woe, damage, shit, lion sex yes there be actual mating in the wild , battle, pillaging, true love and even a eunuch Tis a pirate s tale split into two POV, young Scotsman Andrew, the young orphan raised by priests who s been captured and Rorik aka Rory aka Ruaidhri pronounced Rou ar ree aka the Red King Aye, the Irish, ginger haired young captain of the ship Taibhse is hell bent on thwarting the evil bastard Dane, Maarten, Rory s ex master Rory s childhood was a painful one, aye, one full or sorrow and pain His crew helps rescues the seemingly timid, virgin Andrew who is not wordly but has a calming quality that calms people, pulls people to him Could be a religious or a philosophical undertone, depends on who is reading this, ya savvy I enjoy Andrew and his nuances intricacies A bashful, fainting flower, he is not And he proves himself wondrously More on him soon, aye I shall break down the things I enjoyed The story A swashbuckler s delight Tis a long, well crafted one spanning sea and land, settings of Africa and Europe I give it 4 stars some parts may seem drawn out but tis necessary for the entire portrait the author paints, ya ken The Red King This ginger lover s wet dream found in a pirate The slave who turns into a master of his own rights, he is, he is He s second to my 1 love of Captain Jack Sparrow He s a mix of dark and light though his light was never recognized until he learned to see himself and his self worth through Andrew s eyes Oh please, Ruaidhri is naughty and has tales to tell but when he fallshe falls hard and loves even harder He defies so many things to hold onto that bit of happiness.Even a little bit of view spoiler Don t worry no magics involved hide spoiler

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    4.5 stars and some minor spoilers.You know when you finish a book for the first time and you are so impressed by it that you immediately want to turn around and buy everything the author s written, only to find out that this is her first novel Yeah I fucking hate that The Red King has an awesome sense of place, is adventurous, violent and sexy The research gone into the the life of the pirates is well done and I couldn t pick out any inaccuracies because apparently I m like an expert on pirates or something Those with sensitive reading habits would do well to steer clear because the bloodshed is not held back here, and there are scenes of rape The villian here is so disgusting and evil that you just want to wish him real so you can junk punch him with a machete.There were times that it did border on sugary sweet, which was slightly jarring when blood was spilled, but Rory and Andrew s love was well earned and the author wisely chose not to always take the easy route with them I enjoyed watching them grow, especially when Andrew didn t turn out to be a damsel in distress But TJ you say It sounds as if you love this book You re gushing to the point that it sounds like you d cut a hole in it and have a bone sesh with it Why the asinine.5 reduction First and foremost, you are way gross for thinking that.Second of all, the reason for the deduction is quite simple and no fault of the author s It s strictly on me When reading about pirates or buccaneers, WA Hoffman s Raised By Wolves series will ALWAYS take precedent and I will judge every historical novel of this type against that series The RBW series is my all time favorite historical m m series But the simple fact that this book measured up well against RBW is a testament to the author Well done.

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    So because I m reading a pirate book now it made me think of The Red King and the fact that I never posted a review for it on here This book was so good, it brought me back to my days of reading Johanna Lindsey and all her pirate stuff My romantic heart was in heaven.READ IT 4.5Oh Emm Gee guys, this was such an awesome read I love when I go into book with little or no expectations and it causes a massive pants losing The Red King made me all nostalgic of my preteen years when I started reading Johanna Lindsey The ruthless pirate takes an innocent virgin captive swoons and they fall desperately in love which by the way ruined me for any boy in high school cus none of them were pirates I don t want to give too much away because I want you the readers to experience this one on your own Andrew was raised in a monastery and was happy until pirates came and killed the only family he has ever known, takes him away, and then puts him chains He s uncertain of what will happen to him and judging by the treatment he s received he knows it won t be good But then rescue comes in the form of a giant of a man and his beautiful red haired captain Ruaidhri translation Rory the one they call The Red King.Rory is than his appearance He has a shipped filled with men he personally rescued or has impacted their life in a positive way He is both feared and loved, which means he is highly respected When Andrew falls within his grasp, Rory knows he must use him for his ultimate plan What he never expected was that Andrew would unlock his heart and leak all the hatred from his soul Oh My Effing word How freaking corny was that sentence.The Red King is truly an awesome read, not without its faults but the epic setting and awesome characters totally make up for that I m a fan of a well written villain and Ms O Malley delivers a spectacular one, the infamous Maarten is vile and I looked forward to when he would appear and get his dying on As I said, the characters are spectacular and our MCs is everything to rave about Rory seems like an unsympathetic character but as you get to know him, I am telling you its gonna be mad love for the man He s overcome so much from a young age, and in some ways he is broken man but he has a zest for life and it all comes out with Andrew I am so glad Andrew was no damsel in distress, and though he did suffer a bit, his personality shined bright and I really enjoyed him.The sex well lets just say pants were lost I found Andrew and Rory to be so sexy, and the author did a good thing by making me experience it from both ends waggles eyebrows I got lost in Andrew s discovering of lust, passion, and love Which made it feel new fresh, like a thirteen year old getting her hands on some Johanna Lindsey pirate lovin What I want is to feel your sweet lips around my cock and see your rosy ass raised and ready for fucking Yeh, imagine saying this shit to a young priest like virgin Andrew s shock was my shock Dead What I didn t enjoy is the long drawn out ending It needed to be tighter and cleaner and it would have been perfect Yeh, it had some editing problems but its not so huge that it takes from the reading It was a stellar job by Rosemary O Malley and I wait impatiently for a new book.Should You Read It YES If you like sexy red headed men, out on the open sea, a vivid setting, and ever going action Then The Red King is for you Go get lost in Rory and Andrew s love it s quite a beautiful thing Though do be aware, the writing is quite frank about rape and many forms of abuse but also don t let it be a deterrent It s a quite simply a very romantic read

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    I made a big mistake going in to this book I had it in my head it was a darker book than it is I was looking forward to non con and dub con galore However, this is not that kind of book It s instead an incredibly sweet and tender story about true love reclaiming a wounded heart Therefore in itself it s probably a fabulous book for most readers it just wasn t what I wanted or was expecting to read, and I didn t find the writing good enough to pull me in despite my false preconceptions.I got bored from 30%, and I skimmed through 36% to 65% It was fine, it just didn t grab me Intent to ravish, falling in love against will, dark past, only you can touch the real me, yadda yadda yadda.At 65% the dark bit started and the dark bit was so good Swoony good I wanted and and view spoiler Andrew thinks his true love is dead, so to get his revenge he becomes the pet of a sexually sadistic man It s not rape, dub con or non con because Andrew definitely wants to be there, lulling Maarten into trusting him, waiting for the moment to strike However the sex is violent, although it s not actually described particularly explicitly Andrew s tenuous hold on his goals through his drug addled perceptions is vividly described, along with the textures and colours of this environment hide spoiler

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    4.5 stars This book is very intense and very dark in places There is torture and rape, slavery, and sadism The relationship between the MC s is loving and intense, and yet even they at times exorcise their demons with sex that is rough to the point of pain The book is well written and the setting feels very authentic Events of the real world are only a minimal part of the book however The setting is one of sailing ships and swords, focused down to the actions of a few individuals, so that this book would probably work as well for lovers of sword fantasy as those who like historicals.The intensity of this story pulled me in and I read straight through At times, though, the degree of pain in the background and lives of every character was almost too much I m not sure I will reread this, even though both Andrew and Rory were characters I loved and would like to spend time with.

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    It s rough, it needs some editing but this is a book so good you can overlook all that These characters are alive, brilliantly colorful, and believable I loved every minute of this adventure and look forward to reading by this author.

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    Couldn t put it down stayed up late last night reading it, then up early reading Andrew is kidnapped off a missionary mission and ends up with Rorik The Red King, so named because of his fiery, red hair Virginal, innocent Andrew attracts all kinds of licentious attention Rorik was kidnapped as a child and kept by a monster for thirteen long years until he angered Maarten who imprisoned him and he was ultimately able to escape For the last seven years, Rorik has planned his revenge but his plans are at a standstill until he meets Andrew who is just the kind of sweetmeat Maarten likes He sets on using Andrew but along the way, falls for Andrew and he has to make new plans.Andrew endures some heart breaking torture check my tags, if these are no goes for you, don t read the book.An adventure packed, smexy, angsty read This is apparently the author s first novel and I m very impressed.

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    This was a delicious combination of chin hands and porn Kind of like the literary equivalent of someone quoting Shakespeare to you while they take you from behind, holding your hair for leverage and roughly slamming away You want to go awww shucks and fuck yeah all at the same time.This was an intense, comparatively long read about Rory, his campaign for vengeance against his childhood tormentor and all around jackass, Maarten, and his salvation of and by the beautiful Andrew O Malley created a vivid world and such compelling characters that as long as the read was, it didn t feel dragging at all The MCs had chemistry in spades, the dialogues felt authentic, and the supporting characters were each realized that you could tell one from another.This is the author s first solo writing work, and it was brilliant, romantic, and sexy Can t wait for what she dishes out next.

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    Reviewed on Hearts On Fire I received this book from the author to read and review and have to say that the 723 pages was a little off putting Turns out that this is Ms O Malley s first novel and it was great Ruaidhri is a pirate captain called the Red King because of his long, flowing red hair He and his men work the north African coast taking contracts and swashbuckling their way all over Ruaidhi has his mind and heart bent on only one thing though and that is vengeance He wants Maarten Van de Wort dead and will use anything and anyone to get it done Through a series of flashbacks we learn that a 10 year old Rory, Ruaidhri, was stolen by Maarten and raped, tortured and made to do some heart scarring things Now a grown man, Ruaidhri lives to kill Maarten Andrew is a Scottish orphan who had been raised in a monastery Eighteen years old, innocent and beautiful he is rescued from a burning ship where he was being held captive Malik, one of Ruaidhri s men makes a mad dash below the burning decks and saves young Andrew from certain death Once aboard the pirate ship, Andrew heals and insists on helping with the work He becomes the favorite of the crew and butts heads with Ruaidhri than once on moral and personal issues The sheer innocence and beauty that is Andrew makes him a pawn in the revenge plan being hatched by Ruaidhri As time passes though a great attraction forms between the Red King and Andrew that may just kill everyone This was a wonderfully written story of lust, passion and a love that passes every barrier a man can put up It takes place somewhere during the Spanish Inquisition though the date is really not important What makes this story outstanding is the absolutely wonderful characters and the wealth of strong emotions that Ms O Malley has created Every man on the pirate ship is damaged in some way yet their unwavering devotion and love of Ruaidhri binds them together into a cohesive unit Truly they are a band of misfits each with his own story The dichotomy between Andrew and Rory and their eventual coming together was masterfully written and definitely does not read like a first novel I found the way that the rough edges that both Andrew and Rory had were used perfectly to smooth down and bring out the best in each man This story was driven by the love that the that I developed toward each character and the strong disgust and hatred that is fostered toward Maarten There is a good deal of violent rape and torture in this book which is necessary to the story so if the subjects are offensive to you or you can t read it, this book may not be for you Maarten was a man that found pleasure only in the pain he could inflict on others and was a merciless and depraved being Don t be put off by the length of this story because you will devour each page and want The eventual HEA is well worth the emotions that were wrung from me I cannot recommend this exceptional love story strongly enough It is not your typical sweet, sappy love story You need to read this book My thanks for the memorable ride Ms O Malley.

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    The problem with these long, drawn out books is the culminating scenes are rarely payoff enough for the slow dramatic buildup Not the case here At all.For instance Every moment leading up to the reunion between Rory, Maarten, and Andrew has reason and purpose Soak it in, let it fill you up, then wham ultimate satisfaction Then there s the issue of gratuitous dropping of wisdom when religion is part of the package In this case Never gratuitous, always perfect in timing, pitch Lots of merit, in my opinion.So high sea adventure with all sorts of pirates and captives Good guys, bad guys, evil guys, FANTASTIC Epic battles on land as well, some horrific hand to hand A bloody, gory few places.Beautifully done Amazing characters throughout This one will stay with me a long time, and then I will read it again p.s view spoiler In the epilog, there is a passage that was so sexy I cannot say why hide spoiler

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The Red King WHAT HE WANTSThe Pirate Captain Known As Ruaidhri Lives Only For Revenge Tall And Lean, With Long Fiery Hair And A Corsair S Deadly Smile, His Body Still Bears The Scars Of A Brutal Captivity At The Hands Of Maarten Jan De Worrt Once Ruaidhri Was A Slave, But Now He Is The Red King, Feared And Respected Across The High Seas Few Know His True Name And Fewer Still Know Ruaidhri Will Use Anyone As A Pawn In Quest For Vengeance Even A Beautiful, Innocent Young Man.WHAT HE NEEDSRaised In A Monastery, The Scottish Orphan Called Andrew Is Helpless When Pirates Slay His Guardians And Clap Him In Irons Ruaidhri Offers The Virgin Lad Freedom, But Only At A Terrible Price Andrew Must Go To Maarten S Bed, Seduce And Kill Him In Ruaidhri S Clutches Andrew Will Receive The Training He Needs In The Art Of Violence And Lust.PIRATE AND VIRGINThe Red King Is Legend Than Mortal He Fights Tirelessly And Knows No Fear But Andrew S Very Innocence, His Open And Honest Nature, Threatens To Unlock The Man Inside The Pirate Ruaidhri Can Tempt Andrew, Teaching Him The Forbidden Pleasures Of A Man S Touch But Not Without Awakening A Side Of Himself He Long Ago Gave Up For Dead Warning This Is An Erotic M M Romance Intended For Mature Audiences It Contains Explicit Sexual Situations, Frank Language, Torture, And Non Graphic Descriptions Of Abuse Of A Minor.

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  • The Red King
  • Rosemary O'Malley
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