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Organize or Die [Reading] ➷ Organize or Die Author Laura McClure – Ruth Reid thinks her old life is dead She’s abandoned her crappy career her unavailable boyfriend and her hopeless idealism But just as she’s settling into her new life which involves a bottle of Ruth Reid thinks her old life is dead She’s abandoned her crappy career her unavailable boyfriend and her hopeless idealism But just as she’s settling into her new life which involves a bottle of scotch her cat and her Brooklyn couch she learns that her former colleague the famed Victoria Shales has been murdered in the middle of a major union organizing campaign Against Organize or eBook ✓ her better judgment Ruth agrees to take Victoria’s place and rescue the campaign — if she can With the election clock ticking loudly Ruth scrambles to pull together a ragtag group of workers who can help her outgun the company and outrun a pair of deadly thugs who also want her to take Victoria’s place — in the cemetery.

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  1. Peter Gilmore Peter Gilmore says:

    First novels can be iffy and a first novel by someone you know and admire can be problematic However Laura McClure's Organize or Die is a delight Interesting plot well developed characters overall good writing make this novel a good readOrganize or Die appropriately is a whodunnit But there's than murder to this mystery A murder at the outset colors the subseuent action but sleuthing doesn't dominate the story Of course the protagonist like the reader want to know who the killer was But the bigger uestions are Will Ruth Reid a union organizer with a less than stellar record pull herself out of her boozy depression to successfully aid workers at a large commercial printing plant gain union recognition? And will the workers find the courage and faith in each other sufficient to withstand threats and dirty tricks?And there are other uestions Pantheon Printing contains secrets further mysteries which may well be linked to the death of a union organizer at the novel's outset McClure's extensive background in journalism and skill as a writer create characters and circumstances which are eminently believable and engaging

  2. Justin Podur Justin Podur says:

    Fun to read novel about a burned out union organizer trying to organize at a workplace where missteps can be fatal Shows you a side of America rarely depicted in fiction with a female protagonist very much an insider view of the labor movement A few writing misstepscliches but I'd recommend it anyway especially if you're on the left and looking for fiction with good politics

  3. Beth Beth says:

    I got this as a free Kindle book based on some 5 star reviews I very rarely give 5 star reviews or even 4 for that matter It was a GREAT read and I couldn't put it down the second half of the book Also interesting reading about the 'inside workings' of labor organizing

  4. ػᶈᶏϾӗ ػᶈᶏϾӗ says:

    Now I don't read a lot of mystery novels I think I've got the impression that they are uaint and a little bit silly full of middle aged women with cats who try to figure out who murdered the butler in their friend's country home and with a recipe somewhere for rhubarb pie I'm sure not all mystery is like that though And in fact I have been pursuing a list of the best recent political mysteries I'm definitely much interested in the hardboiled And this book felt pretty hardboiled You could make deviled eggs out of itIt has its share of faults Sometimes it feels a little predictable even when it really wasn't so much Other times it had some serious formatting errors Like the margins aren't correctly justified And sometimes a uotation mark ending a paragraph would be on a line by itself I got this book print on demand though Honestly for all these faults it deserves a good run a professional edition Especially since it's good enough to assign to my Intro to Lit classBecause there was some good stuff here too I like the tone I like the blemishes and all examination of the labor movement I like that the narrator is an actual fuck up This story was immensely entertaining Yes the dialogue was bad sometimes and the plot could be a little hackneyed but no one is really above that Maybe if I'd read a million mystery books this one wouldn't seem as good but then if I'd read a million classics or sci fi or horror wouldn't they all start to blend together or less? Yes This book took chances and it was fun Definitely recommend

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