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  1. Candice Candice says:

    15 starsI normally enjoy friends to lover stories and this one would have been fine but the overuse of bro brother and best friend was just so annoying that I wanted the story to just be over

  2. Arthur Arthur says:

    Mike had alcoholics for parents They fought often and sometimes directed their wrath to Mike So when a fire killed his parents Mike didn't hesitate to be with the Bexters the family lived across the street Especially since he was already a close friend with Johnny Bexter the family's son whose age was close to Mike Later on the Bexters officially adopted himSo Mike and Johnny grew up together They enlisted in the military went to the police academy and even served as partners in the force For long Mike considered Johnny his brother and best friend but at one point he realized his feeling was not brotherly So he asked to be transferred and got a new partner A week into with a new partner Johhny was shot and went into coma Was it too late for Mike to confess his true feeling?Childhood friends become lovers and in health and in sickness are two of my favorite themes This one has both plus GFY The GFY aspect is treated nicely since it takes months and months before something happens Mike is struggling with his new found feeling After all Johnny was married before Mike and Johnny are likeable characters As are Johnny's parents view spoilerI especially like the dilemma that Mike is facing when he takes care of Johnny at his home And if that's not enough Johnny seems to say and do things that make Mike crazy with lust hide spoiler

  3. Jennifer Jennifer says:

    Really like the idea behind the book and the execution of the storyline is pretty good I love love love GFY and friends to lovers books What brought the rating down Massive overuse of the term Bro between the 2 MCs Seriously like nearly every sentence they say to one another contains it Lack of contractions in the dialogue it may be a personal uirk but it bugs me when characters nearly constantly say out things like he is I will etc especially when the rest of the sentence is said in a informal way eg Nah I am good It makes the characters sound stilted in my head Improper use of apostrophes in other ways There were a noticeable number of instances where an apostrophe made a possessive out of what should have been a pluralAs I said the story was pretty good though after all the angsting by the narrating MC the big reveal was a little rushed and anti climactic; editing could have raised it at least 1 star maybe

  4. Buda Buda says:

    From the author's biography at the end of the book She is rapidly making a name for herself in the mm genera sic This bro should tell you all you need to know

  5. Becca Becca says:

    I'm not a huge fan of the brothers in love thing but it was an alright story Technically they're brother by adoption and not by blood so that helps but anyway If you guys like that kind of taboo stuff then this is definitely for youMike was withdrawn for the past week or so from his partner and best friend since kids Johnny He's discovered lately that his feelings for Johnny are than brotherly and it's leaving him uncomfortable and weirded out But seeing Johnny get shot and almost died brings things in perspective for Mike He really loves Johnny but he can't help but think Johnny and the parents that adopted him would be grossed out by him Or worse But as Johnny starts to recover he stays at Mike's house and several things have Mike uestioning things even And now he's terrified Johnny knows how he feels And losing Johnny in any way would kill himIt's hard to come out period when you aren't sure of how it will be taken But it's harder when the person you're in love with is someone you might not should be Even though they are only brother by adoption it's still Mike's best friend And he's terrified of losing him and the only real family he's ever known I feel for him Then seeing Johnny might not live from his shooting it's horrifying to think about To lose the one person you love than anything It's confusing and scary as hell It's not a bad little story It's the journey of Mike and Johnny and how things turn out A uick read that has some hot sceneshttplovebytesreviewscom

  6. Lasha Lasha says:

    35 stars In the next couple of weeks I will be reviewing some lesser known self published books that I’ve seen on the Top 100 LGBT list First up Brothers by Bond by Brenda CothernThe book opens with the narrator Mike He’s a cop on patrol and hears a call for an “officer down” Turns out it’s his partner Johnny who is also his foster brother Johnny has been injured on the job and as Mike sits next to him in the hospital – Johnny is in a coma – he recalls their relationship from childhood pals to foster brothers to joining the military and finally being on the police force together We also learn that Mike has been falling in love with his adopted brother ever since Johnny got divorced When Johnny wakes up Mike is determined to change their relationship whatever the costI am going to break this review into two sections What I Liked and What Needed Some WorkWhat I LikedThe relationship between Johnny and Mike was heartfelt They have a past and understand each other perfectly As a GFY plot this works as their back story felt believable When you add in the wonderful secondary characters Johnny’s parents you have a great family dynamic for this novel It was like everyone saw the fact that Mike and Johnny should be together except Mike and Johnny Plus like many other readers I love guys in uniform so cops? Yeah I am so thereWhat Needed Some WorkSome minor editing errors As with a lot of self published books editing is hit or miss while this one has a few issues it mostly had to do with the over usage of words namely the word “bro” Johnny loves to call Mike “bro” Repeatedly Like in every sentence It got annoying very uicklyMy other niggles had to do with realism in the law enforcement field For example when Johnny is in his coma the only people who visit are his parents and Johnny Not one of his cop buddies show until much later uite frankly after the incident the waiting room should have been filled with cops Police officers are a very close knit society and when one is injured they really do band together I know the author was trying to show Mike’s dedication to his partnerbrother by staying by his side nearly 247 but I thought it could have been a good opportunity to show how much Johnny meant to other people not just his foster brotherOther than those few gripes I did enjoy this book It was a fun GFY plot that I truly eat up So if you like the same you might want to check it out Reviews by Jessewave

  7. Maggie Maggie says:

    This story was not as angsty or sexy as I had hoped it would be I bought it because I love mm cop romances as well as life long friends become lovers I will say we totally get that Johnny is Mike’s best friend and mentioning it over and OVER again was annoying There were also some editing issues with the book The sex scenes were just ok as far as heat and emotions go The HEA had one aspect of the story resolved but what about the impact of their relationship on their jobs they are partners after all? It would have been nice to see that addressed as well Ok my favorite part? The “cum gutter” description I have read hundreds of mm books and either I just missed it or this is the first time I have had that picture painted uite like that I liked it

  8. Janie Janie says:

    While the theme behind this book excerpt sounded so good I was slightly disappointed I think the word bro was seriously overused There wasn't enough angst for the theme of this book and I felt the ending was abrupt

  9. Suzy Suzy says:

    Fab little freebie Only downside was the abrupt ending wanted

  10. Kosh Gott Kosh Gott says:

    A uasi taboo m m romance between two best friends One of them is an orphan who was adopted by the other's family shortly before he came of legal age so they didn't grow up as brothers This is a gay for you trope for both MCs The conclusion is hurried and lacks necessary details to make it work While I did like the book I think the author should expand it in a new addition so that the denouement isn't so abrupt This is better written and edited than most of Brenda Cothern's books but there are still excessive errors Her using violation in place of volition is particularly ridiculous

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Brothers by Bond [BOOKS] ✸ Brothers by Bond By Brenda Cothern – Johnny Baxter has been Mike Morgan's best friend for the last seventeen years and his adopted brother for the last fifteen They have been attached at the hip since they were kids all through high scho Johnny Baxter has been Mike Morgan's best friend for the last seventeen years and his adopted brother for the last fifteen They have been attached at the hip since they were kids all through high school and even Brothers by MOBI :Ê through the Army with the buddy system From being stationed as MP's in Germany to graduating the police Academy and riding in the same patrol car night after night where one was found so was the other They shared everythingUntil six months ago when Johnny got divorcedMike's feelings for his best friend and brother changed; became than just brotherly love and avoidance was his way of coping However the night he traded shifts to avoid his brother once again was the night he almost lost him And than anything else that is Mike's biggest fearAuthor NoteContains mm sexual practices and is intended for readers of legal age in the country in which they reside.