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Legends of the Blues Robert Johnson, Ma Rainey, Billie Holiday, Howlin Wolf, Bessie Smith, Muddy Waters Say Their Names Out Loud And You Can Just Hear The Blues Now, Acclaimed Artist William Stout Visualizes These Artists And Their Music With 100 Stunning Portraits This Graphically Powerful Collection Includes Profiles Of Classic Musicians Drawn By A Master Illustrator Stout Beautifully Captures The Signature Style Of Each Blues Legend And Then Adds Authoritative Biographical Text With Personal And Humorous Writing That Brings It On Home Includes Recommended Playlists And An Exclusive Bonus Music CD Praise For Legends Of The Blues So Good, You D Think Illustrator William Stout Made A Deal With The Devil Mother Jones.com I Could Go On And On About How Much I Love Stout S Detailed Pen And Ink Work And Pleasing Watercolors Boing Boing

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    Painting The BluesWilliam Stout s Legends of the Blues masterfully combines the two American art forms of comic book art and blues music The book consists of 100 full page watercolor paintings of blues artists Many but not all of the artists will be familiar to readers with a background in the blues Together with the paintings, Stout offers a one page biography of each artist, giving brief but revealing details about his or her life and about the artist s way with the blues Stout offers a small number of recommended songs for each artist to introduce the music together with covers of the artists recordings performed in most cases by British or American rock singers.The portraits are beautifully done in a colorful, comic book style They capture the personality of each artist with, for example, the intense gaze of Robert Johnson, cigarette dangling from his lips Sunnyland Slim, who sang a song called Sunnyland Train about a train that frequently killed careless pedestrians at intersections, is shown with a wary look in his eyes and a large steam engine chugging ominously in the background.The short, succinct texts compliment the paintings Reading the brief biographies, a pattern emerges of r...

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    The main reading experience of this book, William Stout s 1 page each biographies of 100 blues musicians, is very repetitive and doesn t really go with the mood or appeal of the music or the personalities of the subjects.The biographies are all about that the same The artist grew up The artist often moved and started playing music, listing some studios and some LPs songs Often the artist stopped playing due to a shift in taste That was it OR the blues revivals of the 1960s OR some higher level of re recording into old ageRead this 100 times, it lacks a certain intrigue.A list of their most popular songs, and some notable covers, was a little better, but it all felt very stilted and forced into a template.The intro by William Stout s friend musicologist and an outro by the author are readable and short, but it s basically I like blues music, I like R Crumb s blues artist portraits so I wanted to do of them The writing itself is, similar to the bios, dispassionate than I would ve liked.I think the designed appeal of this book is supposed to be the portraits of the artists, not their bios And the craftsmanship is admirable Stout mentions R Crumb as an influence, and you can see it in his style A strange slightly maddening exaggeration of reality, big facial features and the like that is still realistic and pleasant to look at Like ...

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    Lots of interesting trivia about well known and lesser known blues artists Also, good suggested listening and artwork.

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    a worthy sequel to R.Crumb s collection of trading cards portraits Great brief bios of some of my favourite blues musicians And a CD too

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    A sequel of sorts to R Crumb s Heroes of Blues, Jazz Country 100 colorful, introductory portraits of Blues greats Some great trivia to go along with the factual information.