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Learn PowerShell Toolmaking in a Month of Lunches ❰PDF / Epub❯ ☉ Learn PowerShell Toolmaking in a Month of Lunches Author Don Jones – Natus-physiotherapy.co.uk SummaryPacked with hands on labs to reinforce what you're learning Learn PowerShell Toolmaking in a Month of Lunches is the best way to learn PowerShell scripting and toolmaking Just set aside one hou SummaryPacked Toolmaking in a Month ePUB í with Toolmaking in Epub Ü hands on labs to reinforce what you're learning Learn PowerShell Toolmaking in a Month of Lunches is the best way to learn PowerShell scripting and toolmaking Just set aside one hour a day—lunchtime would be perfect—for each self contained lesson You'll move uickly through core scripting concepts and start working on four real world practical tools Each chapter adds functionality including custom Learn PowerShell MOBI :Ê formatting error handling parameterized PowerShell Toolmaking in a Month PDF \ input input validation help files and documentation and About this BookYou don't have to be a software developer to build PowerShell tools With this book a PowerShell user is a step away from becoming a proficient toolmaker Learn PowerShell Toolmaking in a Month of Lunches is the best way to learn PowerShell scripting and toolmaking in just one hour a day PowerShell Toolmaking in Epub â It's packed with hands on labs to reinforce what you're learning It's an easy to follow guide that covers core scripting concepts using four practical examples Each chapter builds on the previous one as you add custom formatting error handling input validation help files and Purchase of the print book comes with an offer of a free PDF ePub and Kindle eBook from Manning Also PowerShell Toolmaking in a Month PDF \ available is all code from the bookWhat's InsideBuild your own administrative tools Learn by doing with hands on labs Make scripts that feel like native PowerShell cmdletsThis book does not assume you are a programmer Experience using PowerShell as a command line interface is helpful but not reuiredAbout the AuthorsDon Jones is a PowerShell MVP speaker and trainer Jeffery Hicks is a PowerShell MVP and an independent consultant trainer and author Don and Jeff coauthored Learn Windows PowerShell in a Month of Lunches Second Edition Manning and PowerShell in Depth Manning Table of ContentsPART INTRODUCTION TO TOOLMAKINGBefore you begin PowerShell scripting overview PowerShell's scripting language Simple scripts and functions Scope PART BUILDING AN INVENTORY TOOL Tool design guidelines Advanced functions part Advanced functions part Writing help Error handling Debugging techniues Creating custom format views Script and manifest modules Adding database access Interlude creating a new tool PART ADVANCED TOOLMAKING TECHNIUES Making tools that make changesCreating a custom type extensionCreating PowerShell workflowsTroubleshooting pipeline inputUsing object hierarchies for complex output Globalizing a function Crossing the line utilizing theNET Framework PART CREATING TOOLS FOR DELEGATED ADMINISTRATION Creating a GUI tool part the GUI Creating a GUI tool part the code Creating a GUI tool part the output Creating proxy functions Setting up constrained removing endpoints Never the end.

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  1. Peter Moy Peter Moy says:

    Devops is very trendy at the moment One of the take ways from this approach to system administration is that Microsoft Windows systems administrators should put their traditional GUI tool in the rubbish bin and only use verifiable reproducible scalable auditable scripts to administer their systems But which scripting language? I have always regarded Power Shell has yet another scripting language so why should I take the trouble to learn its intricacies when I already have scripting languages like python PERL Unix shell scrip and JavaScript available Especially now that Microsoft have integrated bash into their operating systems user interface But this was a mistake These are all text based tools while Power Shell is a much sophisticated powerful and effective tool built around a rich set of objects Now that I have spent my lunch times for the last month working my way through this book I have come the view that this tool should be at the centre of any devops process involving Windows hostsThis book takes an excellent approach to aid you in picking up the knowledge and skills to allow you integrate this outstanding tool into your administrative processes By spending an hour or so each day you gradually learn the different features of this product This accords with the latest neural plasticity based research into learning which tells us that short regular sessions over an extended period of time are many times effective than concentrated binge learningThe early chapters introduce the Power Shell product and core components such as the Help system the object pipeline add in modules the object model Input and Output systems This knowledge forms the base for the chapters that follow which expose the reader to other facilities such as remote execution windows management instrumentation interface scripting error handling security debugging leading through to creating reusable “cmdlets” functions and modules At the end of the month of lunches the reader will have very good understanding of the product But this book only really scratches the surfaces of Power Shells capabilities The book only covers the features in Version 3 of the product Later features such as Workflow and Desired State Configuration are not covered However the author provides an extensive set of references to additional resources that reader can use to research any feature they may need in depthI particularly liked the authors writing style and his many words of wisdom For example he suggests that if you find yourself writing long complex Power Shell scripts then you are probably making a mistake This indicates that you have not understood the objects involved You should be using the power of the object model to keep your scripts short and focusedSo if you want to move to improve the uality and responsiveness of your system administration by using the principles and practices of devops on your Windows systems then you should consider Power Shell as key tool And if you want to increase your understanding of this tool this book provides an excellent way to achieve this end

  2. Kārlis Bergmanis Kārlis Bergmanis says:

    Nice expansion on scripting skills when simple function automation is a breeze and your scripts are already being used by others and integrated in production environment this will be next logical step There is a lot of material on how to make really well thought and built functions then how to combine them into a modules and my favourite how to add GUI in easy way I had done most of the things listed there at some point or an another but this helped to consolidate it all in better structured form

  3. Marco Janse Marco Janse says:

    One of the best self study guides I've ever read The chapter build up the practicalness of the content and the examples are superb But most of all the follow along examples and the lab exercises at the end of each chapter really made me feel I had learned something At the end of the book I felt ready to start building my own tools using PowerShell Now to put it all in to practice

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