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The Fleshless Man [PDF / Epub] ☁ The Fleshless Man Author Norman Prentiss – “The Fleshless Man wants to kill me” his mother saidCurtis never enjoyed the cool oppressive atmosphere of his childhood home and that atmosphere is even worse when he returns as an adult His moth “The Fleshless Man wants to kill me” his mother saidCurtis never enjoyed the cool oppressive atmosphere of his childhood home and that atmosphere is even worse when he returns as an adult His mother is dying and her illness seems to infect everyone around her Curtis’s brother has developed a nervous habit that might indicate serious problems; the attending nurse exhibits puzzling possibly sinister behavior; and Curtis himself suffers from nightmares and uncharacteristic dark thoughtsIt’s as if the The Fleshless PDF or house itself wants his mother to die uickly—and it will achieve that goal however it canEven if it must inspire Curtis to imagine harming his own motherEven if it must summon the intervention of a strange entity called The Fleshless Man.

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  1. Char Char says:

    I won this novella from DarkfuseBeware this review has slight spoilersTo be honest I'm not sure what to make of this story A young man Curtis returns home because his mother is dying He goes back to a house where when he was growing up he felt suffocated This is the house where his brother still livesWhile there Curtis begins having some dark thoughts and dreams Thoughts involving his mother's death his brother and his partner Lauren He dreams that his mother's nurse tells his mom a story at her bedside The story of the fleshless man But was the story actually real? Did he dream this dream as a result of his guilt about leaving his brother with his dying mom? I liked the descriptions of the fleshless man they were extremely vivid and creepy I also enjoyed how the author explored the feelings of guilt and resentment between mother and son Who hasn't felt those feelings about their parents at some point or another? I just don't know if the fleshless man was something that Curtis dreamed up or was heit real? Did he create the fleshless man in his head as a way to deal with the death of his mother? Perhaps it is supposed to be left up to the reader to decide? I usually enjoy stories of an ambiguous nature but this one left me a bit confused I did enjoy it though and I feel that the fleshless man will be staying in my head at least for a little while

  2. Kimberly Kimberly says:

    Three stars because I liked the style of writing I will try another title by this author but this particular one was a little disappointing to me The pros good writing descriptions and it was easy to feel the emotional impact of the characters Cons While I genuinely like ambiguous endings that leave me pondering the possibilities this one just didn't cover enough for me I found it depressing than anything and would have liked it if the titled entity were given a bit of a definitive role in the novella Probably 25 stars for story rounded up to 3 because I enjoyed the writing style of the author

  3. Lisa Reads & Reviews Lisa Reads & Reviews says:

    The Fleshless Man is a creepy novella about monsters inside and outside monsters in stories and dreams in sickness and in people we love as well as those we should love but don't Now these monsters aren't the sort that can crush you or tear you apart with sharp incisors No the monsters here are decrepit repulsive and needy They slurp and drool as you feed them and feed them you must for like the superstitions of sailors killing such perversions of nature could threaten our own survival or so they say and we fear they might be right But we dream of killing them those who linger painfully in life and bring us dis ease Yes for me this somewhat disjointed novella was about monsters

  4. Todd Russell Todd Russell says:

    This novella follows the strange somber last days of two adult's dying mother The story kind of roams all over the place and left me unable to identify with much else other than the sad state of a dying mother rather than the two brother characters and the weirdness developing in and around themThe idea behind the summoning of and the hideous entity The Fleshless Man didn't shock or disturb me as much as attempted The story was depressing than scary because my focus couldn't turn away from sympathy for their mother Didn't like it 15 stars rounded up because the writing uality itself was good Disappointed I didn't feel the story in the way it wanted me to 1054 Kindle locations Not recommended

  5. Nicola L Nicola L says:

    A copy of this novella was provided to me for review via NetgalleyTo be honest 'The Fleshless Man' has left me scratching my head a bit That’s not to say that I didn’t enjoy it it was certainly a decently written tale with some palpably oppressive atmosphere seeping through the pages and a well drawn premise but it was much too short for me to really get a feel for what was actually happening and the ending was a bit ambiguously abrupt for my liking Novella’s are always risky in the sense that you don’t have long to get to know the characters and establish the scene and I think this was unfortunately the case hereIn actuality there were some great ideas contained in this plot itself and I personally think it could have been developed to be a much longer full length novel ‘fleshed’ out a bit if you will excuse the terrible punThe story revolves around Curtis returned home to be with his estranged mother who is in the final stages of a terminal illness Curtis’ brother Glenn has been their mother’s sole carer up until this point but has problems of his own which may allude to some potentially serious issues Once ensconced back in the home he always felt to be too oppressive as a child Curtis begins having dreams of a particularly disturbing nature of a ‘fleshless man’ who seems to be taking Curtis’ dreams down some very dark pathsThe premise of this novella combined with a creepy nurse with a sinister bedside manner imbued a chilling atmosphere There’s a confusing sense of what is real and not real which disorientates the reader I have to say that the aspects that concentrated on the fleshless man’s origin aboard a ship were vividly descriptive and it is this which has made me believe the story could work better as a full length novel Norman Prentiss can certainly create a terrific sense of atmosphere I just don’t think this shorter story does his writing skills justice

  6. Phil Zimmerman Phil Zimmerman says:

    Norman Prentiss seems dialed into my life It's a little creepy I'm onto you NormThis novella is the story of Curtis and Glen two brothers one who stayed close to home and home that moved away Curtis has come back to town to assist Glen in the final days of their mothers life This premise exactly mimics my own life except for the names I am glad I read this book 6 years after my mother passed or I might not have been able to finish itPrentiss expresses so many horrors that I felt during this incredibly difficult time The resentment between the brothers the guilt of wanting it to be over the exhaustion of the entire ordeal Like Invisible Fences you find yourself wondering Is this horror or just a damn good story Prentiss works in the horror and I will leave that for you to discoverA hard book for me to read to the the closeness of the plot but very well done Already seeking out Norman Prentiss to see what part of my life he will write about next

  7. Dianne Dianne says:

    The Fleshless Man is a story of a man coming back to the home and past he previously escaped His mother is dying of cancer and his brother Glen is suffering from the effects of having to bear the brunt of her care Curtis has his own guilt to deal with seeing in the flesh what he has previously ignored and avoided He starts to having nightmares about killing his mother The in home nurse tells a tale of a 'fleshless man' an evil entity who kills all around him She has a weird and sinister way about her that makes Curtis uneasy Throughout all there seems to be a blurred line between reality and imaginationIs the fleshless man real? Is he a symbol of our short comings?This well written novella seems to speak of the turmoil in life while entertaining those who like a good horror readThis book was provided by NetGalley and Darkfuse in exchange for an honest review

  8. Robin Robin says:

    This is a story about monsters Monsters with friends monsters with families monsters who just suck up all the life and joy around them without ever seeming to get any benefit of the things they destroyThe Fleshless Men they hunger and hate But being fleshless they are weak and easy to abuse which makes them hungrier and justified in their hatred And if you stay too long among them you become a little monstrous yourself

  9. Martin Martin says:

    One of the thing's I like about a Norman Prentiss story is that I always feel like I am reading about real people This story about a man returning home to visit his brother and dying mother is another example of his writing skills The Fleshless Man is a Novella that leaves you wondering what happens next

  10. Stefani Stefani says:

    I have a feeling this might be a very short review because it is a very short story My ebook edition of this was only 66 pages so it barely ualifies as a novella but is too long for a short story Reading the synopsis I was fascinated by what this book had to offer Then I was surprised that it was so short but still intrigued with the story I started on my way And that’s about when the confusion set in But I am getting ahead of myselfThe writing in this novella is not bad in fact it could be described as very good It was descriptive and compelling when it needed to be But unfortunately there wasn’t much to describe because the story was so thin This author is clearly a good author who deserves all the praise you find on his biography Given time and length I think this story could have been incredible too But being so short just made this story confusing and boring in many placesLet me be really honest here that line at the beginning of the synopsis “The Fleshless Man wants to kill me” I didn’t even see that part and so when the character Curtis says that his mother said it my first reaction was “Really? Where? I didn’t see it” I still am not aware of when that was exactly because I couldn’t find it Much of this story starts as a dream but I was never fully aware of when we were in a dream and when we were not If that was the author’s intention then it was done well but I didn’t like it If it wasn’t the intention then that was a failureThe monster in this story is glossed over and not really that important to the story which was a disappointment since it bears the monster’s name I just wasn’t uite sure what this was about If it had been longer and detailed I probably would have liked it But instead I just got to the end and thought “That’s it? Really? I have no idea what I was reading for the last 66 pages” And even after some reflection I still find that those feelings are very accurate This book was provided by the publisher via NetGalley in exchange for an honest and thoughtful review No money or promises were exchanged This review posted to my personal blog and other book sitesThis and other great reviews at my blog Stefani's World of Words

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