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Peace [Reading] ➻ Peace By A.D. Koboah – Peace Osei is young beautiful – and addicted to heroin; the only thing that can keep painful past memories at bay But when a face from the past re enters her life demanding answers to uestions she i Peace Osei is young beautiful – and addicted to heroin; the only thing that can keep painful past memories at bay But when a face from the past re enters her life demanding answers to uestions she is not ready to face it threatens to send Peace swimming deeper into self destructive waters Having spent so long drifting away from the real world can Peace find the strength to face the past and banish her demons.

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    I am primarily a biography or non fiction reader so am delighted when I find some fiction that lures me in Such was the case with Ms Koboah's book Peace The title of the book intrigued me alone as I often flash the peace sign in my daily living I also hold England as one of my favorite places in the world so was captivated by the cover with its London landmarks My favorite color is blue and the silhouette of the lovely woman on the cover with superimposed drug paraphernalia struck a curious contrast I knew from the synopsis of the book that it was about a young woman addicted to heroin so I was curious to know why a vision of such beauty as depicted on the bookcover would follow that path The first pages of the book drew me in immediately with the woman named Peace gazing into the River Thames on a cold London evening Peace narrates the whole book and Ms Koboah is uite gifted in her easy but exuisitely descriptive writing style From the first page Peace's voice came alive and kept me interested as she told her story The pace of this book in gradually revealing what led Peace to heroin addiction was a masterful and delicious unraveling as Ms Koboah alternatively told the story from the past to the present Suspense was kept throughout most of the book as to what happened to Peace's son and exactly how such a good girl landed in such unsavory circumstances I thoroughly enjoyed and was kept interested by this book and consider it a gift when that happens I would definitely read another book by this talented writer

  2. Catherine Catherine says:

    I love the way Koboah writes Dark moving intense at times I thought this book was no exception While the story rambled somewhat throughout it was still a wonderful contemporary story about a young heroin addict facing some tough decisions and rough memories

  3. Henk-Jan van der Klis Henk-Jan van der Klis says:

    Born in Ghana the young and beautiful Peace Osei grows up struggling to find her place among her mother sister friends education Everything and everybody seems to be against her As a result of sexual intercourse she becomes a mother of Dante at a young age Her friend Mohammed leaves her immediately doesn't care about Peace of his son but returns every now and then to claim his heritage Daniel another frightening man eventually rapes Peace And Jason friend of both Mohammed and Peace plays a middle man but can't accept the discovery of Peace turning to heroin to find peace and heaven on earth In a bizarre accident Dante dies When all there's left is an empty pocket and empty home Peace starts a radical withdrawal from her addiction Will she succeed Will she finally find peace Peace is a well crafted novel vividly describing the withdrawal symptoms the problematic youth and the search for meaningful relationships vividly I enjoyed reading it

  4. Lulu Lulu says:

    Loved it AD Koboah is seriously rising through the ranks with her deep realistic writing I absolutely loved this book and wouldn't mind reading a seuel although one really isn't needed

  5. Leesa Leesa says:

    I received this book via LibraryThing's Member GiveawaysThis is a heartbreaking well written book It is a dark and depressing story of a young woman of Ghanian descent who can barely survive in low income London We meet her as a heroin addict learning that she is trying to forget a traumatic event Koboah takes her time letting this story unfold taking us into the past then to the present to see how each step in Peace's life has led to todayI already felt immense sympathy for Peace but about halfway through the book I started crying Each following page wasn't getting any brighter and it only got worse I couldn't stop reading while I was so dumbstruck with grief for Peace so I resolved I wouldn't stop until my heart stopped breaking or the book ended My tears did stop just before the end of the book but I'm still melancholy I will need to read a couple of lighter books before I venture into such darkness again This is not a criticism of the book at all; it's a testament to how powerful the story is

  6. Nicola Smith Nicola Smith says:

    Peace is a very troubled young woman Her past has been very traumatic and she has turned to heroin to help her deal with the pain She loves the feeling that it gives her and after everything she has been through she would rather have her addiction than deal with the pain and hurt that her past has caused She is trying her hardest to conceal her secret that has brought on her addiction but with her past coming back to ask a lot of uestions that she is not willing to answer yet will Peace be able to get through it allI did enjoy this book it was a little slow to get started but once i got into it i couldn't put it down You grow to feel like you know the characters and it becomes very emotional It will have you laughing and crying I am giving this book 4 stars as i did really enjoy it and it was beautifully written

  7. B.D.Shellman B.D.Shellman says:

    This should be reuired reading for anyone recovering from lose and addiction They seem to go hand in hand

  8. Betty Betty says:

    To real to be ignoredThis book takes you through the why when how and where of becoming a drug addict and returning to Peace The should be reuired reading for all recovery programs Great read

  9. Nina Reed Nina Reed says:

    Very dark and artfully crafted Peace Osei is a very troubled girl on a path headed for destruction when we meet her She's trying to escape past errors and secrets that threaten to destroy her On her journey she meets people who may just love her enough to help her pull throughThe book reads easily but it a tear jerker in places The dialectical speech is clumsy at times and slows the reader down Overall however the story flows and gain momentums on the way Koboah's writing style mimics well the anguish Peace feels in the book I would prefer a little less heavy handed description in spots There are also places where too much is told in dialogue that rambles someOverall I recommend the book but bring tissuesDisclaimer I received a complimentary copy of this book in exchange for my unbiased review All thoughts expressed are my own and in no way influenced by either the author or publisher

  10. Lovelyn Bettison Lovelyn Bettison says:

    This is a heartbreaking story about a young woman who has hit rock bottom Haunted by her past Peace has turned to heroine to numb her pain This book follows her struggle as she tries to come clean about mistakes she's made in the past and rid herself of this drug The novel was well written The dialogue and characters were uite realistic and fleshed out I enjoyed the writing style a lotBe warned that the novel is desperately sad It does have a triumphant end so you don't wade through all of that sorrow for nothing but still it is uite sad I don't mind a sad book I think they are necessary at times but I've had other people get mad at me for recommending sad books to them so now I feel the need to give a warning If you are interested in reading a well written solid story that will pull you into the world of a poor young woman who is addicted to heroine definitely pick this book up It is well worth the read

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