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    We are the publisher, so all of our authors get five stars from us Excerpts SUNDAYBad day for buzzards.I can tell by the way they sitin separate trees, on different billboards,breathing the death empty air.Not concerned with any other kindof peace, black with patience, they knowthe sky is the wrong place to expectto be heard For now, they circle insidethemselves, used to the half prayer, half answer world resting in the mathematicsof this life and the next.RENEWING SOMETHINGThe man with one leg is taking his evening walk, passingthe pawn shop where several normally lit letters are dark,reminding me of the gold chain watch I secretly sold there a gift to my ex wife from her grandmother many years ago.Even regret wouldn t touch that one, forgiveness far awayas gold from a dead prospector That secret never stooda chance even though tide after tide of alcohol assured memy tracks were covered I went to sea in myself after that,most days drifting on a raft of better moments, sky ...

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Expecting Delays As The Title Poem Suggests, Delays Arrive Exclusively On A Personal Level Not That Some Collective Surface Hasn T Been Scratched It Has, But That Surface Is Relatively Inconsequential We Must Follow Such Scars It S Who We Are This Volume Begins And Ends Just Beyond The Delays, Far Enough Outside Our Souls To Allow Us To Discover New Ways To Return As These Poems Insist, The Return Is Crucial Bishop Describes A Few Of His Own Reappearances, Hopeful That The Unusable Track He Leaves Behind Might Remind Readers Of A Few Of Their Own Delays And How Their Own Expectations Have Been Transfigured Hidden Among The Ordinary Images, Bishop Carefully Places A Pair Of Eyes That, If Engaged, Assure Readers A Most Unusual Journey.

  • Paperback
  • 74 pages
  • Expecting Delays
  • George Bishop
  • English
  • 16 March 2019
  • 9781938853197

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