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A Hovering Of Vultures ❴PDF / Epub❵ ✅ A Hovering Of Vultures Author Robert Barnard – Natus-physiotherapy.co.uk The author of A Scandal in Belgravia takes on skullduggery in literary society Two minor Yorkshire literary figures came to an unhappy ending than 50 years ago never having achieved any great literary The author of A Scandal in Belgravia takes on skullduggery in literary society Two minor Yorkshire literary figures came to an unhappy ending than years ago never having achieved any great literary acclaim Why then does greedy Gerald Suzman want to establish a fan A Hovering Epub / club in their honor.

10 thoughts on “A Hovering Of Vultures

  1. Kathy Kathy says:

    Charlie Peace is an appealing character and although I haven't read the first two in this series I did meet him in Bodies where he assisted Perry Trethowan in his murder investigation By now Charlie seems to be a seasoned detective although it isn't immediately apparent why he would have been sent to Yorkshire for the inaugural gathering of the Sneddon Society another literary society that Robert Barnard has cleverly invented This one gathers at the home of novelist Susannah Sneddon where she and her brother Joshua had lived until he killed her with an axe and then shot himself This happened so long ago that there are few people who ever saw the Sneddons so much of the lore is being invented; and the murder when it happens is not surprising Charlie's investigation leads to the killer of course and it also leads to an interesting relationship with Felicity a student in Leeds

  2. Swapna Swapna says:

    It’s always a treat to read a Robert Barnard book Barnard has combined a literary mystery along with a murder past present and made this book uite interesting However at the end I felt that the Sneddon murder suicide case should have been reopened and investigated again A delightful book by all standards

  3. Marina Sinelnikova Marina Sinelnikova says:

    That was a lot of fun even though it often felt like a social comedy in mystery's clothing

  4. Doris Pearson Doris Pearson says:

    Excellent book for those who love books murder and mystery

  5. Elizabeth Elizabeth says:

    It was Mark Twain who said Write what you know Robert Barnard who is a wonderful as well as prolific author may well have taken that advice because many of his books are about writers of various kinds Indeed he wrote about 'The Death of a Mystery Writer'The Case of the Missing Brontë' as well as about a historical writer in 'A fatal Attachment'In this mystery AHOV the mystery surrounds a long dead brother and sister who wrote dreary literary works that are coming into fashion again There has been a push to organize the fans as well as set up a museum Detective Constable Charlie Peace is attending a conference at the new museum because the organizer Gerald Suzman is known to the police as a con man and so far his motives for resuscitating the interest in the dead siblings is not obviousBefore things get very far murder enters the mix and Charlie has his job to do Barnard's characters are so well drawn that the reader is engrossed in the story and and even gets to believe that the dead Sneddon siblings are real I can recommend this book

  6. Susan Susan says:

    I recently learned of Robert Barnard's death and decided to re read some of his books as a way of remembering him To my surprise the library had one that I hadn't read before an early adventure of black policeman Dexter Charlie Peace Originally a Londoner Charlie now works in Yorkshire where decades before the unsuccessful writer Jonah Sneddon killed his successful sister Susannah and then himself Now Gerard Suzman has started a Sneddon has started a literary society in their mostly Susannah's honor Charlie goes along because the police don't trust Suzman who's often been on the fringes of literary forgery and other shady endeavors It won't hurt to keep an eye on the Sneddon weekend and try to figure out what Suzman is up to now

  7. Kay Kay says:

    Really great fun because Barnard is such a good writer but what makes this such a good read is the vultures around a possible best selling author siblings making it a book bordering on comic noir so much ring of truth in how profiteers flock to possible author gold troves As a book manager I sighed over an author bemoaning poor sales blaming his agent his editor the distribution side at his publishers and above all the publicity people The rural intrigue the sad story of a desperately shy and introverted woman writer and well the hovering of vultures to re read

  8. Polly Polly says:

    A mystery with a good twisty solution you aren't sure where it's going for uite some time Also notable if you're a Charlie Dexter Peace follower as this is the book in which he meets Felicity

  9. Mysteryfan Mysteryfan says:

    One of the earliest Charley Peace books He's one of my favorite recurring characters and some of the others are introduced here A great plot and a slightly fannish one involving literary fraud and an author's fans

  10. Lisa Lisa says:

    A clever little mystery uick read

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