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  1. Jessica& Jessica& says:

    I didn't like Predestine as much as book 1 I didn't like the voodoo lord plot of the story at all I found it boring and I thought that the bad guys came off lame I still enjoyed Pagan and Dank If I didn't like Dank's name in book 1 I hated his full name when we readers find out in this book is Dankmar My heart broke for Wyatt and his GF Miranda I hope the next read is better than this one because this one was just okay

  2. Sylvia Sylvia says:

    I am completely and utterly blown away by this book It's bloody brilliant and extremely unforgettable Seriously Abbi Glines you really know how to keep a reader captivated Ok first of all I have to say that I won this ARC ebook from Abbi Glines herself and I want to thank her for the fantastic gift and opportunity to read it before anyone else thank you Abbi And secondly OMG OMG OMG OMG OMG I sat at my Mac on a stool at the kitchen bench and broke my back and neck until I finished reading it LOL yes pain was endured but it's been well worth it because I could not stop myself from reading this sucker it was that amazing The story continues with Pagan and Dank and told in both their POV'S Ok before I say anything elsecan I just stop and breathe for a moment so I can catch myself before I SWOON into oblivionDANK is unbelievably SEXY INTOXICATING SENSUAL and one HOT DAMN HOT mother fudger BAD ASS Seriously the picture of him walking away and all you can think about while reading is his arse all up in those jeans OMG is a good way to diekill me now I'd gladly go if DEATH looked like that DAMN Excuse my little OUTBURST I found it the perfect time to just VENT that out LOL Ok back to the story now Predestined picked up again with Pagan and Dank enjoying their time together and having some very HOT and STEAMY moments It was about time they got to be with one another but as usual things were never going to be in their favour and in walks LEIFoh how I loathe thee This guy is such an asshole and all I wanted to do was reach down into the book and fly kick himarrggghhhh he made me so mad But we got to find out the truth about who he is and where he comes from but it still doesn't change the fact that he is one demented and very obsessed BLANK I'm not going to divulgeall I can say is that he has played an important part of Pagan's entire life and that we discover so many hidden secrets that really make you say WTF this really couldn't be happening And that's exactly what I was saying throughout this bookNNOOOO and WTF and having some very LMFAO moments that's for sure These were due to the constant wit and banter between Dank and Gee let me just say she is one funny ass gal But listen up all I really don't want to divulge too much cause the book has yet to be released and I'm not one for spoiling it for anyone I sure as hell don't like it but all I can say is that if you loved Existence you WILL LOVE and be totally obsessed about PREDESTINEDand the last line in the book once again is a KILLER Just when you think all is well and right in the worldBOOM Abbi goes and throws that inI'm so going to be waiting on edge and wondering where the HELL is this story going Just sheer brilliance on Abbi's partshe really knows what the readers want love loathe and obsess over Great job All of Abbi's books are totally relatableespecially the use of languagelove love love that So I basically recommend this book to everyone it's funny suspenseful witty charming sexy sensual full of drama and has so many twists and turns you will be screaming while you read cause I sure as HELL DID LOVED IT

  3. Jennifer Kyle Jennifer Kyle says:

    35 Stars ”What is one dark spirit up against Death?” After finishing book one of this series and that terrific cliffhanger I immediately jumped into this book This second installment in the series left me wondering if Abbi purposely missed the “evil mark” with Leif or is it to come in the final book or does he really have a shot? You were promised to me My father's power healed you and in return your mother promised your soul to me The story takes a few heartstopping turns poor Miranda and Wyatt and visit to a pretty creepy underwold run by the Voodoo spirit lord Leif’s people come into play and a deal that Pagan’s mother made a long time ago This deal is now being collected on and Dank Death plans on fighting and winning ”Because Pagan Moore was mine Her life her soul her heart it was all mine Nothing was going to stand in my way No ancient curse No soulless boy And absolutely no Voodoo spirit Lord”

  4. Ferdy Ferdy says:

    SpoilersAfter literally going to hell and back Pagan and Dank are finally together Pagan and Dank's bliss is short lived when Leif Pagan's soulless ex boyfriend returns Leif reveals that Pagan's soul was promised to him as a child in restitution for saving her life and that now he's back to collect what's his The plot the main characters and the romance were predictable cheesy and dull Pagan was a typical boring weak I hate anything remotely feminine and I can do anythin the boys can do type of heroine I laughed out loud when Pagan said she wasn't weak she couldn't even handle being without Dank for than a few hours without breaking down I hate heroines that act like pathetic whiny bitches I hate them even when everyone around them makes a song and dance about how strong and bwave they are On another note why wasn't Pagan able to recognise Leif as a boy he couldn't have changed that much Her inability to put two and two together was fucking annoying Dank was a whiny bitch of a dick He got angry when he thought Pagan was dressed too sexy because he couldn't handle other guys looking at her get a fucking grip What a douche he was perfectly ok with Pagan dealing with other girls perving on him it was all about his pathetic man feelings I noticed that all the evul female characters wore revealing outfits make up and had big boobs what's with this fucking shitty stereotype?? What's with painting girls that wear make up and revealing clothes as evul whores WTF? Leif was a fucking psycho Yet he still managed to be charming and sympathetic than Dank and Pagan For an immortal being Dank was a thick fuck Every time Dank or Gee left Pagan on her own Leif would show up and try to manipulate Pagan into going to voodoo hell with him Yet somehow Dank was unable to come to the realisation that Pagan shouldn't be left on her own What's worse was he then acted all shocked and surprised when Leif kidnapped herWTF kind of special idiot was he? I was baffled as to why everyone wanted and loved Pagan Dank Leif Jeff Miranda she was an utterly unremarkable person A dead rat would be intriguing than her The voodoo aspects didn't mesh well with the story AT ALL I didn't appreciate all the pop culture references The writing was rubbish The speech for the characters involved in the voodoo were written in dialect it was horrendous I actually liked some of the side characters Miranda Wyatt and GeeAll in all I hated it I'll be reading the novella Leif next since 1 I've already paid for it and 2 Leif was actually an interesting character I don't have high hopes for it but I'm having one of those rare days where I'm in the mood for reading rubbish

  5. Tarra Tarra says:

    25 starsOkay Okay This one was better but only because Pagan wasn't whining about the hole in her chest Don't get me wrong though there was a permanent scowl on my face the whole time I read this book The jealousy Ugh There was also still a considerable amount of growling thus ruining growling men for me forever Thank you Abbikins Thanks a lotThe RascillionsPagan Still a super annoying A hole I don't understand her complete hatred for Leif He's still a good guy He never once hurt her He never once even alluded to wanting to hurt her Shit the way I read it he was there for her every sad lonely moment since she was 3 and she still had a nerve to resent himWhat? He made sure that she was happy and well taken care of up to the very end while the only fucking thing she could say nonstop was that he was souless Humph That was the sweetest most caring non human souless creature I have ever read Was I supposed to hate him? Because I'm super not clear on that He didn't even get all angry and justifiably revengeful for taking care to be there for little brat's whole life just to have Dankmar step in for three whole minutes and steal his thunder Cuz I hella would have met any aggression on Leif's end with a shrugDankmar Boy am I glad that we added the 'mar' because now it sounds like a real nameeyeroll whatevs Seriously though the whole jealousy thing not attractive Why does YA seem to think that jealousy is a super ohmygawd hawt trait in a male? A little jealousy? Yes D Dawgs epic poportions of jealousy? Hell to the naw Get outta here with all that Pagan couldn't have an ex boyfriend that she remained friends with? Ick I really got the feeling that we weren't supposed to be head over heels for The Reaps my cute little nickname for D this book Abbikins set the scene for us to love Leif and showcased Dank as some sort of wedding crasherHe loved termed to be used super loosely here I mean c'mon Pagan for three days before he saved her from that car accident that completely screwed Leif That little fact was brought to light many times this book Why? Also treating Leif as the black sticky shit at the bottom of the barrel because he didn't have a soul?? Um Pot meet KettleAre we to believe that Death has a soul? This character that was written as not being able to feel any emotion before Pagan This character that was also written to bring up many times the fun fact that he didn't have a heart Yet Yet he and Pagan can condemn Leif for the same thing? Smh No sell Abbikins no gawddamned sell Leif I love you buddy I love you Tears spring up in my eyes You were yet again shit on and I don't understand it Why couldn't you be bad? Just a horrid character that I hated and hated??? Stupid Abbi All in All Boo The writing is poor just sooooo poor It still reads like a 13 yr old's extended dream seuence Just awfulPS The comment about there being too much teen angst between Stephan and Elena in The Vampire Diaries was a joke right? You were kidding weren't you Ms Glines? You had to be because looks around I know I just read Existence and I found the teen angst in that installment so overwhelming that I needed the Mental House vacation that Pagan got

  6. Grace Grace says:

    Oh COME ONThe cliffhanger from the previous book is that Leif is not human But better yet it turns out that Pagan's ugh mother basically sold her to Leif's dad in a voodoo leukemia ritual when she was a toddler so Something I don't know Leif's got dibs And this turns Dank in to a raaaaaaaaging arsehole Seriously this book turned into Twilight Lite about five pages in Spot the Cullen trademarks Dank is able to read Pagan's mind he ferries her around in his car including all of the opening the door to let her get out bullshit he growls when she's too affectionate with other men he appreciates the way she looks in sexy clothes but wishes she wouldn't whore it up in public so much I am paraphrasing he has access to stuff like a private jet and then he writes a message to her ex that SHOULD send the ex running to Pagan's mom or the police station or something because it is material creepy stalkers dream of when they build their hidden dungeons Dank is a horrible boyfriend He is HORRIBLE And I still don't get the souls reborn thing by the way Dank's said something about souls being reborn into their families which was eyebrow raising in its own way but now he's also implying that there's a soulmate bond as well Logistically this doesn't work or it would mean the same families intermarrying forever Am I nitpicking? Perhaps But think your mythology through peoplePagan is a pawn in this book She is there to be threatened to kiss until Dank decides it's time to stop because he might lose control GAG and to provide internal monologue about how much she needs Dank to swoop in and save her from whatever situation she's currently experiencing Any minor amount of agency Pagan had is gone she's just the weird mortal focus of a tug of war between Death and the Voodoo KingYes You read that right Death versus Voodoo King And when he deals with the lower caste voodoo folk Dank starts speaking in a DIALECT You might as well git it in dat haid ah'm not hyah for you jest yet Ahm not gon leaf befo I get wat I came for Direct uote my friends Can you imagine going to Ireland and speaking in a brogue? Or attempting cockney rhyming slang when speaking to a London cabbie? No Dialects are not languages Stop itYou'll be delighted to hear that this book even has a Twilight esue confrontation scene I bring my guys you bring your guys we all posture a bit with swords and then everyone basically backs down Hooray for suspense So Since this slew of Damsel in Distress YA clearly was spawned by Twilight's popularity I look forward to whatever murderous relationship eschewing characters pop up in Katniss Everdeen's wake May they arrive sooner rather than later and may they all actually use their brains and their weapons appropriately

  7. Say Say says:

    Well this was good though I liked the first one but yup My Dank was still his wonderful and perfect self My only concern was it was rather resolved easily how Dank got Pagan from Leif and there was no explanation on what really happened when Dank talked to Pagan's mother So I guess I wanted action and probably some fight scenes with Leif and Dank

  8. Erin Erin says:

    It was such an incredibly long and painful wait to get my hands on this seuel and I literally bought it the second I knew it was out on I'm a huge fan of all of Abbi Glines' books but the Existence Trilogy has always stood out as the one that really got to me I could NOT wait to dive back into Dank and Pagan's story and once again Abbi did not disappoint Predestined begins with Pagan and Dank finally free to be together They may seem like the typical teen couple on the outside but of course Dank is busy handling his job being Death having to leave and deal with the souls on a regular basis And Pagan is still trying to figure out why no one seems to care about or remember Leif who has suddenly just disappeared Just when they think the danger is behind them Pagan suddenly starts having her lost memories resurface in her dreams and hearing a voice tell her it's almost time She calls on Dank to figure out what's going on and they discover a secret that her mother has kept from her all along Pagan's soul may be Dank's to love but a dark spirit is staking a claim on it that he may not be able to fight When Leif is suddenly back in Pagan's life and admitting that his father had him choose her for himself many years ago will Dank be able to undo something that is beyond his control? Pagan definitely shows growth in Predestined; where in Existence she was so madly in love that she could hardly function without Dank she is stronger and self reliant here She's confident in his love for her and she knows that he'll do anything to protect her so there's a sense of independence for her character I must admit I loved the all encompasing love aspect in Existence but she needed to be stronger and become her own person too As she started realizing that her dreams were memories the missing pieces to the puzzle all started coming together Ultimately it came down to Pagan making the most difficult decision she'd ever faced and she's left heartbroken and feeling alone than ever I loved that she was strong enough to make the stand on her own it made her character even awesomeI was so excited to have of Dank he's like the uber hot fantasy story bad boy I can't get enough of this growling possessive incredibly sexy guy The way Abbi describes him with his perfect rear end that's filling out his jeans just right swoons He and Pagan of course have some steamy scenes again you'll have to be patient but you'll be rewarded towards the end of the book and I just can't get enough of them together I love that he lays his claim on Pagan's heart and soul and he showed so much emotion in this book Getting to see him have to carry out his role as Death was so sad and one scene very early on brought tears to my eyes it was so heartbreaking Dank has opened himself up to so much by falling for Pagan and every feeling he has is so much stronger because he'd never experienced them before In this book he really takes a beating when it comes to his emotions and I love him even after seeing him so battered and bruised in the heart but still determined to win PaganI knew Leif was going to be a wild card in this book because I ended up just loving his character at the end of Existence too I didn't want him with Pagan but I felt so sorry for him because he obviously fell for her so hard I couldn't wait to see what Abbi would do with his character in the seuel and I definitely never expected this Oh my heart still goes out to the poor guy and when we find out who his father is and what it means for Pagan it just threw me Lordy this was a heartbreaking story for all three of them and between the love triangle the twists and the new characters I feel like I've been torn in twenty different directions Abbi Glines what you put us through for our favorites I was so happy with the way things ended in this book Abbi always has a way of wrapping things up neatly to give us what we need but then leaving the bait for the next one dangling out there for us to grab I will never have enough of Dank and Pagan and the next book can't get here fast enough but I absolutely loved Predestined and so will any fan of this series

  9. Stacia (the 2010 club) Stacia (the 2010 club) says:

    Much better than book 1 I'm going to tread lightly with this review I need to write everything out uickly before some undetected annoyance triggers jump out from the shadows of my mind and manage to get me As of right now I don't recall coming across any in this book Praise be It's an early Christmas miracle No sarcasm intended I think I have less to complain about with this book than any other story I've encountered from this author This was a nice little readHowever I'm still sticking with a solid 3 stars The book was entertaining and didn't annoy me the way that Existence did but it still wasn't a wow read Predestined was good enough for me to want to check out the next book so hey I'm fine with thatOkay so the voodoo priest lingo was riotously funny in a massive cheese fest kind of way but I don't hang out with many voodoo high spirits either unless you count one brief encounter with a troll in World of Warcraft For all I know Ms Glines might be friends with the secret underground voodoo overlords of the caribbean and all of the dialect was 100% accurate My very brief experience with fake spiritist tourist traps in the south means that I'm definitely no hoodoo voodoo I'm now singing you do out loud in true Labyrinth fashion expert What I can confirm though is that I now have an itching to go watch the movie The Skeleton Key over again because that movie creeped me the hell out in such a major way that I wasn't bothered by this book's version of voodoo at allHonestly other than my all in good fun joking around I don't really have any complaints about the book Oh waitnever mind One small itty bitty complaint I really wish that Dank was not a rock star and that the high school was not called Breeze It reminds me too much of Sea Breeze book 1's character and setting One thing I thought I would never do in a review is compare anything to the Fallen series I'm so not a Fallen fangirl but here goes remember how in book 1 of Fallen where you realized that Cam was far interesting than Daniel or at least most people did? Wellsigh I think this happened to me with book 2 I liked Dank in the first book He sort of lost me in book 2 Leif all of a sudden SHOWED UP I didn't even like Leif in book 1 iirc because he was a blowfish Plus there was the entire fact that Dank was all sexy and rock star ish and forbidden Fast forward to book 2 and now Dank is just therethe still hot boyfriend who didn't really do much other than collect souls and follow Pagan around when she got in trouble There's nothing wrong with that but then Leif came along and was like I'm picturing a 70's suave voice in my head Hey you fine young thing Look what I've done for you all of these years I want to be a contender I'm only being a douche because I have to but if you let me in I'll show you how I can rock your world He even brought the looks and the voice and the shiver inducing nearness factor okay so that was kind of a bad thing but go with me on this WTF LEIF?? I wasn't supposed to like you Bastard

  10. Lisa (Remarkablylisa) Lisa (Remarkablylisa) says:

    i'm so annoyed by this series so i'm glad i finished this one will not be finishing the series as it runs in circles has no plot and i can't stand both characters

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Predestined [Ebook] ➦ Predestined ➥ Abbi Glines – Natus-physiotherapy.co.uk You would think after helping save her boyfriend from an eternity in Hell that things would go back to normal Well as normal as life can be when you can see souls and your boyfriend is Death But for P You would think after helping save her boyfriend from an eternity in Hell that things would go back to normal Well as normal as life can be when you can see souls and your boyfriend is Death But for Pagan Moore things are just getting weirder The high school uarterback and reigning heartthrob Leif Montgomery is missing While the town is in a frenzy of worry Pagan is a nervous wreck for other reasons Apparently good ‘ol Leif isn’t your average teenage boy He isn’t even human According to Death Leif doesn’t have a soul The uarterback may have skipped town but he’s still showing up in Pagan’s dreams uninvited Dank has known from the beginning Leif wasn’t human But he hadn’t worried about a simple soulless creature Now he realizes he made a grave mistake Pagan’s soul has been marked since birth as a restitution to a spirit so dark not even Death walks near it Dank knows saving Pagan’s soul won’t be easy but Pagan is his And he’s already proven he’ll defy Heaven to keep her If Hell wants a piece of him too then bring it on.