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 アリサ [Reading] ➬ アリサ ➳ Natsumi Andō – Natus-physiotherapy.co.uk THE SECRET OF KING TIME REVEALED Tsubasa’s beloved twin sister Arisa is awake but wants her eliminated by the King Reeling from Arisa’s betrayal Tsubasa falls right into a trap set by “King” M THE SECRET OF KING TIME REVEALED Tsubasa’s beloved twin sister Arisa is awake but wants her eliminated by the King Reeling from Arisa’s betrayal Tsubasa falls right into a trap set by “King” Midori The clocks tick as Tsubasa awaits her demise Will this be her final King Time.

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  1. Kate Kate says:

    Oh my gosh Did something actually happen in this series? With it ending in just two volumes I knew we'd eventually get answers and finally we get answersThis series doesn't make a lot of sense My constant complaints that no one has contacted authorities to investigate mysterious accidents and deaths and absentee parents letting their teenage kids run amok still hold The kids in the class are just a mindless herd gotta love the herd mentality But what makes this series worth reading despite the massive pitfalls is the delicious psychological craziness

  2. Jamie Jamie says:

    Midori reveals that he is the one who has been the King and he is the one who has taken drastic measures in order to try to unit class 2B his class Tsubasa is awakened and shaken by the sad truth and is tied next to a bomb which will destruct at a press of a button Midori shames Tsubasa for falling for her sister's boyfriend and making Arisa unhappy Although Arisa tries to fight back Midori leaves her locked in a room after confessing all of his terrible misdeeds Kudou a classmate and ally of Arisa stumbles in to help release Tsubasa and believes that she is the only one who can protect Arisa Tsubasa runs away with Kuduo and was able to escape the bomb Tsubasa tries to return to her own life and tries to leave Arisa alone because she believes that it was the best thing to do for her sister's sake She tried not to become involved any because she believed that Arisa wanted to be with Midori Manabe on the other hand felt that there was something much deeper going on with Midori and so he invites Tsubasa to continue to investigate the situation Tsubasa finds that Midori was raised in an orphanage until recently and from a nun discovered that Midori witnessed the death of his own twin brother Midori's mother was an alcoholic and often neglected the needs of her children One day his mom did not show up and so he and his brother fended for themselves for about a month or so It was dirty cold and there was nothing to eat As Midori's brother was dying he tried to seek for help but no one helped him because he looked like a dirty and confused child From that point on Tsubasa begins to understand that Midori has intentions of seeking revenge on people for not helping him when he tried to save his baby brother At some point I realized that Midori would have some sort of traumatic background story because he seemed to be really corrupted in order to carry out the actions that he did but I was surprised at the fact that he had a twin I think that was the point when I realized that this was how Midori had connected with Arisa I think the manga is coming to an ending but I hope that it isn't too disappointing because it sounds very cliche now

  3. LG (A Library Girl& LG (A Library Girl& says:

    Midori arranges for Tsubasaview spoilerto be killed by an explosion in Rei's house but Rei saves Tsubasa because they both care for Arisa and he wants Arisa to be saved Arisa sneaks into the hospital to see Rei and Akira? my notes are confusing Tsubasa finally learns about what happened between Arisa and Midori Arisa was the King at first but got depressed because everyone had started complaining that the King only granted easy wishes She couldn't bring herself to grant a wish with a stolen test answer sheet so Midori took care of this wish in her place Then when she was sad that her mom had chosen to go on a trip on her birthday instead of staying with her Midori pushed her mom so she'd break a bone and have to stay at home Despite all of this Arisa says she's going to stay with Midori on her own hide spoiler

  4. anne anne says:

    No matter how fucked up or nonsensical you think a story is it will always have a message to impart to its readers That message however is entirely dependent upon the receiver on what she's going to make out of it Other times when the readers become so immersed on the negative side of the story they fail to notice the redeeming factors it has to offer In Arisa's case I have gotten so absorbed on how twisted its characterization is but taking a step back and looking at the picture as a whole I'm glad to find the gems that I always look forward to in every single one of my reads Friendship loyalty trust and love It gets me everytime when a person who's lost in his own darkness gets to see the light because another person is there to make him feel compassion by showing faith loyalty dedication and love These are what Tsubasa has shown Arisa That no matter how many times she betrays her Tsubasa will always be there to look after her and protect her Not even uestioning once the horrible things she has done Instead Tsubasa continues to believe that Arisa is a good person and to show Arisa that there is redemption for all the things that she has done The problem here for Tsubasa is that Arisa doesn't want to change and although her resolve is finally starting to crack there's another who's pulling Arisa back to darkness I'd like to say that I love this manga for all the gems it has but the story is not really

  5. Laura Laura says:

    More backstory is good The characters are complicated but Midori is soooo messed up

  6. R R says:

    Finally some real answers Awesome series Sad that there is only one volume left

  7. Mike Mike says:

    Arisa is a multiple layered story with mystery elements which are all coming together in these later volumes It would be pointless to start here go back to the beginning and proceed in order Since we are so close to the end of the series and it is a mystery at heart I will keep all discussion in this review general and it will have NO SPOILERS for any volumes Natsumi Ando has crafted a tense layered battle between Tsubasa and The King over the course of ten volumes Here we get a lot of answers and background filled in as the stage is set for the next and penultimate installment of the main story Everything builds well and is internally consistent although a number of things throughout the series strain credulity from a realistic point of view It didn't bother me though the escalating tension interesting developments and characters and ample twists and surprises than made up for being a little heavy on the drama here and there The art continues to perfectly compliment the story It's generally simplistic in backgrounds but they do what they need to and the character work from expressions to framing to great use of shading is excellent and really conveys atmosphere and emotionBut perhaps the best part is that I still can't predict exactly how it's all going to end I love a good mystery and Natsumi Ando has crafted one of the best I've read in a long time Really looking forward to volume 11Highly recommended

  8. Luna Luna says:

    Series Rating 35Stars first few volumes are 4 StarsI read this series in one sitting which is uite telling in itself However I will say now that the story does lag a bit after a few volumes and loses something of the great set up it had at the beginning That said the author Natsumi Ando is good at ending chaptersvolumes with cliff hangers So you get to the end of one book and immediately want to pick up the next one Case in point – meThe art is excellent and was part of the reason I decided to pick this series up As much as story is important if you don’t like that images it’s a struggle to continue but for this genre shojo Natsumi Ando style fits beautifullyTsubasa is likable and determined to find out what happened to her sister As reader it was easy to be on her side This series reuires suspension of disbelief to some extent but you’ll enjoy Arisa for it

  9. Chelsea Chelsea says:

    It was really interesting to see Arisa's past in this volume and how King came to be as well as how her and Midori's relationship began It was also interesting to see how all the characters are developing and all the different relationships I look forward to seeing what happens next with Arisa and Tsubasa Contains Chapters 35 38Chapter 35 The Clockwork ClownChapter 36 A Bouuet for KChapter 37 The Two KingsChapter 38 The King's Smile

  10. Mikaela Mikaela says:

    Oh my what a turn of events Kudou helped Tsubasa And that was it Midori and Arisa just wanted to be noticed by their mom? So they strive hard to be the best There's nothing wrong with that Actually that's pretty good but some of their ways or well most of their ways were just insane i thought Arisa will be nicer now but why is she still saying that she'll be by Midori's side? She's still somewhat scared of him More like she has no choice

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