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10 thoughts on “The Wars of the Roses: A Concise History

  1. Mike Luoma Mike Luoma says:

    On reading this survey very short history of the Wars of the Roses by Ross I had a curious aha moment where I realized many of the current books I've read on the subject were written in light of Ross' work Some have supported his work others have found fault and contradicted him there are many shades and variations in the reactions to Ross' version to be sure I found the over reliance on large somewhat bland illustrations and the slight text detracted from this overall presentation It's a cursory survey whose conclusions have been somewhat outmoded by contemporary archaeology and scholarship

  2. Tamsin Willard Tamsin Willard says:

    Excellent overview I find Charles Ross a clear and entertaining writer Unlike some historians and fiction authors Ross gives Edward IV his due with respect to Edward's clash with his cousin and eventual nemesis the Earl of Warwick Unfortunately the jacket text doesn't reflect this It mentions the dashing Warwick the Kingmaker and ignores Edward completely even though it was Edward who with brains daring and courage won the Wars of the Roses by defeating all his enemies including Warwick

  3. Kara Kara says:

    An excellent analysis of the War of the Roses covering royalty nobles minor and major merchants clergy as well as all the “small folk” as G RR Martin would say Lovely illustrations and photos throughout of primary sources – stained glass windows illuminated manuscripts tomb effigies etc – and a thoughtful in depth look at the many layers of the bloody civil war

  4. David David says:

    Snooze fest Took my time getting through it though wanting it to get better The last chapter on the conseuences of the Wars of the Roses was the most interesting and engaging Much of what comes before is dry and turns the events of the Wars into a laundry list of minor skirmishes and a who's who of British nobility without much in it all to make me care

  5. Éowyn Éowyn says:

    Not bad as a brief overall history but bogged down with traditionallist assumptions

  6. Vincent Solomeno Vincent Solomeno says:

    Charles Derek Ross' The War of the Roses is an accessible concise history of the series of civil wars that ravaged England during the fifteenth century As someone whose knowledge of the time derives from Shakespeare namely Richard III I found this a useful guide as I attempted to separate fiction from fact and understand the events that occurred

  7. Jessica Jessica says:

    I found this to be a nice brief overview of the Wars of the Roses although you need about twenty hands and some playing cards to keep track of everyone Richard Duke of Gloucester Richard Earl of Warwick etc etc I especially enjoyed the final chapter that discussed the impact that the Wars had on the entire country given that there was fighting off and on from 1455 ish until 1485 when Henry VII came to power It was interesting to learn that in the end the impact on the every day lives of the people of England was not that great in the end and that life pretty much went on as usual and that was mostly because of the kind of warfare it was as well as who the combatants were I recommend if you're interested in this time period but I would suggest keeping a fully fleshed out family tree at hand to help you keep track of everyone

  8. Cheryl Cheryl says:

    For a short book this took me ages to read There was military stuffexplained than I was expecting My intent was for this to help me better understand the history as I began to read The White ueen but I finished the fiction book first and I think the story helped me understand the history explained in the non fiction book Overall I liked the general overview it gave The diagrams and photos were interesting and helpful

  9. Brittany Petruzzi Brittany Petruzzi says:

    Picked this one up when all the names in Richard III's biography started running together I needed something to which I could attach them Ross writes a concise history of the Wars that moves at a fair clip fast enough to keep the reader interested but not too fast that one gets lost Ultimately this was a Chris Schlect recommendation I'll be sure to read through the rest of his English history recommendations as well

  10. Liz Liz says:

    Good history of a very confusing era If you're interested in English midlate medieval history this is a good read The chapters are about different aspects of the war which I learned was surprisingly short although it went on for about 30 years As another reviewer said the last chapter was really interesting The Impact of Civil War on English Politics and Society The book is well written and I found it very informative

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