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  1. ♥ Ibrahim ♥ ♥ Ibrahim ♥ says:

    Intuition To access intuition you have to connect with God You talk to God and that is called praying God speaks to your heart and that is called intuition Another way to give a title to this book is to call it How to Hear the Voice of God? Same thing I love the fact that the author acknowledges our Creator and she sees him as the source of our guidance She is right God is truly everywhere in our waking and our sleeping This matches with what the Bible teaches me in Psalm 139 I like the fact that she encourages using pen and paper a journal or a notebook when using intuitive answers We receive intuition in images and symbolic pictures an inner voice emotions a physical sensation epiphanies and revealing dreams Epiphanies are a sudden flash of insight There may be a uestion or an issue I am struggling with then the answer comes when I least expect it in the shower washing the dishes etc Close your eyes take a deep breath and say the word relax as you slowly let your breath out Do this several times until you feel yourself becoming calm and centered Now we call on the presence of God Let's uiet our thoughts before Him let go of any anxious feelings and draw to ourselves a sense of calm and peace that He is actually the only Source of Here we take in this stillness with our in breath Let us let go of any concerns as we breathe out Here we say to ourselves I am filled and surrounded by the Presence and Spirit of God I am at peace He is my Peace Then comes visualization Visualize the love and light of God enfolding you I am surrounded by the sacred circle of God's love He encompasses me I am hugged by Him Imagine you are sitting in His power Ephesian tells us that we are seated with Christ in heavenly places Not the best book on intuition

  2. Angela Richardson Angela Richardson says:

    Wonderful book short chapter and exercises All in service to connecting to the still small presencecall it what you will

  3. Leigh Kramer Leigh Kramer says:

    Sometimes we read books at the precisely right time I bought this than two years ago after hearing the author's episode on The Lively Show but I didn't start reading it until last fall just a chapter here and there I’ve always been an intuitive person but this past year has been a hard season and I was hopeful this book would help me find some answers on what’s next And it did although not in the way I expected This book and the practical exercises within reminded me I can still trust my intuition even when things don’t turn out as planned If you’re at all interested in how our intuition works this is so worth reading I’ll be returning to this book regularly in the years to come

  4. shannon shannon says:

    i will read this annually for the rest of my life

  5. Elora Ramirez Elora Ramirez says:

    I took my time with this one reading it slowly and going through the journal prompts Definitely something I will return to in the future to remind me

  6. Cindy Kolle Cindy Kolle says:

    I loved this guide to developing your intuition I highly recommend

  7. Llightworker Llightworker says:

    I really liked this book Is highly recommended especially in the mornings If you take the book as your first task in the day you will feel the difference for the restWhat I like is the point of view of the author about the intuition and some tools to put it in practiceI will re read it after 5 years

  8. April April says:

    This book was very much like The Secret

  9. Elaine Elaine says:

    This book offered a basic guide to understanding your gut feelingintuition

  10. Sue Sue says:

    Thoroughly enjoyed this book resonated on many different levels

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Divine Intuition [Epub] ➞ Divine Intuition Author Lynn A. Robinson – Natus-physiotherapy.co.uk Imagine what the world would be like if we all routinely used the gift of intuition to enhance the uality of our lives When you are in touch with your intuition every moment in your life takes on a wh Imagine what the world would be like if we all routinely used the gift of intuition to enhance the uality of our lives When you are in touch with your intuition every moment in your life takes on a whole new dimension as intuitive wisdom pours in Your ability to assess each situation for immediate guidance allows you to move smoothly on your chosen path Decision making becomes uick easy and fruitful And you move closer and closer to your best life by divining what is true for you Divine Intuition is a practical guide to help you learn how to access the rich wisdom available through the gift of your intuition We often hear about the importance of trusting this inner guidance but we don't know how to listen to and act on it to make practical everyday decisions about our lives Filled with inspirational uotes helpful exercises and information on how to transform your life into one of abundance and happiness this revised and updated edition also includes lots of new techniues materials chapters and some fresh and inspiring stories from Lynn Robinson's life as well as from her clients' lives over the past decade Drawing on her years of experience Lynn Robinson reveals with compassion and a dash of humor what it takes to look within for guidance and to build patience faith and trust This inspirational book will give you the practical tools you need to envision attract and create the abundant and successful life you were meant to live.