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Maiden and the Monster ❴EPUB❵ ✺ Maiden and the Monster Author Michelle M. Pillow – Winner of the 2006 RT Reviewer's Choice AwardMedieval Historical RomanceLong NovelVladamir of Kessen Duke of Lakeshire Castle is feared as a demon in the land of Wessex The Kings have granted him a ti Winner of the RT Reviewer's Choice AwardMedieval Historical RomanceLong NovelVladamir of Kessen Duke of Lakeshire Castle is feared as a demon in the land of Wessex The Kings have granted him a title of nobility in exchange for his part as a political prisoner Discontent he bides his time in his new home until war will once again rip through the land But boredom soon turns to Maiden and PDF/EPUB ² devious pleasure as the daughter of his most hated enemy is left for dead at his castle gate Now the monster bides his time plotting revengeLady Eden of Hawks' Nest doesn't know what to think of the man who saved her life but she can't wrench her thoughts away His words are those of a tyrant true to his vicious reputation but his touch is that of a man stirring passion and lust when there should only be fear It would seem the infamous monster is not as monstrous as he appearsRating Contains graphic sexual content adult language and violenceLength Long NovelHeat Level Very Sensual.

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  1. Madison Warner Fairbanks Madison Warner Fairbanks says:

    I wasn't thrilled when the old guy groped the injured woman in her bed knowing she was on her way to be a nun When he shows himself as a monster hitting his subjects and then literally kicking a dog in the stomach? Nope Not for me I don't care how long he's been without a woman as he excuses his abuseDNF 20%

  2. Betsi Bjoraker Betsi Bjoraker says:

    Sometimes I binge on shitty romance Trashy implies to me some kind of redeeming uality; it's mostly terrible sure but the characters are a little likeable or the romance is sweetly stupid or maybe the action is hot enough to outweigh the rest That's trashy Trashy isn't really my thing Shitty nowshitty romance novels are another level entirely And my god is this novel shitty Vladamir the Monster of the title is something of a political prisoner in England and he has a black belt in brooding Some uirk of the description led me to picture him as Nathan Explosion and I liked that so it stuck Vladamir Explosion lives in a grubby castle and broods like no man has brooded before He scowls He smolders He gets boners and they anger him mostly because he just can't uite work up the energy to go off and rape a servant which he considers to be some kind of reasonable historical alternative to masturbation So he broods about the boners Whatever everybody has to have a hobby Fortunately for Vladamir a badly beaten woman turns up in a pile of garbage outside his castle as women do He takes a look at her after the filth is mostly scrubbed away and immediately considers feeling her up from the inside Eden who is clearly having kind of a difficult day looks like she was the lone survivor of an explosion in a baseball bat factory and all he can think about is how bad he wants to pork her Vladamir apparently dual majored in brooding and inappropriate boners He decides to just be really rude to her instead You know as one doesEventually she recovers from her injuries enough to wander the castle in the dark Vladamir bumps into her in a dark hallway and reacts by dry humping her until he comes in his pants It's all romance from here on out The story never gets better than that Oh it certainly continues and in delightfully awful fashion she's enthusiastic about blowjobs they get married to make her dad angry there's a kid from his previous hideously tragic and sad BROOD BROOD BROOD marriage it turns out he looks like Freddy Krueger below the neck some utterly forgettable minor characters get it on whatever Vladamir finally gets to put his dick in a willing lady and spends weeks literally hiding from her because ofreasons? The bed was untidy and I guess only prostitutes do it in messy rooms? Or something? He gets over it eventually Then he does her in the butt It is hilarious It is the reason I am even writing this reviewLook I'm not a butt scientist I don't know everything there is to know about butts But I still can't help but think that if your dude can float you around a pond for fifteen minutes and then march his business through your backdoor with hardly a warning knock you may wish to consult with a doctor about your weird slippery butthole because they're not supposed to do that That isn't how buttholes work Whatever's leaking out of Eden seems to do the trick though and Vladamir reflects on why he isn't a fan of Christianity because they won't let him do butt stuffIt was my favorite moment of the whole book I diedThere's plot and drama and crap after that point but it was so bland and stupid that I or less forgot all of it immediately I seriously cannot remember how the book ends I maxed out my ability to care about anything with the improbable butt lovin' For me this was the story of Nathan Explosion glowering his way into banging a hot abused chick with a slip'n slide butthole It was awesome I will never never read it again

  3. Jill Dunlop Jill Dunlop says:

    Lady Eden unconscious after being severely beaten and smelling of pig manure is left to die just outside the Duke of Lakeshire's castle He mistakenly believes the bundle of fowl smelling furs is just that but his servant discovers that the pile is actually a woman who is barely alive Vladamir against his will at the insistence of his servant and friend Ulric places the woman in Ulric's care to recover However after Eden is cleaned up and the swelling in her face lessons he realizes how attractive Eden is and wonders where she came from and how she came to be found in her condition on his doorstep so to speak I was pleasantly surprised by Maiden and the Monster It is published by Ellora's Cave which is known for their erotic romance but also the stories are generally shorter Maiden in the Monster is 355 pages and wasn't uite as erotic as other Ellora's Cave books I have read in the past but this is actually one of the reasons the story worked as well as it did for me I thought the history of the time period was well researched and the characters true to the time period I was expecting one thing and got something else and it was a pleasant surpriseVladamir is a bit of a beast He was jilted by his first wife of whom he adored and loved She in turn was a selfish horrid woman who scarred Vladamir deeply He has built up walls to keep people out and he puts on a mask of indifference and cruelty when in reality his is a very sensitive affectionate man Eden discovers that his bark is worse than his bite and believes that he is a good man His actions have spoken louder than words in the way he cares for her She has been around other men who have treated her cruelly and Vladamir is not one of themMy one little complaint about the book is that there is a very passionate love scene towards the latter half of the book in a very beautiful outdoor setting This scene took me by surprise and this time not in a good way The scene went in a direction that seemed out of character for Vladamir and Eden It seemed as if it was to be sexually explicit for the reader as a way to titillate instead of being the true motivations of the characters Of course this is just my opinion and I could be reading to much into how a publisher might influence the outcome of a book and that one scene did not overly influence my experience when reading this book I just felt like mentioning it

  4. Kari Kaz Kari Kaz says:

    This book was a surprise because I was expecting sweet and it's much spicier than I would've thought for a medieval romance It was a good surprise because I enjoyed the story Vladimir was pretty awful or that's what we were meant to think Eden was a great heroine She was mistreated before meeting Vladimir which is probably true to the time period but despite the abuse she remains uite strong Vlad who is called monster is taken by her but he's also insecure I really wanted them to finally get togetherI didn't like the way the author described some things he had longish nails huh? and the words she used for the smexy scenes sounded too modern However the story captured my attention and I'll read books by this author

  5. Netanella Netanella says:

    35 stars actuallyMethought I picked up a paranormal romance and got an over the top medieval instead complete with dramatic dialogue and grand gestures just like watching a Spanish soap opera on Telemundo Our heroine Eden is the beauty of beauties it is not enough that she arrives at the monster's keep beaten and broken nay she must be covered in dead animal entrails as well Our monster Vladamir is the baddest of the bad he snarls he wears black on black and grunts Arggh freuently and often Once our characters fall in love and admit to each other their feelings they face disaster including a death sentence the anticipation of which is fraught with enough angsty emotion to power a small village Methought I loved it Rock on Ms Pillow

  6. Gaele Gaele says:

    AudioBook ReviewStars Overall 5 Narration 5 Story 5Vladimir is depressed and cranky and takes no little pleasure in the fact that many of the castle’s servants and visitors are afraid of him the differences in his speech dress and rather imperious bearing combined with his hair trigger temper are his weaponry against his involvement in life and the pleasure it could bring Widowed some 6 years earlier he has no patience for the gods of his own childhood or those of the new Christian religion he has converted to merely halfheartedly nod at the conventions and wishes of the King Scarred from a fire that took his family his servants are afraid of him his control and impatient nature Eden was dumped beaten and near death in a pile of skins entrails and dirt outside the front gates of Vladimir’s keep A mystery to solve for sure combined with the rarer emotion of protectiveness and attraction keeps Vladimir curious about her appearance even as his baser nature for revenge against her father is all consuming Eden is able to see beneath the iron fisted control and shuttered emotions to find the pain that is mostly hidden beneath his brashness There is a palpable attraction between the two despite the discrepancy in their relationship her desire to not return to her father’s house yet lack of fear from what he will do TO her shows her inner core of strength and makes her all the attractive and unusual for a woman of her day His struggle to remain aloof and protect his heart against the desire and attraction that she is able to stir in him after long believing his chances for a life with a woman long dead show the kindness and sense of regret that he has despite his often cruelly voiced reactions This is a slower story better suited to savoring and allowing the inflections so capably provided by the narration of Mason Lloyd to depict the emotional confusion and struggles that each character is experiencing Lush details that fill out both the scenes and the scents of the story as they provide a sense of the time to readers effectively display Vladimir’s differences to his Saxon neighbors and delineate his high standards for his surroundings even though he had spent the past year carefully cultivating an impression of disinterest to all but his harshly barked orders It isn’t difficult to understand the attraction between the two that understanding uickly turning to compassion and empathy until you are hoping that the two will speak clearly and open to the happiness awaiting them together Another cleverly crafted historic romance from Michelle M Pillow that manages to incorporate a serious level of sexual tension before culmination for the two lead characters There are accounts of less savory moments although these are detailed with a sense of purpose and the perpetrators do get to answer for their behavior Mixing in historical details dress and even approach to conversation keeps the story fully in its time while being completely modern in description and imagery I really did enjoy this AudioBook and fans of the genre who are seeking an era that is not predominant in the genre will I believe enjoy it as well I received an AudioBook copy from the author for purpose of honest review I was not compensated for this review all conclusions are my own responsibility

  7. Dawn Dawn says:

    The beginning was slow with cliue dialouge and a lot of unjustifyable actions on the two main characters part I almost stopped reading it I did not however And I am glad I didn't As the book progressed the characters became fuller as the author did a good job of explaining the motives and reasoning behnd their actions The dialouge also became less cliue All in all it was a well thought out story with good conflict I ended up loving both characters especially for their flaws Definately uniue Warning not for the prudish I personally have no issues with sexual situations or violence in any art form wheter it be film or novels I gave it only 4 stars due to the beginning chapters being a bit slow to develop my interest

  8. Debbie "Buried in Her TBR Pile" Debbie "Buried in Her TBR Pile" says:

    Beauty and the Beast tale with a medieval setting view spoilerWarrior H Vladamir scarred trying to save his baby daughter from a fire set by first wife in suicidemurder attempt hide spoiler

  9. Sandra R Sandra R says:

    I listened to the audio version Great narrator so 5 stars for him and I loved the hero's accent As to the story overall I liked this erotic romance set sometime before 1000 in medieval England I had to take the historical details with a grain of salt so don't be too picky about those The author writes fun steamy erotic stories that are not to be taken too seriously LOL There's some swordplay death and a bit of adventure as well Plus a dark creepy castle very modern erotic language some that was a bit cringe worthy and a scene including mud 35 stars

  10. Ashley (Red-Haired Ash Reads) Ashley (Red-Haired Ash Reads) says:

    DNF 12%I listened to this book with Author's DirectI'm sad to say that this book wasn't for me I wasn't really enjoying the writing style It felt messy in places and inconsistent I also wasn't connecting to the characters I couldn't picture them together nor was I enjoying their relationshipSo I'm sad to say this book wasn't for me but I will continue reading Ms Pillow work because I do enjoy her stories just not this one

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