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Time Off from Good Behavior The Author Of The National Bestseller The Dieter Brings Readers Her Long Awaited Second Novel A Delightful Couple S Most Challenging Journey, And A Funny, Daring Love Story For The 90s Full Of Wisecracks And Savvy Shtick A Thoroughly Good Time New York Times Book Review.

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    Time off from good behavior by Susan SussmanLiked this book a lot because the alternating chapters were about the wife and then the husband.She s still working at a new job with costume design for a movie she s only ever done smaller projects He has sold the family business and as a millionaire he just wants to travel and spend time with his wife but she s too busy.Complications from her mother and his father stir this book aro...

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    Sarah Rose s career is just taking off as Asher Rose s career is just ending Asher wants to travel Sarah can t leave her ailing mother and has just accepted the job of her lifetime costume designer for a movie.Trials and tribula...