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Hair Side, Flesh Side ❮Download❯ ➼ Hair Side, Flesh Side ➾ Author Helen Marshall – Popular Kindle Epub, Hair Side, Flesh Side by Helen Marshall There are many interesting things in this book format Paperback and others isbn 9781927469248 350 pages and has a text language like Englis Popular Kindle Epub, Hair Side, Flesh Side by Helen Marshall There are many interesting things in this Hair Side, PDF/EPUB ² book format Paperback and others isbn pages and has a text language like English.

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  1. Ctgt Ctgt says:

    Another wonderful collection of stories that I can't really call horror but fantastic with occassional horrific moments scattered throughout One of my weird fiction websites ran an interview with Marshall that really spurred my interest in her work so I guess if I had to categorize this collection it would fall in to the weird genre I enjoyed how Marshall was able to create these strange almost outlandish situations but put normal everyday people in the settings to see how they would react I could picture myself in some of these storiesAs with most collections there were a few stories that didn't resonate with me but I will highlight some that I thought were brilliantBlessed In these days where kidsand adults seem to get caught up in the idea of needing all the latestbest ofeverything this was a heart wrenching story with a gut punch ending of a young girl caught between her divorced parents as they give her presents of The Blessed for her birthday Her dad bounced her on his shoulders and then heaved her off again so she landed gently on the ground and she stood tip toed until she could see over the top of the crate Chloe fingered the straw shyly not daring to touch it yet not daring to stroke the soft leathery skin “For your birthday kiddo” he said in a warm excited voice “You’re almost seven and we wanted you to have this—” “Lucia of Syracuse” her mum interrupted He gave her a look but it was an affectionate look one that showed he didn’t mind much “Died 304 A real genuine martyr”Sandition Probably my favorite story about the unfinished Jane Austen book and just how the rest of the text was discovered Something caught her eye a smallish discoloured lump on the side of her neck no bigger than a dime She suinted touched it with a finger The skin was dried out rough but the space itself was numb as if all the nerve endings had been disconnected She shook her head tried scratching it with a nail A ueer sensation ran through her body as if the area was simultaneously hypersensitive and blanked out with NovocainPieces of Broken Things How one man deals with his wife leaving him after twelve years of marriage Love she said love was messy and incomprehensible and she almost forty now almost the big four zero didn’t want messy and incomprehensible She had she told him a little bashfully replaced her heart with the only thing she could get to fit— a tiny clock the pawn shop owner had handy She showed it to David She undid the front of her cream silk blouse and David got a glimpse of a little ormolu face with two prim hands nestled in the little hollow between her breastsHe decides to dig a hole and bury her things because they bring him too much pain When he looked at the hole he felt a little of the love shudder out of him It was just a tiny bit of love but it flopped in the dirt by his feet for a moment like a fish His heart slowed just a few beats but it slowedIn the High Places of the World How the incidents surrounding Soledad's birth shaped the rest of her life A fact during Soledad’s birth a dove crashed into large glass window of the delivery room of the Hospital do Coração de Messejana snapping its neck instantly They had thought the baby dead in the womb and her mother grey faced with the pain of pushing saw only the flurry of feathers saw it slantwise through eyes that had long since ceased to register detailsThe doctor in charge saw the bird and in that moment his eyes flicked away from the trembling mound of flesh of the mother He was not an inattentive man but his eyes slipped for that brief moment and so he was startled when he turned back to realize that he now held in his hands a wailing girlA higly enjoyable collection for those who like stories that are a bit off the beaten path810

  2. Stephanie Stephanie says:

    Read because I try to read everything that the podcast Writer and the Critic reviewAnd damn I am glad I did So much lyrical gorgeous writing in here so many short stories that seem half poetry half prose So many vivid images that will linger with me most notably right now the woman who begins to peel her skin away to find a book inside Seriously good

  3. Stephen Stephen says:

    The intro to this collection captures these stories and their genesis perfectly “Don’t go to a museum with Helen Marshall And whilst you’re at it don’t take her to an art gallery either or anywhere where there might be statues or uirky bits of architecture no where you might come across pieces of old pottery Because such things fire Helen’s imagination” One can almost picture the exact object story artwork or conversation that sparked each of the uniue and often creepy stories in Hair Side Flesh Side My favorites Pieces of Broken Things On the difficulty of letting go of a lost love Dead White Men Intellectual desire for the classics becomes physical A Texture like Velvet What if vellum was made of other than we think External Things What to do when the passion for scholarship fades No Ghosts in London A Neil Gaimann esue ghost story The Book of Judgement Death ponders the demise of Jane AustenAusten is also key to the story SanditonThe book’s presentation by the small Chizine Publications is also impressive The book feels like a labor of love versus simply words printed on pages The cover is very cool Each story is introduced by an original artwork suited the story Even the promotional material at the end for other books published by Chizine is beautifully doneOverall the collection reminds me a lot of Daryl Gregory’s excellent Unpossible and Other Stories Like Gregory Ms Marshall’s writing is top notch and her stories are intellectually stimulating There are a few I did not like—too odd incomplete or featuring weak and unconvincing female leads For me Sanditon is an example of the latter Other readers found this story to be the highlight of the collectionBottomline A very interesting collection of imaginative fiction by an author worth watching On my buy borrow skip scale a solid borrow though you may want to buy and pass on to a friend as I am

  4. Megan Megan says:

    I'm almost glad I didn't win this on the Goodreads Giveaways because then I'd have to leave an actual review and I don't think I can do thatThis book was wonderfully creepy it sent chills through my body and had me guessing in some of the tales My favorite was the story from which the book took it's title where Jane Austen's unfinished novel Sanditon was written on the inside of a woman's body I connected the most with the story about Chaucer because I have been to Oxford a few times and could picture the setting as well as understand the lyricism of the story itselfOverall a very interesting collection of stories one I would recommend to anyone who likes to feel a bit creepy and doesn't mind a bit of sex It also helps if you're literary minded because there are a lot of references to the classics

  5. Laura Laura says:

    This debut collection takes on big concepts like history memory and art but it does so through stories that are surprisingly funny uirky emotional and human My favorite story Sanditon focuses on an editor who in the midst of an affair with a famous author discovers a lost manuscript of Jane Austen written on the inside of her skin She then must negotiate the power balance of their relationship as they try to publish The story plays well off another story Dead White Men where a twenty something bar fly picks up a woman who acts as a medium channelling the ghosts of dead authors into the bodies of her lovers This is an exceptionally well crafted collection with themes returning in various forms throughout the fifteen stories falling somewhere between Jorge Luis Borges Jasper Fford and Neil Gaiman Highly recommended

  6. Allison Allison says:

    I need to stop reading books with under 300 pages but what a way to pad my Reading Challenge early eh More of a 35 but I'll round up for just how much I loved many of the stories Actually I think the first story Blessed was my favorite even by the end Little girls measuring popularity by how many and what kind of saint relics they own SUREThere's also a really disturbing piece in here about an alternate history where famous writers and scientists used human skin instead of papyrus sheepskin etc as a writing material shudder

  7. Nicholas Kaufmann Nicholas Kaufmann says:

    Surreal literate and filled with existential longing this debut collection of stories by Marshall masterfully fuses the fantastic to the emotions of our everyday lives Marshall's prose is exuisite and precise her ideas refreshingly original The last time I felt this much enthusiasm and astonishment over a collection of stories was when I first read Kelly Link Whatever Marhsall writes next I'll be first in line to read

  8. Susanne Braburn Susanne Braburn says:

    One of the best short story collections of the year Helen Marshall's got a really lyrical sense of prose writing that you can just fall into until WHAM she hits you with the ending A brilliant new writer to follow

  9. Matthew Rettino Matthew Rettino says:

    As an English literature grad from McGill who has taken several medieval literature courses including a course on manuscripts and material culture I can say that this as one of the Top 5 Story Collections I've Ever Read right up there with Jeffrey Ford's A Natural History of Hell Helen Marshall makes extensive use of manuscript culture in her weird fiction making it surprisingly relateable for me in an unusual kind of wayI am half tempted to have students read some of these stories if I ever teach Survey of English Literature I It had the kinkiest weird tale involving the Norton Anthology of English Literature I have ever read in my life or will ever read again Also who knew that the corpse of saints could become birthday gifts for a young child in the midst of an ongoing war between her divorced parents There is subtlety music stream of consciousness and politics at play in this collection Most poignant perhaps was A Texture like Velvet in which the narrator makes a terrible discovery about the primal violence that underlies Western canon the violence that in this case constitutes the pages on which it is written literally There are scenes of striking intimacy that capture the power dynamics between women and men as they play the game of love and try to figure out what it meansAll in all this was an eye opening collection I liked nearly all the stories and even if a few were not uite to my taste I could appreciate them for their refinement and sophistication

  10. Majanka Majanka says:

    Hair Side Flesh Side is a lyrical short story collection ranging from slightly humorous stories to downright horrifying tales What they have in common is that all of them are strange and are somewhat related to the human body It’s a loose thread though considering I wouldn’t even place some of these stories under the same genre It’s dark fiction yes but I would’ve preferred if I could classify all of them under ‘horror’ or ‘bizar’ not a mix match of things I was continuously looking for horror Now of course that could just be me but I prefer my collections straightforward That’s not to say the stories have to be but the theme of the collection must beDon’t get me wrong The stories Helen Marshall provides the reader with are each in their own right interesting There’s “Blessed” about a seven year old girl who receives a saint’s body for her birthday In the world of “Blessed” this is common place and children argue with each other over who received the most interesting body or body part of a Saint This is an intriguing but undoubtably strange and eerie concept I found it horrific yet not scary “The Art of Dying” leaned toward horror Then there was my favorite “Dead White Men” which was a ghost story “Sandition” was another interesting story about an editor who finds a lost manuscript by Jane Austen inked on the inside of her skin That one wasn’t horrifying at all just well ew and the main focus was on the power struggle between the editor and the authorI liked most of the stories in this collection “The Mouth Open” didn’t do it for me though It completely ruined my appetite which was probably the author’s intention but also my will to read on which wasn’t that good The other stories ranged from decent to near brilliant Another thing that annoyed me was the varying uality of different stories in this collection like I said some were bordering on brilliant whereas others were mediocre at best I couldn’t see a common theme or a common uality and that bothered meThe author’s writing style however is simply sublime It reminded me of Jane Austen and Mary Shelley The plot of most of the stories in the collection strikes me as imaginative and original as well Like I said my favorite was “Dead White Men” which was about a woman who channeled the spirits of great poets and authors into the bodies of her lovers While I did think this was morbid and macabre it also left me a little frightened peering around my shoulder and expecting to see Lovecraft or Poe back aliveNo common theme was my major concern here like I said Looked on a one by one basis the stories are uite strong and decent But looked at it togetherI just don’t see it Maybe someone who does can come enlighten me I enjoyed reading this book but for me it was nothing spectacular As a short story on its own though “Dead White Men” would have probably gotten a higher rating from me

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