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The Global Pigeon The Pigeon Is The Quintessential City Bird Domesticated Thousands Of Years Ago As A Messenger And A Source Of Food, Its Presence On Our Sidewalks Is So Common That People Consider The Bird A Nuisance If They Notice It At All Yet Pigeons Are Also Kept For Pleasure, Sport, And Profit By People All Over The World, From The Pigeon Wars Waged By Breeding Enthusiasts In The Skies Over Brooklyn To The Million Dollar Pigeon Race Held Every Year In South AfricaDrawing On Than Three Years Of Fieldwork Across Three Continents, Colin Jerolmack Traces Our Complex And Often Contradictory Relationship With These Versatile Animals In Public Spaces Such As Venice S Piazza San Marco And London S Trafalgar Square And In Working Class And Immigrant Communities Of Pigeon Breeders In New York And Berlin By Exploring What He Calls The Social Experience Of Animals, Jerolmack Shows How Our Interactions With Pigeons Offer Surprising Insights Into City Life, Community, Culture, And Politics Theoretically Understated And Accessible To Interested Readers Of All Stripes, The Global Pigeon Is One Of The Best And Most Original Ethnographies To Be Published In Decades

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    This is an exquisite work of modern ethnography Jerolmack deftly integrates theory and praxis to create a fabulously engrossing and accessible book The Global Pigeon is extremely readable, surprisingly applicable to the lives of urban dwellers and likely many people in rural areas as well Many of the texts I read in my undergraduate sociology course changed the way that I looked at the world around me, but these were often in a conceptual sense Jerolmack s book, on the other hand, has changed the way I think about the pigeons I see every day at the train station, on my walk to work, and in parks near my office As cheesy as it may sound, The Global Pigeon really revived my inner sociologist.I d recommend this book to anyone who has ever cursed rats with wings, fantasized about kicking a pigeon across Father Demo Square, or secretly wanted to keep pigeons on their roof Regardless of how you may feel about these ubiquitous animals, this book will fascinate you and change the way you think about them and their place in the city I encourage fellow amateur pigeon enthusiasts to document the pigeons around them on social media using pigeonstagram.

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    Super fun read It felt like reading a travel journal mixed with an adventure novel at times, while at other times giving the intellectual gymnastics and deeper understanding of the world that you re looking for in non fiction Despite the title, in addition to an introduction to the now fascinating world of pigeon racing, this book is really about humans He s a great story teller, and basically shows, through the lives of folks he s met around the world, how we ve influenced the species, and how they ve influenced us who knew that pigeons and coops were involved in the complex issues like gentrification

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    Full review coming This book is a much read and referenced part of my growing library of Avian and Pigeon books From his earlier studies as an urban sociologist, Jerolmack has becomea Professor of Sociology and Environmental Studies at NYU He also offers classes on human animal relationships Knowledge about these interactions has rapidly become an urgent matter, at least in New York City BY reading this book, I can now separate sociological aspects of pigeons in the city from all my other concerns.

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