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  • 39 pages
  • Runescribe
  • Megan Derr
  • English
  • 13 October 2015

10 thoughts on “Runescribe

  1. fleurette fleurette says:

    Nice little novella with some very cute characters Who knows maybe one day Megan Derr decide to turn it into a full novel Those characters are worth it

  2. ~Volha~ ~Volha~ says:

    This was the sweetest cutest story ever I loved the sheer positivity vibe I got while reading it I would have loved to read about this magical world and the characters of Vess Tyri and Raithte They were so engaging Lovely albeit too short a read

  3. jessica ☾ jessica ☾ says:

    355 Really cute story very short and sweet Didn’t find anything in particular wrong with it this was just ok for me I enjoy Megan Derr’s writing but unfortunately I wasn’t wowed by this one I think her writing style is well suited towards full length novels

  4. S.J. Himes S.J. Himes says:

    SweetHeartbreaking and sweet and charming I fell for Rathte immediately and Ty is adorable and awesome Wish it was a novel instead of a a short story

  5. Chris Chris says:

    So cute I would have loved a full length version of this book it felt like a nice prologue into what could be a sweet fantasy series 😊

  6. Ann Ann says:

    I would LOVE for this to be expanded to a full length story

  7. Ami Ami says:

    Personally I think this is the kind of story Megan Derr does best Tyri is such a sweetheart and the whole thing is ADORABLE Short stuff that managed to put a smile on my face when I finished

  8. Relly Relly says:

    Great4 ⭐️ I enjoyed this one Ms Derr has a great ability of writing a good short story that gives us enough information about the characters to work the story and keep the reader entertained and being able to complete the story yet still wanting from the world created I liked and felt for Tyri in his attempts to create a life for both himself and his sister Rathe was a good character and a bit scattered but that made him entertainingI love to see from these guys

  9. Omega696 Omega696 says:

    It was but a first chapter and the story ended before it even beganIt's a pity I like it when characters have some kind of disability and have to work around it in order to survive

  10. Ruthsic Ruthsic says:

    Rep main character is ueer and euivalent to legally blind and has a mute younger sister; mm romanceThis was an extremely cute story of a young guy having a meet cute Tyri is rushing to a job interview for a runescribe position basically secretary to a wizard in the rain when he crashes into Rathte and breaks his glasses; the latter on realizing Tyri is helpless at the moment takes him to his home and helps him while also taking care of him and insisting on replacing his glasses and clothes As Tyri gets to know him further through their awkward conversation he senses Rathte is well loved by his staff while also surprised at how they all behave like a family He is also floored by his kindness as he brings his little sister too so that she can stay until Tyri's new glasses are made As characters they are both written uite well for a short story and so are the other minor characters The world building is rudimentary but it fills in enough blanks to continue the story The only thing was this was too short and too uick I wish it would have been a longer novel so that the romance could have been given space to grow But otherwise even as a novella it is a uick and adorable read

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Runescribe❰PDF❯ ✍ Runescribe Author Megan Derr – A story I wrote for my roommate A runescribe meets with disaster on his way to a job interview Near blind without his glasses regarded as a burden to his family Tyri left his clan to attempt a career A story I wrote for my roommate A Runescribe meets with disaster on his way to a job interview Near blind without his glasses regarded as a burden to his family Tyri left his clan to attempt a career as a Runescribe in the city But finding a job proves difficult than anticipated and his last hope to avoid being thrown out on the streets depends on the interview he has that morning A morning immediately ruined by way of a storm and a stranger who accidentally breaks his glasses.

About the Author: Megan Derr

Megan is a long time resident of mm fiction and keeps herself busy reading writing and publishing it She is often accused of fluff and nonsense When she's not involved in writing she likes to cook harass her cats or watch movies especially all things James Bond She loves to hear from readers and can be found all around the internetmaderrcommaderrtumblrcommaderrlivejournalcomless.