Cold Open MOBI Ê Kindle Edition

  • Kindle Edition
  • 294 pages
  • Cold Open (Sam North Mystery #1)
  • Greg Clarkin
  • English
  • 09 April 2014

10 thoughts on “Cold Open (Sam North Mystery #1)

  1. Tulay Tulay says:

    Wants to be president murders and moneyShould be read and enjoyed Another one from Texas thinks he's the only one can run this country no body should stand in his way His rich daddy took care of his problems growing up now rich himself and company in Houston Buying his way to contracts with our enemies killing anybody stands in his way

  2. Richard Hallmark Richard Hallmark says:

    Great story of suspense and murderSam is a world class reporter who crosses thru a lot of threats to close in on a gangster who's heading for the Whitehouse Lots of twists and turns some bad language along the way I'm not sure why authors can't resist the foul language To bad for a very good book otherwise

  3. Gretta Sisson Gretta Sisson says:

    Cold OpenLoved every minute of this story Well written the kind you don’t want to put down till finishedso many twists and turns

  4. Spin2Knit Spin2Knit says:

    Very good readEvery so often a book comes along that grabs you and keeps you reading without stop until the end This book was great characters real and story riveting Loved it cover to cover

  5. Kevin Bowser Kevin Bowser says:

    I really liked this bookIt was a fast moving plot with a fast talking character In fact it was the pace of the dialog that made it so enjoyable Was the dialog almost cartoon ish in a way Sure But that is just part of the charm of the bookThe plot is predictable to a degree A less than stellar news anchor reporter happens to pick up an incredible tip and chance to scoop the entire world Someone of great celebrity is found floating in the river And as luck would have it the body belongs to the biggest media star of the cable news network for which the main character is a reporterIt sure looks like suicide But is it The we find out the the poor dead guy the he seems to have lots of reasons to live Maybe it is murder He had been trying to boost ratings with some attacks on some high profile folks and making some pretty significant claims of wrong doingI won't spoil the end of it for you because I think you will enjoy the story enough to read it for yourself

  6. Mike Mike says:

    I would have given this four stars because it was entertaining enough I cut one off because rather too many of the characters sounded alike in their half assed jokey way Amusing when one person does it but variety is the spice of a story The intention to give a distinctive flavour to the Sam North collection was good but from a dialogue pov there was than one SamThe only other cavil was the descriptions seemed to come in clumps For example in the first page or two Charlie 'was dressed in his summer uniform' We get a breakdown of shorts sneakers T shirt and Sam's suit colour maker favourited jacket location shirt tie folded stuffed location All this naturally adds to our seeing the picture clearly but drip feed is far better than a para pause with itemized list Small point really but the flow becomes a shade bumpy than it need be if this occurs too oftenAll in all though this was a good enough start and if the stories are a shade novel or unexpected in content then all the better

  7. Pat Pat says:

    I think this was a Kindle freebie A good detective story with the main character Sam North being a reporternewsman for Liberty TV channel The hot talkshow host is found in the harbor and suicide is ruled to be the cause of death His hot wife however thinks someone killed him even though a suicide note was found She turns to Sam for help He almost gets fired but tries to find out the scoop anyway He runs into a lot of dead ends but when he is targeted he starts taking things seriously and the story starts to unravel The level of deceit goes even higher up the food chain than even Sam believed and several people get murdered before Sam is able to put it all togetherProbably not super high uality fiction but a fun fast read Entertaining to say the least

  8. Malcolm Gregoire Malcolm Gregoire says:

    Hard to put down once I got into the story about how a highly rated investigative news anchor gets killed by some unsavory types trying to make it look like suicide Moneyed presidential hopeful seems to be behind the plot twists and turns It did seem strange with all the pot shots taken at the reporter looking into the anchors death never got reported to the police Ah the literary license to skip real life

  9. Beth Beth says:

    A murder mystery starring a news anchor as the detective who is trying to figure out why another anchor at his station was killedA bit choppy a number of possible stories that tie all the characters togetherA twist in whowhat is the cause of the murder and who is included in the plot and why

  10. Sherry Melissa Sherry Melissa says:

    I liked the film noir hard boiled detective feeling to this story I also loved the setting NYC and I work in tv news so there's that too I was incredibly frustrated at times because the main character is so dense However the dialog and action were enough to keep me interested in reading

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Cold Open (Sam North Mystery #1)[Read] ➬ Cold Open (Sam North Mystery #1) By Greg Clarkin – When the nation’s number one cable news anchor turns up floating in the East River the cops label it a suicide But his gorgeous widow is convinced he was killed and carries a secret that proves itNo When the nation’s number one cable news anchor turns up floating in the East River the cops label it a suicide But his gorgeous widow is convinced he was killed and carries a secret that proves itNow she has Sam North believing it The story hungry TV reporter starts nosing around and discovers what Jack Steele found out the hard wayasking uestions can get you disturbing answers maybe even killed.

About the Author: Greg Clarkin

HiIm Greg Clarkin A former print and TV reporter Ive worked as a reporter for the New York Post CNN and other major media outlets And my writing has appeared in the New York Times Men’s Journal and other publications and websites My first first book was Cold Open A Sam North Mystery Ive added a YA title The Laughing and a short story Mahoney Mills to the line up Im c.