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Sudden Breakaway [KINDLE] ❃ Sudden Breakaway ❆ Jessica E. Subject – Natus-physiotherapy.co.uk Dressed in her black designer suit Paige Brown recruits men and women for the Space Service After the end of her marriage and several failed recruiting missions she yearns to find a way out of her lif Dressed in her black designer suit Paige Brown recruits men and women for the Space Service After the end of her marriage and several failed recruiting missions she yearns to find a way out of her lifelong contract to live a normal life To find love againJared Barnes’s life had been flipped upside down by two little kids When his former Commander’s wife shows up to give him a reprieve he jumps at the chance for a break and to visit his former suad But it is not his buddies he meets in the private suite at the hockey game instead a woman who has been the star of all of his recent fantasies.

  • ebook
  • 30 pages
  • Sudden Breakaway
  • Jessica E. Subject
  • English
  • 23 November 2015

About the Author: Jessica E. Subject

Jessica E Subject is the author of science fiction and paranormal romances bringing to life a wide variety of characters In her stories you could not only meet a sexy alien or a pop star tiger shifter but also unsuspecting clones and feisty omegas You may be transported to a dystopian world where rebels are fighting to live and love or to an alternate reality where shifters live among human.

6 thoughts on “Sudden Breakaway

  1. Taryn Kincaid Taryn Kincaid says:

    Yummy hero Sweet but sizzling hot story

  2. Diana (Offbeat Vagabond) Diana (Offbeat Vagabond) says:

    Original post here Breakaway is a short super sexy read that left me smiling Paige is good at her job being a recruiter for the Space Service but it seems she has lost her spunk She hasn't gotten anyone to sign on and it could be partially because she doesn't want her job any I love this story of a woman who wants out of life than her job She went into it with her husband and wellthings didn't work out So since they can't work together she is just going through with the job due to the contract She has no hope for anything else but work But things change when she tries to recruit Jared I loved him He was super sexy I wish we had of a story about him raising his sister's kids since she died We get a glimpse of him and those kids together and it was adorable and funny I love the chemistry that Paige and Jared share even though they have only seen each other twice Subject gave us a nice taste of BDSM in this book It was new and I liked it I loved how the story ended and how Paige's life goes a complete 180 One thing I didn't like was Paige's husband We meet him near the end and what he does doesn't match his personality He comes off as a total ass so why did he do what he did? I wouldn't have seen a guy like him doing something like that I wish we got some background on that Or maybe that is a 1NightStand story I missed Either way a motive would have been nice Overall this was a great read It was 30 pages of pure sensual bliss Though short I did have a connection with the characters I love that they try to better their lives with each other especially Paige She makes a uite the big sacrifice to be with Jared They definitely leaped off the pages for me If you are looking for a fun and sexy little read this is a winner

  3. Kelly Kelly says:

    Sudden Breakaway is for people wholike seeing two lonely souls come togetherenjoy sexy times at public sporting events even if the sexy times take place in a private roomlike family menget a giggle out of main characters being intrigued by one another to the point of having explicit masturbatory fantasies often Kelly Reading the ParanormalSudden Breakaway was part of a free Kindle bundle I downloaded on 031913 for the Why Buy the Cow? reading challenge

  4. Shiloh Saddler Shiloh Saddler says:

    This was a great hot read Jared a former Marine and Paige a recruiter for the Space Station were both well developed characters and I felt connected to them While the Space Station was mentioned this book takes place on Earth Note there was very light BDSMThis is my favorite of Jessica E Subject's books so far

  5. Crystal Crystal says:

    I just want to say that I really didin't like Paige's ex husband What he did was just cruel I just knew he was up to no goodJared is just the man for Paige but since he has his sisters kids to raise now that makes it kind of hard to have a relationshipReally love this book

  6. April April says:

    Oh yeah that is what I am talking about Hot and heavy steamy action fantasies toys and a touch of BDSM Sign me up Madame EveAnother great story with just enough heart to make you melt I really hope there are books to come in this series Always a yummy read

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