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Hollywood Forever ❮BOOKS❯ ✶ Hollywood Forever ✬ Author Christopher Herz – Harold Hall’s popularity bolstered by a nervous breakdown caught on camera at the Hollywood DMV has suddenly risen sky high Now strangers are taking his picture and uploading his every move to Faceb Harold Hall’s popularity bolstered by a nervous breakdown caught on camera at the Hollywood DMV has suddenly risen sky high Now strangers are taking his picture and uploading his every move to Facebook and Twitter For a struggling actor looking to leave a legacy it’s a dream come true But Harold’s love Eliah doesn’t even have a cell phone let alone a hashtag And when Harold is cast as a revolutionary leader in a groundbreaking new web show he lands the role that was built to make him a legendbut not without a cost In order for Harold to truly transform into his role as a visionary the producers at Golden State Broadcasting have asked him to undergo reconstructive face surgery Just when Harold’s dreams start to come true he has to make the decision between love or legend before the director yells Cut“An actor walks into a DMV That’s not the beginning of a joke but of a brilliant novel written by Christopher Herz Not only is Hollywood Forever a smart and witty five star read—with genuine characters I want to meet for drinks—this book made me stop and uestion the influence of social media in my own life If you find yourself checking Twitter Facebook and YouTube multiple times a day Hollywood Forever will cause you to think too in a good way that makes you read a second and third time To sum it all up in four words I loved this book” Emily Snow New York Times and USA Today bestselling author.

  • Paperback
  • 284 pages
  • Hollywood Forever
  • Christopher Herz
  • English
  • 17 June 2016
  • 9781612187037

About the Author: Christopher Herz

Christopher Herz is the author of The Last Block in Harlem Pharmacology and Hollywood Forever He has worked every kind of job imaginable from washing dishes to selling chimney sweep services to writing interactive cartoons for the Pokemon Learning League He lives in Brooklyn with is wife and continues to write novels that invoke reactions and entertain on the edge of comfortability.

10 thoughts on “Hollywood Forever

  1. Robert Robert says:

    I don’t know if it’s possible to actually be in love with a book but I’m fairly certain I am in love with HOLLYWOOD FOREVER I’d say the love affair started at the beginning with the DMV meltdown and subseuent aftermath and continued all the way to the end of the novel I’m not sure if I’m a better person for reading it nor am I sure that my life was somehow enriched but I must say that I’m pretty darn happy that I discovered this book And I was slightly depressed when it was finished not Prozac depressed but slightly disappointed all the sameHarold Hall became a legend although he didn’t start out that way In fact he wasn’t even the best looking Superman on the street corner and he was throttled to the point that the Superman with the better muscles was having bills shoved in his direction and stuffed in his spandex while poor Harold was sucking pavement parts through a straw while slipping in and out of consciousness after his head had swelled up to twice its normal sizeHerz knows female characters By the halfway point of the novel I’d developed schoolboy crushes on both Eliah and Samantha Parsons Both women were well fleshed out and stood out from the printed page like rock stars with their mouths pressed against the microphone as the crowd screamed their namesThe prose was wonderful depressing hilarious beautiful fulfilling and the emotional rollercoaster never seemed to end I euate it to being shoved in a washing machine having the best sex of my life being punched out by a TV executive while in the middle of my annual performance review and then laughing so hard that I have cough syrup coming out of my nose It was one beautiful miraculous mess and I was in the middle of one of the best dreams of my life When it ended I felt like someone needed to pinch me and then I needed to go back to recreating the dreamBut the disastrous love affair didn’t end with the characters and the prose No the ride incorporated the technology monstrosity from which we can never return We live in an age where we have technology imprinted on our brains as we wait for the next email ping guilty updating our Facebook status and Tweeting in the middle of a funeral or while in the midst of a traffic jam and where reality TV has completely consumed our lives These are rather interesting times and Herz infuses all of it with his wit and charmWhile it’s really hard to use such an arbitrary term as best book since books affect each of us in uniue ways based on the uniueness of the authors and the distinctiveness of the characters and the prose I’ll dangle myself from an errant tree branch over the middle of Fantasy Park and say that this is the best book I’ve read so far this yearCross posted at Robert's Reads

  2. Emily Snow Emily Snow says:

    An actor walks into a DMV That’s not the beginning of a joke but of a brilliant novel written by Christopher Herz Not only is Hollywood Forever a smart and witty five star read—with genuine characters I want to meet for drinks—this book made me stop and uestion the influence of social media in my own life If you find yourself checking Twitter Facebook and YouTube multiple times a day Hollywood Forever will cause you to think too in a good way that makes you read a second and third time To sum it all up in four words I loved this book

  3. Sam H Sam H says:

    If the definition of a good book is one you have to put down and digest before you move on then this is an excellent book All of Herz books leave me with the feeling that I have to keep thinking about them even when I have moved onto my next read This is no exception resulting in it taking me ages to settle on another book after finishing it Friends ask me what genre does the author write in The simple answer I have no idea My normal answer it is just like nothing you have read before   Herz pushes the boundaries of modern literature and still manages to combine an engaging plot with engaging characters Hollywood Forever is the author’s third book and just as good as his other offerings As expected from the title the book is set in Hollywood The scene is set at every part through the book with a combination of excellent descriptions and witty observations As you read the book you get a real feel for the city Not the city shown on movies and glossy brochures but the real Hollywood cracked pavements and all Unlike other author’s this scene setting is not accomplished through long drawn out descriptions but rather short observations that lead you for a wonder down Hollywood Boulevard Strangely these descriptions of the less than perfect areas of Hollywood have made me what to visit it even This book shares the culture of Hollywood not just the glamour I have a list of places I would like to visit from the book I am just left hoping now that they are real and not from the authors imagination Without giving too much of the plot away the book is about a normal man searching for fame in a place where everyone else is This book uestions the use of social media and how far a person will go to obtain fame In a world where talent shows gain such huge followings and five minutes of fame is considered as important as a persons health this book is extremely relevant There are aspects of the book that I ashamedly found myself relating to If you are a person who checks your Facebook Twitter and email before getting out of bed so will youThe characters in the book are well written As with his previous novel I find his writing of his female characters exceptional This writing leads you to engage with the characters even as they take you through your story Whether you hate or love them you will always be able to relate to them and the particular aspect of the story that they are responsible for telling This book is my favourite of the year and since I finished it in 2012 after reading several novels that is no small statement This book will leave you thinking about it for days talking about it for weeks and wanting for months

  4. Cyrus Webb Cyrus Webb says:

    If you are what you say you are a superstarThen have no fear the camera is hereAnd the microphonesThat chorus by Matthew Santos in Lupe Fiasco's SUPERSTAR kept playing through my head as I read HOLLYWOOD FOREVER the latest offering by author Christopher Herz As was the case in his previous novel Herz has been able to once again take the reader on a journey not too different from our own with a story laced with commentary that is sure to have the reader talkingThrough the character Harold Hall we are allowed into the life that has been made popular by movie stars and even those who become infamous through reality television Hall wants people to know him and to love him recognizing his gift and his importance in the world Even when his present reality doesn't match the hype he hopes to generate he is persistent and unrelenting even at the cost of those he lovesEliah the one who loves Harold for who he truly is not for what he wants to be seems to not be enough for the man who wants it all and believes he can have it all But can he? When an opportunity arises that offers him the very world he wants will it cost him not just his relationship but his very soul?There was so much that readers can get from HOLLYWOOD FOREVER and the 1st person narrative of Harold Hall that the author allows us to live First it is realizing that all of us want a bit of the celebrity life feeling that who we are and what we bring to the table warrants attention We sometimes forget that all decisions even those that appear good can have dire conseuences Herz also takes the phenomena that is social media and the internet and allows us to see how our lives in many ways are no longer our own Sometimes this is by choice and other times it is because of where we areIn the end we are forced to remember what is important and how pivotal it is not to lose sight of that Will Harold be willing to let go of it all just to have real love? That is what readers will be asking as they enjoy the experienceWonderfully entertaining and packed with the realism we love Christopher Herz's HOLLYWOOD FOREVER shows the down side of the fast life

  5. Kasa Cotugno Kasa Cotugno says:

    Be careful of what you ask for Very careful Christopher Herz sets his Faustian tale in the Hollywood of today or maybe the day after tomorrow in which even Harold Hall a struggling actor without the wherewithal to pay the rent has a lifetime membership at 24 hour fitness and posts his workout results on his facebook timeline As the novel opens Harold is experiencing a DMV meltdown and who hasn't The absurdity of his situation is right out of Catch 22 but his articulate rant that everyone waiting their turn can relate to is recorded and he finds his words gone viral on UTube Before you can say flickster he finds himself with a lost love a potential love and without giving anything away his own Truman Show like slot on tv where his personal life is no longer his own When did privacy cease to matter? Herz plays the insatiable hunger for voyeuristic experience is for both pathos and laughs so that the mask Howard finds himself saddled with laughs and cries at the same time As with his other two books Herz has tapped into the national conscious and is himself trending at just the right moment

  6. Dani Dani says:

    So what would be the first thing you would do if you saw someone freaking out at the DMV? These days the initial reaction is to pull out the trusty smart phone and post the freak out to YouTube Facebook your Twitter feed and all other avenues of social media News travels at the speed of the send buttonHarold Hall is trending before he knows it and soon finds himself larger than life with a new face to show for it Harold has lived in Hollywood all his life and dreamt of being remembered He is well on his way now but will it be for the right reasons and just how much will he sacrifice?Christopher Herz has done it again in his new novel Highly recommended

  7. Philip Philip says:

    Hollywood Forever maintained a consistent pacing throughout the book This is a good example of a book that ends as strong as it started The only blemish to this book is that the various plot twists throughout the book are somewhat predictable Overall I would recommend this book to anyone who wants a change of scenery from what they normally would read

  8. Elizabeth Bienas Elizabeth Bienas says:

    This book was well written but it just didn't keep my attention

  9. Nikki Nikki says:

    Once again Mr Herz points out to me my reliance on technology and society's obsession with anything that takes them out of their own daily reality Several times while reading this book my iPhone went off a text message here a facebook update or twitter reply there and I realized that my actions are now dictated by a machine smaller than my hand I was actually jealous of the internet fame that Harold achieved as a result of his DMV outburst I could identify with his deep desire to be known to leave his imprint on the world in whatever way possible I found myself understanding his actions as they got progressively outrageous and emotionally costly What would I give up to achieve my dreams? If I accomplished a goal but was no longer myself would it be satisfying at all?I love books that make me reassess my assumptions about the world and about my own trajectory in life The main conceit of the book about convincing the masses who are unhappy with their lives to abandon everything and pursue their own idea of happiness and fame resonated greatly with some of my deepest fantasies But on another level I realized how much I've been manipulated by the media machine's messages of what I'm supposed to want for my life Is it really my life if I'm constantly being an advertising tool over social networks if I'm sacrificing real world interaction in order to build and maintain my digital worth?In addition I greatly appreciated how the love story element between Harold and Eliah was handled These are imperfect characters trying to grapple with a force greater than themselves Eliah is vulnerable due to some unfortunate early childhood experiences but at the same time she makes decisions for herself and recognizes the danger of being defined by someone else Harold's intoxication with Eliah and his preoccupation with pleasing her emotionally as well as physically was inspiring There are sexual descriptions of their encounters but they are written in such a way that you understand the experience from Harold's point of view and discover about his personality He desires her body not out of lust but out of a seemingly unuenchable need to understand all parts of her Despite Harold's uestionable actions you are sympathetic on his uestAfter Harold becomes Pace and has been physically altered he is burdened by the task of reconnecting with Eliah on the same level as before Is it possible? I was struck by the helplessness that one would feel when having their appearance cause assumptions about their inside Do we consider our identity inexplicably linked to our appearance? Does the way we are treated based on our appearance alter our personality? If our identity is so malleable how can we ever be confident and comfortable in our own skin with our own minds?In short I believe this book operates on different levels The reader has the option of settling on the surface appreciating the trajectory of Harold from Hollywood nobody to Hollywood somebody However I chose to consider things carefully and evaluate how a fictional tale could have practical significance in my own life What would it take to convince me to give up everything to turn my back on what society has reinforced defines my particular existence? Are we meant to have one true love and once we've compromised it are we permitted to reclaim what we've abused? Is momentary happiness worth a lifetime of longing?Harold's journey might seem extreme but I believe it can be broken down and become relatable I would love to grab a drink with him as Pace Skillman and see how he plans to continue living after the overwhelming public response to a role he could never have even dreamed of

  10. Mary Lou Mary Lou says:

    I received this book from the author through Goodreads' first read giveaway The opening scene was fantastic and gave the reader an introduction into Harold Hall's dismal life as a wannabe famous actorsuperhero panhandlerfill in waiter Harold's present situation which unfolds while dealing with a problem at the DMV and the infuriating irrational mechanical responses of the clerk who represents the all powerful governmental machine is not his fault Upon realizing how powerless he is he breaks out into a controlled tirade calling for action among the citizens of California or at least those waiting in line at the DMV Unbeknownst to him he had been immortalized on video by someone's smart phone and the uploaded video goes viral Harold lives hand to mouth budgets his daily few dollars wisely and lives in an office building although he is always late paying his rent Harold never loses hope however He keeps himself out there waiting for the audition that will propel him into fame and fortune His life changes when he meets Eliah and they begin a sweet affair Harold is uickly smitten by the brainy beauty who ekes out a living writing college papers for rich but lazy college kids Eliah has had a difficult life having lost her parents at a young age Harold and Eliah connect although they have some differences Harold is finally discovered but the role reuires some major modifications What would he be willing to sacrifice of himself to provide for those he loves? All he can think about is Eliah In a short time she tells him that she has a long term assignment soon and she will not be seeing him for months At their last encounter things were left unsaid and they part a decision that he will regret As production begins Harold gets to know uite a few people involved in this epic sensation which turns out to be than a television showA major plot twist is revealed toward the end of the book The ending was very good alsoI liked being privy to Harold's inner monologue and recollections The characters were well developed the motives for their actions explained and the plot line was excellent with all kinds of elements pop culture politics economics military and a range of human emotions The book moved at a good pace also Thank you Christopher for a great read and good luck in your writing pursuits I will be looking for of your works

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