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The Beauty of Trees The Beauty Of Trees Read Author Michael Jordan Contra Saustall.eu This Illustrated Tour Of The World S Most Extraordinary Trees Provides An Insight Into Some Of The Natural World S Most Astonishing Structures Through 100 Photographs, The Beauty Of Trees Tells The Story Of Our Relationship With Trees Throughout History.Each Image Is Supported By Information About The Botany Of The Tree, Along With The Stories, Traditions And Legends Associated With It From The Giant Sequoias Of California To The Bonsai Of Japan, The Pink Tulip Tree Of The Himalayas To The Scots Pine And Even The Humble Acorn Award Standard Photography And Insightful Text Bring The Majesty And Mystery Of The World S Trees To Life.

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    I saw this book in a library The title was intriguing, but when I opened it I was struck by the beautiful, high resolution images Here are some of the trees from the book that I liked either because the tree looked cool, or because the photography was really good Silver birchOliveNorway SpruceEuropean hornbeamFrangipaniCoast RedwoodMalagary baobobPersim silk treeCashew nut treeSydney redgum I see these often they did it justice Coconu...

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    As advertised, this is a book filled with lovely images of trees The information that accompanies each image is interesting and informative A useful and beautiful addition to any gardener s library.

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    So many lovely pictures And an excellent variety of trees from across the globe But the info side bars were often contridictory to the descriptive paragraphs And then there were the common names, which were all presented as what the common name is in the UK, which doesn t make a lick of sense on a book sold internationally If common names are going to be involved at all, it would make sense to me to include the common name used where the tree is a native species The one that bothered me the most was wellingtonia Which is apparently the common name of sequoiadendron giganteum or giant sequoias, as they re known absolutely everywhere but in this author s mind And another thing that bothered me was that the trees are presented in alphabetical order in the book as per binomial nomenclature latin names , but the table of contents lists them by their common name, making it a headache to try to find anything While the information in the book is fascinating, all of these little erro...

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    I would come back as a tree after death if possible D

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