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Hanno tutti ragione I M Going Back To What I Was Twenty Years Ago I M Riding Across A Terrain Of Buried Curiosity, The Adrenaline Is Starting To Flow Again, And The Old Obsessions Are Coming Back I Want To Start Doing Cocaine Every Day, I Want To Run After Every Female Who Passes, I Want To Smell The Smells Of Italy Again, I Want My Old Life Back It S A Bit Late For All That, I Know, But Who Gives A Fuck I Want To Die Stark Naked, Drowned In A Well Of Ballantine S, Surrounded By Whores All This I Want, Suddenly, I Want It Very Much Indeed But I Hide It Well This Is The Story Of Tony Pagoda, A Hero Of Our Time, A Man Of Incredible Energies And Appetites With A Dark Secret In His Past And A Unique Perspective On The World.1980s Italy Is Tony S Oyster A Charismatic Singer, He Is Talented And Successful, Up To His Neck In Money, Drugs And Women, Enjoying An Extravagant Lifestyle In Naples And Capri But When Life Gets Complicated, Tony Decides It S Time For A Change While On Tour, He Disappears To Brazil And An Existence Free From Excess, Where All He Has To Worry About Are The Herculean Cockroaches But After Eighteen Years Of Humid Ian Exile, Somebody Is Willing To Sign A Giant Cheque To Bring Tony Back To Italy How Will He Face The Temptations Of His Old Habits And The New Century A Huge Bestseller In Italy, Everybody S Right Is An Extraordinary Debut Novel From The Award Winning Film Director Paolo Sorrentino It Is A Book About Italy And A Book About The Modern World A Book About Tony And A Book About All Of Us Through Tony S Irresistible Voice Sorrentino Illustrates His Imaginative Power And His Incredible Gifts For Drama And Satire.

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    L UOMO IN PI UNO DI TROPPONon so se lo regger fino in fondo questo istrione super omo diegetico Ho l impressione che di Tony Pagoda a me non importi un accidenti.Ho l impressione di aver gi letto questa sceneggiatura e visto il film in effetti, Servillo in L uomo in pi si chiamava Tony Pisapia ed era molto simile a questo Tony Pagoda.Tony Servillo in L uomo in pi , primo film di Paolo Sorrentino, 2001.E ho l impressione che Sorrentino sia meglio leggerlo al cinema, dove davvero bravo Tanto curato fino al minimo dettaglio sullo schermo, tanto pasticciato slabbrato sconnesso e arrogante su queste pagine.Vado avanti un altro po , ma ho gi dovuto saltare l insopportabile introduzione del maestro Mimmo Repetto, cinque pagine di vera Vanity Fair Brutto inizio.Ancora Servillo in un altra scena dello stesso film, dove interpreta un cantante di musica leggera nella curva discendente della sua carriera...

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    . The Young Pope.

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