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White Truffles in Winter: A Novel ❴Reading❵ ➼ White Truffles in Winter: A Novel Author N.M. Kelby – Natus-physiotherapy.co.uk A breathtaking novel rare and moving about the world's greatest chef and his unruly heartWhite Truffles in Winter imagines the world of the remarkable French chef Auguste Escoffier 1846 1935 who chang A breathtaking novel in Winter: PDF ´ rare and moving about the world's greatest chef and his unruly heartWhite Truffles in Winter imagines the world of the remarkable French chef Auguste Escoffier who changed how we eat through his legendary restaurants at the Savoy and the Ritz A man of contradictions kind yet imperious food obsessed yet rarely hungry Escoffier was also torn between two women the famous beautiful and reckless actress Sarah Bernhardt and his wife the independent and sublime poet Delphine Daffis who refused ever to leave Monte Carlo In the last year of Escoffier's life White Truffles MOBI :Ê in the middle of writing his memoirs he has returned to Delphine who reuests a dish in her name as he has honored Bernhardt ueen Victoria and many others How does one define the complexity of love on a single plate N M Kelby brings us the sensuality of food and love amid a world on the verge of war in this work that shimmers with beauty and longing.

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  1. Sharon Sharon says:

    Such an imaginative book based on facts I thoroughly enjoyed the story and all the rich vivid details of place and food Escoffier is an important historical figure The main points are facts where he lived and worked his wife his mistress and The author deftly filled in what his life could have been based on known facts she researched It's a fascinating story about an unusual man For those with culinary interests there are intriguing food tidbits but the story can be enjoyed by anyone Culinary students learn about Escoffier's important contributions to the way we eat today but may know little about his personal life and what kind of person he was Escoffier's housekeeper in late life and many famous people of the time are prominent in the book Culinary folk will recognize the name of Brillat Savarin another brilliant chef Both of them used truffles caviar and fois gras liberally in their creations as well as wines the wines sometimes used to drug crayfish and lobsters before cooking Many such charming details pepper the story Escoffier and his wife Delphine Daffis a poet lived in Monte Carlo Escoffier worked in Paris and England and was often away from home for months or years at a time; Delphine refused to move away from Monte Carlo A couple of lovely romantic seduction scenes involve food and are all the sensuous and unusual for that There are bits of other history and war history and the Titanic plays into the story as wellI loved this book and those who like historical fiction should enjoy it Culinary enthusiasts will relish the richness of details Although we will never know who Escoffier really was this book is a beautiful and realistic tapestry of who he might have been The writing is a joy to read It helps to know a little French but isn't necessaryBest of all I learned a great deal reading it I think some of those who have reviewed this book poorly didn't really read and understand the book That's apparent by comments made that are erroneous compared to the text of the book Every author gets some of those but authors who write intelligently seem to get of those unfortunately

  2. Jacqie Jacqie says:

    This was a prettily written book with no discernable plot I couldn't really get a picture in my head of Escoffier his wife Delphine or Sarah Berhardt their images kept sliding away possibly because the writing of the characters seemed to be about creating dramatic impact than developing character or consistancy There were all sorts of imagery that were beautiful description of an Impressionist exhibit but I just couldn't believe anything happening in the book would really happen There was talk about Escoffier trying to feed starving Parisians horsemeat but he would garnish the horse with truffle and foie gras What?? In fact truffles and foie gras were everywhere in almost every meal Now I like both these things but even I a devout foodie got tired of reading about them with every meal If I had believed in the accuracy of the book I would have been interested in reading about the meals but I couldn't believe that I was reading anything other than the fancy of the author I do like some reliable historical accuracy in my historical fiction and I couldn't trust that I was getting it hereSo imagery was indulged I fear at the expense of any realism Maybe I'm wrong about this But I couldn't fall into the story because I couldn't trust the author to give me something realistic in this work of fiction Does that make sense?I also did not get the sense of any relationships in the book Escoffier stood alone as did Delphine They did things that made no sense to me filling a house with tomatoes cutting hands with a wine bottle in the kitchen and again I had no greater context to see what was happening What exactly was going on between the French and the Germans that made the wine bottle meal so fraught? What was the importance of tomatoes? I don't want to wait a hundred pages to figure out the answer So ultimately the book's meaning eluded me Maybe I didn't get the symbology Or maybe this was a matter of style over substance Truffles garnishing horsemeat See I can do a metaphor too

  3. Natasa Natasa says:

    The descriptions of food in this book were lyrical and vivid Eventually it took away from the story and just became unnecessary fluff The timeline was poorly described and confusing at times which just made me lose interest in the characters 

  4. Rebecca Rebecca says:

    “When we cook we know perfection we can touch it; we can create it We are like gods” I enjoyed Kelby’s sumptuous fictional biography of French chef Auguste Escoffier the founder of the dining rooms at the Savoy and the Ritz Carlton and developer of menus for among other famous ventures the TitanicAs the novel opens he and his wife poet Delphine Daffis are in their eighties living out their penurious senescence in Monte Carlo Monaco with a rotating cast of children and grandchildren and a cook of dubious skill the feisty red headed Sabine who bears a curious similarity to Sarah Bernhardt Escoffier’s long time lover Escoffier has created so many named dishes over the years – acts of homage to Sarah and to other celebrated individuals – and now it is Delphine’s last wish to have Escoffier create a last dish in her honor before it is too late “‘Words are clumsy and limited by nature’ Escoffier said ‘Only food can speak what the heart feels’”The narrative flashes back to highlights from Escoffier’s cooking career in London and Paris through third person sections as well as through first person chapters of ‘memoirs with recipes’ in Escoffier’s own words “Cooking is the marriage of science and poetryLuck has no place in the kitchen Science It is always science” he insists “If a menu is not poetry what is it then?”Kelby might not be the best at moving a plot along in an interesting manner but she does write mouth watering descriptions of feasts with preposterously rich dishes Escoffier’s favourite ingredients included truffles foie gras caviar and lobsters Despite their shared culinary subject matter I can hardly imagine a novel different to Nora Ephron’s Heartburn – but both are delightful in their own way

  5. Emily Crowe Emily Crowe says:

    First of all isn't this a lovely cover sensuously hinting at all of the good food writing contained therein? I do believe that it is the cover the first drew me to this book back when my Norton sales rep David was in town He left me a copy of the ARC months ago but I'm just now getting around to reading it Like that sweatshirt that my mom got me says it's always a case of So many books so little time This is the story of the great French chef Escoffier and his life and loves told in a variety of ways from the present in which his wife Delphine is dying but longing for him to create a dish in her honor; from chapters of the memoir which the present Escoffier is currently writing; and from the past in which we get third person accounts of Escoffier's feats ranging from wartime survival to loving Sarah Bernhardt to running the kitchen at the famed Savoy in London This hodgepodge of narratives robs the book of any real coherence Early on at least the chapters alternate on a regular basis but in the latter half of the novel it switches a little willy nilly and the novel suffers from this lack of continuityThere are some gorgeous passages describing food in this novel probably the best food writing I've read since Muriel Barbery's Gourmet Rhapsody And I found my heart aching a little bit for Delphine who on her death bed wants her husband to pay her the same compliment that he's paid his lovers through the years to immortalize her through food But there is very little character development here and what little there is of Escoffier's development leaves me vastly disinterested in him He seems to be a man of neither action nor honor The writing serves the story well enough and there are a few moments of simple elouence of art food truth and that narrative integrity simply be a matter of perception Impossible stories they are the key to all good restaurants It the fresh sole could be frozen; it makes no difference The diner will think it fresh glorious He pays for the story If the story is told well with imagination and conviction and the right amount of ego and embroidery then it is true enough And something that is true enough is all anyone can ever ask forIf I had gone into this novel with any sort of expectations I might say that I was disappointed But instead I'll say that this was a pleasant interlude between far serious and literary novels an amuse bouche if you will In the end I found myself not caring much whether Escoffier created a dish for Delphine or not or whether he had betrayed his country or not or whether Sandra Bernhardt was pitiable or not Reading about the intense passions the French reserve for their food however? Now that was worth the prix fixe dinner

  6. Ron Chicaferro Ron Chicaferro says:

    A truly amazing book excellently researched and written It's the story about the great French master chef Auguste Escoffier and his rise to fame in France and around the world It's also a tender love story Escoffier's love of his wife and also his powerful love for the great actress of the time Sarah Bernhardt This novel takes place from around the late 1800's to Escoffier's death in 1920 The book is rich with powerful figures of the time from well known world leaders to politicians and artists The book is something else as well a great and wonderful treasure trove of food and recipes from Escoffier's own books Food is the golden thread that works its way through the book and holds all the characters together Almost every page has something about the magnificent and glorious food an almost sensual relationship begins between the reader and the words NM Kelby knows how to write her description of the food and the relationship between the characters is like a work of art Magnificent

  7. Judy Judy says:

    The story of chef Auguste Escoffier and the two women he loved his poetess wife Delphine Daffis and the actress Sarah Bernhard This is a book that foodies would enjoy as it contains some of Escoffier's recipes plus uotations from his books This books is only rated 344 stars but I thoroughly enjoyed listening to the audio version narrated by the author

  8. Judith Judith says:

    This book was delicious I can't believe it was recommended by my friend the vegetarian but it was very open minded of her to suffer through all the descriptions of foie gras and the drowning of langostinos in champagne as a part of the preparation not to mention the rich aristocrats in Paris eating the zoo animals during the Siege of Paris by the Prussian army The story is basically the life of the famous chef Escoffier whom the book credits for inventing the new French cuisine which relied basically on the reduction of natural flavors to pair with dishes instead of the unnatural concoctions which preceded him He is also credited with serving dishes in courses and hot out of the kitchen Previous banuets had consisted of food prepared days in advance to make a giant display of wealth and bounty rather than food that was actually freshly cooked Throughout his life if this book is to be believed he had a long standing affair with Sarah Bernhardt who was a fascinating creature I hesitate to say the story was well written because it seemed stilted and overly dramatic but I enjoyed every minute of it especially the descriptions of the food Wonderful

  9. Silver Silver says:

    A charming witty and sometimes heartbreaking story about love loss endurance and most importantly food I found this book thoroughly enjoyable to read I have always found the culinary arts to be interesting and think it can be fascinating the way in which throughout time food has been used within literature One of the things which I really enjoyed about this book is the way in which throughout from beginning to end food is used to convey a story to inspire emotions and evoke all of the senses I found The Complete Escoffier A Memoir in Meals particularly charming The books tells of the story of famous chef Escoffier and his great passion for both food and women as he struggles between the two women whom hold his heart His lover time lover the notorious and outrageous actress Sara Bernhardt and his wife who he carried a deep and complex love for the poet Delphine As proof of his lover to her Delphine reuests the one thing which Escoffier cannot give because of the very nature of his love for his wife Delphine wants to be immortalized through food and reuests him to make a dish in her name Throughout his career he has made dishes for countless famous personalities and countless dishes for his Sara but whenever his wife asks he refuses She believing it a sign that he has forgotten his love for her but he finds it impossible to find any dish that is worthy of capturing her The story goes back and forth between the amusing episodes of Delphine as an old sickly woman trying to enable the help of their servant Sabine to get Escoffier to make her a dish before she dies Sabine is outspoken and a notoriously bad cook most noted for her resemblance to the famous Sarah And the early days of Escoffier's life His passion for Sarah the devolvement of his career and his sorrows and joys

  10. Damaskcat Damaskcat says:

    Escoffier – world famous chef – won his wife Delphine in a billiard game In spite of this unpromising but romantic start to their married life they do stay married and died within a fortnight of each other But in between they spent many years apart with Escoffier working at the Savoy in London and Delphine remaining in France to bring up their children The book starts with Delphine seriously ill and wanting Escoffier to create a dish in her honour Throughout his life he has created many dishes in honour of many beautiful and famous men and women but he has never created one names after his wifeThe story of Escoffier’s life is told in flashbacks His relationship with the legendary Sarah Bernhardt dominated his life and Sabine his current assistant bears a resemblance to Sarah I did enjoy this book though I found the chronology difficult to follow at times The descriptions of famous meals are fascinating reading I thought the characters were well drawn and I had a huge amount of sympathy for Delphine and for SabineWhat comes over very well is Escoffier’s love affair with food Every dish had to be perfect but many used simple fresh ingredients and relied on uality for the flavour I found the relationship between Escoffier and Delphine convincing and it was clear they meant a lot to each other in spite of the huge amount of time they spent apart This is a book to sink into and savour and the momentous events of the first thirty years of the twentieth century provide a tense backdrop to the food reminding the reader that whatever is going on in the world people still need to eat

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