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  • Paperback
  • 626 pages
  • Blackwood Farm
  • Anne Rice
  • English
  • 15 June 2019
  • 9780345443687

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    This 3 star score I m giving to Blackwood Farm is by far the hardest rating I ve ever given, and I feel I should explain all my thoughts Warning this will be long This is a 9th book in a series, so the review is mainly targeted at people at least somewhat familiar with the Vampire Chronicles Still, I m keeping it spoiler free.While reading this book, my opinion was constantly jumping between 1 and 5 stars In spite of all its flaws, Blackwood Farm is a much better book than many books out there, and at the same time, it s so much worse.First, a quick background I started the Vampire Chronicles quite late, when the first 11 books were already out and waiting for me to binge read them And I nearly did From page one, I fell into a deep hole of obsession Seeing the world through the eyes of Rice s vampires is pure magic everything is new, enticing, beautiful, alluring I flew through the first eight books at neck breaking speed While a few things did piss me off e.g David s creepiness in Merri...

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    This was the last straw in my decade long relationship with Anne Rice We had some good times but mutually decided to end our relationship I loved her three witch books but the vampire stuff had been going downhill since Body Thief.I hate this book After years of okay to disappointing novels, this one was all I could stand I didn t care about ...

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    Better than some of the others.Quinn Blackwood is a newly made fledgling vampire He is trying to learn the ropes and rules of the covens But he also has a terrible demon on his back literally He seeks out the Vampire Lestat for help to rid himself of this otherworldly presence that has been with him since childhood and has no become powerful and menacing Lestat calls in the help of a powerful witch in vampire named Merrick Can their combined powers help Quinn to finally be free Vampires and witches combine in this tale Very well written as usual The tale of The Vampire Quinn Blackwood is both captivating and horrifying I enjoyed this book very much but as with a few of her previous books the majority of the book is Quinn telling Lestat his story from beginning to end I think it was literally the last three chapters that were the ending to the story at hand instead of backstory material As with all of her books the backstory is ...

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    This book sigh I have to say broke Anne Rice s spell over me Before this book I found all of her normal plot devices strange bedfellows, supernatural creatures, really long flashbacks, narcissism beguiling and entertaining But usually she chooses one or two of these things and shapes a really awesome story around it In Blackwood Farm she just decided to take everything she had EVER written about, mix it up together, and then multiply it by 1000...

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    Quinn can see ghosts and has been haunted his whole life by a particular tenacious spirit Now he has become a vampire, that spirit has turned violent and he turns to Lestat for guidance, after telling Lestat his life history At length and in great great detail.This book is labelled as a Vampire Chronicles novel It has also been faintly labelled as a Mayfair Witches novel I ve heard it discussed as something of a cross over novel Personally I d call it a Mayfair Witches novel into which Lestat and Merrick have been crowbarred in with extreme force and zero elegance If I were being less kind yes, that was kind I d say it was a vast waffle of not very much with little hints of both series randomly thrown in but really not much about anythingBecause like every single book in both series this book is rammed with a truly ridiculous amount of minutiae that is grossly unnecessary for anything resembling a plot New vampire Quinn seeks to tell his story to Lestat In that telling he covers his genealogy back 5 generations No, really He covers the genealogy of his servants back the same length of time as well He even tells the genealogy of the vampires who made him who, almost immediately, decided to tell Quinn the same thing in ridiculous detail He tells every last tiny detai...

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    Anne Rice is as brilliant and clever as ever,proving why she is the reigning Queen of vampire novels As an avid lover of all things vampire,I am extremely critical of stories of them Blackwood Farm is a wonderful addition to the Vampire Chronicles,which I felt suffered with Memnock the Devil.The story flows along with a dialogue that is both picturesque and poignant in its telling,reminiscent of Interview with The Vampire.Quinn s villainous maker is highly impressive as a character,managing to be creepily seductive and dangerously abusive,at the same time Our beloved Brat Prince,Lestat,is only present in spirit through most of the book,making appearances at the beginning and end,as the hero and hopeful to be mentor Quinn is wanting and seeking aid from.Intelligent and sensitive,Anne Rice gives us a vampire that is strong in both mind and spirit with Quinn Blackwood A completely refreshing change from all the Twilight wanna be vampires out there Thank you,Anne,for reminding us that ...

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    I did it wrong, all wrong This was the first Anne Rice book I read, not long after it came out But part of the wonder that is Anne Rice, is that you can almost jump in on this series at any point and still be in for a rip roaring and intense ride There were some things I didn t quite get until I read the rest, like some of the smaller details, especially regarding Lestat But after reading the rest of the series, I think this is one of the best It s fresh and current and brings forht a whole new barrage of questions about the morals of immortality etc etc.The Good BitsCharacterisation Lestat and Quinn fight for centre stage, but you can t outshine Lestat Ever Plot Such a capturing weave of intrigue and horror and that intense passion this series is known for.Setting I think by now the historical or ancient vampire has b...

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    I just can t and I won t This is full of every possible Anne Rice pathology to boot, to the extent when it feels like over the top fan fiction, including multiple instances of very questionable sexual racial class politics It has the charm of a train crash, but it ultimately proved too much.

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    Si no leyeron libros anteriores, no conviene que lean la rese a De todas formas, no me extender demasiado Coincido con muchas rese as de este libro fue mi ltimo viaje a las s rdidas aventuras de Lestat y sus amigos colmilludos Se evidencia demasiado la agon a de la saga que extra amente decidi resucitar y de las ideas que la alimentan Se vampiriz a s misma y qued esto, es decir, un texto que tiene m s fantasmas que vampiros, m s autobiograf a de un ni o consentido que una cr nica, m s mortalidad que inmortalidad Tarquin Blackwood es el flamante narrador de esta nueva entrega Su historia comienza con un pedido de ayuda, porque quiere liberarse de un esp ritu que se presenta como su doble y al que llama Goblin Y por supuesto, qui n mejor para ayudar que Lestat, que tiene contactos y conocimientos de varios aspectos sobrenaturales Entonces Tarquin le contar su historia y le mostrar Blackwood Farm, una finca que est m s llena de secretos que de gente y eso que se usa como hotel Adem s de estar habitada por esp ritus de antepasados que l puede ver, Tarquin est rodeado de familiares y criados que conforman un grupo muy disfuncional El planteo de un doble como Goblin es interesante y hasta llega a enganchar En cierto punto se vuelve denso porque no ev...

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Blackwood FarmIn This Luminous Novel, Anne Rice Fuses Her Seductive Vampire Legend And Her Lore Of The Mayfair Witches To Give Us A World Of Classic Deep South Luxury And Ancestral Secrets.Welcome To Blackwood Farm Soaring White Columns, Spacious Dining Rooms, Sun Drenched Gardens, And A Dark Strip Of The Dense Sugar Devil Swamp This Is The World Of Quinn Blackwood, A Brilliant Young Man Haunted Since Birth By A Mysterious Doppelganger, A Spirit Known As Goblin When Quinn Is Made A Vampire, Losing All That Is Rightfully His And Gaining An Unwanted Immortality, Goblin Becomes Even Vampiric And Terrifying Than Quinn Himself Desperate, Quinn Seeks Out The Legendary Vampire Lestat In The Hope Of Freeing Himself From The Specter That Draws Him Inexorably Back To Sugar Devil Swamp And To The Secrets It Holds.

About the Author: Anne Rice

The Vampire Chronicles, her prevailing thematical focus is on love, death, immortality, existentialism, and the human condition She was married to poet