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  1. Elena May Elena May says:

    This 3 star score I’m giving to Blackwood Farm is by far the hardest rating I’ve ever given and I feel I should explain all my thoughts Warning this will be longThis is a 9th book in a series so the review is mainly targeted at people at least somewhat familiar with the Vampire Chronicles Still I’m keeping it spoiler freeWhile reading this book my opinion was constantly jumping between 1 and 5 stars In spite of all its flaws Blackwood Farm is a much better book than many books out there and at the same time it’s so much worseFirst a uick background – I started the Vampire Chronicles uite late when the first 11 books were already out and waiting for me to binge read them And I nearly did From page one I fell into a deep hole of obsession Seeing the world through the eyes of Rice’s vampires is pure magic – everything is new enticing beautiful alluringI flew through the first eight books at neck breaking speed While a few things did piss me off eg David’s creepiness in Merrick the portrayal of Eastern Europe in Interview with the Vampire etc I mostly loved every bit of it And then I got to Blackwood Farm I started reading abandoned the book for a few months started again and abandoned again At the third go I finally fully got into it and managed to find much of the beauty I’ve seen in the earlier booksLet’s start with the plot A young vampire Taruin uinn Blackwood has a problem He’s had a ghost companion Goblin even since his birth Unfortunately now that uinn is a vampire Goblin has become violent and dangerous and uinn decides to seek Lestat’s help in destroying him And because this is Anne Rice this “seeking help” involves uinn retelling the entire history of his family up to his great great ancestors in maddening detail And the history of his servants’ families And his tutors’ families And the families of random people he meets on the street And because this is Anne Rice it still somehow works The good So atmospheric Just like all other books in the series it makes me want to visit New Orleans Things really start to pick up after Rebecca’s ghost appears I haven’t read many ghost stories and wasn’t sure if it’s my thing but now I’m ready for Petronia and her companions I wish we had seen of them I’m always fascinated by ancient immortals who’ve lived through different times Revealing Manfred’s and the family’s epic past bit by bit It had this air of nostalgia and sorrow hanging all over it Beautiful writing The bad I think it was a mistake to make this book a part of the Vampire Chronicles Lestat is a framing device just standing there listening and inexplicably fawning over uinn He isn’t acting like himself or contributing anything and it feels like he’s there only to lure in old readers Don’t get me wrong I love my golden haired brat prince but I really think this book would have fared better without him Any connection with the rest of the Vampire Chronicles is so negligible and the novel could easily stand on its own Everybody loves uinn for reasons I don’t entirely understand The few who refuse to fall in love with him are presented as horrible people That’s one of the defining traits of a Gary Stu isn’t it Which brings me to The treatment of Patsy She suffers a terrible tragedy when she is young yet no one has any sympathy for her mostly because she seems to be the only person in the world not completely fawning over uinn She’s presented as a terrible being for wanting to use family money to invest in her music career At the same time uinn uses obscene amounts of family money on excessive trips or rebuilding an island in the middle of a swamp and no one criticizes him And no one calls him out on what he does to Patsy at the end Oh and one of the main reasons everyone hates Patsy is because she chooses to pursue a career in music in the first place instead of staying home and being a proper debutante Debutante really Is that still a thing And that is why people dislike her The Rebecca storyline led nowhere She kept asking for a death for her death and both people who wronged her are still alive undead They would have been perfect targets for her revenge then at the end she doesn’t get it and doesn’t even try Or is she satisfied with the innocent blood spilled trying to avoid spoilers here The Goblin reveal wasn’t really a surprise Most of the other newly made vamps are presented as trash that Lestat has no trouble destroying by the thousands Suddenly uinn comes along and for some reason gets special treatment Fine he deserves the benefit of the doubt but it’s hard for me to believe no one else does Also it takes Lestat centuries and Akasha’s blood to gain control over all the advanced abilities – the Fire Gift the Cloud Gift etc and suddenly brand new uinn possesses everything just because his Maker was ancient It felt like a cheap shortcut uinn sees 15 year old Mona for the first time and runs to her to propose marriage Overall their romance was creepy than sweet uinn went on and on about how he’s never going to turn Mona and bring her into his darkness He even makes the promise to Julien’s ghost And then yeah There’s this weird idea of aristocracy and of people coming from “good” families being inherently “better” Terry Sue has many children and the one fathered by a rich guy is magically interested in art while none of his brothers and sisters are even though they’ve been raised the same way Then uinn treats Terry Sue in a very patronizing way choosing a house for her and hiring servants to supervise her without asking her if she wants any of those things What Merrick does at the end I’m trying to avoid spoilers but if you’ve read the book you know what I’m talking about It went against everything she fought for in Merrick and while it’s completely possible that her mind changed not that much time has passed so it would have been good to see her motivation Or is this explained somewhere in Lives of the Mayfair Witches I haven’t read it yet Okay I understand style is important to Aunt ueen and I respect that but but BUT A woman in her 80s doing a Europe tour in stilettos And then complaining she’s not in perfect health any No matter how used one might be to stilettos the feet will start hurting after walking for a sufficient amount of time and traveling and going to museums is a very walking intense activity CAMEOS Fine I can accept that there is a person in the world completely obsessed with cameos I can even accept there are ten such people But having all of them in the same room at the same time for unrelated reasons How likely is it that everyone in this book will end up independently cameo obsessed I thought at least the cameo storyline would lead to something big but it went nowhere Final verdict I think it’s uinn that broke it for me I don’t mind flawed protagonists at all my own book has one But if a protagonist is flawed they should be aware of it or they should be called out on it Here uinn is a spoiled brat and the text presents him as the most intelligent interesting amazing creature deserving of all the love Take a look at previous narrators in the series – Louis Lestat Armand Marius David All of them are far far away from being perfect people but they are aware of their flaws and their friends never shy away from criticizing them And it works really wellI know this book made some readers break up with the Vampire Chronicles for good but that’s not the case with me While not perfect Blackwood Farm has some of the beautiful atmospheric writing of previous books in the series I’ll read the following books I’m even excited about them But I first need a long break and read something else My binge read ends here

  2. Dan Schwent Dan Schwent says:

    This was the last straw in my decade long relationship with Anne Rice We had some good times but mutually decided to end our relationship I loved her three witch books but the vampire stuff had been going downhill since Body ThiefI hate this book After years of okay to disappointing novels this one was all I could stand I didn't care about uin and I hated that Rice felt the need to shoehorn Mona Mayfair into the vampire mythos I found this book so uninteresting I actually stopped halfway through and read a biography of Hulk Hogan my dad got from someone he worked with before finishing it

  3. ✨Sumi& ✨Sumi& says:

    Better than some of the othersuinn Blackwood is a newly made fledgling vampire He is trying to learn the ropes and rules of the covens But he also has a terrible demon on his back literally He seeks out the Vampire Lestat for help to rid himself of this otherworldly presence that has been with him since childhood and has no become powerful and menacing Lestat calls in the help of a powerful witch in vampire named Merrick Can their combined powers help uinn to finally be freeVampires and witches combine in this tale Very well written as usual The tale of The Vampire uinn Blackwood is both captivating and horrifying I enjoyed this book very much but as with a few of her previous books the majority of the book is uinn telling Lestat his story from beginning to end I think it was literally the last three chapters that were the ending to the story at hand instead of backstory material As with all of her books the backstory is extremely detailed and full of information that you can either take or leave The roller coaster ups and downs are masterfully written but that is normal for an Anne Rice book this is definitely a come back from her last couple of books in the chronicles series however which was a nice relief for me I would definitely recommend this book to anyone who likes vampires paranormal witches dark fantasy or someone who is simply finishing the chronicle series This is one of the better ones for sure

  4. Fangs for the Fantasy Fangs for the Fantasy says:

    uinn can see ghosts and has been haunted his whole life by a particular tenacious spirit Now he has become a vampire that spirit has turned violent and he turns to Lestat for guidance after telling Lestat his life history At length and in great great detailThis book is labelled as a Vampire Chronicles novel It has also been faintly labelled as a Mayfair Witches novel I’ve heard it discussed as something of a cross over novel Personally I’d call it a Mayfair Witches novel into which Lestat and Merrick have been crowbarred in with extreme force and zero elegance If I were being less kind yes that was kind I’d say it was a vast waffle of not very much with little hints of both series randomly thrown in but really not much about anythingBecause like every single book in both series this book is rammed with a truly ridiculous amount of minutiae that is grossly unnecessary for anything resembling a plot New vampire uinn seeks to tell his story to Lestat In that telling he covers his genealogy back 5 generations No really He covers the genealogy of his servants back the same length of time as well He even tells the genealogy of the vampires who made him who almost immediately decided to tell uinn the same thing in ridiculous detail He tells every last tiny detail about his life so much of which is utterly irrelevant – Pops his grandfather having an illegitimate son Meaningless The bed and breakfast and the soprano he cries over that we were told about three separate times ye gods why irrelevant The fact he constantly shares a bed with elderly Black servants ye gods why irrelevant Every sexual encounter he’s ever had why would you tell a stranger this Why His first teacher and how very good she was Really really really irrelevant Why is this all here Why is this story which should have been about the ghosts that were plaguing uinn and perhaps the vampires that made him and maybe the people who can see Goblin and Rebecca – though again Rebecca ghost was another storyline that did nothing went absolutely nowhere and was resolved in pointless seconds so clogged with this much completely and utterly random backstory Why would uinn tell Lestat so many utterly personal secrets about himselfAnd can everyone stop falling in love I’m not even talking about uinn seeing Mona across a restaurant and moseying over to declare that he intends to marry her but really He sees a 15 year old girl across the room and wanders over to make marriage plans What the hell Why Who Where’s the damn restraining order But Lestat after hearing uinn’s horrendous monologue declares how much he is in love with uinn Of course After meeting Merrick for 5 seconds uinn decides he loves her Merrick probably loves him I forget because everyone loves everyone else uinn loves Arion random Greek vampire who is just kind of there because why not They use the word “love” so often it no longer has any real meaning I know it’s a running joke with this series but it’s actually a problem – because all of this overwrought appallingly purple melodramatic declarations of emotion are meaningless All his excessive adoration of Aunt ueen and Mona means nothing because he’d use exactly the same language to describe someone he happened to be passing in the street All of the emotional connections in this book – in this series – fall apart because they mean nothing there is nothing special about them True love is described in the same terms as casual acuaintanceThe characterisation is also just awful I grudgingly accepted the ridiculously flowery anachronistic and pure dubious language that the vampires were using as some kind of nod to their age I even accepted it with David though there was no damn excuse uinn is 22 22 Why is he calling Merrick “precious darling” even if she wasn’t a complete stranger Why is his voice exactly the same as vampires who are centuries older than him And that voice itself is terrible archaic and ludicrousAnd not just his voice – he kneels and kisses his great aunt’s foot I I why He insists that some of his elderly Black servants sleep with him not sex just sleep His behaviour his choices over and over make no sense at all And he seems to live in a weird time warp – this book was written in the 21st century it reads like it would be old in the 80sIt’s not just uinn – no one behaves in a way that makes even the remotest sense for a person The one who stands out most for me is Patsy – the worst woman in the world Seriously she’s so utterly awful that it defies any description She loathes her son on a level that would make comic book villains gasp in shock She is slut shamed mercilessly seriously every character may as well have just screamed “HUSSSY” and pointed at her every time she appeared bonus anti choice moments with her not being able to have any children because she’d got rid of so many her “womb was weak” It also has an added bonus of some kind of weird class shaming her for asking for money for her music career and they even admit she’s talented So it’s not like she’s chasing some unimaginable dream But her music is pop and country not classical so she’s so beneath them And this shaming happens while the whole family is so damn rich that Aunt ueen takes a stretch limo to the shops and collects jewelled cameos waitInterrupting for a rant about the thrice damned CAMEOS Oh dear gods I don’t believe anyone in the world anywhere even remotely cares this much about cameos There back to where I asRead More

  5. Ali Ali says:

    This booksighI have to say broke Anne Rice's spell over me Before this book I found all of her normal plot devices strange bedfellows supernatural creatures really long flashbacks narcissism beguiling and entertaining But usually she chooses one or two of these things and shapes a really awesome story around it In Blackwood Farm she just decided to take everything she had EVER written about mix it up together and then multiply it by 1000 I mean really Vampires witches AND ghosts And they are all sleeping together Oh I turned the pages uickly enough But when I finished I looked at the book and myself in disgust and asked one uestion Did I really just read that This book made me feel used

  6. Carolyn Seiver Carolyn Seiver says:

    Anne Rice is as brilliant and clever as everproving why she is the reigning ueen of vampire novels As an avid lover of all things vampireI am extremely critical of stories of them Blackwood Farm is a wonderful addition to the Vampire Chronicleswhich I felt suffered with Memnock the DevilThe story flows along with a dialogue that is both picturesue and poignant in its tellingreminiscent of Interview with The Vampireuinn's villainous maker is highly impressive as a charactermanaging to be creepily seductive and dangerously abusiveat the same time Our beloved Brat PrinceLestatis only present in spirit through most of the bookmaking appearances at the beginning and endas the hero and hopeful to be mentor uinn is wanting and seeking aid fromIntelligent and sensitiveAnne Rice gives us a vampire that is strong in both mind and spirit with uinn Blackwood A completely refreshing change from all the Twilight wanna be vampires out there Thank youAnnefor reminding us that vampires die in the sunlightnot sparkle

  7. Bloodorange Bloodorange says:

    I just can't and I won't This is full of every possible Anne Rice pathology to boot to the extent when it feels like over the top fan fiction including multiple instances of very uestionable sexualracialclass politics It has the charm of a train crash but it ultimately proved too much

  8. Sarah Sarah says:

    I did it wrong all wrongThis was the first Anne Rice book I read not long after it came out But part of the wonder that is Anne Rice is that you can almost jump in on this series at any point and still be in for a rip roaring and intense rideThere were some things I didn't uite get until I read the rest like some of the smaller details especially regarding Lestat But after reading the rest of the series I think this is one of the best It's fresh and current and brings forht a whole new barrage of uestions about the morals of 'immortality' etc etcThe Good BitsCharacterisation Lestat and uinn fight for centre stage but you can't outshine Lestat Ever Plot Such a capturing weave of intrigue and horror and that intense passion this series is known forSetting I think by now the 'historical' or 'ancient' vampire has been done to death pun and it's a releif to be put into a contemporary worldThe not so Good BitsThere is little in the way of criticism I can give for this book I suppose if you haven't read any of the series before there is less excitement surrounding cameos from previous charactersI still love this book even now I've read many of the series over and over and I will continue to do so5 by 5^^

  9. Emily Emily says:

    Refreshingly a new story set almost entirely in the recent past a new well slightly related family with paranormal secrets to explore and a new lovable vampire hero Taruin Blackwood seeks out Lestat to tell his story and ask for help in banishing his lifelong companion the spirit Goblin Taruin's narrative meanders with Rice's usual rapt attention to the details of architecture clothing and decor which stretches the book to than six hundred pages Truthfully my hand hurt from holding the book but that's because I really couldn't put it down I was fascinated and really pleased particularly since I just read Blood and Gold and Pandora which were basically the same story for the third and fourth time from a slightly different perspective with slightly detail I am excited to finish out this series by reading Blood Canticle next

  10. Jessica Halleck Jessica Halleck says:

    And the plunge downhill begins in earnest Lestat is empty; the writing is horrible Only a waning sense of loyalty to Ms Rice kept me reading

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Blackwood Farm ❴PDF❵ ✅ Blackwood Farm Author Anne Rice – In this luminous novel Anne Rice fuses her seductive vampire legend and her lore of the Mayfair witches to give us a world of classic Deep South luxury and ancestral secretsWelcome to Blackwood Farm s In this luminous novel Anne Rice fuses her seductive vampire legend and her lore of the Mayfair witches to give us a world of classic Deep South luxury and ancestral secretsWelcome to Blackwood Farm soaring white columns spacious dining rooms sun drenched gardens and a dark strip of the dense Sugar Devil Swamp This is the world of uinn Blackwood a brilliant young man haunted since birth by a mysterious doppelganger a spirit known as goblin When uinn is made a vampire losing all that is rightfully his and gaining an unwanted immortality Goblin becomes even vampiric and terrifying than uinn himself Desperate uinn seeks out the legendary Vampire Lestat in the hope of freeing himself from the specter that draws him inexorably back to Sugar Devil Swamp and to the secrets it holds.

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