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  1. Shivanee Ramlochan Shivanee Ramlochan says:

    Recommended by Lucy Barnhouse eagerly anticipating this one

  2. CaseyTheCanadianLesbrarian CaseyTheCanadianLesbrarian says:

    If nothing else Toronto based Lydia Perović’s novel Incidental Music is authentic The dialogue and the events in this book feel very ‘real’; scenes that take place at dinner parties and workplaces seem as if they were really just plucked from an ordinary person’s life The problem is though that authentic doesn’t necessarily mean interesting This may be a challenge particular to me since the topics the three main characters are interested in or the areas in which they work are not especially appealing to me opera heritage house revitalization and politics However I can’t help but feel like I could have been coaxed into being interested in these topics but that Incidental Music mostly failed to do so In the end I think what I found lacking in this novel especially for the first half was emotional engagement I was reading a lot about what the characters were doing but not about what they were feeling I wasn’t getting to know themSee the rest of my review here

  3. Buried In Print Buried In Print says:

    This review was deleted following 's purchase of GoodReads The review can still be viewed via LibraryThing where my profile can be found hereI'm also in the process of building a database at Booklikes where I can be found hereIf you readlikedclicked through to see this review here on GR many thanks

  4. Bill Brydon Bill Brydon says:

    Lydia has a clear eye for lives in Toronto connected to homelands It is painful to read about Petra searching for a life and happiness

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Incidental Music ❮PDF / Epub❯ ✅ Incidental Music Author Lydia Perović – Fiction Set in present day Toronto INCIDENTAL MUSIC is a novel about three very different women Petra is new to the city and eager to establish roots but she keeps losing jobs and finds it impossible Fiction Set in present day Toronto Incidental Music is a novel about three very different women Petra is new to the city and eager to establish roots but she keeps losing jobs and finds it impossible to make friends or adopt a cause Martha is prosperous intellectual and compassionate a happily married mother of grown children who just might have built everything in her life on an impressive amount of self deception A retired opera singer Romola left Hungary after the failed uprising having played part in it as a member of a group of performing artists who called themselves Sektor She is trying to cope with the haunting memories of an old love and her reasons for leaving the country but her excursions to the past usually end mired in her long ago operatic roles The lives of the women overlap but there is never any unison Petra Martha and Romola are like the three operatic voices soprano mezzo and alto that sometimes pair up their melodic lines but never sing in complete accordIncidental Music visits the troubled and fascinating period of the Hungarian Revolution within its larger context of the Communist post war years in Eastern Europe explores Toronto's heritage and urban development takes a sober outsider view of Canadian society and politics and last but not least revels in the beauty of the opera all through the tumultuous and passionate love affairs of its main charactersEngaging on both intellectual and emotional levels Incidental Music is a heady mix of politics opera and tempestuous love Perovi interweaves the lives of her three main characters Petra Martha and Romola seamlessly and presents us with a Toronto that feels so unabashedly vibrant that it almost becomes a character in itself This is a powerful debut novel urban smart and sexy Eva Tihanyi.