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  1. Bill Harrington Bill Harrington says:

    If you find yourself with an afternoon to killread a magazine If however you need to occupy yourself on a voyage to Mars pick up InsomniaIt's longIt is however uite good Insomnia begins as Ralph Roberts a pleasant not too cantankerous gentleman in his 70s watches his beloved wife taken from him by cancer Shortly after her death he begins to experience early waking insomnia Each night it seems he wakes earlier than the one before Soon he is awake all nightIn the deepest throes of this affliction Ralph starts to see what he initially concludes are hallucinations figments of the imagination of a sleep deprived mind Auras around people animals changing in shape and color to seemingly reflect that person's health thoughts mood and personality He suffers largely in silence until the day where almost by accident he discovers that he is not alone in what he is experiencingIt is here that King takes us into the world of the unseen To say might give away important plot pointssuffice it to say that the reader must suspend reality for a bit and let their imagination steer the ship Meanwhile all is not well in the sleepy Maine city of Derry where the entire story takes place A national pro choice advocate Susan Day is scheduled to speak in support of a local woman's shelter which is also suspected of providing abortion counseling and referrals In resoponse a pro life group begins to stage protests in the vicinity of the shelter and throughout Derry One man however Edward Deepneau plans to do much than protestIt falls to Ralph and his companion to stop Ed at all costs resulting in a battle that takes place both in this world and the world of the aurasAs is typical of King the character development is second to none Ralph Roberts truly comes to life and his world is painted with vivid colors This is true of all of the characters in the story Even an old stray dog Rosalie is described with such expert detail that we feel every ache of her weary arthritic old bones as she hobbles her way down the street looking for discarded scraps of food King takes his time in developing the storynothing is rushed This adds pages to be sure but the reader is treated to a much richer experience for it A definite win for King

  2. Johann (jobis89) Johann (jobis89) says:

    “It was life often unsatisfying freuently cruel usually boring sometimes beautiful once in a while exhilarating”Following the death of his wife Ralph Roberts has trouble sleeping He finds himself waking up earlier and earlier each night During his late night vigils he observes weird goings on in his hometown of Derry Maine Pretty uickly he realises that the strange things he is seeing are not the result of sleep deprived hallucinations but something much significantI got a lot of thoughts about this book and you’re gonna hear all about it I honestly don’t think I’ve ever felt so polarised reading a book before At times I wanted to tear my hair out and scream “OMG JUST END ALREADY” – which I expressed countless times on Instagram – and then at other points I was legit fangirling over the Dark Tower connections and Derry references Oh and I absolutely ADORED Ralph Roberts So I’m uite literally torn when it comes to this bookThe start is so strong maybe it’s the pharmacist in me or maybe it’s because I’m not a great sleeper myself but I loved reading about Ralph’s insomnia issues Then the middle to end just drags on and on and onand on Then it drags on a little But during these lulls where not much seems to happen or the story moves at a snail’s pace King throws in a Tolkien reference or some kind of Dark Tower connection and all of a sudden I’m LOVING the book again King you sly dog Toying with my emotions like thisInsomnia is an unusual book in that its main characters are elderly and I don’t often come across books like this But have no fear Ralph and Lois are awesome Ralph is one of those typical “everyman” characters that King loves to include in his works An ordinary man who finds himself in extraordinary circumstances And I was totally on board with this elderly romance it’s the cutestThe storyline itself it gets pretty bonkers at times If I didn’t know better I’d have guessed King wrote this in a drugged up haze The storyline is crazy and it does work at points but overall it’s definitely not my favourite My biggest gripe with this book was of course the length In no fucking world – or level of the tower – does Insomnia need to be the length it is No Freaking Way This book could easily be around 300 pages shorter However I do have to commend the ending I thought it was perfectly executed Absolutely brilliant The tie ins to the DT had me crying like a baby and reminded me why King is my fave authorFor those who have yet to read Insomnia I strongly recommend leaving it until after you’ve read the Dark Tower series I’m sure plenty of people have read Insomnia without reading the DT and have perhaps still enjoyed it but I think to really understand and appreciate this book the DT knowledge is necessaryI’ve been trying to think of a rating for this one for days CONFLICTED I think I have to go for 3 stars it seems to be the most fair rating for a lovehate experience no??

  3. Jeff Jeff says:

    This was an official Pantless group side read with those splendid cullys a big shout out to our newest member baby Ryder of the Dark Tower Buddy read groupand that was pretty much the only thing that got me through this labored readThis was a DNF the first time I tried to read it and it was almost a DNF the second time Yes I made progress this time before I almost threw in the towel but the anticipation of a tie in to the Dark Tower series kept me going And goingAnd goingA vague mention of the actual Dark Tower here dropping in “ka” and “ka tet” to make it part of Ralph and Lois’s lexicon there that King Crimson fella and finally a couple of mentions of Roland at the endWhew Thanks Mr KingHey wait a minute Did I just read a 663 page backstory for a character that King inserts into the final Dark Tower book? Yes Jeff Yes you didThanks for the confirmation random Goodreader and what are you doing here? Don’t you usually pop up in my funny book reviews? I’m with you always Jeff I secretly follow you around everywhere shivers Doesn’t this book have any merits beyond being a kitty suishing set up for volume seven Jeff?Well before I alert the authorities my stalkerish random friend I’ll address that point It’s reminiscent of a lot King’s lengthy tomes It gets off to a good start spends too much time in Story Stretch town Randomly chosen super powers burg and my favorite location – the plot development cul de sac And yet it characteristically ends on a high note That epilogue almost brought man tears to my eyesIt gets two stars from me for that the fact that I genuinely liked Ralph the main character he was forspecial and an extra star for me Jeff for spending the last two months whizzing heh through this book and finally finishing itGo me

  4. Lyn Lyn says:

    Weird bookRemind me to never visit Derry Maine This setting of a number of Stephen King’s novels is again center stage in this 1994 book about not sleeping and going crazy because of itI was drawn to this title as I have struggled off and on with insomnia most of my life I wonder how many readers have stayed up all night reading I know I have I remember a haze of years when I averaged about 4 5 hours a sleep a night and recall visual hallucinations and waking dreams and just being tired all the time In this book King describes how paranormal forces are alive and kicking and come out to play when our hero goes for weeks with poor sleep Fans of Stephen King will be accustomed to his fantastic forays into the extraordinary and this fits into that genre and there were than passing references to his The Dark Tower series There were also nods to his novel It was well as a one liner that alluded to Pet SemataryThis is also an exploration about the abortion debate in our society and King cranks up the nasty in this showdown in Derry between the polar oppositesEven with King’s signature brilliance in characterization and dialogue this buckled under its own weight – just too damn long I liked the kinship with the Dark Tower books and to the recurring world myth of his creation but some hefty editing down would have made this enjoyable

  5. Rachael Rachael says:

    This book is not for everyone For one its over 700 pages long Another reason is that it deals with what some people say is uncomfortable topicsabortion mental illness domestic abuse and the afterlife and possible alternate worldsAnother reason why this book is uniue and different from other books is that the hero is a regular joe who happens to be in his 70's I loved this book It took my mind to a place where few books can take me I was not here reading the book I was in Derry Maine with Ralph and Lois and Bill The sweet Natalie and her mother Helen The insane Ed and the 3 little bald headed doctors Clotho Lacheses and the nasty AtroposWalk side by side with these characters as they battle each other and themselves through hard insane times and insomnia And always be aware of the Crimson King

  6. James James says:

    One of my least favorite things to do is give a bad review To me unless a book is truly unreadable and never should've been published it shouldn't get only 1 star 2 stars is for those books which just aren't a good fit for me and had too many issues to overlook not often used by me either and overused by other readers in my opinion sometimes there's no accounting for personal tasteInsomnia by Stephen King was chosen with my buddy Medhat as our buddy read this month We both like horror and Stephen King and after tossing a few options in a hat we wound up on this one It ultimately falls between 2 and 3 stars but because the writing is decent I went with 3 stars for reasons I'll explain below That said I honestly had one of the most difficult times I've ever had digesting a bookFor one thing it was twice as long as it needed to be At 900 pages this book clearly contained so much filler it'll fall apart from being too loose one day There was significant repetition not in a good way and awful horrible topics I blame myself for that last piece I hadn't read the summary to know what it was about religion abortion science fiction alien visits and a nose dive into just plain crazy I thought it would be an insomniac's descent into crazy without the non sense stuff leading the race Personally I don't want to read about abortion and religion especially when a plot is supposed to be the sleep deprived man or woman we all find ourselves at one point or anotherI avoid conflict and dislike when a book takes such a vulgar and vivid stance on something I disagree with That said I acknowledge I am at fault for choosing to read this book and pushed my rating to the higher side to accommodate that screw up For another thing OMG I'm a smart guy and I can deal with some vagueness in a story but the freuency of the aura discussion drove me bonkers I had no connection and was lost too often I think it was just a bad fit as I love some of his other booksOn the flip side the writing is strong and the characters are very well described Some leap off the pages Other sit perfectly in the backdrop where they are intended to be Had this been cut by 50% and the POV been less dramatic it would've done better in my opinion So if you like political arguments some of the nastiest language I've seen in a book for truly no reason honestly OVERKILL beyond belief I'm all for dozen of 4 letter words and sexual name calling when it's 1 character and intended to show the personality but here it was just dropped in for the sake of it in the weirdest of spots I took a shower when I finished the book Oh sometimes things don't work out I recognize the strength in this book I liked several parts It just wasn't a good fit for me so I wouldn't recommend it for most regular readers It's nothing like It Dolores Claiborne Misery etc Sorry

  7. Ahmad Sharabiani Ahmad Sharabiani says:

    Insomnia Stephen KingInsomnia is a 1994 horrorfantasy novel by American writer Stephen King Since his wife died Ralph Roberts has been having trouble sleeping Each night he wakes up a bit earlier until he’s barely sleeping at all During his late night walks he observes some strange things going on in Derry Maine He sees colored ribbons streaming from people’s heads two strange little men wandering around town after dark and He begins to suspect that these visions are something than hallucinations brought on by lack of sleep There’s a definite mean streak running through this small New England city; underneath its ordinary surface awesome and terrifying forces are at work The dying has been going on in Derry for a long long time Now Ralph is part of itand lack of sleep is the least of his worries Returning to the same Maine town where It took place a town that has haunted Stephen King for decades Insomnia blends King’s trademark bone chilling realism with supernatural terror to create yet another masterpiece of suspense تاریخ نخستی خوانش روز بیست و هفتم ماه سپتامبر سال 2007میلادیعنوان بی‌خوابی؛ استفن استیون کینگ؛ میلاد شالیکاریان؛ تهران چترنگ‏‫، ‏‫1394؛ در 800ص؛ شابک 9786009594238؛ موضوع داستانهای نویسندگان ایالات متحده آمریکا سده 20م‬‬بی خوابی، رمانی ترسناک و فانتزی، اثر نویسنده آمریکایی «استفن کینگ» است؛ «رالف رابرتز» از زمانی که همسرش درگذشته، در خوابیدن مشکل داشته، او هر شب، کمی زودتر از خواب بیدار میشود، در طی پیاده رویهای اواخر شب، رخدادهای عجیب و غریبی، برایش رخ میدهدتاریخ بهنگام رسانی 06071399هجری خورشیدی؛ ا شربیانی

  8. Edward Lorn Edward Lorn says:

    Prefatory Matters I lost a twenty year old book during this reread Most of you have the seen the picture of my gutted hardcover copy of Insomnia If you haven’t I’ll include it at the end of this post as well Total loss of containment folks About thirty pages loosed themselves from the glue and became individual souls I have a 284 page section and another section of about 400 pages and a little bit in the middle that just said “Fuck it” and struck out for the territories All in all a sad day Luckily I have another one Same edition Same year All’s good Oh and a uick warning to owners of first edition Insomnias the glue the printing press used back in 1994 is faulty This separation is a common problem with this edition of the book Keep your copy on a shelf Do not touch This has been a public service announcement brought to you in part by the letter EActual Review Insomnia is a difficult book to review without spoilers Hell the publisher didn’t even know what to do with the cover of this one so they just put King’s name on the front along with the title in alternating red and white It’s even a difficult novel to categorize I guess it’s horror Maybe it’s speculative fiction or perhaps lit fic or maybe bizarro Fuck if I know dude I will say this much it’s a fun ride The only problem with this book is the reuirement that you must have read the Dark Tower series to fully understand some of the plot I mean you can get through it without such knowledge but it’s a bit confusing in places if you don’t have said knowledge Roland Deschain is mentioned three times in this book I tried to look at these sections as an outsider as someone who has not read the DT books even though I have numerous times and I feel comfortable saying that the sections which mention Roland and the Tower would make zero sense to someone who is new to the King verse There is no context nothing to draw off of In fact there is a paragraph toward the end of the book that says “Worlds which had trembled in their orbits now steadied and in one of those worlds in a desert that was the apotheosis of all deserts a man named Roland turned over in his bedroll and slept easily once again beneath the alien constellations” Imagine if you will that you’ve never read a Dark Tower novel or shit maybe you haven’t and you just happened to pick up Insomnia because your buddy said “Yo kid peep this thick ass book Looks legit good right? I mean who the fuck doesn’t love 800 pages cloaked in a sexy as fuck red and white jacket????” If you’re that “kid” that Roland fucker means absolutely nothing to you It seems pointless Sad panda But for me? Son I live for that shit I love the DT references all of them I dig that shit in my heart of hearts I’m the asshole in the coffee shop that won’t shut up with the “Yeah but did you catch this bit?” comments I know I know I hate me too but it’s the truth As far as I am aware there is no other author who has created a vaster universe one that crosses every genre line in the business King has written it all and everything he writes puzzle pieces back together in some way Dig it man Or you know don’t dig it But I’m still going to nerd out whenever I stumble across the Beam Yes this book is a little longwinded in spots but what King book isn’t? Dolores Claiborne Yes it references the Dark Tower but what King novel doesn’t? Mr Mercedes seriously so far it’s the only novel of his that doesn’t reference Mid World in some way But it’s also one of his most imaginative stories I kinda feel that Insomnia is an 800 page wink and nod to the King verse fans out there Shit dudettes even the shoe Gage loses in Pet Semetery is in this book not to mention entire ass loads of It Derry and Pennywise references Does all this bog down the story? No Are there going to be parts you don’t understand if you haven’t read Roland’s uest or trip trapped through the story of The Loser’s Club? Yes Does any of this detract from the fun of this book? Nope Not in the least There is a well plotted expertly honed story under all the referencing and fan service This is King doing what King does best Entertaining the people who bought tickets to see him in concert I will be skipping my normal Hidden Gems and Obvious Tie Ins sections because I’m saving them for my A Decade with King 1985 1994 post which will be out April 1 2015 There’s a lot this time around and I don’t wanna type it twice But I will leave you with this food for thoughtSpoilers for several King books Click “view spoiler” at your own risk view spoilerAre the likes of Abra Stone and Dan Torrance and Johnny Smith on the same level of the tower that Ralph and Lois visit in Insomnia? Does Danny help people die in Doctor Sleep by allowing their aura to pass into him? I just got goosebumps You didn’t need to know that but that’s how hard I fanboy hide spoiler

  9. Arah-Lynda Arah-Lynda says:

    It's crazy I know I mean I am over three uarters of the way through this book but if I am being honest the chances of my ever going back to finish it are just about nilWhy you may ask and I guess the answer would be that I was never truly invested in the story or it's characters In fairness it started out reasonably well and I did enjoy the camaraderie between Ralph and Lois but once the little bald doctors started making their appearance my interest level began to diminish uicklySo way too many pages later I set this down in favour of another book thinking I would finish it off uickly after a little break Well that was many books ago now and any inclination I had to do so has long since disappeared Sorry Mr King Perhaps this could be successfully marketed as a remedy for Insomnia

  10. Jackie Jackie says:

    I HATED it Extremely long winded and convoluted Horrible absolutely horrible Probably his most pointless story everThis is when I knew Stephen King had lost his awesome writing powers and I can't really bring myself to read him again Bad enough I had to suffer through Black House and then this He really should have uit while he ahead and still an icon in the writing world As for me I'd rather slit my own wrists than suffer through another one of his awful novels ever again

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Insomnia ➷ Insomnia Free ➭ Author Stephen King – Morning will come Just pray you're here to see itYou'll lose a lot of sleep Ralph does At first he starts waking up earlier And earlier Then the hallucinations start the colours shapes and strange aur Morning will come Just pray you're here to see itYou'll lose a lot of sleep Ralph does At first he starts waking up earlier And earlier Then the hallucinations start the colours shapes and strange auras Not to mention the bald doctors who always turn up at the scene of a deathThat's when Ralph begins to lose a lot than sleep When he begins to understand why his hitherto mild mannered friend Ed is getting out of control dangerously so And why his home town is about to become the new Armageddon Insomnia is a relentless waking nightmare in which the master of horror and suspense guarantees you sure won't rest in peacePopular fiction at its best The TimesA supreme page turnerand a plot that will keep you awake at night G.