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Shades of Earth [Download] ➶ Shades of Earth By Beth Revis – Závěrečný díl vesmírné trilogieAmy a Syn konečně opustili skličující zdi vesmírné lodi Universum Jsou připravení začít znovu vybudovat si nový domov – na Zemi Centauri planetě ke Závěrečný díl vesmírné trilogieAmy a Syn konečně opustili skličující zdi vesmírné lodi Universum Jsou připravení začít znovu vybudovat si nový domov – na Zemi Centauri planetě ke které musela Amy plout přes celý vesmír Ale nová Země není rájem v který doufala Jsou tu obrovští pterodaktylové květiny jejichž vůně vás paralyzuje Shades of PDF/EPUB or a tajuplné ruiny které skrývají mnohem více než se na první pohled zdá A největší tajemství Že by na této planetě nebyli sami A pokud chtějí zůstat budou muset bojovat.

10 thoughts on “Shades of Earth

  1. Jude Jude says:

    Updated VersionLOOK AT THAT UGLINESS I'm exited to read it though 3 What in the F where this people thinking when they made this cover????Thank You for Ruining My Collection This will just clash fabulously in my shelf THANKS A LOT

  2. Annabelle Annabelle says:

    FINAL RATING 330 STARS CATCHALL I love a good sci fi series especially the wild ones It's not often we get to experience an entirely new planet and it was fun to try that in this novel It's fast paced almost a thriller but doesn't uite reach this level Even so it's a major page turner that kept me up late into the night This last installment was just as brill as the two books that came before This review kind of makes it sound like I didn't love this book but believe me I did THE HERO ELDERElder is okay I guess Not the best character ever I like him than Amy which isn't actually saying much but still He tries to be a good leader but he's a teenager and we are not the best leaders He tends to doubt himself when he needs to step up but he also has no idea when to let go He's an all right character but he could have used some improving I don't hate him but I have no real love for him I used to like him THE HEROINE AMYI'm not a huge Amy fan She irritates the living hell out of me She has these ideals and she's she freaking stubborn and her way is the right way and that is that And we're supposed to just take that Guys Amy is what seventeen? I sincerely doubt that she holds all the answers to the universe in her hands and that is not okay She is always always portrayed as being right in this book and she just really got on my nerves like nothing else THE PLOT The number one thing that bothered me about this book It was so freaking ridiculously liberalGranted this is a personal issue and speaking frankly I am a teenager and probably have not settled in permanent political views yet But I was raised as a conservative and my parents are conservative and despite the fact that I am liberal in a few select aspects I am still at this point in my life mostly a conservative So this did affect me I was so frustrated by all the things that Amy wanted to do and her ideas to govern the colony However those are my personal opinions and this might not bother anyone but meSo moving on Shades of Earth is very very fast paced but at other times it kind of drags The pacing is weirdly off It's always fast or slow and kind of frustrating I couldn't get a grip on it I loved when it moved uickly It was always fun to hear my heartbeat speed up but that only made it all the annoying when everything slowed downLove the concept though and the originality of it It was fun to explore a new setting The previous two books took place on the ship but this one moves away from that Instead there's a new planet New dangers Unexpected twists Some things were way too coincidental and unrealistic but if I let that go and simply enjoyed this for what it was I had a lot funAll in all I did love this It wasn't perfect but perfection is relative anyway I truly enjoyed this THE ROMANCE I am not necessarily a huge fan of Amy and Elder's romance I don't hate it but it's so goddamn boring They have no chemistry whatsoever It's sweet but it lacks substance I was much willing to ship Amy with the creepy Chris who I really didn't like at all which says a lot Still if they want to live a passion less life together I suppose that's their choice It felt a lot like a first love thing and just didn't have that extra oomph THE WRITING Beth has gorgeous writing when it comes to description She describe Centauri Earth so vividly that it's almost like we're actually there There's an incredible level of sensory detail However I am not a fan of Amy's and Elder's voice They just come off to me as so immature and irritating They've improved since the beginning but they still needed work They also aren't nearly distinct enough I understand the dual POV thing but if you're going to do that you need to have distinct separate voices THE ENDING I really think that Shades of Earth reached a wonderful ending It was far from clean but it was realistic There's death and destruction and everything isn't neat There's going to still be changes that have to be made and they're going to have to rebuild their lives But it's not a cliffhanger as much as it simply is an open ending There's to come but for us the story is over At least for now However I wouldn't object to a novella set in this world in the future WRAPUP Not that the Across the Universe series has come to an end I absolutely cannot wait to see what Beth spins for us next I'm sure it'll be full of sparkles and romance and I'm definitely excited Whether she moves away from sci fi or stays within the genre I have high hopes that I'll love it For old fans of this series you need to pick this book up ASAP If you're new to this series I highly recommend it even if you're ueasy about the sic fi stuff It's that goodFINEFind of my reviews on Sparkles and Lightning

  3. Brad Sells Brad Sells says:

    Minutes after I finished SHADES OF EARTH OH MY STARS I CAN'T EVEN I SERIOUSLY CAN'T EVEN SHADES OF EARTH is seriously one of the best finales to a YA trilogy EVER So much action so many secrets so many betrayals SO MUCH EMOTIONS I still can't get over how much I adore this book and this seriesGuys you are going to LOVE SHADES OF EARTH It's definitely my favorite in this trilogy and I love all of them and Beth Revis just made this awesome and epic and wonderful and incredible book that made me feel ALL of the feels Seriously this book is fantasticAND THAT ENDING OH MY LORD I THINK BETH REVIS WAS TRYING TO KILL ALL OF US But still that ending and this book in general is just amazingFull review to come after I'm done fanboying And who knows how long that will take My actual review WOW One word WOW Beth Revis never disappoints with her novels and SHADES OF EARTH was one of the best conclusions to a series I have read Props to Beth for making such an amazing wonderful and epic trilogy I'm going to miss these charactersFirst off I should say that SHADES OF EARTH begins with a bang; the action begs right away and never stops Crash landing is all that comes about Amy and Elder's mission that they have worked towards and I think the synopsis puts it best Almost home But do you remember Orion? The crazy dude from the first book? All I will say is that he may have not been so crazy after allBeth Revis's writing style is just incredible with all of her novels Right away I was hooked and sucked back into the story along with these characters that I dearly love I felt like I was walking around exploring this unfamiliar and new world with these characters and I love it that Beth Revis managed to make me feel that way in each of her booksSpeaking of new world can I just say that the world building in this book was excellent? The atmosphere and all of the creatures in SHADES OF EARTH terrified me as well as intrigued me Gosh why can't Hollywood finally jump on the AtU trilogy so I can see this world for myself? The author did a wonderful and fantastic job at creating and explaining the world to the reader and all of the secrets and betrayals that occurred in this new world was brilliantAlso there are SO many secrets that are revealed in SHADES OF EARTH It is insane yet epic at the same time Everything that we learned that was being kept a secret from us is brought to light in this book and when you find out what they are your jaw will fall openAnd that ending? HA HA HA HA WHAT WAS THAT? I think Beth Revis was trying to kill us ALL with that ending I will definitely not spoil it for you but guys there are so many turns and surprises in SHADES OF EARTH and you will not see this ending comingOverall SHADES OF EARTH is one of the best finales I have ever read about it's also my favorite in this trilogy Beth Revis thank you for making this great series I'm so sad to see it go

  4. Emily May Emily May says:

    3 12 starsI was so prepared to give this series conclusion four stars right up until that cheesy ending I knew it was going to happen I was hoping it wouldn't but deep down I just knew it would I've given the first two books Across the Universe and A Million Suns four and three stars respectively the latter rating being mainly because I thought the characters lacked development and personality despite the fact that I love the idea behind the story On that front I think Ms Revis finally delivered the character development I've been wanting from the start in Shades of Earth and she served it up alongside fast paced action well placed twists and a nice dose of gore Revis isn't afraid to give her characters a hard time none of them make it to the end of this series unscathed and I like the way this book showcases how far they've come and how different they are now from when we were first introduced to them Also though it was necessary for the author to bring the romantic subplot to a head here I admire her ability to keep it firmly in the background and not let it overtake the main issues which are survival and solving the mysteries of Godspeed Orion and the new planet Which brings me nicely to the plot of this final installmentElder Amy and the members of Godspeed who decided to join them on the shuttle finally arrive on the new planet but surprise everything doesn't go according to plan and the planet is found to be hiding numerous dark secrets and deadly creatures The whole mystery gets even bigger with this volume before it is finally solved Amy and Elder find themselves uestioning the loyalty of those around them and the real reason why the past leader of Godspeed wanted to keep them from landing on this new planet What is Centauri Earth hiding? What has happened in the centuries that Godspeed has been hovering in space? And most importantly who are the real monsters?This series really is a kind of nerd wish fulfillment for me Obviously not everyone is going to feel the same way as I do and your enjoyment of the story will depend on how much this idea appeals to you But I love it I don't fear technology and development it fascinates me Not much brings me excitement than the possibility of discovering other planets and other lifeforms in the future It is scary of course it is going into such uncharted waters as is the far corners of space but I find it eually thrilling There are only two places that are still so steeped in mystery that I devour stories about them with wild excitement space and the human brain And this series has the first completely coveredEven though my rating has been hovering somewhere around the middle of the scale on these books I think I can finally say that I am ready to give this series a thumbs up If you like young adult books that are big on the mystery and action with less focus on romancing you should love this series Even with that cheesefest ending

  5. Jon Jon says:

    Seen at Scott Reads It Space may be the final frontier but it's made in a Hollywood basement Red Hot Chili Peppers There will be spoilers for Across The Universe and A Million Suns In this review there are no spoilers for Shades of Earth at all You're probably asking yourself Why is he uoting the Red Hot Chili Peppers? I have always wanted to go to space and discover new planets and stars The likelihood of me going to space is probably is about as likely as me winning the lottery jackpot Space has never felt so real and tangible until I read the Across The Universe trilogy I would like to thank Revis for letting me experience the beauty and wonders of space without leaving my sofa I was dying to read Beth Revis so on January 15th I scrambled to the library to pick up Shades Of Earth There's so much I have to say about Shades Of Earth and I don't think any review could do Shades of Earth justice Shades of Earth leaves off right after that fantastic cliffhanger in A Million Suns Elder and Amy have finally left Godspeed and are on Centauri Earth trying to build a new home The problem is that Centauri Earth is full of secrets and danger that pose a threat to our colonists Shades of Earth includes our good ol' favorites like Amy and Elder plus a whole new bunch of people from the military We finally meet Amy's parents but the meeting isn't as pleasant as I would have hoped Amy's Dad wants to use any means to colonize Centauri Earth and I had an immediate distaste for him He was so way too serious and aggressive even with his own daughter I understand that a military leader needs to be tough and serious but he doesn't need be that way all the time We really don't get to know Amy's mom much because Revis really focuses on Amy's Dad instead There are so many deaths in Shades of Earth and I honestly couldn't care less about the characters who died A majority of the characters who died in this book lacked characterization and emotional depth so when they died I wasn't affected at all If you have tons of characters die in a book that's fine as long as affects the reader emotionally but I was rather indifferent Even my favorite characters in the book really were frexing annoying in the beginning of the novel Amy was acting rather childish in the beginning and she evens mentions how childish she was acting a few times Elder wants to be tried to treated like a leader yet he doesn't act like an adult at all Elder was constantly whining and moping how everything wasn't working out on Centauri Earth and how he abandoned his people I really wanted Elder to take charge and act like a true leader There is a love triangle in Shades of Earth and I wasn't a fan of the romance in this book I really didn't find Chris appealing in anyway and from the start I had a distaste for him Chris was an integral part of the story but feel like Revis unnecessarily made Chris a love interest Otherwise Amy and Elder's relationship was really sweet and I really enjoyed the romance aspect of this book Shades Of Earth is a great conclusion to Revis's ATU Trilogy I feel like everything was tied up nicely and the ending of Shades of Earth was just simply incredible I didn't totally approve of the love triangle in this book and SoE was a little bit slower paced than the other two books Some of the characters in this book were a bit cliche especially Amy's Dad and Chris For the most part Shades of Earth had a very original plot with tons of plot twists that really kept me on the edge of my seat Nevertheless despite it's flaws I really enjoyed reading Shades of Earth The mystery in Shades of Earth was simply captivating and engaging I would definitely recommend reading Shades of Earth and I hope Revis writes a new book soon

  6. hayden hayden says:

    Wow What a conclusionAnd that's all I'm gonna say until closer to the release date Hormonal Pre Reviewhttpmwiredcomgeekdad201207neNo NO FUCK no How could Penguin do this?Those original AtU covers are my favorite covers in the entire world Out of every book in the world those two book covers are my absolute favorites And then they redesign them Seriously?We should revolt at Penguin Headuarters All of us Let's go

  7. Caz (littlebookowl) Caz (littlebookowl) says:

    no no no no NO NO NOI hate these new covers NO I LOVED THE OLD COVERS WITH A PASSION 3 3 3And now 3They will not match as well OHMYFUCKINGGODNOOOOOOONot happy Can you tell?

  8. Jessica (The Psychotic Nerd) Jessica (The Psychotic Nerd) says:

    AFTER READING This was a great ending to the seriesWhile I am sad to see the series go I like the way it concluded BEFORE READING EDIT NUMBER WELLWHATEVER The cover doesn't look as bad any I still really really REALLY want a pretty star cover but now this cover doesn't look as flat as before Am I making sense? Maybe? Well I think the cover is okay I still don't like the cover changes though EDIT NUMBER 5 WHY ISN'T THE COVER CHANGINGIT NEEDS TO CHANGEAnd if you are one of the publishers or the authorCHANGE IT TO A PRETTY STAR COVERPlease? ANOTHER ONE OF MY NUMEROUS EDITS Okay guysI found this onlineimage error

  9. Jennifer Jennifer says:

    OH FREX THAT WAS LOONS Mind is totally blown Maybe I'm just coming off my book high but it is 5am and after not being able to put the book down for longer than to eat and run to the bathroom a couple times I must say I thought it was a fabulously nerve wracking intense epic mind blowing conclusionI was so excited to finally get the Frozens woken up and to see this planet and what is inhabiting it As expected total epic chaos ensued Distrust and lies continued Murders around every corner WTF Like serious epic mass destruction Actually I totally knew who the traitor was but I had no idea how it would all play out with the motives and final goals It was beyond what I thought I had a million theories running through my mind the entire time I was so on edge as pieces slowly turned out to be true and others proven false I loved watching all the little clues fall into the bigger mystery and story This planet had so much history around it than I ever thought going into this series I love Amy and Elder I looked forward to all their sweet stolen moments I love the trust and confidence that has grown between each other and how well they work together Elder has become a serious hero He literally gave up everything to give the literal world to Amy And even though he was thrown into a leader position that he doesn't really need to follow through with he will always give up everything and anything for his people He really was an awesome characterThe planet itself was like its own character So amazing and kept me on my toes Ahh I guess I can't say because I want everyone to be shocked and amazed by it like I was The ending was great but far from what I was expecting and not exactly perfect It did take 2348203948203948 disasters to get to the end but I think there is hope for a good life Twists and turns I truly didn't see coming Mind totally blown I will miss this series I've lost nearly everything else I love; I can't lose you tooI'll always come back to you I say pulling her closeI love my pre reading thoughts because Jurassic Park is actually mentioned by Amy LOL I NEED THIS I'm already in agony trying to figure out what the heck dangerous stuff is on this planet A whole year to find out is definitely going to kill me Aliens? Dinosaurs? I just watched Jurassic Park lol I kind of picture the planet like that

  10. Hailey (Hailey in Bookland) Hailey (Hailey in Bookland) says:

    I enjoyed this series I thought it was interesting and unexpected especially this book However I just didn't really care for any of the characters or the romance plot line I really liked everything else though

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