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  1. Interdimensionalbeing Interdimensionalbeing says:

    There are only two reasons I read this after the first book being so bad1 Its partially by Garth Nix and I have read so many amazing books by him in the past 2 Troubletwisters was just suspenseful enough to make me wonder what would happen in the next bookAfter reading The Monster and being let down again I have no intention of reading The Mystery the third book The Monster had all the same faults as Troubletwisters It was cliched predictable and boring The Evil is a very uninteresting villain It is less like a character and like an abstract idea of all that is not right It has no personality or motivation it is just The Evil If the authors had given some back story on it and on who the Wardens really were the book would have been much interesting Instead they simply relied on the creepiness of the Evil and the drastically overused mystery factor to keep readers engaged in the story And speaking of the drastically overused mystery factor now I'm going to talk about the character who causes it Grandma X Grandma X is the most annoying and obstructive plot device that I have ever seen in a book Notice that I used plot device instead of character to describe her She isn't a character at all She is a plot device explicitly designed to keep the readers in the dark about what is going long for an agonizingly long time She keeps almost literally everything from the twins to protect them Really it is just completely illogical A sense of mystery is great at the beginning of a book but Grandma X drags it out for sssssssssssooooooooooooooooooo looooooooooooooooonnnnnnnnnnnnggggggggggggggggggggggggg that it is just annoying and blocks the flow of the story Plus she has no character of her own My opinion The series would have been a thousand times better without her Anyway I am just very glad Troubletwisters wasn't the first series I read by Garth Nix If it had been I probably would never have read anything else by him All of his other books are great I recommend them most highly Maybe Troubletwisters wasn't as good because he co authored it with Sean Williams who may or may not be a good author I don't know I'm just sad that such an amazing author has partially written something this bad

  2. Shannon Shannon says:

    As I said in my review for Troubletwisters the potential is definitely there for something great and I felt that this did deliver a bit than the last The cover was amazing who can resist devil cats with glowing eyes on the front and a saber tooth tiger on the back WHAT CHILD CAN RESIST? There was a lot higher ratio of action to morally uestioning yourself and all things evil which anyone will admit got boring very uickly in #1 Tara was fab and Garth and Sean successfully led me down the garden path of false clues These are all things that have been improved upon Keep working on it guys it's definitely getting there

  3. PJforaDay PJforaDay says:

    For a children's book it was good and the lack of teenage angst was very appreciatedNames could be a lot creative because really The Evil doesn't inspire fearMore like hysterical laughterSome nice character developement and the supportive characters were starting to be fleshed outThe powers continued to be nice and originalThe main issue I had with it was the fact most of the book was spent withJack and Jaide goingwe saw the Evil and it ran us over yablahblah we can be trustedAwkward situation in which grandma saves them but doesn't answer uestionsRepeat Repeat againNow repeat it Now you know 50% percent of the bOok

  4. Nada Nada says:

    This was very slow to progress to its climax It was a good seuel to #1 despite this Figuring out what was ahead was also challenging as ultimately the outcome was unexpected For example I'd have thought that Rennie was out of the picture and mention of her just a reference to the previous story I'd like to think that young adult readers will not be too horrified but the descriptions

  5. Natalie Natalie says:

    A good solid read great pace and lots of exciting tension which was sustained well throughout I did wonder how the second book in this series would compare to the first and I think this is actually an improvement I look forward to reading the next book and I would definitely recommend this series as a good light but gripping read Well done Nix and Williams

  6. Shauna Shauna says:

    I’m still enjoying this series It is not the same old Wizards Werewolves Vampires etc that have taken up so much of the YA middle grade fantasy of late I look forward to trying other Garth Nix titles

  7. Robin Robin says:

    The second book in the Troubletwisters series finds the small seaside town of Portland threatened by a fragment of The Evil that menaced it in Book 1 At least so the Shield twins suspect Jack and Jaide are still a bit jumpy after their narrow victory in their first adventure The wards are all intact protecting Portland and the world from the all consuming hunger that lurks outside our universe But Jack can never forget how it felt to have The Evil invading his mind tempting him to join it And neither Jack nor Jaide finds it easy to take Grandma X at her word since she hardly ever gives their uestions a straight answer Mind your own business simply doesn't cut it with these curious kids even though they know they have a lot to learn about controlling their gifts as future Wardens—and that it is these still unruly gifts that give them the name troubletwistersJack's gift has to do with shadows and darkness He can see in the dark He can cloak himself in darkness becoming all but invisible And he can travel instantly along the length of any shadow Jaide's gift meanwhile focuses on breezes and draws power from the sun So she can move things with miniature tornadoes and can float on the breeze Controlling these gifts however demands precise control that the twins still do not have Until they do they will keep getting into accidents and mixing up each other's powers For example at times they swap gifts At other times one twin or the other will possess both gifts Since they don't know what will happen when they use their gifts they can end up doing serious damage even with the best intentions—and their judgment isn't always the best eitherSuch are the handicaps of two growing young heroes as they try to investigate the remnant or excision that The Evil left behind Who could The Evil be controlling this time? Maybe it's the sleazy real estate developer whose daughter is their best friend at school Maybe it's the rival of their feline friend Kleo whose challenge to her leadership portends a sort of gang rumble only with fur and claws Or perhaps it's the Monster of Portland a creature that nobody has personally seen though everybody knows somebody who has seen it Could the Monster be the cause of the horrible groaning sounds in the night the drag marks in the dirt the giant snakeskin left on a construction site? Is one of these sinister creatures hoping to take down one of the wards again so that The Evil can reunite its separated essence?As in their first outing Jack and Jaide make a lot of wrong guesses They blunder into bad situations making them worse through everything from bad timing to simple tactlessness And of course they are eventually on the spot when the bad thing comes down so that all depends on them putting it up again It's a lot of responsibility for two kids But they're learning a lot fast—and among the things they are learning is to know themselves better Facing their doubts and fears protecting their friends giving their enemies a second chance they continue to grow towards an awesome and perhaps terrible potentialWith some reluctance I'm sticking a mild occult content advisory on this book and the series as a whole Parents who guide their children's reading selections according to strict criteria of what types of magic are and are not acceptable may find the troubletwisters' gifts wobbling on the not very fine line between the two The theory of Warden gifts as Grandma X and her colleagues explain it might have a touch of New Age mysticism about it It's all in how you interpret it On the other hand the story portrays a very definite distinction between good and evil and the ongoing secret battle between the two whose outcome is meant to have cosmic significance—all of which runs crosswise to some notions of New Age thought Judging it gently I prefer to think that its philosophy of magic is simply the storytelling engine that allows a kid friendly magical adventure to move along its own uniue course

  8. Shaheen Shaheen says:

    I think this series is improving the action is better in this instalment and the story flows smoothly The main premise behind The Monster is intriguing and it's definitely executed better than  Troubletwisters but I would have liked to see a discussion of the nature of The Evil and why the Wardens need to exist I think the authors are still underestimating their audience because the book is filled with simple dialogue and endless repetition of the simplest of concepts although it could be argued that the protagonists need it because of their brashnessThere are several things that disturb me about the protagonists For one they are convinced that they know better than everyone around them I know kids are usually like that but in this case there are no repercussions for their constant disobedience and general bad behaviour and they never really get into trouble for deliberately circumventing their grandmother's instructions and warnings Jaide in particular makes some bad decisions in this book first accusing an innocent person of being evil and refusing to pursue other theories even when it became clear that she was wrong and then sticking her nose into Kleo's business even though her help was neither wanted nor necessary Jaide starts worrying that how all she wants to do is help but no one lets her and it uickly descends into whiningNone of those things are helped by the tendency of the adults especially Grandma X to keep things from the kids even though it was obvious that they knew something was wrong All it did was prompt them to investigate on their own and led to a bigger mess for the adults to clean up Surely if all younger generations of Wardens are so trouble prone they're called troubletwisters someone would have figured out that it might be better to tell them some thingsIt also perplexes me that for all their insatiable curiosity and tendency to dig up secrets the twins still haven't thought about throw away comments like Wardens are always born as twins and one will always fall Especially when no other seemingly idle comment escapes their attention and they have wild theories about everything else It just seems a bit silly that they are ignoring what's staring them right in the faceWhile definitely enjoyable and finessed than the previous book  The Monster is still plagued by flat characters and a predictable plot Nix and Williams seem almost hesitant with this series as if they can't write it the way they want to so it comes across as stunted and unsatisfying I'm really hoping the next books picks the series up although I don't have the highest hopesYou can read of my reviews at Speculating on SpecFic

  9. Emily Emily says:

    The protagonists especially Jaide were kinda annoying in that they came off as rather stupid to me I've been told before about other people who have annoyed me that they're just kids as if that's an excuse I still find it annoyingAnyway the most annoying part of the book was how full of confirmation bias it was Jaide basically develops a theory pretty early on and then just REFUSES to give up on it despite evidence to the contrary She doesn't even really try to come up with other possibilities Another super annoying part was when both the kids refused to listen to the cats who clearly didn't want them meddling in their affairs and it made things worse and then later on Jaide has the gall to demand that Cleo apologize to her That's so freaking entitled Jaide was clearly in the wrong Sure she was trying to help but she made things worse and needed to own up to that and she never didI feel like this is another symptom of the twins' main flaw they seem to think they know better than everyone else They consistently assume their choices are the correct ones and tend to ignore what their grandmother says It doesn't seem to even occur to them that maybe she actually really knows what she's talking about and whatever it is that they don't want to do practice drop a stupid theory stop investigating certain things might actually be important and the best choiceThe reveals in the book were also rather disappointing Mostly because when they actually hit on a correct theory it semi felt like it came out of no where Yes I suppose there was kinda evidence for it but they were clearly jumping to conclusions all over the place It really seems pretty much like chance when they get anything rightOne good thing that I like though is the foreshadowing in the book Mainly that there's something special about twins Although admittedly I already kind of think I know what it will be And I actually first came up with my current theory back in the first book Which will make me a bit sad if I'm actually right because it just means that it was kinda flimsy I mean admittedly I don't know details and have a better idea of details after this book but I've had the same basic idea for a while I guess I'll get to see if my prediction is correct sometime in the future

  10. Lynette ~ Escaping Reality – One Book at a Time ~ Lynette ~ Escaping Reality – One Book at a Time ~ says:

    I really liked this book I wasn't sure how it would go seeing as it had been April when I read the first book but Garth and Sean explained just enough to bring back the rest of the book without people who had just read the first book to get bored At the beginning it was sort of reminiscent of the hundreds of other books I've read in this genre however that delusion didn't last long Every time you thought you had it all figured out something else came along and bam you were back to suare one Though this can sometime result in boredom Sean and Garth handled it perfectly going really in depth with the characters making you go through the same doubts and confusions as them making the hero kids NOT the perfect kids with perfect super powers LoveI only thing I DIDN'T really like about this book was the pace of the series so far The first book happened in a week the second in two For a grand total of covering about 3 weeks In some ways just having that timeline there in the back of your head it makes the story seem rushedWithout spoiling anything they added a few new characters that I REALLY enjoyed and hope to see in the third book alsoWell written in depth with lots of twists and turns it was a nice fun read I'm 15 and I recommend this book

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The Monster (Troubletwisters, #2) [Reading] ➶ The Monster (Troubletwisters, #2) By Garth Nix – Jaide and Jack Shield have a secret When they're unexpectedly sent to live with their mysterious Grandma X they're thrust into a world where cats talk and strange weather comes out of nowhere There th Jaide and Jack Shield have a secret When they're unexpectedly sent to live with their mysterious Grandma X they're thrust into a world where cats talk and strange weather comes out of nowhere There they learn that they're troubletwisters with powers they must use to stop the Evil from taking over our worldBefore they'd defeated the Evil through luck and intuition Now though Jaide and Jack will have to learn how to use their powers and how to keep on their toes when evil forces returnAre you a troubletwister.