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  1. C.J. Sarcasm & Lemons C.J. Sarcasm & Lemons says:

    Read 'm very picky about short stories Maybe it's all the fiction classes I took in college Doesn't matter BasicallyI don't go around gushing about short stories lightly So when I say that Flowers is a fantastic story that's not an empty compliment Set up as a journal it gives us a slice into the life of George a deeply troubled high school senior We don't get his past We don't get all the details or know how we got here That was one of my favorite parts You're thrown into someone's life and you have to solve the puzzle While I would have liked details about George's father and though the epilogue was unnecessary on the whole I was extremely impressed Dickerson knows how to create atmosphere and he has a literary voice both beautiful and captivatingly faltering At least in George's character I'm psyched for Dickerson's next work plot 45I didn't exactly know where it was going from the beginning It worked I came to the realization slowly which is perfect for a horror story I watched the pieces forming into a puzzle unable to stop it I would have liked a little set up I didn't need a full history of George's mom and dad but considering how important they were I would have liked veiled references and hints A few journal entries maybe More hints of George's impulses before they're fully revealed Mostly I thought it moved at a great pace I thought the last journal entry would have been a perfect ending I really didn't need the epilogue and I don't think it added anything concept 55The comparison of flowers to women especially as used here is gorgeously sinister Okay it sounds pretty and normal But just wait I don't want to spoil it but I'll just saythe concept of both of them withering is key to the message of this book and so well done It's the perfect frame for this length of story Not too obvious not too subtle It gives me eerie tingles of literary joy thinking about it characters 45I thought George was very well portrayed but I wanted some Chloe and of George's mom and dad I felt like I needed a better grasp on the parents especially to understand George and how he became who he is However George was for the most part very relatable Even during the darkest parts of this story I found myself wanting to hug and protect him style 55I'd be surprised if Dickerson hasn't taken some fiction classes His writing is beautifully polished There are a few confusing places like on the first page but considering it's a journal format I felt like the confusing bits fit with George's state of mind His language is simple for the most part with forays into stronger language that's absolutely beautiful As a result it's a uick read that doesn't feel flowery ha or overbearing but it creates a subtle dark impression Layer on layer It's hard to describe but you feel reading this book the way you do watching a horror movie at the opening when the character is first walking down that long dark hall but nothing horrid has happened yet It's just beautiful mechanics 55Okay I am in love with this cover I wish this was available as a physical copy because I want to be able to stare at this cover Also ya know cause the story was very enjoyable But seriously The cover reminds me of my favorite Ivan Albright painting and it perfectly beautifully eerily matches the atmosphere of the story Not to mention looks totally professional Other mechanics wise there were some comma splices and such but it was presented as a journal so I almost would have liked to see weird grammartake home messageAn atmospheric horror story with a surprising plot and beautiful clean writing

  2. John Jr. John Jr. says:

    George and Chloe are graduating from high school They have plans to go to local schools and see each other on the weekends But when Chloe gets accepted at UC Berkeley everything changesChloe believes their love can survive the distance George isn't so sure He worries she really just wants to get away from him and when she makes plans to share an apartment with the handsome Giovanni out in California George becomes convinced he has to do something to keep them together foreverDarnell Saki Dickerson weaves a creepy and enthralling tale of love gone horribly wrong Told entirely from George's point of view but for an epilogue Flowers sucks the reader slowly into the mind of a madman Dickerson is a skillful storyteller It's not at all obvious from the outset that his narrator is crazy He's just a kid in love who is obviously dating out of his leagueAs the story moves forward we can feel disaster appproaching inexorably One bad choice after another lets the reader know the relationship is doomed even as the truth eludes George And while we know something bad is going to happen George's break with reality is as surprising as it is disturbingThe best thing about Dickerson's narrative is his constant resistance to the temptation to give too much information We come to discover George has a past and that his father did something horrific But he never tells us exactly what it is which builds the suspense and makes the reader want to continue turning the pageLikewise once George reveals himself to be a psychopath Dickerson doesn't provide gory details He gives just enough for us to know what's happened and to be horrified He leaves much of his description of the baser crimes George commits to imagination and innuendo That leaves the horror of the story right where it should be on the idea of his narrator's madness not on the gross detailsIf the story has a flaw it's the editing There are a number of grammatical mistakes that distract from what is otherwise a captivating read Overall though this is a tight enthralling short story that'll leave chills on your spine I highly recommend Flowers and look forward to reading of Dickerson's work

  3. Nadia Nadia says:

    Flowers A Short Story of Love and Death by Darnell Saki Dickerson is a look into a disturbed person's mind It is a twisted and dark story about love and how uickly love can turn from passion into obsession I honestly loved Flowers because of the way Dickerson is able to blend backstory and mentalemotional insight into a fluidly moving almost effortless scene The pace never lags and the plot never feels forced The story continues to pull you in as you wonder George will do next What will Chloe decide? The gore is shocking yet tasteful and it lingers in the mind long after you read it Flowers is a uniue storyspine tingling and worth every pennyThe only reason I did not give the story a full five stars is because it has one flaw I believe the only way it lacks is in detail I am not the type of reader who needs an exoribtant amount of detail in a story but if there were character description physical a bit scene detail detail overall I believe it would be perfect Maybe if George's mean look was further described or if he had a few physical uirks that ued us into a sense of foreboding it would enrich the story Gio and George are never really described so they could look almost identicalOverall if you are looking for a good way to scare yourself to where you need to constantly look over your shoulder or flinch at every creak in your house Flowers is for you If you have a short attention span or are looking for a uick read no worries it is not overly long I read it in an hour or so I honestly enjoyed every page of this story and I'm a little bit worried about myself but I highly recommend it One last note don'tDO NOTread this in the dark

  4. Lita Burke Lita Burke says:

    George a high school senior has some problems He wrestles with graduation girl troubles and his love for sunflowersAs a loser fast on his way to hell two years ago Chloë said yes to a date and everything went right ever since Still is terrific too He just bought her a ring Local college for George nearby state university for her But now his girl has changed her mind Chloë is going to Berkley He is staying home in Nowhere Town And this soon to be roommate Gio of hers is gonna steal George's girl Jealousy blooms just like a sunflowerAn argument on graduation day between high school sweethearts goes so very wrong but George gets back his girl She is like another of the beautiful sunflowers he has preserved you could even say idolized in the cellarIt is refreshing to read a teen angst story from the young man's point of view George struggles to keep the one good thing in his life and overcome his bad parental role models We taste life's sour betrayal from his point of view And poor Chloë Sometimes breaking up is impossible to doIn Flowers we see teen love at its worst The story hints at George's sexual encounters not show us blow by blow glory His desperation saddened me and my curiosity about the mechanics revolted me Ah the lengths a young man goes to get laid The story needs a couple of minor formatting nits corrected In two places I would suggest sentence level wordsmithing My compliments go to Darnell Saki Dickerson for scaring the crap out of me rousing my sympathy for a teen's struggle and reminding me of evil sunflowers

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Flowers [EPUB] ✷ Flowers ✺ Darnell Saki Dickerson – George and Chloe are High School sweethearts nearing the end of their senior year with a serious problem The adorable inseparable couple that everyone sees smiling and holding hands is a façade Behin George and Chloe are High School sweethearts nearing the end of their senior year with a serious problem The adorable inseparable couple that everyone sees smiling and holding hands is a façade Behind George’s doting ways and charming smile lies a jealousy and paranoia so deep it drives him into a blind rage that is best kept under wraps When Chloe announces she is moving to California for college George unravels and there is no stopping the rampaging possessive beast that lives within causing him to do terrible terrible things Will George be able to take control of this inner monster before it destroys everything good in his life or will he be a slave to it just as his father wasThis is a story of young love and fear affection and abuse sunFlowers and suspicion innocence and blood Flowers is a digital Saki Short Story that can be enjoyed easily in one sitting during a long bus ride road trip extended evacuation of the bowels just about anywhere.

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