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  • Hardcover
  • 512 pages
  • Nest of Serpents
  • Curtis Jobling
  • English
  • 08 October 2015
  • 9780670784578

10 thoughts on “Nest of Serpents

  1. Kristalia Kristalia says:

    Final rating 45 starsHmI think i prefer previous three books to this one But it's still cool in its own way Anyway very good seuel to Wereworld series There were plot twists once again i always welcome plot twists and unpredictability and many fights battles struggles treacheries new alliances deaths of characters and lot PS Wyldermen are very extremely very creepy people I don't like cannibals and they creep the hell out of me Not to mention Vala the snake goddess I think i will have traumas Too bad that i just adore snakes Characters I noticed that this time the spotlight was on the two ladies who were missing in the previous book Whitley and Gretchen and we get to see of Trent Drew's brother But this time there is nothing about the battle of Omir and the characters there and the rest of the Wolf council didn't appear but one of them is alive Oh i do hope to see Vega in the next book since it's called Storm of Sharks and Vega is a shark Drew is once again being charismatic awesome and brave I am glad that Trent finally got it in his head that Drew is not his enemy and now i am glad to see him appear and eee Whitley and Gretchen were awesome as always with Gretchen turning back to her former you are the peasant human form xD I am glad that Bergan is alive as well Anyway that Hawklord Red Rufus was absolutely cool guy xDI have to say that i am extremely disappointed in one of the characters aka Hector for ruining himself and his life I just couldn't bear to read every chapter in which he appeared He just chose a path from which is hard to return And i hope he will redeem himself because i truly loved him before and it's a shame that he is turning to be so much evil My only hope is that he will meet Drew again and that Drew will bring him back to his senses because Hector clearly lost himself in madness LOL scene at least for me I laughed a lot at one scene because a certain gif crossed my mind so the sceneDrew and the others are trying to pass as Wyldermen meaning they are all masked and all and a group of them stepped in their way So The Wolflord didn’t panic instead standing firm glaring back The chieftain stepped closer peeling back his lips to reveal his rows of wicked filed teeth He gnashed them teeth striking one another like flint against stone His tongue trailed from between them the warrior letting the tip trace along the tiny white blades a ribbon of blood appearing across the purple flesh His men whooped clattering weapons at their chieftain’s show of strengthDrew let the Wolf in just enough for his purpose He felt his gums tear his human teeth shifting sharpening; reforming into deadly lycanthropic fangs By the time he bared them at the chieftain his mouth was slick with blood dribbling from his lips and down his throat revealing a set of razor teeth impressive than any Wylderman had ever laid eyes on He growled and stepped forward snapping at the airThe chieftain was beaten; Drew’s show was clearly enough not only to make him doubt his chances in a fight but also dismiss any fears that he was an enemy And the gif I AM JUST FINDING THIS SO MUCH FREAKING AWESOME XD Overall This series is totally cool I can't wait to see what will happen in the next oneToo bad that i will have to wait for Storm of Sharks to come out TT ● ● ● ● ● ● ● ● ● ● ● ● ● ● ● ● ● ● ● ● ● ● ● ● ● ● ● ● ● ● ● ● ● REVIEWS RELATED TO THIS BOOK◈ Rise of the Wolf Wereworld #1 ◈ Rage of Lions Wereworld #2 ◈ Shadow of the Hawk Wereworld #3 ◈ Nest of Serpents Wereworld #4

  2. Keven Rivera Keven Rivera says:

    When a book as good as WereworldShadow of the Hawk was written you wouldn't think Curtis Jobling wouldn't even come close to topping it and yet it Nest of Serpents is the best book by far in the series Shadow of the Hawk was the evolution of the series as it took of gritty and dark atmosphere with a lot overwhelming odds for the heroes to overcome Nest of Serpents is another step in right direction as it's character's are fleshed and are made too feel like human's then unstoppable Were animals Let's also not forget the areas described in the book which can be enchantingly beautiful or disgustingly horrible to everywhere in between Another pro for book is the story It's deep and complicated and yet easy too understand allowing the reader to fully orient themselves to the dangerous world of Lyssia If you're a fantasy lover or like books in gerneral you'll be doing yourself a great dishonesty by not getting this book

  3. Sham27 Sham27 says:

    Wanted to finish the book but it was past midnight So reluctantly I closed this book to finish it the next day and I did finished another great book in this series the very next day Really it was amazing and ended with another cliffhanger just like the previous bookI really liked Trent's character and hoping to see of him in the next book and also looking forward to see how both the brothers meeting are going to goThe only thing I can do now is wait not patiently for the next book

  4. SJH (A Dream of Books) SJH (A Dream of Books) says:

    I was super excited when I realised that there was a new book in the Wereworld series out After having been left on a cliffhanger at the end of the fourth book I was eager to pick this one up and start it straight away The first part re introduces the reader to all the characters and picks up the thread of their stories Hector Drew Whitley and Gretchen alolng with Drew's brother Trent are scattered throughout Lyssia Drew is helping the Staglords defend themselves against the Werelion Prince Lucas whilst Gretchen and Whitley are headed for Brackenholme and safety As the story progresses an old foe returns to put everyone's lives in dangerAs I've read each book in this series I've been continually impressed and amazed at the sheer scale and scope of the story and the Wereworld universe There's now a huge cast of interesting characters with new faces appearing all the time The only problem is keeping track of all of their names Sometimes I have to check back to make sure I remember who someone is correctlyI've always made no secret of my love of Hector the Boarlord He's made uite a transformation from the beginning of the series and at times he seems uite unrecognisable from the person that Drew first met Without giving anything away because my lips are firmly sealed I'm starting to worry that he may finally be beyond redemption I'm not sure if there is any way back for him now However there's always hope and I truly believe that although he's done some terrible things beneath it all is still a heart of gold I also enjoyed getting to see of Drew's brother Trent who is now repentant about his actions towards his brother and wishes to put things right I think there may be a possible romance on the cards between him and another character but I'll have to wait and see Gradually all the characters are being drawn back together and I'm looking forward to finally seeing them all reunited Even though Jobling is now on book five the writing remains wonderfully vivid and the story gets even engaging with each new instalment There are some amazing battle scenes which are brutal bloody and no holds barred and there's plenty of action and adventure to satisfy readers There's a fast and furious pace to the story and I didn't want to put the book down for a single secondThere's an epic uality about this series which I love and I can only hope that Jobling writes fast because I want now Just a uick note about the cover of the book The cover art for the series has been redesigned and published with a whole new look I have to say that I preferred the old one and not only because I like all my books in a set to match

  5. Suzan Suzan says:

    I loved this book and the plot is progressing I'm kinda disappointed in Hector and the direction he's taken I hope he redeems himself by maybe sacraficing himself at the end of the warseries to stop the Bastians and save his friends even if he has stopped being a friend to them at present I'm happy to see Trent firmly on his brothers side again and seeking to redeem himself for the deeds he carried out while under the false impression that his beloved brother had murdered both their parentsI'm also going to confess that I hope Gretchen changes her affections to Trent even if he is human and she does seem to have a low opinion of humans cause I'll be honest and say that I prefer Whitley to Gretchen and think her and Drew would be the better couple Not just that but because Whitley is on the same wavelength as Drew and shares his love and respect of the people she would actually despite her reluctance to be a leader or take up the mantle of a noble be a better ueen I was so glad to see that Bergan survived after all as I'm sure Whitley and Drew will be I'm not sure how long the series is going to be I know there is another book due in January 2013 but I don't know if it will be the last in the series or at least bring a conclusion to the war or if there are books planned Either way I hope that the next book brings a firm alliance between Drew and Whitley with him making his choice for herI'm also hoping that Hector can be redeemed and return to himself I wonder if they chopped his 'cursed' limb off would the dark influence relinguish it's hold on him and allow the return of the old Hector we all loved Prehaps stronger and confident and wiser then he was but back to being the good man and friend that he once was before he became infected by the dark powerThis is a great series and well worth picking up by anyone who enjoys a good supernatural series admittedly probably geared towards boystomboys and those that enjoy a good book that is not overshadowed by romance plots while their is some romance it's very much a small subplot as all the characters have much bigger issues to contend with

  6. Jeremy Jeremy says:

    Personal response I liked this book since I am into fighting and mythical creatures This is a really good series of books Each one is just as good as the last onePlot Summary The book was about a wereserpent named Vala and her worshipers The Wyermen attacked the woodland city of Bekonheme Meanwhile in Stormdale Drew the werewolf was helping the stage lords children defend their city Back in Bekonheme Witney the werebear and Gretchen the werefox are facing Vala in the throne room of Bekonheme Gretchen got thrown from the room and was rescued by Drew’s adopted brother Trent After the battle in Stormdale Drew heard that Vala was attacking the bears city He immediately left for Bekonheme with his friend Milo one of the Stage lords sons When he got there he saw hundreds of wyermen around the great oak When he was in danger he howled and called hundreds of wolfs When he got up to the top of the tree he saw a pile of things in the throne room Then Drew saw a line of people who were unconscious When he saw Whitney hanging from the ceiling he changed instantly and got her down and killed ValaRecommendation I would recommend this book series to whoever is into fantasy It would be a good series for middle school through high school students It holds your interest and I can’t wait to read the next book in the series

  7. Mad about Mad about says:

    I've fallen in love with this series and hope it never ends but the war in Lyssia won't last foreverWith the supporters of the Wolves taking a beating from every corner and troops arriving across the ocean from Bast things certainly look bleakDrew Ferran aka the future king is trying to lend his aid to all his supporters but he's only one Lycanthrope and now disabled after his capture in Cape Gala The beasts of Bast march on to suppress Lyssia while the Cannibal Wylderman have Brackenholm in their sights after news Lord Berghan is missingHis friends are spread out over the land learning who they are and how to survive this cursed WarThe story is told from the different view points of Drews friends giving a full picture of the trials of war love and friendship Characters in the same situation write from their perspective which is really uniue and you can see where loyalties truly lieCover art for US and UK is compelling and drew me into the series No editing errors that I noticed and the dialogue had a good flow with it switching with the dialects of the charactersA great read for all ages Can't wait for the next installment

  8. Lauren Lucas Lauren Lucas says:

    This is probably one of my favorite books that I have ever read I wish that Curtis Jobling would make this series longer than just six books I think this series is better than Eragon which is a similar series that I have read Also my favorite part is when Drew was fighting Vala because I could just see this scene in my head Curtis Jobling is a very descriptive writer and I hope to read all of his books

  9. Nanette Nanette says:

    The twists and turns of this series alone is enough to keep you reading

  10. Mark Buxton Mark Buxton says:

    My name is Hector and few of my former friends suspect I'm secretly working for the armies of Prince Lucas It helps to have an ability to speak with the dead and I hope to sneak my way into the Iceland fortress Others call me Blackhand as the dark magic slowly takes over my body and my murdered brother's voice still counsels me I often wonder what's become of my close friend Drew but I suspect he's been killed by now The wolf was changing and he didn't have the stomach to become king The Lionguard and the panther's armies are spreading death and destruction across Lyssia I will take my place alongside Prince Lucas when the resistance is finally uashed although I still have small doubts in the back of my mind The cats have never shown much loyalty to other Werelords but I'm sure they'll make an exception for meThis book has come a long way from the first one in the series Full out war is going on between the armies of the Werecats and the supporters of Drew the Werewolf destined to rule the realms The fighting and violence are again at the forefront My pet peeve is when books tell the story from multiple settings and this series has consistently done that I hadn't read the third book in awhile so the various settings and dozens of characters became muddled I couldn't clearly remember their roles or their corresponding type of animals Most of the main characters maintain human forms and only transform into animals when fighting Supporting characters and soldiers are often human and are subservient to the Werelords I still hold out hope for Hector's character as there are still moments where he remembers a bit of humanity He started out as Drew's best friend but has slowly morphed into a murderous sorcerer I can hope but he's nearing the point of eternal evil Overall the series is a creative adventure although you must have a tolerance for violence and ruthlessness to enjoy it It's testing my resolve but I guess I'm stubborn to finish all the books

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Nest of Serpents➶ [Reading] ➸ Nest of Serpents By Curtis Jobling ➫ – With friends turning into enemies can Drew find his way out of this war aliveThe entire kingdom of Lyssia is now at war and the battle lines have been drawn While Drew and his ragtag army defend the t With friends turning into enemies can Drew find his way out of this war aliveThe entire kingdom of Lyssia is now at war and the battle lines have been drawn While Drew and his ragtag army defend the throne against Ratlords and Crowlords Gretchen and Whitley venture on a harrowing journey through the perilous Dyrewood But none of the werelords counted on the return of the most terrifying Nest of PDF/EPUB or monster of them all.

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Curtis Jobling is an author and illustrator based in the UK Working in publishing and animation he is possibly most infamously known as the designer of the BAFTA winning Bob The Builder as well as creator of CBeebies Raa Raa the Noisy Lion and CBBC's Frankenstein’s Cat Early work in animation included model and puppet painting on Wallace Gromit’s A Close Shave and Tim Burton’s Mars.